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Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Thought i knew you (ft. the weeknd) lyrics

I-I-I thought I knew you Ha-ha-ha I guess I didn't I ... I-I-I thought I knew you F***, baby, I-I guess I didn’t I-I-I thought you was ... down for real Thought you would stick around for real I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I [Verse 1: The

Nico & Vinz - Thought i knew lyrics

way I see it I don't wanna be left alone I don ... t wanna be left alone And the way I see it You ... re the one I was hoping for You're the one I was hoping for

Coolio - Thought you knew lyrics

1: PS] Never gave a f*** and I still don't So save your ... lectures, I'ma gangbang for the rest of ... my life A young BG deranged in the brain The youngest

Walk Off The Earth lyricsWalk Off The Earth - Hold on (the break) lyrics

never wanted it to break I thought we'd put it all behind us ... Ever since that day All I wanna do is find us Now I'm ... falling down I'm falling down without you So I'm

Alabama Shakes - Hold on lyrics

my heart, Bless my soul Didn’t think I’d make it to 22 ... years old There must be someone up above sayin’ Come on Brittney, You got to come on up

Hot Chip - Hold on lyrics

only weapon was my pen But I traded it for my hand Not a ... move, but my move Does this say I'm a man? My only ... lesson was in my brains But I traded them for my hand Not

Mike Cavanaugh - Hold on lyrics

s 2am and I'm at it again Thoughts of my life And the time ... I have spent Waiting for somthing That may or ... may not Appear out of nowhere I look at the

Salt´n Pepa - Hold on lyrics

Kirk Franklin:] Let's have a little ... church up in here How ya doin', this is Kirk Franklin ... Sharin' with my sisters Cheryl, Sandi, and De De ... With Sounds of Blackness Everybody

Willow Smith lyricsWillow Smith - Wait a minute! lyrics

a minute! I think I left my conscience on your front door ... step Wait a minute! I think I left my consciousness in the ... 6th dimension But I'm here right now, right now Just sitting in a cloud, oh wow I'm

Hanson - Got a hold on me lyrics

as I might I'm a fool in a losing fight Can't escape the ... bullet's bite 'cause the enemy's in sight Sign on the dotted line ... Take your pick Have a bite Once seduction starts I know it

Moguai - Hold on (feat. cheat codes) lyrics

m ashamed by the lies And the worthless games ... But the wine and the night Make me feel okay No ... other you, no other me No other us, ... babe One of a kind, and I won't let it slip away I can see

Kerli - Hold on lyrics

heard you crying last night Did you stop trying last ... night? You say there is nothing left for us You ... say there is nothing left of us And we were

Cheat Codes - Hold on ft. moguai lyrics

#1] I'm ashamed by the lies, and the worthless games ... But the wine and the night Make me feel okay No ... other you, no other me No other us, ... babe One of a kind, and I won't let it slip away I can see

The Co - Hold on lyrics


Evans Blue - Hold on lyrics

fear and flaws exposed Equipped with indefinite highs and ... let goes Unclear, still in control steady as we fall Thoughts escape the prison skull ... clears a path to follow We wait, but will we go And swallow

Cashless - Hold on lyrics

me how did we get this far? To this cold, cold lonely place? Tell me what went ... wrong? I missed the point, the break-up began This ... time I thought it would last forever Once again I

Conception - Hold on lyrics

t try to seize the time we shared For all I ever ... do I do for you Just close your eyes and say you care For ... all we ever knew I know it's true And I will teach you how to laugh and cry The

Hezekiah Walker - Hold on lyrics

Hold on, Jesus is with you, He's right by your side so ... never let go His hand; hold on to His hand, never let go. ... Verse 1: I'm doing my best just to hold on, I

The Monkees - Hold on girl lyrics

know about the guy who treated you so ... bad He took your love and then just walked ... away I know that you have got a reason to be sad ... But help is on its way Hold on girl, be a little bit stronger Hold on girl, wait a little bit longer Hold on girl,

