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I Slap A Comma lyrics

Browse for I Slap A Comma song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Slap A Comma lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Slap A Comma.

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Slap! slap! slap! lyrics

Verse 1: Missy] Me and my clique Run thur the gutter breakin down shutter As the beat ... goes, dun dun dun duna Ain't nothing better than these ... favorite buttas It's like freakin wit your lova tryin bust his rubba Have him have him

Gwar - Slap u around lyrics

wake you up in the morning baby with a kick in the tit I ... treat you like shit! You love it Smack you right in the face now baby, just ... to show you I care And then I kick you pregnant ass right

Lee Rocker - Slap the bass lyrics

gonna slap, slap, slap the bass step on up and rock this ... place I gonna slap, slap, slap the bass step on up and ... rock this place I gonna slap, slap, slap this bass tonight Everybody get off on

Ella Fitzgerald - Slap that bass lyrics

zoom zoom zoom The world is in a mess With politics and taxes And people grinding axes ... There’s no happiness Zoom zoom zoom zoom ... Rhythm lead your ace The future doesn’t fret me

George Gershwin - Slap that bass lyrics

zoom, zoom - zoom, The world is in a mess. With politics and taxes And people grinding axes, There's no happiness ... zoom, zoom - zoom, Rhythm lead your ace! The future doesn

Anna Tsuchiya - Slap that naughty body lyrics

that body body Move your ass over Slap that naughty ... body Move your ass don't stop Rock that body ... body Move your ass over Slap that naughty body Move your

Night Ranger - Slap like being born lyrics

hear you won't dance you say No one asks you anyway Hard to make ends meet Dominos ... every day If the bible taught us anything Adam got the ... best of the deal Horizontal sailing Something that you

Monster Magnet - Slap in the face lyrics

babe, you got something for me Place another two in the crown Hey babe, that's ... really something to see A vision lighting up all the town ... I hear a call from above say "The beast must die

Freak Kitchen - Slap me in the face lyrics

the will of a jellyfish I merely float around My state ... of mind, my mental health Is everything but sound Never asleep, never awake Living in a haze Used to be downright

Chumbawamba - Slap lyrics

two, three, four Slap Fleet Street fell in love ... But the girl proved hard to get Took a seat at the ... boy's club But wouldn't share the bed Cuppas for the

L.a. Guns - Slap in the face lyrics

hit man Love on the run No mercy ... for the children Of the night You tangle on my brain ... You drive me insane I want what you got No surprise ... Cold sweat my hands shake No point getting excited

Sean Paul - Slap trap lyrics

Intro) Well I an I seh I love di gyal dem but wi nuh ... love di gyal dem weh a con too much Ash is ashes an ... dust is dust yuh done know wi keep dem in touch So mi go

Link 80 - Slap lyrics

was lied to when I was told life was fair, and that ... someone would always be there, I hated myself ... more than anyone else. I was so unhappy with the cards I

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Slap dash snap lyrics

shiny pieces shut your mouth pass ... the parcel pass the castle King of the castle kill the ... Queen with little shiny razors black, shiny razors

Ashok - Happy slap (original version of kiss with the.. lyrics

hit me once, I hit you back You gave a kick, I gave a slap You smashed a plate over my ... head Then I set fire to our bed (oh-oh-oh-oh) ... You hit me once, I hit you back You gave a kick, I gave a slap You smashed a plate over my

Miyavi - No one knows my name (slap it) lyrics

one even knows my name If I wasn't here would it change I ... m invisible, who's to blame These days are feeling all ... the same Slap it No one knows my name No

Kiss - Love's a slap in the face lyrics

been up, down, and all around, tell you what I'm feelin' I been hurt and I've ... found, been pushed around, it's how I got this feelin' ... I never thought I could hurt so good, no no I

Dirtytar - Klap slap - felt this good lyrics

I wish I had something better to say than I never ... meant to, meant to make your heart break, but That ... d be a lie, lie, that'd be a lie My favorite part was when

Babybird - You'll get a slap lyrics

give me something I need ’cause I want it, ’cause I want it. Don’t give me something I ... need ’cause it shortens my life, shortens my life. Don’t give me something I need just

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - Light tunnels (feat. mike slap) lyrics

night the sky's turned purple and Past lives in light ... tunnels Light tunnels In the back of a town car, staring at myself in a tux Maneuvering through the people

