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I Walked Through lyrics

Browse for I Walked Through song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Walked Through lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Walked Through.

Related artists: Bleeding through

Elegeion - Through the eyes of regret lyrics

have found myself lost Walking down these familiar streets ... Those strange faces stare blindly I withdraw into my mind ... In this solitude, it is sadness I find In lament

Joy Division - Walked in line lyrics

dressed in uniforms, so fine They drank and killed to ... pass the time Wearing the shame of all their crimes With measured steps, they ... walked in line They walked in line They walked in line

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Walked in the rain lyrics

ve been away High on a breeze Tasted the ... seas Washed upon shores Sun in my eyes Stayed long enough ... just to say my goodbyes... I walked in the rain Wet me through and through Following rainbows that lead me back to you

Machinae Supremacy - Through the looking glass lyrics

can feel the sands of time passing through the ... hourglass and it shimmers in my eyes as I linger in the ... wake as eternity escapes I begin to realize We'll

Necronomicon - Through the door of time lyrics

I Walked Through the Door of Time I knew what ... I have been And what I've become So many lives And ... experiences To reach this state To be awaken Now I

Prophanity - Walking through fire lyrics

up for battle we are Holding our swords up high On my ... shield the sign of Thor For power and ... protection in war I raise my skull to the skies A sign on the horizon is given

Say Anything - A walk through hell lyrics

if I could swim, I'd swim out to you in the ocean, Swim out to where you were floating in the dark. And if I was ... blessed, I'd walk on the water you're

Forbidden - Through eyes of glass lyrics

the light is flashing through your eyes, Deep inside your ... brain another stirs, They're telling where ... And what they've seen Who is this that lives inside my

3rd Strike - Walked away lyrics

so cold to be abandoned i cant see past what you have ... done memoried how they fade away now you ... want to come back i walked away from you no f***in' ... tears for them lost years i took the pain then i turned it to hatred so dead to me no

Shinedown - Through the ghost lyrics

of the devil Look who just walked into the room The guilt invaded Notion of someone I ... are wrong All the precious pieces are gone Everything that ... mattered is just A city of dust Covering both of

B.o.b. - Through my head lyrics

keep running through my head Running through my ... head Thoughts keep running through my head Running through my ... head Thoughts keep running through my head Running through my

Hatebreed - Through the thorns lyrics

on Now it's all irrelevant The journey here ... and what it meant The time and distance Others hate ... for my persistence Every stride enlightens It's all begins

Anvil - Through with you lyrics

trusted your intention, I believed in the things you say I ... thought you were my friend and figured you would stay ... I gave you what I could but I could never give enough I

Yolanda Adams - Through the storm lyrics

storms of life will blow They're sure to come ... and go They meet me at a time when I'm calm and doing fine But the captain of my soul ... always on board He rocks me in his arms While riding through the storm While riding through the storm Jesus holds me in

Asia - Through my veins lyrics

your shadow over me As wind cuts like a knife ... Catapulting me from life with you Waiting on an empty ... street, hiding from the sun And in one ... or another All my memories still remain You've

Joel Plaskett - Through & through & through lyrics

& Through & Through I’m the Berlin Wall, I’m a ... communist You’re a wrecking ball in a summer dress ... You’re the horizon line, I’m the last sunset I might be

Donald Lawrence - Through the fire lyrics

Verse:] I look in your eyes and I can see you ... ve lived so dangerously You're not ... trusting your heart to anyone You've ... told me you're gonna play it smart You're through before

Nina - Through the fire lyrics

look in your eyes and I can see We've loved so ... dangerously You're not trusting your heart to anyone You ... tell me you're gonna play it smart We're through before

Chaka Khan - Through the fire lyrics

in your eyes and i can see We've loved so ... dangerously You're not trusting your heart to anyone You ... tell me you're gonna play it smart We're through before

Charice - Through the years lyrics

when you weren't there When I didn't care for anyone but ... you I swear we've been through everything there is Can't imagine anything we've missed ... Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do Through the years You've never let

