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I Take Your Girl Come lyrics

Browse for I Take Your Girl Come song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Take Your Girl Come lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Take Your Girl Come.

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Iyaz - Take your breath away lyrics

Ahh Shawty let me (let me) take your breath Shawty let me take your breath Shawty let me ... (let me) take your breath Shawty let me take your breath I been doing this

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Girl don't take your love from me lyrics

Foolish of me, I couldn't see The forest for ... trees You've been so true I've been so cruel to you Oh, girl please don't leave me ... Refrén : If you stay I'll find a way To erase the past

Sam Hunt lyricsSam Hunt - Take your time lyrics

don't know if you were looking at me or not. You probably ... smile like that all the time. And I don't mean to ... bother you but. I couldn't just walk by. And

Roy Orbison - Girl like mine lyrics

s a girl in my life The best little girl that I could ever find Her lips are ... warm when the nights are cold In the summertime she can make it snow She's

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Come let me make your love come down lyrics

s a girl in my life about 4'10" She ... s the one who brings me morning joy And brings me joy ... my day ends She says my life will never have no problems

Kakkmaddafakka - Your girl lyrics

night I had a dream about this girl I know God she’s beautiful But when I woke up I realized that the dream I had was ... true You see I’m not trying to cause any trouble But

B2k - Your girl chose me lyrics

Yo your girl chose me (chose me) you ... game(game) (B2 B2k) Hey yo your girl chose me (chose me) you ... game (game) (B2 B2K) Hey Yo your girl chose me (chose me) you

Gorilla Zoe - Take your shoes off lyrics

up to bat, the boy Zoe Gorilla that is Hey Block, we ... Yung Joc] AC (full), suicide (do's) Grill out (pipe), ... sittin' on fo's Shit so clean nigga take ya shoes

Scissor Sisters - Take your mama lyrics

you grow up Livin'n like a good boy oughta And your mama Takes a shine to her fair son Something different ... All the girls they seem to like you Cause you're handsome

Fun Factory - Take your chance lyrics

your chance Bring your life up to the top And you ... ever stop And you try to do it right You better take your ... chance And luck will always be around Keep your feet down on the ground And

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Your girl lyrics

gone for 3 years, is that enough for you boy? ... Carrying me to my bed Paint my toe nails blue Tell me ... all about the things that you and I will never ... do I wish i was your girl I wish i was your girl I wish i was your girl (Oh) I wish i

Jon Anderson - Take your time lyrics

here and there, I'm told to slow down Just ... relax, take your time, don't move so fast, so ... fast Tempers in the air, I'm told to slow down, ease ... back By the fire, feel free, feel free

Beat Win - Your girl lyrics

yeojachingu cham I have crush on your girl ... You’re so sexy I’ve never felt like this ... before Be my girl baby I’m sorry my friend oh god ni yeojachingu cham yeppeudeora

Amy Diamond - Take your time lyrics

Haaaaaah haaaaaah haaaaaah Take your time If you cage me I ... d wanna be free right? when you're tired you ... wanna sleep safe at night We're not changing human

Karliene Reynolds - Your girl (demo) lyrics

used to think this world was dark and cold So I made myself a new one I was ... Queen upon my throne But life became so empty, so alone ... Singing all my love songs Without a love of my own The

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Take your clothes off when you dance lyrics

will come a time when everybody Who is ... lonely will be free . . . TO SING &amp ... DANCE & LOVE There will come a time when every evil That ... we know will be an evil . . . THAT WE CAN RISE

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Your girl lyrics

I used to be so shy Sit at home and fantasize (I ... should be your girl) but I ain't wastin' no more time ... cause I've got to make you mine I'm gonna make you want

Circle Of Silence - Take your life lyrics

go down And hide yourself In the corner of your soul A ... perfect picture Of misery Hunted by the world ... You say you are Always the victim Where is the fire The

Dbsk - Take your hands lyrics

come on... take your hands Oh yeah... Yokubou ... darake no LIFE kimi wa nani wo motomete iru no? Kanjou ... muku mama You're gonna try it Butsukari atta-tte saigo ni