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Drivin' down brazil lyrics

bem Tudo bem Tudo bom bom Heat grows in his mind, hits the ... steering wheel to tryin' tune the radio out loud He ... heard Jobim say, and his heart began to sway He didn't think of anything but his baby

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Meek mill ft. big sean & a$ap ferg - b boy lyrics

Verse 1: Meek Mill] All that ass, Lord have mercy All that ... champagne, these bitches thirsty Verserchy, no hold up, I ... meant Versace I prolly pull up Roberto over Cavalli Puffin' on Cali, prolly

Abstract Rude - And that you can quote lyrics

Abstract Rude] It's deep, estuary, I'm the devil's advisary, comma [Prevail] Drama, the three of us are ... pyramids period [Moka Only] Hearing it we bring

Jaden  Smith lyricsJaden Smith - Hope lyrics

girl I just hope When I grow up I can know the ropes ... I'm never selling my soul Guess we won't ... know until we know So all I can do is hope, hope, hope All I can do is hope When I die, I

Basslovers United - Air conditions lyrics

on, where are you? Why do you tease me? ... Comma where are you? I'm pleased to meet you. What ... can you teach me? Black kites at night, they make me

Big Sean - Win some, lose some lyrics

win some and lose some, I heard that my whole life I heard ... that my whole life, but that doesn't make it right (Okay ... you got ahead tonight) Man, that doesn't make it right

Billy Ray Cyrus - Words by heart lyrics

was going through the closet back in my old home Found my ... lettersman's jackrt, so I slipped it on Deep in the picket ... still folded up tight Was the letter you wrote to tell

Morcheeba - One love karma lyrics

can your compliments I'm heading out this weekend No tummy aches or psychosomatic trends ... What can I say my timing was off I got lost in the thick ... of it the defense was soft Bizarre balance among your strange talents Blinded fatigue and let alone intrig

The Cataracs - Big dipper ft. luciana lyrics

my heart beats in stereo Oh, I'll never wanna let you go All my dark secrets you should ... know No, I'm never gonna let you go You got that wicked style I'll make it worth

Devo - Gut feeling lyrics

about the way you taste Makes me want to clear my throat ... There's a method to your movements That really gets my goat I ... looked for silver linings But you're rotten to the

Petey Pablo - O its on lyrics

Intro - Petey Pablo & Young Buck] P.B. Cuz.. Y ... B. Whassup nigga? P.B. If a muthaf***a would have told me ... years ago That the game today would be so f***ed up.. Y.B

Belle Stars - The clapping song lyrics

six-nine the goose drank wine The monkey chewed tobacco ... on the street car line The line broke the monkey got choked ... and they all went to heaven in a little row boat Clap pat,

Chic - Burn hard lyrics

your bass, burn hard, burn hard Work out, work out Brahms gonna do the charm Slap ... your bass, burn hard, burn hard When the music calls ... it's like your ten feet tall A song can take you far away from day to day Let

Common - Nuthin' to do lyrics

Check it on the one, you com is gonna ... come (x3) And check it out, ha. Verse 1: My raps do laps around tracks to the days The idiot vibin', I'm the comma comma chamelion I use to pop the willy on my blue and gray sting

Angel Haze - No church in the wild lyrics

s a king to a God? What are humans to the king of the ... sky this pride that I'm wearing an this things on my mind ... Got me dressing up my wounds but my scenes

Lil' Flip - Bosses make it rain lyrics

Ohh we make it rain in the club (Uh-huh) Buy out ... the bar (This what we do man) Everythang on us We make it ... rain (Everyday we make it rain) We make it rain (Me and

Jimmy Nevis - Do you know lyrics

Verse 1:] And the hardest part, is that you stole my heart ... I gave it all I had, but it wasn't enough All I needed was a time to shine A diamond in ... the rough She said I’m sorry full stop For the sake of this friendship comma

George Gershwin - Clap your hands lyrics

on, you children, gather around, Gather around, you children, And we will lose that ... evil spirit Called the Voodoo, Voodoo! ... Nothing but trouble if he has found, If he has found you,

Big Sean - 10 2 10 lyrics

Intro] Imma' be paid forever I look up Finally ... Famous Nigga [Hook] I woke up working like I'm Mexican That mean I work from 10 ... to 10 Then 10 to 10, then 10 again Nightmares of losing

Big Sean - All your fault (feat. kanye west) lyrics

Intro: Kanye West] Yeah, and we G.O.O.D Keep talkin' about this shit but whatever ... We can go back and forth all day [Hook: Kanye West and Travi$ Scott (Ambrosia)]