Chris Webby - Through the roof lyrics

Intro) Yeea We goin’ through the mother f***in’ roof You ... know what I mean? (Hook) I’m through the roof I’m through the roof So through the roof

Aretha Franklin - Through the storm lyrics

this world it's hard You know Lovers ... never stay together You and I will be no better We can ... make it last forever We can keep ... this love alive. Through the storm Through the tears

From Ashes To New - Through it all lyrics

a day that passes by The pain has not amassed inside It’s ... breaking me down to the ground It’s ... like I crashed and died It’s hard to leave your past

Gogol Bordello - Through the roof 'n' underground lyrics

there is trap, set up for you In ... every corner of this town And so you learn the ... only way to go is underground When there's a ... trap set up for you In every corner of your room

Ken Hensley - Through the eyes of a child lyrics

think you're so sophisticated With your lady-like ... ways Your life is so complicated Do you remember the ... days? Looking through You're looking through the

Kenziner - Through the fire lyrics

march through the mud, to the field we’re ... sure we’ll die As we look around, it’s all ... we realize To kill in war, the queen says it’s so ... No reason given, our rank does not know

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Through it all lyrics

down and tell me what you find Back in the pages left behind Everybody's got a story ... Ours ain't no different from the rest Each ... step we take, it's just a test On this

Needtobreathe - Through smoke lyrics

the truth will come to fill our eyes The wool comes ... down in the form of fire And when the answers and ... the truth have cut their ties Will you still find me Will you still see me through

Not Literally - Through time lyrics

oh-oh-oh We're travelling through time Whoa-oh-oh-oh We're ... travelling through time Woke up gotta find ... something good to eat, What's up with the sound coming from the

Ramp - Through lyrics

friends we feel The sense of life Through love we seal ... The point of life Through the hate we show our pain ... This fire kept inside our brain Through humanity This we

Rogue - Through the dark lyrics

re going to make it through the dark We're going to make ... it through the dark We're going to make it through the dark ... This road's too long I can't make it on my own steam

Destiny's Child lyricsDestiny's Child - Through with love lyrics

gave my heart to you I gave up my friends like you ... said I should do Put aside my smile for you Threw out ... my dreams if you said you didn't approve I gave my mind,

Black Tide - Through thick and thin lyrics

the age of 13 I signed my first deal, little did I know ... told me to never let any of this get to my head At the age ... of 16 I was higher than the stars, I thought

Day Of Fire - Through the fire lyrics

in the flame again I’ll be there to hold your hand ... Keeping you safe until the end And when the flood ... begins I’ll be there with you to stand Walking in faith until the end I’ll see

Holly Starr - Through my father's eyes lyrics

many days I listened to the voice inside my head I never ... thought that I'd be someone who could be misled I wanted the mirror to ... show me something I could not see I needed

Holy Moses - Through shattered minds agony of death outro lyrics

t look for a perfect living Start your own new beginning Storm clouds in your life ... are coming With your painful souls and yearning Find ... your reason to love your life Cut black roses with your

In Flames - Through my eyes lyrics

did me wrong and I applauded you I became a ... blade and I pierced through Now hiding from the world ... outside Trying to create magic for the pacified You

Michael Malarkey - Through the night and back again lyrics

like this I feel like leaving Although I'd have to ... hollow out my heart Like scraping out the insides of ... a pumpkin Paint a twisted face and carve it out Paint a twisted face and carve it

Martina Mcbride - Through your eyes lyrics

out that cloud, as high as a tree, At least that's ... how it looks to me. How about ... you, What do you see, What if we see things differently. ... Show me, How the world looks through your eyes, Tell me about the

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Through the years lyrics

fever I have is because of you My body is ... blazing The flames alight and lick at my ear So ... that I can only hear Muddled words ... of you Through the years Too many a

