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Chester See - Your kiss lyrics

time I watch you walkin away I'm thinkin I like the view ... but I just hate the waitin baby For you to get back ... where you belong wrapped up in my arms I spend the whole

The Guess Who - When you touch me lyrics

under your black rims will hide you from the sun And conscience keep you from the fact ... and the piece of mind you won But bad news and paying ... everyone But bad news and paying dues leaves space for

Leann Rimes - You've ruined me lyrics

me better No one ever could I wish someone would have ... warned me That you would be so good Oh, you you you you've ruined me Oh, you ... you you you've ruined me Go on and take a bow I can't help loving how you've

Carpenters - Kiss me the way you did last night lyrics

me by the light of the moon, Let's sing ... as lovers do When the morning light shines down on me With you, my love I want to be ... As the stars go sailin' by We can count them you

Deez Nuts - Your mother should have swallowed you lyrics

everyone of you, motherf***in' rats, you got so much hate ... and i guessin' is cause of the fact, everytime were taking one step ... forward, you take two steps back. i do

Idlewild - You held the world in your arms lyrics

face, even the one you saw yesterday It looks different today, Because ... everything’s changed since yesterday In every possible way, things seem different

Blindside - You must be bleeding under your eyelids lyrics

pain is a fog he inhale Puts down the phone, ... suddenly stale Just another night with a sad different song ... Heard from someone now she sings along Turn the car-key,

Carpenters - Your baby doesn't love you anymore lyrics

take some loneliness And add a tear or two ... Throw in some emptiness Mix 'till you're bluer than blue ... Keep it all under cover Next to your broken dreams When you're

The Beach Boys - You´ve got to hide your love away lyrics

All right.) Here I stand... (There you go.) .. ... .head in hand... (Denny!) ...Hide your tears... (Let him sing it.) ... (Oh!) (He knows it better than I do.) Ooom

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - You've got to hide your love away lyrics

I stand head in hand turn my face to the ... wall if she's gone I can't go on feeling two foot ... stare each and every day I can see them laugh at me and

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - You've got to hide your love away lyrics

I stand head in hand Turn my face to the ... wall If she's gone I can't go on Feelin' two-foot ... stare Each and every day I can see them laugh at me And

Hasselhoff David - Kiss in the night lyrics

ve never felt these sensations before You feel like ... heaven to me And darling you're gonna see No-one could ... love you more Now that I've found you I won't let you go I want the whole world

David Hasselhoff - Kiss in the night lyrics

ve never felt these sensations before You feel like ... heaven to me And darling you're gonna see No-one could ... love you more Now that I've found you I won't let you

Gravitonas - See me, hear me, feel me, touch me lyrics

ve seen the shadow in your eyes That self esteem love ... would apprise I've seen the shadow in your ... eyes You've got my full attention ... See me hear me feel me touch me Realm of the senses you

Martin Solveig lyricsMartin Solveig - Touch me (feat. stephy haik) lyrics

keep running after time, do my best to stay away ... from you. I will make it right this time, need to tell you that I feel for you. I made it to hear my pride, I don't wanna hear what people say. There

Ronnie Dunn - Your kind of love lyrics

come over here, let's lay down Whisper in my ear, oh, I love ... that sound Close your eyes, feel my touch Oh, I'll die trying ... to give you as much 'Cause your kind of love's the best ever

Avery - Kiss and tell lyrics

Yeah, whoa, No, noo, Now I can see it girl, You ain't ... gotta say nothing Your lips are callin me, Like they wanna do something, I feel the ... chemistry, With everything we make, A little kiss is

Enrique Iglesias lyricsEnrique Iglesias - The way you touch me lyrics

me It's the way we touch Oh feel it, oh feel it ... I was alone, playing with my fantasies Until you ... came, liberated me, And taught me so ... much about humanity yeah-e yeah-e-yeah, I

East 17 lyricsEast 17 - Kiss of winter lyrics

miss your kiss the way you used to touch me I miss your ... love the way you used to crush me I miss your ... taste so sweet and yet so bitter I miss your breath so

