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I Wanna Be In Your Arms For The Rest Of My Days For The Rest Of My Days I Wanna Be In Your Arms lyrics

Browse for I Wanna Be In Your Arms For The Rest Of My Days For The Rest Of My Days I Wanna Be In Your Arms song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Wanna Be In Your Arms For The Rest Of My Days For The Rest Of My Days I Wanna Be In Your Arms lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Wanna Be In Your Arms For The Rest Of My Days For The Rest Of My Days I Wanna Be In Your Arms.

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Save The Cookie - My music lyrics

t somebody come and move with this Sway your hips and ... move your arms like this Won't somebody come and ... move with this everybody grab a body come ... and grove with this I go back, back in time, in my

Kris Kristofferson - My heart was the last one to know lyrics

time you got by these defenses of mine Though I ... tried not to let you slip through And when you worked ... your way to the back of my mind It was too late to stop

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - My way home is through you lyrics

take off all my skin, Tear apart all of my insides, When they rifle in, Mom ... and Dad think you'll be saved, They never had the time, They're gonna medicate your lives, You were always born

Coheed And Cambria - The willing well iii: apollo ii: the telling .. lyrics

the worst of all your fears You have come so far ... to hear That in turn they've showered your name As the laughing stock Now by fire ... you must hang As my word holds course through vein You will walk to the end of

A Sound Of Thunder - Of wood and steel lyrics

once was a tree In time gone before us Content to live his days Until one the day Man ... entered the forest And dragged the tree away ... They shaved him down into a pole And armed the wood

The Replacements - My little problem lyrics

feeling you're gettin' Is downright depressing Do ... you foresee A way out for me Well it's not my ... problem To help you solve them Do you wanna go through it

Chase Coy - My heart will find rest lyrics

is different now, Why are you so distant now? Everything has ... changed Nothing is the same Since the day you went ... away, Nothing feels at all okay with me

Heatmiser - Rest my head against the wall lyrics

don't know when I lost my nerve and I started a routine ... And I walked across this corner, pinned my eyes to a ... shirt 'cause I'm scared of being seen Locked myself in a

Cradle Of Filth - Of dark blood and f***ing lyrics

midnight comes blaspheming Screaming in the keys of ... faith and fear Unentwining our spines twists me to ... kneeling... Spilling like the moonlight on her glistening

Crown The Empire - For days lyrics

you find what you love let it go When you find what you ... love let it go Don't wait Don't wait When you're ... lost in the tide, then you know You can swim but

Fightstar - Days i recall being wonderful (last days of a.. lyrics

you trade me for more, Of yourself when it’s silent. Try ... not to give too much, So you won’t ... grow tired. And they know you, The good and the ... bad, The days I recall being wonderful. They lost you,

The Beautiful Girls - The biggest lie i ever told lyrics

biggest lie I ever told was when I said ... "I don't love you no more" ... The biggest fake you'll ever know ... Sometimes I feel it's everything I don't show And I'm

Before The Dawn - My room lyrics

inside in to my room Seems like ages I've awaited you One ... more time in this room like friends Moments past a ... thousand times We stood still frozen from the lies

Echo & The Bunnymen - Of a life lyrics

this how the end begins? Infra-reds and ultra-violets ... No one there to mend your wings flown by unconscious pilot Tell me I'm not seein' ... things Say it's love I've sighted I wanna song to learn

For All Those Sleeping - My funeral lyrics

never asked for your touch I never asked for anyone I ... never wanted to feel I never want to be loved ... Take my hand, but don't hold too tightly 'Cause it seems that my

Hank Williams - My love for you (has turned to hate) lyrics

ll ne'er forget that sad, sad day Darling that you went away You ... that our love was true And then you left me 'lone and blue ... Yes I received your note today Saying you'd

Iu - My dream (for yumeiro patissiere) lyrics

gul boo-poo-nun ma-um ma-dinnun koo-mul gu-ryeo boa-yo~ ... haeng-bo-kan koom-bit pa-ti-si-el~~ (bul-roo-be-ri pu-ri-ji ... e & ae-pul-pa-i hae-pi hae-pi ma-ka-rong, hae-pi-ni

Nofx - My stepdad's a cop and my stepmom's a domme lyrics

both wear uniforms They both have shiny boots They ... both use unnecessary force One whips one shoots They both have a nightstick They ... both are sadistic They both have a tough beat I think it's kind of neat That my step dad's a cop And my

Ride The Sky - The end of days lyrics

1: Seeing a world cast in shadow Seeing it all waste ... away I am a flower fading The last and none, none to come ... I will live my life through the cleansing I will bear witness to all I'm gonna pray for us For what's left behind, for our broken hearts Chorus

The's - The's lyrics

The's ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ........................

