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Eclipse(sweden) - Stand on your feet lyrics

on too hard and it slips away You love you hate right through the ache The ... water's deep and you keep sinking down You try to breathe ... but still you drown Everything's gone and there's no turning back It rains it pours the

The Audition - Stand on your feet lyrics

scent you left oh, in my bed Is helping me forget everything ... you said Ask yourself what's left when your ... 'Cause my love has fled without sentiment Stand on your feet now Your willingness to

Lincoln Brewster - On our side lyrics

in this moment We find a mercy that's made new ... surrender For all our hope is found in You On Your word ... we stand You're faithful to the end We believe

Koven - Your word lyrics

said it's nothing, Behind your eyes, there's something more ... You tell me believe you Behind your eyes the truth is ... there You pleaded not guilty Behind your eyes you confess You say your conscience is clean but Behind your eyes it seems a mess Did they

B. B. King - On my word of honor lyrics

my word of honor All my love belongs to ... you Please put your faith in me You see how true I'll ... be On my word of honor You can trust me with your heart And I pledge mine to

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Stand lyrics

- you can make it Stand - you can take it Stand - ... realize that nobody can break it ... for you Stand - you can do it Stand - go right to it Stand - nobody can do a damn thing

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Stand and be counted lyrics

was a peace of a song I heard the other day Some words I heard this singer say ... Something in me loved the way that it ... sounded When he said how he wanted to stand Stand and be counted. Now, sometimes I talk to myself in the

Jimmy Needham - Stand on grace lyrics

Jesus alone, my atonement is known, I stand on grace. In ... Jesus the King, my salvation He brings, I stand on grace, stand, I stand on grace. In Jesus ... alone, my atonement is known, I stand on grace. In Jesus the

Keed´z - Stand on the world lyrics

works.(x2) We must not question the good Lord, Have faith in ... God and trust his words, We must not question the ... good Lord, Have faith in God and trust his words, We

Samantha Mumba - Stand by your side lyrics

ve been moving far away from you Baby I ... don't wanna see another day Without You ow Can I even think ... about anyone else When you're the only one on my mind I'm gonna stand by your side Ill never leave

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Stand by your side lyrics

cry and you comfort me I'm lost and you hear my scream ... So it's hard to watch you falling ... When you run so deep in me You live in me Gonna stand by your side now

Erasure lyricsErasure - Stand by your man lyrics

it's hard to be a woman Givin' all your love to just one ... man You have the bad times and he'll have good times ... Doin' things that you don't understand But if you love

Lyle Lovett - Stand by your man lyrics

its hard to be a woman, Giving all your love to just one ... man. You'll have bad times, and he'll have good times ... Doing things that you don't understand. But if you

Nazareth - Stand by your beds lyrics

gonna keep it in the family Gotta straighten my face ... Wanna keep it in the family Savin’ my disgrace Like a ... tick-a time bomb inside a’me Been to the mount,

Jim Reeves - Stand at your window lyrics

at your window some night Again let me see The one who is ... holding The best part of me Stand at your window some night ... Look at my side of town Remember if you

Renegade Five - Stand for your rights lyrics

so devine don’t need to die You got the skill to break it You stay with us we’re strong enough to move a nation I’ll prove to you what we can

Alice's Garden - Stand on my own lyrics

stand on my own I have no place to call my home ... And I'm left to roam Out on these hills a dusty road ... Dust upon the wind I drift away once again Walk along

George  Ezra lyricsGeorge Ezra - Stand by your gun lyrics

wouldn’t recommend what I have done Oh the prophets pointed out where I went wrong ... Singing wooo, go figure out your desire Wooo, my darling, stand by your gun See we don’t

Icon ( Usa ) - On your feet lyrics

ve been messed with Been pushed around Been ... knocked down to my knees I've been kicked Been shoved ... But you ain't got the best of me And ... You people all came to see I'm into rocking No stopping

Letter 7 - Stand on the rock lyrics

is the light that fills my darkened sky He is my ... shelter from the rain I stand protected from the enemy He is the Lord they will proclaim ... God is my victory So I will faithfully Stand on the

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - Stand in your way lyrics

say goodbye You know that's gonna make me cry It doesn't ... even matter why I want you to stay And you ... know that time will tell If you're meant for someone

George Jones - Stand on my own two knees lyrics

ve tried everything I know to make you happy Never ... knew someone could be so hard to please ... Loving you is hard and I'm not sure I'll make it But ... at least I've learned how to stand on my own two knees. I've

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Stand inside your love lyrics

and me meant to be immutable impossible it's ... destiny pure lunacy incalculable inseparable ... and for the last time you're everything that i ... asked for you're all that i dream who wouldn't be the one you love who wouldn't stand

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - Stand on the horizon lyrics

can I tell you I was wrong? How can I tell you I was ... wrong? When I am The proudest man Ever ... born I stand on the horizon I want to step across it with you But when the sun's this low Everything's cold On

Ian Brown - On track lyrics

erase or rearrange Can't rewind, can't go back Ya gotta ... get your life on track Nor pontificate, nor ... contemplate your fate We're all walking in ... the dark Just pray you're gonna get to heaven's gate

Shok Paris - On your feet lyrics

up Be counted When your backs are to the walls Rise ... up United Let the masses hear the ... calls (Chorus) The fires are raging it's all for ... the taking Don't wait till the damage is done Fight

Charlotte Martin - On your shore lyrics

dig my heels into the dirt 'Cause this one's gonna ... hurt Won't let the waves wash me away ... Is what I always pray In my heart I know you couldn't ... see In the dark or find your way through me Now I'm alone

H2o - On your feet lyrics

when you thought you had it made You had a life your bills were paid But your heart ... was numb inside Abandoned by your foolish pride And this I ... know, nothing comes from shallow goals I

