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Pink Cream 69 - Wanna hear you rock lyrics

in the jungle there’s a Growing hunger and I Think it's time to hear the music that we ... love Getting sick of all this nonsense People come and go ... at dispense There’s too much bullshit being

Shanice - Wanna hear you say lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah, oh Last night we made love You called ... my name And the next morning things weren't the same ... Even though you stole my pride I just can't understand

Linda Ronstadt - The fast one lyrics

don't know how I feel You don't seem to care ... If I let you see it through my eyes You wouldn ... t see anyone there It's no wonder I been crying It's no wonder that I'm blue

North Mississippi Allstars - Hear the hills lyrics

the wind blowin way on top of the hill I hear the wind blowin ... way on top of the hill Down in the valley, everything is still I hear the wind blowin way

Matt Simons - The higher ground lyrics

is something about the melody How it hits when I ... close my eyes Straight to paradise There is ... something about the harmony And the way it makes ... me feel Heaven knows it's real Everywhere I go I

Prince - The word lyrics

is this new xhaltation That eye just can't explain? What r these new inspirations That eye can't get out my ... brain? How am eye gonna sleep with this feeling Rushing all

Adam Sandler - The thanksgiving song lyrics

wanna hear the thanksgiving song! All right.." ... "This is uhh, This is the Thanksgiving Song" ... "I hope you enjoy it." (Starts playing)

Mirah - The place lyrics

to the place you think you'll be happy And when ... you get there I wanna hear the tale you thought it would be ... You can't leave your suitcases stacked up over here

Porter Robinson - Hear the bells lyrics

in a cruel world Drudging with my feet in the snow On a ... day out And it turned night now Doctor, I've been ... walking on the side of the road, for a long time And I

Vanessa Carlton - Hear the bells lyrics

glances through the key hole In a brick wall's ... wooden door Change are keeping quite secrets 200 year ... old folklore And the graveyard on Elizabeth, no

Planetshakers - Hear the sound lyrics

you hear the sound, Of heaven in this ... place Hear it all around, As the earth ... resound in praise I can hear You’re calling out to me, I ... can feel You’re reaching out to me All for You,

All Sons And Daughters - Hear the sound lyrics

forever Slow to anger, rich in love You are forever, ... always forever We hear Your kingdom shout And all ... Your praises reign So let the heavens roar Echo across the

Befour - Hear the countdown call lyrics

are the ine, your time is now Just take your chance ... of reaching out So make the step and you will see You ... got the victory You're strong ... enough just from the start You hear the beating

Earth, Wind & Fire - Wanna be the man lyrics

Yo! bust this! I got a plan to take you by the ... hand and whisper in your ear that I wanna be ... your man so understand the bottom line plan I do do do

Mayday Parade - Hear the sound lyrics

the sound As she whispers in your ear It's the saddest ... song, begging to come home Hear the sound As she whispers in ... your ear It's the saddest song, begging to come

Gene Clark - Hear the wind lyrics

around little darlin do you know who I am I'm as ... much your reflection as I am my own man You need not ... to defend love life's the house where we live We

Evil Conduct - Wanna know the reason lyrics

keep wondering what I've done I'm going out for a ... little fun But suddenly I'm nicked Can anybody tell me what ... is going on There's nothing now that i can do I'm pointed out instead of you I'm innocent but no-one wants to

James Vincent Mcmorrow - Hear the noise that moves so soft and low lyrics

hear the noise that moves so soft and slow ... That's the sound of freshly fallen snow ... Your love is gold, your love is gold Seems, seems as though ... here for days To bang upon these drums that we have made

Matt Redman - Hear the music of my heart lyrics

hear the music of my heart hear all the pourings of my soul ... songs telling of a life of love Jesus this is all ... for you you've become the ruler of my heart you've

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Bangin' the headboard lyrics

so freaky I feel so freaky Listen There's something ... about the way you look at me And it's ... got me imaginin' and seein' things Like us both in a room

Onyx - Slam harder lyrics

Intro: music from "Welcome Back ... thought we'd need ya?) Back there where we need ya? (Back there where we need ya?) Yeah ... we tease him a lot, cause we got him on the spot Welcome back.. welcome