Shane Harper - My song for you lyrics

to pisen s disney chanel christmas playlist. zpiva to Bridgit Mendler & Shane Harper ... .me se ta pisen moc libi a doufam ze i

I The Mighty - The frame ii: keep breathing lyrics

were shot in the back for our sins, Ones that we failed to ever commit. They'd ... surely turn us in at the hospital And it'd be off to the ... gallows we'd go. So I will carry you forever if you

Phora - The way we are (feat. versailles the everythi.. lyrics

need a man dawg, all she need is company Acting like she don ... t wanna f*** with me And she hit me up when I least expect that shit Now ... she over here asking what's up with me I told

The Secret Sisters - The one i love is gone lyrics

don't know, I don't know Where I'll go or ... what I'll do It makes no difference What I'll do without ... you Oh, I love you, my darling But I'll try and let you be Goodbye, it's the last You

Harakiri For The Sky - The traces we leave lyrics

can’t remember why I left my hometown And why I moved to ... this city, that got me stranded by the tide I wonder who I was ... those days, who I’m going to be But to secure peace is still the best way to prepare for

Noah And The Whale - The first days of spring lyrics

s the first day of spring And my life is starting ... over again Well the trees grow, the river flows ... And its water will wash away my sin For I do believe that

Death Cab For Cutie - The new year lyrics

this is the new year And I don't feel any different The ... clanking of crystal Explosions off in the distance In the distance So this is the ... new year And I have no resolutions For self

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - The black eyed peas - #wheresthelove ft. the .. lyrics

feat. The World, Jaden Smith, A$AP Rocky, DJ Khaled, ... Usher, Ty Dolla $ign, Justin Timberlake, Tori Kelly, ... Andra Day, Jessie J, The Game, Nicole Scherzinger, Jamie Foxx, Puff Daddy, Mary J. Blige) [Chorus:]

Chasing Safety - My revenge (ft. kyle bihrle of sirens & sailo.. lyrics

feel betrayed, I feel so bitter How could you do this to ... me? I put my heart onto the table and you just had a ... feast Time passes me by as I sit and wonder why I've been left broken How can I pick

Disfiguring The Goddess - The mother's hand, sixteen lyrics

the light heads down the last fire submersed into the ... ground. Sentinels are sleeping. We escape into lands below where all is blind and the old man never grows. Sound

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - The origin of love lyrics

the earth was still flat, And the clouds made of fire, And mountains ... stretched up to the sky, Sometimes higher, ... Folks roamed the earth Like big rolling kegs. They had

Horse The Band - The failure of all things lyrics

for the scales and scabs on my skin My fists break And I ... just can't take it Sorry for the sores and holes in my ... heart There's no love or life for either of us You are

Katatonia - The one you are looking for is not here lyrics

breaking vow Rest so near my tongue Anchor on the cloud ... Shade upon the sun You took my word for it The vanishing of ... doubt Will unfold my empty space Your time froze

Asaf Avidan - My tunnels are long and dark these days lyrics

my friend You have nothing to fear, my friend You ... have nothing to fear, my friend Except for love We're ... moles my friend We are just moles my friend Blind against the dark

The Beautiful Girls - My latest mistake lyrics

is my latest mistake seems i confess every day and, ... lately nothing has changed but i just ... want to let you know i’ll be sorry if you go, away

Neurosis - My heart for deliverance lyrics

light in a life spent in broken arms, can't return my soul to the mountain. ... Desperate eyes reach the sleeping dark vessel filling ... within the desert. Visions raining destroying where I

Protest The Hero - The reign of unending terror lyrics

word bitten Every f*** is pronounced With conviction ... written In justice announced And every hand ... that feeds is bitten If it steals from hungry mouths

A Loss For Words - The hammers fall lyrics

alarm clock rings… I feel so weak, And the sunlight shining in my eyes it ... makes it hard to sleep. The rooms are cold, Smell like piss and blood. Everyday I wake

