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I Try To Leave It All Behind, Me And All Of My Dreams Are Fading lyrics

Browse for I Try To Leave It All Behind, Me And All Of My Dreams Are Fading song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Try To Leave It All Behind, Me And All Of My Dreams Are Fading lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Try To Leave It All Behind, Me And All Of My Dreams Are Fading.

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Moriah Peters - To leave it all behind lyrics

is life, This is love This is how I learn to trust I was ... numb, I was blind Then You opened up my eyes ... Caught a glimpse of Your grace And I'm sure I

Lumidee - Me and you lyrics

] Could neva except reality in which I was presented livin ... this crazy life for real could make a gurl ... damenced been on my hands and knees prayin to God for things to change but every single

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Try to see it my way lyrics

... Try to see it my way. Ooh ... Try to see it my way. Well, I know you ... cover up From all the things you did That tied you up ... wanna let you know That I wanna keep you warm Until

Quarterflash - Try to make it true lyrics

in my eyes and you'll find That I'm really gonna try ... this time I know that love has hurt ... before But I swear I'm gonna give a little more Babe, I'm ... gonna Try Try, (try) Try to make it true Yes, I'm gonna try, (try) Try to make it true

Penumbra - Priestess of my dreams lyrics

priestess of my dreams, when under the April moon ... you appeared Stealing my soul and my thoughts, I ... could have loved to taste your lips Oh, priestess of my dreams Ho, this

R.l. - Girl of my dreams lyrics

you look kinda familiar Like I seen you before you walked in ... here No I'm not trying to stare, but I swear I seen you out ... somewhere, but where? Just won't

Eddy Arnold - My arms are a house lyrics

arms are a house I want you to live there Come into my ... house for you have the key My heart is the door that's waiting wide open To welcome the ... love who shares it with me We'll furnished with kisses and plans that come true

Fates Warning - Leave the past behind lyrics

here we are again the door is closed behind us and the ... long road lies ahead where do we go from ... here it's time to make a change lets trace the ... problem to its source no more riding the

Orion Riders - Leave the shades behind lyrics

asleep, search the noise of silence Now it's time to call ... your soul and look at your faults Let your ... Spirit rise over every event Look ... about yourself and try to give it your best Look into the

Oleander - Leave it all behind lyrics

we go Closer to the end Let me know I'll be your only friend Things you thought you ... understood Are all the things I lack So sorry And I ... d leave it all behind With no regard for what I'll find In time you'll see That

Lune - Leave the world behind lyrics

the world behind you And leave this world behind Leave the ... world behind you You got to leave this world behind People, ... can you hear me? Here's a message that I'm sending now I

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - Out of my mind lyrics

a candle lay flowers at the door for ... those you left behind and the one´s who´ve gone before ... Here it comes now sure as silence follows rain The taste of you upon my lips the fingers in my brain And be gentle as it kills me where I lay who am I

Crowbar - Leave it behind lyrics

so tired of the burning inside Rising above Live confined time to leave it behind Leave it behind Brick by brick got ... to tear it all down Bringing it down Been so hard got to

Disturbed - Leave it alone lyrics

can't control my anger and I've been about to explode Far ... too many times I've seen my dreams becoming violent Every time ... that I see you No matter how you try to define it I have been

Fires Of Babylon - Falling to pieces lyrics

I am under attack as I try To leave the darkness behind me ... Feel the chains as they're holding me Back ... when I'm reaching for the light Trying to guide me [Bridge 1:] Can't you see the torment in my eyes? Can't you hear

Jake Miller - Me and you lyrics

– part 1) (x2) Me and you Yea, we’re gonna burn this city down We’re the only ... ones that’ll make it out Me and you Yea, it don’t matter ... where we go We’ll leave behind all that we know (Chorus –

Jake Miller - Me and you acoustic lyrics

you Yea, we’re gonna burn this city down We’re the only ... ones that’ll make it out Me and you Yea, it don’t matter ... where we go We’ll leave behind all that we know (Chorus –

Nightingale - A raincheck on my demise lyrics

afraid I have to go and never return It will be over ... in a while I can’t believe I’m going to die There is no ... remedy or cure This is the end I’m going to die

