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L'arc~en~ciel - The ghost in my room lyrics

me, look at me Bourei ni toraware okuru hibi Touch ... me, please hurt me Uso ni yume made toritsukareta ... Drive me, play with me Soto ni tsunagaru kikai no mado Call me, please

Defyance - Shadows in my mind lyrics

or so it seemed I saw a shadow cross the room I turned to look in the ... darkness Nothings there was it in my mind Time has past ... since you left our world But the memory still remains Along with all the sadness Along with

Megan And Liz - In the shadows tonight lyrics

there’s mountains in my mind I keep on trying to move them And I’m just wasting time ... Cuz you can’t move a mountain And they’ll never move

Wilson Phillips - In my room lyrics

s a world where I can go and tell my secrets to ... In my room, in my room In this world I lock out all my worries and my fears In my room, in ... my room Do my dreaming and my scheming Lie awake and pray

Shinee - In my room lyrics

Onew] Jamdeulji anhneun bame nuneul gama ... Geunyeoreul tteoollinda Amugeotdo mollatdeon ... naega neomu miwoseo Bureul kigo bangeul dulleobonda ... [Jonghyun] Huimihage balgaoneun du nuni

Jimmy Buffett - In my room lyrics

s a world where I can go And tell my secrets ... to In my room In my room In this world I lock out All my worries and my fears In my room In my room Do my dreaming

Best Coast - In my room lyrics

s a world where I can go And tell my secrets ... too In my room, in my room In this world, I lock out ... All my worries and my fears In my room, in my

Albert Hammond Jr. - In my room lyrics

s the use of all this talkin? I can hear you as you walk ... away Here in my room that's where I'll be In my room After all you're so excited By all the dick you get invited to But now I know you

The Beach Boys - In my room lyrics

s a world where I can go and tell my secrets to ... In my room, in my room In this world I lock out all my worries and my fears In my room, in my room Do my dreaming

Knuckle Puck - In my room lyrics

sat you down in my room in my head to confess Everything i had written down on paper. ... I’m afraid if I don't show my scars I'll lose my place. It’s something i can't change.

Jewel - In my room lyrics

ve often heard Though it sounds absurd There's a ... certain kind of person Who just to get ... a thrill... Walks through the desert just for something to

3rd Room - In my room lyrics

room is my realm A darker corner Here, ... no fear no masks But [the] third room is just [My mind ... s idea] Here I can be What I am and [In My RoOm] Here I

Nancy Sinatra - In my room lyrics

my room we're at the end of the harm I sit and stare at the ... wall each day's just like the last for I lived in the past ... In my room where every night is the same I play a

In Flames - In my room lyrics

in my room I'm behind the wall I'm out of reach I don ... t sympathise Adjusting the level of delusion Feel like ... you're one of the sane Encoding the white noise Lose my

4th Dimension - The sun in my life lyrics

killing my memories, stranded alone within this cruel labyrinth of grief I’m probing into my soul, Prey ... to the shades that bind me to dwell under eternal night… My world torn asunder,

Golden Earring - Still got the keys to my first cadillac lyrics

home one foot shame Swear in my heart I still got the can ... Two or free more, just the same It’s only one that ... all doors for me Summer in the past long time ago I

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - The lady in my life lyrics

ONE There will be no darkness tonight ... lady our love will shine, (lighting the light) just put ... your trust in my heart and meet me in paradise, (now is the time), girl

Capsize - The angst in my veins lyrics

you ever felt like you were invisible? Tell me now if you ... ve ever felt miserable There's never really been a clear ... explanation To live your life opposite to the world's

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - The beatles - in my life (covered by ed sheer.. lyrics

are places I remember all my life though some have changed ... some have gone and some remain all these places had their ... moments with lovers and friends I still can recall some

Hilastherion - See the pain in his face lyrics

all have times of misery When we ask God why do ... we go through this all But we know one man ... that has suffered more His name is Jesus and He ... suffered for you and me SEE THE PAIN IN JESUS' FACE WHEN

Rain Fell Within - The sun in my wound lyrics

light has grown dim, another day turned to night. Your ... tears meet my lips as you hold me tight. My ... body is getting weaker and I wish the sun would brighten up the sky. I thought I'd see a light before the end but all I see is cold and dark. My body is

Dreamshade - The world in my hands lyrics

no! I’m not ok. I feel out of place and I ... can’t control all these feelings and all my thoughts. ... How to clear my mind get to realize that there is something more outside?

My Dying Bride - The snow in my hand lyrics

ve seen them. so dark. Black. And yet fine. The flower they carry ... had once been mine. Get away from me, man of ... stories. Robe of lies. Stay far from me. I lie

Miss Saigon - The movie in my mind lyrics

They are not nice they're mostly noise They swear like men, they screw like boys I ... know there's nothing in their hearts But every time I take ... one in my arms It starts, the movie in my mind The dream they leave behind A scene I can't

Celkilt - The war in my head lyrics

all of these things that I’ve lost All of these mistakes that worked out just fine Pray that no one calls out ... my name That nothing changes I’ll put my head

Eilera - The weapon in my self lyrics

again You've been lying to me And again Thinking you're so high above me ... Each time brings the Weapon in My Self (I can hear her ... now...) I can hear her now singing me This Flood of Happiness Running in my veins

Sally Oldfield - The sun in my eyes lyrics

clear is the night! The early flowers of the Spring ... are showing How warm is the wind! I can feel your hair in my fingers flowing Hey! You, ... you are the sun in my eyes! And I wanna come to

Macbeth ( Ita ) - The world in my mind lyrics

world tries to put me down Everything I do for you is wrong I can’t ... believe life’s so complex I can never get too much of a ... wonderful thing The world has a funny way of a