The Hollies - Hold on lyrics

on a corner Nothing on my mind When walked past a woman ... She looked my kind I said a hey there woman What you ... got to do She took one look at me and said baby I

Chester See - Hold on lyrics

opened my eyes and I looked around and all the smiling face turned to frowns I started to run but I should ... have known you don't get very far with nowhere

Don Broco - Hold on lyrics

will provide just what you need Exotic fruits, delicious treats Control your mind, it's mine to keep Now stick your tongue between my teeth I ... so smooth but cut so deep I'm hurting you, bruise like a

Lil Kim - Hold on lyrics

how it hurts, like childbirth The wounds heal slow, you ... just don't know At times, I don't know what to say And all I ... do is pray, day to day But still, I feel my strength might die Like right now, I'm tryin'

Dave Gahan lyricsDave Gahan - Hold on lyrics

keep sending me all these things I'm learning how to smile ... You keep sending me all these things I think I'll stay a while Tried ... to talk to you in my dream You looked at me and smiled Your

Deep Purple - Hold on lyrics

re sweeter than the morning When the sun is shining ... down on me There is nothing you can say That could ... make me go away you see But you keep saying to

Jackal - Hold on lyrics

wasted her time drinking whiskey Uh, she wasted her time ... smoking joints And sure she noticed, noticed the difference Of being ... drunk and stoned But that was all she ever

Kristina Debarge - Hold on lyrics

another season Leaves are starting to ... change Just another reason I can’t live with the blame ... People talking I’m just walking, trying to find my way

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Hold on ft. ben kweller lyrics

Hey, ok stop You’re being a jerk now wait Do you ... play the riff twice and then I go in Ok, ready I’m so ... embarrassed, I don’t know Go Make it to the

Machine Gun Kelly - Hold on (shut up) (feat. young jeezy) lyrics

don't gang bang, hoe, I just gang bang these hoes ... And I keep like eight jays rolled, then I face ... them after my shows And I got your main thing bro, on

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - Hold on lyrics

taking in and I breathe for a minute I think ... too much when I'm alone I'll never wait when I keep all ... my thoughts inside So I'll pick up the phone And my dad

Chris Norman - Hold on lyrics

was a young soldier He thought he could live forever He ... married a teacher Who took him for worse or better She was ... to a land full of danger His head in the sand And his life in the hands of a stranger

Mgk - Hold on lyrics

don't gang bang, hoe, I just gang bang these hoes ... And I keep like eight jays rolled, then I face ... them after my shows And I got your main thing bro, on

Pretty Boy Floyd - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

sure you’ve heard someone say No way That you, you ... don’t have a chance And it got you mad And made it toughen you You took a stance It’s time to rise up and fight

Razorlight - Hold on lyrics

now your here you are in your life And now your finding out why You've got to learn how ... to fight Before you learn how to fly So stick ... your fist up prove them wrong Don't lose the words to the

Hurts lyricsHurts - Hold on to me lyrics

written on your face like something's wrong here ... Staring out the window, holding back tears Looking for the ... people we both know Where did we go? Shadows moving

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - Hold on lyrics

taking in and I breathe for a minute I think ... too much when I'm alone I'll never wait when I keep all ... my thoughts inside So I'll pick up the phone And my dad

Budgie - Hold on to love lyrics

the fire of life alight, Give it all you can Open up your hand, reach out Your positive reactions fight Your run ... 'cause they've snuffed love out Hold on to, hold on to

Reef - Hold on lyrics

you walk the road and then leave it behind and nothing's ever ... clearer in your mind but if you go please bear me in mind hold on no matter what you're going through just hold on and

The Darling Buds - Hold on to what you belive lyrics

hand on the small of her back Cause ... she stands with this love in her eyes She makes me feel ... like I’m special I hope to God that I’m special ... Or does she do this to all of the boys? Her

Chris De Burgh - Hold on lyrics

, a lonely girl lies weeping , a lonely man tries sleeping , but he's getting nowhere ... ... sometime , it may be close to morning , ... she thought she heard him calling , but there's

William Fitzsimmons lyricsWilliam Fitzsimmons - Hold on with my open hands lyrics