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Leave it behind lyrics

burns can't push it aside now Can't forgive this ... grudge is alive now All the rage eats you up inside ... Can you leave it behind To leave it behind What a surprise

Brandi Carlile - Dreams lyrics

I have dreams when I´m awake when I´m asleep And ... you you are in my Dreams You´re underneath my skin ... how am I so weak And now in my dreams I can feel the

The Hellacopters - Leave it alone lyrics

mon and leave it be Just try and you will see If you leave it ... alone Alone it will be Don't try to make things right You'll only end up in a fight Just leave it alone

In Fear And Faith - It all comes out (on the way down) lyrics

m making a promise A promise I'll never break To let ... you go I need to let you go So try to tell me ... that I'm always wrong That our ... love is strong That our love is

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Girl out of my dreams lyrics

money just can't buy You give away, no try and now you're ... gone - is it forever? Love, for me is ... not a game Don't play a trick again, it's over now - is it forever? Don't hurt my

Eyes Of Shiva - Leave me alone lyrics

..I have to leave behind I´m not ok to try Desires on my mind (At)Every each night My insonia still alright Takes my brain to another side Here

Bloodbound - Master of my dreams lyrics

might feed you lies But it's all OK Keeps you all from going ... places What's behind the lies? You don't wanna know Leaves you out there in the cold

Rage - Leave it all behind lyrics

don't want to leave this world behind Was the only ... thing I had in mind Now you've sent the ... angels back I need them here on earth ... 'Cause eternity can be a long, long time

At Vance - Street of my dreams lyrics

is my world where I live And I won't let you into my mind I ... won't open my heart I am the king in this world I ... m the ruler of thoughts in my soul Now that I'm here and

K-young - Girl of my dreams lyrics

s the simple things It's the simple things yeah ... That turn me on You know just what to do ... It's the dimples in ur smile I'm addicted to ur style

John Denver - All of my memories lyrics

of my memories lay in the life of the highway All of my ... nights in old motels and sleeping alone All of my days on ... the road with no one beside me All of my dreams of a

Good Weather Forecast - Girl of my dreams lyrics

have been waiting so long, now I know that it is you, girl of my dreams. ... _ I can't wait any longer, cause I know ... that you're the right, girl of my dreams. _ Jesus, I

The Moffatts - Girl of my dreams lyrics

are the girl of my dreams In my heart, I believe You are the ... girl of my dreams, baby Of my dreams All alone, in my room ... Wishing that you were here Without you, in my arms I'm holding back all of the tears Without you in my life I'll

Etta James - Girl of my dreams lyrics

of my dreams, I love you Ohh, honest I do ... Don't you know that you are so sweet? Ohh, if I could ... hold your charms Ohh, here in my arms Boy of my dreams,

Barry Manilow - It's all behind us now lyrics

spent my whole life thinking Oh, that there could not ... be Anyone in this world Who'd show me they care Who'd really be there to ... love me Now you're holding me And I see in your eyes That

End Of Green - Queen of my dreams lyrics

out there but far away. Still crying loud, now I can hear ... A calling of you has saved me before I fall. No longer pain, dead empty place. Beautiful queen still of my dreams.

Nightfall - Master of my dreams lyrics

within the world of dreams True desires reveal their will But tell me why can I see ... No more beauty in my dreams Master of My Dreams I don't ... believe you I am an absolute dreamer Don't

Billy Ocean - Get out of my dreams lyrics

you, get in to my car Who me Yes you Get in to my car ... Who's that lady Coming down the road Who's that ... lady Who's that woman Walking through my door What's the

Amos Lee - Behind me now lyrics

my best days are behind me now Photographs tell of my ... wedding vows. And if you want heroes then I'd sail up to the stars For all I ... got beneath my skin are tears and scars. I walked in these

Creature Feature - It was a dark and stormy night lyrics

hands They shake I swear I must be cursed This brain ... It aches Any moment it might burst Save your soul ... Don’t stop, they’re gaining on you Heads will roll

Lulu - Try to understand lyrics

ve been living with a shadow overhead I've ... been sleeping with a cloud above my bed I've ... lonely for so long Trapped in the past, I just can't seem to move on I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away