Opeth - The lines in my hand lyrics

are dying in the wake of gods And decrees ... remain arcane And everything around us is a consequence ... of pain The writings on the wall depict a truth that no

Snap - The world in my hands (we are one) lyrics

we step out there into this beautiful land We can fly ... away Through the thrill as time evolves Love, keep moving ... on On a place, in a time In a space, in my mind In a

Devilment - The stake in my heart lyrics

with the fury of the Valkyrie in flight Miasma flips the triggers in my veins Greeting immortality Sweet realities ... take me high I'm sail past derailing once again

Juice Wrld lyricsJuice Wrld - Lucid dreams lyrics

still see your shadows in my room Can't take back the love ... that I gave you It's to the point where I love and I hate ... you And I cannot change you So I must

Boris Carloff - In my lonely room (feat. ghetto priest) lyrics

sit all alone in my lonely room Watching shadows on the wall ... People pass, people go, they don’t bother me at all In the silence of my lonely room I

Sarah Mclachlan - Song for a winter's night lyrics

lamp is burnin' low upon my table top The snow is softly ... fallin' The air is still within the silence of my room I ... hear your voice softly callin' If I could only have you

Helstar - The shadows of iga lyrics

as the night Cold as a winter's wind Out on the prowl ... and ready to strike again And though you never see them come in You better believe they're there They lurk in the

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - From the window of my room lyrics

B-Real] Now lately I've been findin myself, pourin ... my guts out Expressin my thoughts, lettin my nuts out in the walls of sleep, I can't ... keep it all in the hall clear While others keep

John Mayer - In repair lyrics

many shadows in my room Too many hours in this midnight Too many corners in my mind So much to do to set my ... heart right Oh it's taking so long I could be wrong, I

Before The Dawn - My room lyrics

inside in to my room Seems like ages I've awaited you One ... more time in this room like friends Moments past a ... thousand times We stood still frozen from the lies

Alison Krauss - Sitting in the window of my room lyrics

sat in the window of my room Watched you go away It was ... all I could do It was all I could do You’re going away ... To leave me alone In all of this sorrow In this

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - In his room lyrics

conversations, even I can read Wouldn't want to ... fake it, and I'm tired of this dream (Not sure about this ... sentence) Taking medications, in the back of the room

Atomic Rooster - In the shadows lyrics

Sink, You Won't Go Out. You're ... So Afraid What Might Swallow You. Been Living In The Shadows. What You Think, It Frightens You, To ... Really Get To You. What's Hiding, In The Shadows? What's

Blutengel - In the shadows lyrics

the shadows of the darkest nights We will find your hearts ... and never let them die We will give them all the love they ... ll need to live Give them wings that they can fly away

Sevendust - Shadows in red lyrics

out the window of pain I see clearly now your face Something so pure Something I'm sure ... will be lost I'm staring at the shadows in red Sends me chills now I see clearly everything except your face I'm

Halestorm - Shadows of my heart lyrics

feel you, washing over me I touch you, like broken glass ... under my feet Carefully, taking hold of my heart Slowly, ... tearing it apart....tearing it apart With these tears I

Shadows Of Steel - The island lyrics

the rain in my eyes Hear the sound of the waves Someone ... stands alone Waiting in the storm Give a cry, give a ... scream Rise my hand, turn my head When I look back there

Ramones lyricsRamones - Sitting in my room lyrics

in my room Record player on Sitting in ... my room Humming a sickening tune Sitting in my room ... Something to do soon We know what ... we think of them The problems just keep piling in

Emma Ruth Rundle - Shadows of my name lyrics

ve come here wasted and with selfish, saddened things So ... that they'd de arrange the shadows of my name Unfazed that I'm ... unfazed Unveiled that I unveiled What you've gone and done

Lady Kate - Still here lyrics

dreams have just died, with the first sunray. Distant voices ... of the street wake up my mind.. But the eyes that want ... to cry. Stay closed, refuse the light.. And my only enemy am

Falchion - Shadows in the wasteland lyrics

the starlight, hallucinating Knee-deep in a lake of fire Radiated, mutated Fade ... away to the darkness Shattered dreams, ... twisted nightmares All I hear is everlasting silence

Gregorian - In the shadows lyrics

sleep No sleep until I am done With finding the ... Won't stop Won't stop before I find A cure for this cancer ... Sometimes I feel I'm going down And so disconnected

Millencolin - In a room lyrics

sun is shining and the babes are surfing nude I've ... got a Bud in my hand and I'm relaxing in the sand I smile, they smile as my Bud is ... getting hot they want me to be surfer and man

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - In the shadows lyrics

sleep. No sleep until I'm done with finding the ... Won't stop. Won't stop before I find the cure for this ... cancer. Sometimes I feel like going down, I'm so disconected. Somehow I know

Rufio - In my eyes lyrics

grace falls, down around me in my eyes. You're lovely, ... your love leaves, So easily in my eyes. Another day left ... waiting, alone in my room with no calls from you. So I

Edenbridge - Shadows of my memory lyrics

cry in anger I cry in pain I lose my bearings can´t break ... the chain once i heard that wonders never ... cease let me get my second wind please do i have to burn my boats behind ? Do i have to

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - In the shadows lyrics

sleep. No sleep until I'm done with finding the ... Won't stop. Won't stop before I find the cure for this ... cancer. Sometimes I feel like going down, I'm so disconected. Somehow I know

Anita Baker - In my heart lyrics

no baby here I go Fallin' in on the deep end one more time baby I'm helpless to stop ... this, there's no defense (Got this ... fever) Yea I'm sick baby (I'm on fire) I'm on fire (Fire

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