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - (wanna get to know you) that good! lyrics

ll be there when you're sleepin' and every hour you're ... awake I wann hear your secrets-- wanna share your ... worries Wanna go the deepest-- I don't wanna hurry I wanna take a lifetime to memorize your face Wanna hold you closer--kiss you

Brandy - When you touch me lyrics

INTRO] All I can do is sit and think about The way you ... used to love me The way you used to hold me And the way you used to touch me And all I ... want is another moment I'm waiting and I'm ready Touch me

Fifth Angel - Feel the heat lyrics

the heat, let my heart rise, Feel the heat - Through the ... alleys and backstreets, I'm watchin' and I'm waitin' ... for you. Should have known you could not change. I don't

Inkubus Sukkubus - Kiss of hades lyrics

night is cold and filled with pain And a cruel wind drives home the blissful rain ... But underneath this neon light A dream away is paradise ... Come and take the kiss of Hades All you gents

Chris Rea - Miss your kiss lyrics

ve been everywhere, looking for an answer I've been in ... and out, of every place in town I've been checking out ... looking for a reason I just can't seem to work it

Nicole Scherzinger - Your love lyrics

you don’t know how much I like you It is so hard not to bite it Just a little, know you ... like it I’ll do whatever you want Somethin ‘bout you so

Phil Collins - You touch my heart lyrics

you reach in and you touch my heart Somehow you reach in, you touch my soul When I ... look at you, I see everything we could be Eyes wide ... open, looking at me What can I offer you that you've never

Lucinda Williams - Kiss like your kiss lyrics

ll never be a spring so perfect again You'll ... never see a yellow so rich The grass will never be quite as green And there'll ... never be a kiss like your kiss. There will never be a

Royal Hunt - Kiss of faith lyrics

have seen the end of war Knowing that, I feel a bit better ... When do I remember what’s happened ... before Oh well, moving on to the heart of the ... always told me ‘bout men and mice Being not afraid to take

Glenn Fredly - You are my everything lyrics

goes down Cross the sea Searching for something inside of me ... I would find all the lost pieces Hardly feel deep in real I was blinded now I see Hey ... hey hey you're the one Hey hey hey you're

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - You're still the one lyrics

When I first saw you I saw love and the first time you touched me I felt love And ... after all this time you're still the one I love) ... Looks like we made it Look how far we've come my

Kiss - You're all that i want lyrics

re the only girl I've been dreamin' of You're ... the only woman I ever loved I want you to believe it's true ... There's nothing I would rather do My heart

David Archuleta - Touch my hand lyrics

you from a distance Saw you from the stage Something ... about the look in your eyes Something about your ... beautiful face In a sea of people There is ... only you I never knew what the song was

The Hollies - Touch me lyrics

was alone weighing all my fantasies Until you ... came and liberated me And taught my soul ... much about humanity yea yea yea I needed you ... to know I'm more than just a one night

Dusty Springfield - You can do it lyrics

your shoes off Let your hair down Time for you to get ... away Don't you worry 'bout tomorrow Or you ... re gonna miss today When the madness ... gets you crazy 'Til you're lookin' for a place to hide And you're thinking That you'll never Get yourself some

Lm.c - Kiss me? lyrics

furisosogu tsuki no akari madokake no sukima kara ... yozora* (yoru uchuu) miage itoshisa to wa kanashimi he no ... michishirube to oboeru hosoi yubi ga temaneku sono shigusa kono inochi wo izanau

Sophie B. Hawkins - You make me high lyrics

make me cry I don't even know why I open ... so wide to fit you Sometimes I wanna leave you cause I ... know you can't be true I wanna believe you Sometimes I

Avantasia - Your love is evil lyrics

after day I see her smile, if you could see her through my ... eyes You wouldn´t call her a little ... boy´s fever dream. How can you tell my feelings wrong, how

Rufus - Chaka Khan - Feel good lyrics

t it feel good to feel Don't it feel good Now that you know ... what's real Don't it feel good You see the love in your brother's eyes You've never ... seen before And you're not afraid to cry Don't it feel good Don't it feel

Lovin´ Spoonful - You baby lyrics

know I've been wanting you My whole life through And ... now that you're my guy I'm gonna live and die for only ... you Baby, baby, now you're gonna know All the ways I