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Take your elbow out of the soup you're sittin.. lyrics

be simple and wise Never tell lies Always pick ... on someone my own size Would be quite a thing And ... when I make it swing I'll write you a letter or I'll give

Millionaires - Your girl does party intro lyrics

cell Leave me a message and I'll hit you back, Bye, Mwah ... You're f***ing going out again? I called you like seven times, you never answer your ... phone You're always going out and partying Call me

Fun. - Take your time (coming home) lyrics

your time coming home. Hear the wheels as ... they roll. Let your lungs fill up with smoke. Forgive ... everyone. She is here and now she is gone. ... can't help but make love. It's a beautiful thing when you

Bad Brains - Take your time lyrics

am not afraid of doing the things I do. There must be something better than liveing just like you. Is this what scares ... you deep inside your soul is this the trip that takes you

Tracy Bonham - Take your love out on me lyrics

my what have you done It cuts and burns ankles and ... above Your abuse I would surely miss So punish me with a tender kiss ... And take your love out your love out on me They say

Brooks Elkie - Take your freedom lyrics

She's gone her way You're on your way now Who was it did the ... dirty Does it matter anyhow But you can't ... go living on pipe dreams When it gives you

Rea Garvey - Take your best shot lyrics

little town has its own diversion Every little hole has a ... corner you can hide And every little smile has ... got something that you can’t forget If ... you do it’s like closing your eyes Take your first shot if you think that you’ve got

Reba Mcentire - Take your love away lyrics

my heart a favor take your love away Thank you for the ... offer but I can't let you stay Everytime ... that love is given I've been the one to pay So ... save my heart take your love away Do my heart a

Scatman John lyricsScatman John - Take your time lyrics

& Lyrics by Antonio Nunzio Catania and Scatman John Take yo' time, We can do-we can do ... we can do it Take yo' time, We can do-we can do-we can

The Hollies - Take your time lyrics

your time, I can wait All of our love I know will ... be mine If you take your time Take your time, though it's late Heart strings will sing like a string of twine If

Melanie C lyricsMelanie C - Take your pleasure lyrics

you feel I should say goodbye That will not be necessary Here's ... a reason why Because your dreams Of my premature demise Will be overshadowed

Millionaires - Take your shirt off lyrics

your shirt off T-t-take your shirt off. T-take your (hey) ... Shirt off. T-take your (hey) Shirt off. Wha'cha ... doing over there boy, looking at me I know you wanna take me out to a party We can get

Rock Goddess - Take your love away lyrics

s one of those mornings Not much sleep the night ... before But it's the dawning Of my new life without you ... now So, so, so Take, take your love away I don't want it

Low - Take your time lyrics

she waits on the edges of a mattress ... what it takes to get a bad mess out of a ... bad dress when she sings it's like a blue dove on a whipping post when she speaks

Van Morrison - Take your hands out of my pocket lyrics

hands outta my pocket, baby I ain't got nothin' let to loan ... to you Take your hands outta my pocket I ain ... t got nothin' left to loan to you If you ... don't take your hand out I'm gonna call the police on

Dope - Take your best shot lyrics

is life (What do you gonna do with your life) Go on and take your best shot Blow them ... away I dont know why And lately I ... Why the world's so blind And no one seems to give a

Eurythmics lyricsEurythmics - Take your pain away lyrics

I could find a way To soothe your troubled mind Then I would ... erase your fears And help you to unwind ... I would ease the burden That ... Oh - don't you know I'd find a cure And take your pain

Buddy Holly - Take your time lyrics

your time - I can wait for all the love I know will be mine if you take your ... time Take your time - though it’s late heart ... strings will sing like a string of twine if you take your

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Take your sweet time lyrics

isn't a crime to want A little space to breathe But you ... will be fine,The sun again will shine On you Whatever you ... do (Chorus) Take your sweet,sweet time Cuz I'll be

Naty Megmer - Take your time lyrics

re so in love And that's nice Just have fun Living your life He likes to kiss you ... that's cool And that's the kind of thing that Puppy ... lovers should do But all your friends are saying It's a

Tom Rosenthal - Take your guess lyrics

didn't walk how you said I should walk I walk how I do ... walk and that's fine It didn't go how you said it would ... go It went how it did go and that's fine I look