I had known you better I could probably get my money back ... From that old preacher and his organist who said she knew ... my dad When we were younger and you promised me that

Los Lobos - Hold on lyrics

on Hold on to every breath And if I ... make it to the sunrise Just to do it all over again Do it all over again I'm killing myself just to keep alive Killing myself to survive

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Hold on lyrics

s blacks with knives and whites with clubs Fighting in ... Beach There's no such thing as human rights When you ... N.Y. streets A cop was shot in the head by a 10 years old kid Named Buddah in Central

Lucky Dube - Hold on lyrics

knew exactly What you were going through It's just that I didn't have the right To discuss your problems I saw you ... struggling For our education I saw you struggling to get us

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Hold on christmas lyrics

colder it gets outside The more it warms my soul ... Christmas is on my mind I just gotta make it home It won't be long ‘till I am singing ... To the rhythm of the Salvation Army bell ringing But this

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Hold on to the ones you love lyrics

I Knew Why You Left Now I sit and hope for the best And I ... know that is might be too late But Please don't walk away I may have ... lost but I don't regret Yes I try and try, but I cant

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - Hold on & believe (feat. the federal empire) lyrics

thought my heart was gone After I lost it all Felt I ... was falling down Still I chose to be proud Until I hit the ground You got me ... back on my feet again You said that lovers come and may go

4him - Hold on to christmas lyrics

the fire and trim the tree It wont be long til Christmas ... Eve So close your eyes and make believe That ... come true Manger scenes and mistletoe Christmas cards from

Magnet - Hold on lyrics

days I don't see you walk so proud These days I don't hear you talk so loud Thought you'd soaked up all of the ... blows I realized you are not even close It

Saxon - Hold on lyrics

lived at home a perfect little home She had everything ... a girl could ever dream of Only one thing wrong she had a ... restless heart She was looking for some love and

Hendersin - Hold on lyrics

my luck, look at how I roll the dice You think you ... slick don't cha, yeah you cold as ice It's my turn so ... pardon the interruption, its more that meets the eye we

Panic Lift - Hold on lyrics

fall away from me and i'm here left with all your pain i swear that it wont end like this i stand behind you ... still just steps away so you can reach your hand out to hold on to me waking up here

Jake Miller - Hold on lyrics

Jake Miller] Yeah now I'm rocking with the best Pass ... me the mic and turn me up Bound to blow any moment now I'm ... bound to self destruct Man I'm just a normal dude With

Sean Paul - Hold on lyrics

on to the dream, hold on Hold on now, now Hold on and believe Oh, we already won, we still hold on Hold on, hold on ... now, now We still hold on Hold on, hold on now, now Hold on

Britny Fox - Hold on lyrics

on, better hold on, baby Hold on, you make me sweaty Hold on, you drive me crazy Hold on, ... you look mean, so sexy Hold on, you've got a good grip Hold on, honey, don't slip Hold on, hold on to love Hold on, hold on to love Hold on, hold on, h

Almora - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

you smell the scent of life up your head and see the light can you feel the heat of ... the sun have a dream is to reach the sky let's ... make something just for you don't listen what others said hold on to your dreams, hold on to

April Wine - Hold on lyrics

do I speak if no one hears Who can I turn to if ... you're not there And why do I carry on the way that I do ... Why do I question myself like this over you 'Cos trouble and sorrow - it's all I

Artist Vs. Poet - Hold on lyrics

re addicted to your own face So you don't see ... the look on mine I've been trying hard to displace All the things you ... used to hide Don't wanna hear about your mistakes Don't want you taking

Azrael (jap.) - Hold on to the young love lyrics

live your life, trying hard to make your dreams ... come true Your eyes are burning for desire like a fire She ... s steadying you as an angel always and ... forever She's gazing at you in any circumstance You're

Black Box - Hold on lyrics

on, I think the game is over Hold on, and try again to feel all right Hold on, ... and put the slow on feeling Hold on, you see they're ... all just uptight Hold on, you're gonna feel so fine Hold on, don't take it, set you right

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