A-teens - Slam lyrics

Slam, slam Everybody slam The A*Teens will make ya d ... d-dance Slam, slam Slam The music is pumpin' The ... party is rockin' We all are excited We

A-teens - Slam lyrics

Slam, slam Everybody slam The A*Teens will make ya d ... d-dance Slam, slam Slam The music is pumpin' The ... party is rockin' We all are excited We

Scooter lyricsScooter - The united vibe lyrics

energy total energy check in, stay tuned, fly out H is ... back, we got the fourth attack yeah - gabba ... hey gabba hey The like vanilla in disguise my name is Ice

Bt The Roots - The session lyrics

Thought] From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black morning From The Roots sprout the ... Foreign Objects family tree This is mad abstract ... All the way live from Philly, we got the hip-hop coalition called the Foreign Objects

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - I wanna hear you scream lyrics

wanna stalk you walking down the road I know is out me, you ... can go I wanna watch you while you sleep and haunting you ... in your dreams Cause it's you and only you I can't

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Hear it lyrics

a morning crow and his unwelcome song Or a worn ... broken record that keeps skipping along Mountains of instructions you keep piling on ... me Resound like a cacophonous symphony But

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - (wanna get to know you) that good! lyrics

ll be there when you're sleepin' and every hour you're ... awake I wann hear your secrets-- wanna share ... your worries Wanna go the deepest-- I don't wanna

Donovan - The mandolin man and his secret lyrics

came into town with his mandolin Calling all the people and they came to him He said, "I wanna hear all that's pretty ... quot; He said, "I wanna hear all that's nice" They

Minor Threat - I don't wanna hear it lyrics

don't want to hear it All you do is talk about ... you I don't want to hear it 'Cause I know that none of it's true I don't want to hear ... it Sick and tired of all your lies I don't

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - I wanna hear your heart beat lyrics

awake and half in dreams On a sunday Sunday ... night. Walking all alone in the streets On a sunday Sunday ... night. But then an angel passed me by A little angel made me sigh. Just

Blackbriar - Hear you scream (acoustic) lyrics

me to your darkside Where no one has ever been ... Open the door and let me in You never lose your temper ... Give me your anger Don't you ... feel the need in me I want your misery You kill

Florrie - Wanna control myself lyrics

control myself but I can't let it go and I wanna ... control myself but it's all that I know Change ... your mind change your heart change your life change the start of this in mind, in mind oo Wanna control

Gateway Worship - I hear the lord passing by lyrics

I hear the Lord passing by This could be my day of ... visitation Have mercy on me, Lord Hear my cry of desperation I hear ... the Lord passing by BRIDGE My heart, my flesh Yearn

Collegehumor - What u wanna hear (one direction parody) lyrics

one of a kind, and totally unique I was just about to call ... When you called me And no, I didn´t notice That girl´s ... Double D´s You´re the only girl I see I love to watch

It Lives, It Breathes - I'll tell you what you wanna hear lyrics

t handle What's been stalking our hearts Well it isn't ... enough No this isn't love No it isn't love ... Watch the ice princess melt There she is There she is With

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - The call up lyrics

s up to you, not to heed the call up And you must not act ... the way you were brought up Who ... knows the reasons, why you have grown ... up? Who knows the plans or why they were drawn

Rascal Flatts - I like the sound of that lyrics

love hearing that shower turn on Bet there's nothin' but a towel on ... you You sing along with some Timberlake bumpin' ... But he ain't got nothin' on you I don't wanna hear the coffee pouring A goodbye kiss, then lockin' the door yeah

Kelly Groucutt - Don't wanna hear that song lyrics

on you for making me cry You had me on your ... shoulder Then you wiped the tears from my eyes I thought ... that it was over But you said "I'll see you tonight I'll meet you at the same place

Hania Zdunek - Hear you scream lyrics

we're not to be detrimental to this world we need ... to save the living soul we need to brave the ... Robot hold I speak of freedom friends and ... enemies - rights and felonies - for security - I want to hear you scream... Suck the