Usher lyricsUsher - Take your hand lyrics

I feel like I just blow on up Anytime I ... just lose control, caught up In your lovin' everytime I feel ... more doubts started buildin' up You're everything I

Cary Brothers - Take your time lyrics

think i said all i can say Using up all my potions and ... spells tonight You will find out when you pull through ... That I fought too So take your time close your eyes I will

Lydia - Take your time lyrics

never want to go, I never want to leave here ... Darling take your time, yeah take your time I say we go ... stumble through the city I could make you mine, I could

Arachnes - Take your life lyrics

Your LifeTake Your LifeTake Your LifeTake Your LifeTake Your LifeTake Your LifeTake Your LifeTake Your LifeTake Your

Faderhead - Take your f***in lyrics

knows that your standard's subterranean And ... the logic in my words does not permeate your cranium Everybody knows that ... you think that you are serious While everybody here

Snow White's Poison Bite - Serial killer girl come on come on kill me lyrics

Hey! This is murder, GO! Hey, pretty girl let's have a party tonight ... I'll be your Frankenstein and your love at first sight ... 'Cause you're a graveyard digger a coffin case sinner I

Mitchel Musso - Take me down (ft. mason musso) lyrics

love's crazy. This love's insane. I don't know you. But ... you say my name. Hey,come on! You love me,you love me. ... Hey,come on! You love me,You love me.

Mr. Criminal - Come and ride with me lyrics

Uh…..guess who’s back….its Mr. Criminal……..another ... track for the ladies…ha-ha…..uh yeah…….that’s right……uh………………..that’s right……

N2u - Don't take your love away lyrics

Talking:] I'm sorry for what I did baby Just please come ... back to me I didn't mean what I did I'll ... never do you wrong again Listen up [Verse 1:] Sitting

Latif - Girl lyrics

up What's up? Girl you got me wanting to give ... me backed up on the most Is it Prada or Gucci Jeans on your booty You looking like a ... star Straight out of a movie I just really think it's wicked How you move your body sicken I ain't even shy with it

Mika lyricsMika - Big girl (you are beautiful) lyrics

girl, you are beautiful Walks in to the room ... Feels like a big balloons I said "Hey girls, you are ... beautiful" Diet Coke and a pizza please Diet coke, I´m on my knees

Briaandchrissy - Take me to heaven lyrics

me,take me Come on and take me I've got you on my mind ... Everybody's saying time Take me,take me Take me to heaven ... I dont know where you came from

Paula Abdul - Forever your girl lyrics

baby You gotta remember I'm forever your girl Baby ... .and ever and ever (You know I am) Baby pick your head up ... Come on and look me in the face Cuz I can tell

Destiny's Child lyricsDestiny's Child - Girl lyrics

a minute, girl Come sit down And tell us what's ... been happening In your face I can see the pain ... Don't you try to convince us That you're happy

Greyson Chance - Take my heart lyrics

have no fancy occupation I can’t fly you to the Moon Ain’t got nothing in my pocket ... But I got enough love for you I ... don’t drive a Lamborghini (no, I don’t) All my

Robyn - Still your girl lyrics

you think I'd leave you down I know you didn't think that I ... was gonna change I know, I know But still the way you ... make it sound Like I was gonna put somebody in your place I won't, i won't

Mindless Behavior - Girl talking about lyrics

talkin' bout, I got them girls talkin' bout I got them girl talkin' bout, I got them girls, girls Aye shawty what ... s you name, what's your number You heard about my

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Come home tonight lyrics

you ain't acting right but you're coming home tonight Stop, baby don't tell me ... no, you're coming home tonight Stop, I didn't want you ... to go But I've been sleeping alone tonight, oh yeah I-I

Ll Cool J - Take it off lyrics

LL Cool J) I didn't even know a young lady ... could look that good I'm ready da bounce outa queens ... and come to your hood I'm ready da change your life ... cash Because you got me chinky eyed like blunts mixed with hash When your in my

Dappy - Come with me (feat. dawood, retro and margs) lyrics

better ring 999 if they wanna get rid of me, ... Call the coastguard, bring the military. I never came ... to pose for no photo, I ain’t a statue, don’t take liberties. Exclusive imports

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