The Bridgeheads - My private star lyrics

I’m so torn long time ago it wasn’t so but now I’m old ... and unemployed too much for me that I can bear can you ... see? see? see? see? see? be my aero plane which will take

The Cinematic Orchestra - The cinematic orchestra - exit music (for a f.. lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Coalesce - In my wake, for my own lyrics

am a slave to serve my seed, and balance its sick ... needs. Nothing but pain. If it is tipped either way but ... straight down the middle of its cold heart. I am a slave with no will or purpose. It

Deinonychus - My travels through the midnight sky lyrics

my last breath, as i lay stabbed on the floor The last ... ceremony of the priest will help me no more As they ... wrapped me in black, and put me into a coffin I knew for sure… I would

Die So Fluid - The world is too big for one lyrics

won't love you for the rest of my life But I'll bear the ... scars of the red-hot knife That history scorched into ... my hand. In the cities of glass they wear this brand.

Far East Movement - The illest ft. riff raff (rell the soundbende.. lyrics

be the, we be the illest We be the, we be the illest We be the, we be the illest (Yeh, ... I be Illin' out from LA) We be the, we be the illest (I be

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - The old iron hills lyrics

s the cost to pay the piper? Every note don't come for free Too busy dancing with the devil Now it's time to pay the fee Every good intention ... laid to waste I've lost control Out to make

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - The golden age lyrics

wished I lived in the golden age Giving it up on the broadway stage Hang with the ... rats and smoke cigars Just have a break with ... Frank and count the stars Dressed to the nines

Dean Reed - My song for you lyrics

wish you peace, I wish you health but of all things that I wish you, I wish you love. My song for ... you is full of faith to grow strong by and of

The Dogma - The dogma - ...and julie no more lyrics

shining star is fading away My ray of light will disappear The When I'm here I scream an cry ... My heart is gone with you... Dogma Rain is falling on my face and Water join my tears And As I hear the crime of bell I bid my last

The Dubliners - The town i loved so well lyrics

my memory I will always see The town that I have loved so ... our school played ball by the gasyard wall And we laughed ... through the smoke and the smell. Going home in the rain running up the dark lane

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - My heart is the worst kind of weapon lyrics

spent most of last night dragging this lake for the corpses of all my past mistakes sell me ... out - the joke's on you we are salt - ... you are the wound empty another bottle and let me tear you

Shriekback - My spine (is the baseline) lyrics

Guts, No Blood: No Brains At All (repeat 4X) My ... spine is the bassline, and the top line could be broken ... glass all amusing views of those better men dirty habits' hand on the purses' strings Quiet fear of the passing time gently magnify the dividing line all this history

Shriekback - My spine (is the bassline) lyrics

Guts, No Blood: No Brains At All (repeat 4X) My ... spine is the bassline, and the top line could be broken ... glass all amusing views of those better men dirty habits' hand on the purses' strings Quiet fear of the passing time gently magnify the dividing line all this history

The Slits - My whole world lyrics

dying dying dying My whole world Is dying Then I ... ll be free From crying My life was so divine And ... everything I had was mine You found a way and came inside And take away everything I had We both know I'll

Ace Of Base - My mind mindless mix lyrics

of base is in your mind io! dance..... Everyone ... everyone everywhere ace of base is in your mind You ... re giving me hope I'm moving back in time you're giving

Blood On The Dance Floor - The right to love! lyrics

man, woman, and child Seeks equal justice Equal ... opportunities Equal dignity Without discrimination ... Regardless of race, sex, religion se**** preference or social status When you were born

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - The comedown (robotsonics remix) lyrics

s either now or f***ing never And that night, we ... meant every word we said All I can say All I can ... say for sure is, we're coming out tonight All I can say for sure is, we're coming up tonight Just like the living

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - The road goes on forever lyrics

was a waitress At the only joint in town She had a reputation As a girl who'd been ... around Down Main Street after midnight With ... a brand new pack of cigs A fresh one hanging from

Mac Demarco - My house by the water lyrics

Instrumental] 6802 Bayfield Ave, Arverne, New York ... Stop on by, I'll make you a cup of coffee.

Willie Nelson - My love for the rose lyrics

it something I did Lord a lifetime ago Am I just now repaying a debt that I owe Justice ... sweet justice you travel so slow But you ... can't change my love for the

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - The way it is (live remix) lyrics

s, just, the way... That's, just, the way ... it is That's, just, the way... That's, just, the way ... it... [Repeat throughout

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