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - Boss dj lyrics

s a steel train comin' through I would take it if I could And I would not lie ... to you because Sunday mornin' soon will come When things will be much easier to say

Rachael Lampa - The good life (feat. robert randolph) lyrics

make some time today Jump aboard here on ... this train Cuz it leaves- just in time for ... everyone Who believes one day we will see the ... son Let's take this ride today Plenty room plenty

Rufio - What you wanna hear lyrics

see you're laying in my shadow and I know it's ... you that matters and my mind is so desperate So I'll stop I won't let you just walk on by ... I won't let you just walk on by

Neil Sedaka - The good times (with dara sedaka) lyrics

m here and I'm alone And yet we talk of ... love and life, And so I sit with just myself And all ... you. So tell me once again About our future and our life, And how we love, and how

Gloriana - Wanna take you home lyrics

I've been watchin' you, girl The way you move got the room on ... fire Oh yeah, rock my world Wanna take you home with me Well, I ain't lettin' you go Home with a boy who don't deserve you

Neurotech - The angst zeit lyrics


Simple Plan - The rest of us lyrics

m okay, I'm okay, Kinda being awkward socially With the ... fact, that the girls Don't lose their shit ... when they look at me It's okay, it's okay, That I

Fm Static - The next big thing lyrics

re the next big thing The next big thing They're gonna ... shake your hand and take a picture with your band Everyone ... will shut their mouths 'cause they wanna hear you out And they're gonna

Fun. - I wanna be the one lyrics

you named for the river that surrounds All my biggest my mistakes or the way ... that I made it out All the muscles in my mouth never smiled or said profound things

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Hear you calling me lyrics

out the light, ready for some action ... my stick of dynamite, high level satisfaction, dig ... your nails in deep, pull the hammer down, give all your ... lovin', shake my bones to the ground, We walk thru the

Neil Diamond - The best years of our lives lyrics

listen to the working man And can you hear the ... dream That resides in his soul? And when you hear ... that poor man singin' Can you hear a story That ... cries to be told? Wanna hear you say "Oh yeah" I need to hear you say "Oh

Poco - Hear that music lyrics

don’t know why the sun don’t shine Just listen ... to my music all the time And I don’t know why people pass me ... by Just to sitting here singing my song And I don’t know

Catamenia - The fear's shadow lyrics

in this endless pain Feeling lies on my way My hands ... are tied by thy chain I wanna hear no more, nothing to say ... swallows my screams What are these rotten dreams No one can hear my anger My voice, a shining

Zara Larsson - Wanna be your baby lyrics

at night When i turn off the light I'll be thinking about ... baby, baby - yeah Tossing in my bed All these thoughts in my head Got me losing my ... Tell me what would you do If you only knew How I feel

Lopez Wally - Keep running the melody ft. kreesha turner lyrics

at the sunset Living tonight with no regret No I'm not ... ready to go yet Still got a song stuck in my head ... Keep running the melody Keep running the

Pierce The Veil - The first punch lyrics

world is about to change 1, 2 ... 1 ... 2, 3, 4 Look into my eyes And look at the ... say Blood on your tongue with a crass embrace. A photo kiss on the day we met said

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - The zoo lyrics

Intro] I wanna see (your body) I wanna feel ... (your body) I wanna touch (your body) I wanna kiss (your body) I wanna freak ... (your body) Wanna sex It's nothing like (your body)

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Can you hear the music lyrics

you hear the music, can you hear the music? Can you feel the ... magic hangin' in the air? Can you feel the magic? Oh ... yeah Love is a mystery I can't demystify, oh, no And

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - The depression suite lyrics

the pillow I bury my head and try to shut ... Chicago out As it turns out there's a whole other world of ... sounds of perfect fifths low skids and Arctic

Wet Wet Wet lyricsWet Wet Wet - The only sounds lyrics

of the world's on my shoulders Like ... I've never known before And the winter winds blowing colder ... And I just can't take anymore Feel ... I'm running down a dead end street Trying to change my direction All

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