3 Inches Of Blood - Leave it on the ice lyrics

sharpened blade The smell of sweat and Pure aggression fills the air A burning flame ... Even though it's cold your veins will burn Scream along the ... boards, hard and fast A goal in sight, you're almost there

Br549 - Leave it alone lyrics

me, tell me, why ya gotta spoil my day You smile at me and ... point a finger to the error of my ways You can't leave it alone Why don't you leave it alone You can't help makin

B.g. The Prince Of Rap - The colour of my dreams lyrics


B.g. The Prince Of Rap - The colours of my dreams lyrics

WHEN DREAM AND THE DREAM I like your Pink and green and white Blue and gray and light And what if REQUEST I hope your ... right RIGHT BY MY SIDE As Pink and green and white Color my dreams TODAY Color my dreams

Krokus - Angel of my dreams lyrics

she stood At the edge of my bed Flowers sweet In her ... long long hair Angel... beckoned me to ... follow She took my hand And spread her wings Freein' my

Beto Vazquez Infinity - Council of my dreams lyrics

seemed to break in the darkness beside the icy, dormant trees Like death ... singing a dream As a dawn of bad memory Such is the poetry Is as dawn turn to dusk Enigma of time wonders by miracle

Dj Satomi - Sound of my dreams lyrics

I want to go I want to run Run to the places where I can be I wanna know What is the sound Sound that is ... something remind of me I want to go I got to run

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - To whom it may concern lyrics

whom it may concern when will we learn We are all the same Do you really think that ... you’re the first To fall along the way It may sound ... crazy but what if You don’t try to run Rather than kick our

Jessica Andrews - To love you once lyrics

try to let it go I try to shut it out Cleanse it from ... my soul But it stays in place like a permanent stain ... Yeah All I want Is to tune you down To sleep you off But your memory creeps in and out of my dreams, And Hits me like a cold hard fist

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Man of my dreams lyrics

quot;Man Of My Dreams" [Verse 1:] I remember the first day I met you All I thought was dawn how can I ... get you You below my mind in a very special way Impossible for me to get away Since

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Sweet lilith of my dreams lyrics

caressed her suffering soul With my love and ... true desire But she ripped off my pounding heart And buried it six feet under I tried ... to resist a rhyme Of charming beauty and lust But I

Juicy J - It's in me to hustle lyrics

s in me to hustle, work my muscle It's in me to blow ... your ass out for a duffle It's in me to cut a nigga head, ... if he get wrong I'm out here, fight Hungry so

Mudhoney - Try to be kind lyrics

hot And wet Been days and days and days Since I ... slept Been rollin' And stumblin' And laughin' and ... laughin' and laughin' And cryin' and grumblin' Oh my heart And my head Cryin

Bombay Bicycle Club - Leave it lyrics

t think it's what you're afraid of come in you know what's ... been made up Hold you tight, words have a new sound ... reading the signs that just seep out You've

George Jones - Almost out of my mind lyrics

do you teach a heart not to cry When it sees that old ... love walkin' by How do you make a heart ... obey commands 'Cause I'm afraid my heart is almost out of hand. Almost out of hand I do

Mother Mother - Try to change lyrics

to change.. I try to change.. I make a list of all the ways to change my ways. ... But I stay the same, I stay the s-ame. Ohh.. I will try and try to change but I

The Pretenders - All my dreams lyrics


Foghat - It'll be me lyrics

you hear somebody knockin' on your door, If you see ... something crawlin' all across the floor, Baby, it ... ll be me and I'll been lookin' for you. If you see a

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Manager of my dreams (arthur) lyrics

m the manager of your dreams Cuz I'll make alla your dreams reality Got a head fulla ... plans and schemes Yeah you'll be toppin' the ... charts for eternity Bookin' the tours and promotions Hittin' the stores on the way

Dyslesia - All that will be lyrics

failed many times Hurt deep inside All let you down You ... t know how You're trapped in the webs Of spellbinding ... shades When all let you down You don't know

Jake Bugg - Me and you lyrics

the time people follow us where we ... go we both should believe the path that we chose and I'll hold you with such delicacy No they won't catch you

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