Dean Reed - You came into my life girl lyrics

thought my time had come I thought I'd stay on the run ... I thought you'd never come by I stopped even asking ... why You came into my life, girl Your smile was warm

Atmosphere - You lyrics

love the people that love you. You hear the music they ... move to. You give your ode to the fall through. ... But you don't know you don't know you don't know you

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - You are my desire lyrics

the rain keeps falling Can't you hear me calling? For ... somebody new Someone just like you Don't you feel there's ... something Deep inside you waiting For the slightest change

Sade - Your love is king lyrics

love is king Crown you with my heart Your love is king ... Never need to part Your kisses ring Round and round and ... round my head Touching the very part of me It's

Jacksfilms - You're vs. your lyrics

re a dumb ass If your dumb ass Can't tell the two ... apart You're asinine, it's your ass on the line If you can ... tell the two apart Whenever you see an apostrophe It literally just means "YOU

Billy Joel - You're only human (second wind) lyrics

re having a hard time and lately you don't feel ... so good You're getting a bad reputation in your neighborhood It's alright, it's ... alright Sometimes that's what it takes You

Montgomery Gentry - Your tears are comin' lyrics

hear you're smiling, been looking good Nothing but blue skies ... in your neighborhood They say you're tickled pink since you ... left me And you been talking about me like you never met

Random Eyes - You are the reason lyrics

by step I run to you I’m by your side I love you so I´ll ... never let you go Just close your eyes I´ll carry you you´re close to ... something real can you feel my beat in my heart You

Shakespeare's Sister - You made me come to this lyrics

gonna bury my head Just for you I'll be your silicone doll If you want me to I won't tell ... you what I'm thinking You'd never guess That what I am ... is of your making It's you who made me come to this You made me come to this It's you who made me come to this I

Death Grips - You might think he loves you for your money b.. lyrics

so f***in' dark in here Come come f*** apart in here I die in ... the process You die in the process Kettle drum ... roll hard shit F*** I said f***er don't start shit

Mindy Smith - Come to jesus lyrics

my baby, when you're older Maybe then you'll ... understand You have angels to dance around your shoulders 'Cause at times in life you need a helping hand

Golden Earring - You are receiving me lyrics

your circles could be spirals And your idols weren't ... machines If you could pick up all the signals And ... flash on where you've been Maybe you don't feel it at all It's your own

Blessthefall - You wear a crown but you're no king lyrics

YOUR EMPIRE FALL!!! You'll never stop 'til you get ... what you want You think you have control? You tried to ... take mine! But I won't leave 'til I get what I

Mary J Blige - You're all i need-i'll be there for you lyrics

Mary J. Blige You're all, I need to get by, ahhhhh You're ... all, I need to get by, ahhhhh ... (Background sample: Notorious B.I.G.) [Lie together, cry ... together, I swear to God I hope we f***in' die together]

Plain White T's - You belong lyrics

with the suitcase and the tattoos What's ... the story, love? Where you're running to? With your ... pretty eyes and your black hair, I apologies, cannot stare

Jeremy Zucker - You should get to know me lyrics

Chorus: Jeremy Zucker] I took a picture with you tonight You look like somebody ... out of a fashion magazine I know you think that I'm not ... polite You should get to know me Swear I'm not as bad as I seem Ohh,

Caesars - You dont mean to thing to me lyrics

verse 1) Hey girl you feeling real uptight no fun &amp ... amp; games for you this friday night your daddy says: ... "you might as well go to school&amp

Dying Fetus - Your treachery will die with you lyrics

of treachery, wary of the interloper Never from the circle, the kindred you've confided in Always from the ... stranger, is what you would believe? Cold-blooded

Snowmine - You want everything lyrics

s clouded, in my head. I'm sleeping wide awake and you ... re sleeping like you're dead. My heart in every ... mirror. There's a hole behind your smile and the distance

Hammock - You lost the starlight in your eyes lyrics

the nights we tried and tried, to find the starlight in your eyes. All the hours we cried and cried, you lost the ... starlight in your eyes

Biohazard - You were wrong lyrics

so long, an empty canvas, filled now with all the pain inside, inside and I swear I still remember looking through ... the hole inside my mind, my mind but you were wrong I

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