The Pigeon Detectives - Through the door lyrics

mind how i got all that money money ... doesn't buy me peace of mind never mind that i can't find a reason reason doesn't ... ease these troubled times in this life of degradation

Reinxeed - Through the fire lyrics

running from left to right trying to find a way to ... survive when the water draws near ... and all the lifeboats are almost gone But ... save all the people According to the class they live

Signum Regis - Through the desert, through the storm lyrics

is the end of the journey It's been all enough for me I've seen it all before I've ... heard it all before Time to move on to a better ... place This feels like a cage, there is no more

Anix - Through you lyrics

me comfort ways I need you with me But I can't get you to ... Thinking my direction Days went by in its twisted ... situation You say that I'm to blame The one with

Artension - Through the gate lyrics

their bags and left that day one ... way ticket to outer space mohtership has sailed away blinded by ... the comets fall Faithfully they follow, into the ... fire they ride fearless hope by their side if only they knew the stories he told were untrue Through the gate it's too late cast

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Through the rain (remix) (feat. joe and kelly.. lyrics

you get caught In the pouring rain With nowhere to run ... Without anyone and you Get a little bit frightened Cause you ... ve lost your way home But through all the thunder and lightening Just keep praying and keep

Aaron Carter - Through my own eyes lyrics

] Give me a world that's equal on ... all sides [Aaron:] Let freedom flow ... as constant as the tides [Kayla:] I pray with each ... sunset, don't forget to rise [Aaron:] (Don't forget to

Cinderella - Through the rain lyrics

know it's hard In a world gone mad To find ... the truth To Understand And I know it's hard To turn the ... page To walk the line To have the faith But

Cryonic Temple - Through the skies lyrics

the morning my engines are hot I am ready to fly ... Scan horizon, I see a black spot And the ... hunt has begun Throttle up I 'm clear for a fight Hear my

Cult To Follow - Through with you lyrics

me? When you heal me, thrill me, kill me? Would you ... hurt yourself just to bring me down? Sometimes I ... lose myself in your lies Abuse myself in my mind I

Demonical - Through hellfire lyrics

lord lucifer lead us through the flames we summon your ... force in blood we cal your many ... names through pain we serve eternally mighty ... son of the dawn enlighten us eternally bearer of

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Through the night lyrics

you As the sun comes up again I've never felt So free ... We left the fight We left the cold And ... the darkness Tried to take us down I've ... felt so free We made it through the night We made it through the night We made it through

Eternal Oath - Through the eyes of hatred lyrics

is the world you had in your hands Changing is the ... landscape of time Through the eyes of hatred Forever ... burning in your heart, a lost decade Through the eyes of hatred The world

Exhumed - Through cadaver eyes lyrics

see the world through cadaver eyes Sickened by the ... sight of all that I despise Rotting mass devoured by ... maggots and flies A ghoulish feast upon the necrotized I see the world through cadaver

Greeley Estates - Through waiting lyrics

to show you the way all the time I'm left all alone to ... wander this place asking why I'm falling back to ... After all that we've been through I can't let go I'm falling

Hey! Say! Jump - Through the night lyrics

gonna let it go I can make it through the night This is ... my life I can make it through the night Kizu o kasaneta ... Everyday moga kitsuzuketa All night long Dare

Hope Partlow - Through it all lyrics

get crazy hanging out with my friends sometimes And ... I act moody and I can't remember why But you ... always take me as I am Somehow understand

Jackson 5 - Through thick and thin lyrics

thick and thin I will always love you Through thick and thin I'm always thinkin' of you Today did I ... forget To say I love you girl (I'm sorry) Hey, don't

Josh Devine - Through the fire (ft. ollie green) lyrics

tell me what are you waiting for Gotta stand up and ... take it on Cause when I look in your eyes I see a fighter Through the fire Don't turn it ... down If it's all that really matters

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Through it all (deluxe edition) lyrics

the morning when you wake Might not wanna face today and ... all your heartache Thinking how much can you take ... Please don't ever loose the faith and don't fall under In

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