Ganglion - Go straight on your way lyrics

you want? What do you need? Don't make any excuses. Can't believe your sincerity. You've ... locked yourself in an empty room. Don't escape ... from reality. What do you want? What

A Rocket To The Moon - On your side lyrics

know your face your eyes your lips your taste I love the ... you know just what to say It was a Saturday Remember it ... like yesterday She knew my name

Across Silent Hearts - On your side lyrics

we've made began to grow like a weed I've tryed to come ... back said it clear And tell me where ... have you been When I needed you so much,my dear ... Like a sick bird is dreaming of flying Once have

Alabama Shakes - On your way lyrics

your way to god, did you think of me. On your way to ... heaven, did you say i'll see you again. It wasn ... t me, why wasn't it was me? On your way to to

Graham Colton - On your side lyrics

m not asking for forever And I don't ... need much of your time I know we can't be together ... You should know I'm on your side It's where I'll always be

Milk Inc. - On your own lyrics

You dream of heaven Sometimes you’re thinking to make yourself a new life on your own ... Got me add what you like and have fun Sometimes ... you’re thinking to make yourself a new life on your own

Damone - On your speakers lyrics

me that you'll be ok Keep in touch if miles away I'm ... hangin' in the way that I know how Take good care ... and I'll see you soon Ring you up this afternoon I'm

Enya - On your shore lyrics

how my heart beats To find myself upon your shore. ... Strange how I still feel My loss of comfort gone before. Cool waves wash ... over And drift away with dreams of youth So time is

Green River Ordinance - On your own lyrics

the time go, the second hand is movin' to fast Who ever ... thought that it ever really ever would last ... And if your conscience weighs a little heavy tonight

Kat-tun - On your mind -please come back to me- lyrics

ni mae ni Kimi ga ita ne Taisetsu dato iezuni ita Chikasugite Kimi wa itsumo ... Nani ga itsumo Iou toshite Namari konde mutsumui ... to me Ano koro wa mou kaeranai Anna suki na hito ni mou

Karmin - On your side lyrics

no body tells you what to believe ... and everything else tells you to leave ... you know what i want you know who i see

Blur - On your own lyrics

man tiptoed his way across the Ganges The ... sound of magic music in his ears Videoed by a bus load ... of tourists Shiny shellsuits on, and drinking lemonade.

Blur - On your own (crouch end broadway mix) lyrics

man tiptoed his way across the Ganges The ... sound of magic music in his ears Videoed by a bus load ... of tourists Shiny shellsuits on, and drinking lemonade

Bonobo - On your marks lyrics

---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------...

The Connells - On your honor lyrics

you see how long the party was? We're talking years here and did you say ... how long you kept it up? Be so much better When ... you finally decide to take them down. Your

Corey Hart - On your own lyrics

t you know that your life you've been waiting You've ... been holding inside, the voice of a child Suddenly existence was a world of shadows ... the traces you knew, they disappeared Something inside you

Elvis Costello - On your way down lyrics

Sunset Since the beginning it hasn't changed yet People ... fly high begin to lose sight You can't see very ... clearly when you're in flight It's high time that you

Dark Tranquillity - On your time lyrics

here nor there in our unity of twine solitary sanity, ... traded in for life once we crawled into the artificial night all was left and I ... arrived on your time there in the collision wish answers

Deine Lakaien - On your stage again lyrics

my heart sing from our past Sing oh my heart of our memories ... Here, here we are back on your stage again Playing the ... games of love for you again Sing my heart sing from your

Earth Wind And Fire - On your face lyrics

t it funny that the way you feel ... shows on your face- and no matter,how you ... try to hide it'll state your case- Now a frown will bring ... your Sprits down to the ground And

Earth, Wind & Fire - On your face lyrics

t it funny that the way you feel, ... shows on your face- and no matter,how you ... try to hide it'll state your case- Now a frown will bring ... your Sprits down to the ground And

The Format - On your porch lyrics

was on your porch the smoke sank into my ... skin so I came inside to be with you We ... talked all night about everything could imagine cuz' come the morning I'll be gone And thats,

Fractal Gates - On your own lyrics

pray to appease desires Imploring some mercy Others simply cease to hope And drown ... in false control To feel the messiah ... Shall not make you cross the sign So fierce, so relentless

Goo Goo Dolls - On your side lyrics

m on a mission baby I'm not hearing what you're saying Stop preaching at me now ... I'm not a revelation Superstar or new sensation ... I'm just hiding away my frowns Oh no..

Iron & Wine - On your wings lyrics

there is gold hidden deep in the ground God, there's a ... to come around How we rise when we're born like the ... ravens in the corn on their wings, on our knees crawling

Konshens - On your face lyrics

Intro] What time is it That time Every gyal, ... every gyal [Chorus] Girl I can see it pon your face Seh ... yo body a ball out fi some f*** Worst when yo wine

Nick Lachey - On your own lyrics

live with a halo round your head, This time your leaving ... This place where the walls are painted red, Freedom is what you ... need. But if the world should ever fall

Patty Loveless - On your way home lyrics

heard you slippin' down the hall: Tell me, did your shadow trip an' fall, ... Over you, babe, movin' that slowly? Did you think ... you could waste my time, Come a-messin' round with

Luna Halo - On your side lyrics

m praying for the end of day And at your window I will wait To watch ... you sleeping through the night The night And if I held ... you, would you break Am I the victim of my ways But I

Magnet - On your side lyrics

all that you breathe in, and all that you breathe ... You just can't breathe any life into something that's expired Now every tear you've cried, will seem so uninspired Don't matter what you do, it

Andre Matos - On your own lyrics

follows my footsteps at night That could be you I ... descend to the riverside As I'm staring at the blackened ... water flow I sense you getting close I know you're getting close I could reach my

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