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - One of them (ft. big sean) lyrics

Hook: G-Eazy] I seen that big house, I need one of them I ... seen that Lambo, I need one of them I seen them ... PJ's, I need one of them I see them bad bitches, got

I Hate Kate - Love association lyrics

I say love Tell me what comes to mind Is it your ... love to watch me suffer all the time? When I say ... regret Tell me what comes to mind Is it not scratching out my eyes when you have time? The time to lie to

Bette Midler - I put a spell on you lyrics

put a spell on you And now you're mine. You can ... t stop the things I do. I ain't lyyyyyin'. It's been ... 300 years Right down to the day, Now the

Musical Hamilton - Take a break lyrics

ELIZA] Un deux trois quatre Cinq six sept huit neuf ... Good! Un deux trois quatre Cinq six sept huit neuf ... Sept huit neuf— Sept huit neuf— [PHILIP] Un deux

Nipsey Hussle - Strapped lyrics

poppin, Shells fly you see the bodies drop, I'm knee deep in ... these streets you niggas dip dobbin, Too many niggas tryna hustle, Just stick to robbin, ... Imagine grindin 12 hours with 200 dollars, Block boy, It

Roscoe Dash - Ready set go lyrics

wanna see you drop it to the floor hands on your ... knees let go (whoa) Girl you know you bad and you ... got it going on And the way your body move got me in another zone Now gone and

2unlimited - Tuning into something wild lyrics

into something wild Like a comet from space Like a slap in the face You can feel it coming Like a push in the ... back Turning white into black You're feeling something

Gangstarr - Battle lyrics

*scratched: "What? You wanna battle ME?"*} {*scratched: "Yo man, how much ... money you got?"*} {*scratched: "What? You wanna battle ME?"*} {*scratched:

Ll Cool J - How i'm comin lyrics

bash, wake up, I set it off right look around and turn your ... wet dream to fright night you can call me r&b ... homeys, which stands for rough brother word to

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Magic dance lyrics

remind me of the babe (What babe?) Babe with the power ... (What power?) Power of voodoo ... (Who do?) You do (Do what?) Remind me of the babe

Hampenberg & Alexander Brown - Raise the roof (feat. pitbull, fatman scoop &.. lyrics

the roof, raise the roof, raise the roof, raise the roof raise the, raise the, raise the, ... raise the, raise the, raise the i wanna see your hands raise the roof put them

Mac Miller - Gees (feat. schoolboy q) lyrics

nant-ass white kid But I'm still bicycling and recycling And I'm still eating Gummy Bear ... vitamins All my bitches taking Vicodin, huffing nitrogen ... Hyper than Williams' middle son, Since I was a little one, moms had to put me

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Do me right (valeria featuring lady gaga) lyrics

You know what I like) (Know-Know I-I) Do it. ... (Do it, do it) Feel like getting dirty now, 1, 2, 3 ... My pants are down. Not gonna reason, you're gonna do, whatever I like. 'Cause I'm happy as a clam tonight. I want everything, baby. Eve

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Next on the list lyrics

on the list? Such a smug parasite Snug in the comfort ... zone We stepped back and watched while you violated our ... effects, our spirits, our souls * ..........

Afi - Lower your head and take it in the body lyrics

in flames is where I can be found, my nose broke ... from being smashed into the ground. What a waste ... this place I call my home. Escape this place and break out on my own! I'm still reaching. Try to slap me down, but I'll still hold

Blackfoot - Gimme gimme gimme lyrics

lets get it on Wellll, good God mama ... what?s wrong with your face Been out all night you?re a total disgrace Here you come ... again with your hands out by your side Yes, I

Green Jelly - Slave boy lyrics

you wanna be a man, you better learn to obey! ... Yeah! I put these things on my boobs, I try to tell ... you what to do, Get your boy-toy ... soul, free my soul, You gotta test the testes of love, so

Flo Rida - Low lyrics

Intro - T-Pain] Mmmmmmmm Let me talk to ... em Let me talk to em Mmmmmmm Let me talk ... to em C'mon! [T-Pain] Shawty had them apple bottom jeans (jeans) Boots with the fur

Juicy J - These hands lyrics

hands done rack through plenty cash (swag) ... These hands done slap plenty ass (swag) These hands done whip plenty niggas (swag) These ... hands done bust plenty triggers (swag) These hands

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