I See You In The Future Then You Look Much Better And You By Lizz And Vfc Choir lyrics

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Morrissey - In the future when all's well lyrics

with wealth and with the, the best of health In the future when alls well I will lie down and then be counted In the future when alls well I thank you I thank you with all of my heart I thank you I thank you with all of my heart Lee, please stand up and defend me In the fut

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Far in the future lyrics

you hear - isolated Can you see - aberrated Can you sigh, I’m frustrated Make my day Can you feel animation Shall I bring you salvation No, I hate this temptaion Make my day Pray, pray I’m afraid Afraid Meet you somewhere Far in the future There I will wait for

Megan Lee - In the future lyrics

you go now Shining just as brightly as the sun Looking up ahead With nothing that can bring you down Everyone can see The potential that you bring So please make us proud With the things that you will do 'Cause in the future You'll become the best of be

Europe - In the future to come lyrics

many years ago the people on this earth They were laughin' They didn't think of anything else Than love and peace But generations failed to see That they were causin' Trouble for the future They didn't know that one single war Would continue to increase But I'll b

Jakob Dylan - See you in the spring lyrics

Chicago nights Chains on tires You're digging out snow That wind, it just ain't right I made up my mind I'm heading home Well babe, can't you give it time? I'll keep you warm at night This town is all I know I could see you in my life Stay inside (I can't go outsi

Electric Six - Future is in the future lyrics

money talks than I’m a mime, If time is money than I’m out of time And I was once with a million quid Have a seat I’ll tell ya what I did Can’t sit down because I’m a dancer, And you know that I’m the answer Die slow die fast now Cause its never going to last now We’ll

Honor Society - See you in the dark lyrics

were always the girl Who would give me girl advice whenever I needed it My best friend in the world My friends said you were fine but I was always denyin it Then one summer day I saw you laying by your swimming pool And I was thinking damn you really chan

Blue System - See you in the 22nd century lyrics

I know that I'm guilty Do I ever cross your mind ? Oh, I feel that you need me I said I have no time I'm losing more than I ever had After all the love is gone And the more I look it drives me mad Where does my heart belong? Oh, it's a 21st love ce

Beneath The Sky - True friends stab you in the front lyrics

we are again. Time to make changes and you know damn well... Why we did what we did. Quit acting like you're the f***ing victim. When you played a better role of being the coward. You keep telling yourself we did you wrong. Motherf***er. You need to learn to

The Verve lyricsThe Verve - See you in the next one have a good time lyrics

hard is it for me to wait for you, my love See you in the next one have a good time Could be a lifetime before I see you again, my love See you in the next one have a good time Eyes they open wide Eyes they open wide I like the way it was Hate

Alice Cooper - See me in the mirror lyrics

COOPER See me in the mirror if you want to See me in the mirror if you really want to Maybe not too clear, but the face you'll see is mine Do you feel my eyes burning through you Do you feel the burn when my eyes see through you Do you see my eyes when they burn

Manga Anders - See me in the mirror lyrics

me in the mirror if you want to See me in the mirror if you really want to Maybe not too clear, but the face you'll see is mine Do you feel my eyes burning through you Do you feel the burn when my eyes see through you Do you see my eyes when they burn into your mind I can f

C-block - The future is so bright lyrics

future is so bright, everyday & everynight. Every night & day, I can find my way. To where I wanna go & what I wanna find. What I wanna do, as I leave the past behind. Baby, baby, I was out of reach. Till you came & showed

Jls - Better for you lyrics

For You What will it take When will you see The tears that you're hiding Show underneath It's easy to tell I know you well You're not fooling me Cost the moment that you're feeling up, he brings you down When everybody knows you're not so h

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - The future is now lyrics

This city’s made of diamonds And tomorrow glass will grow On the freedoms that divide us They’re coming after me Flashback 1984 Now who’s knock-knocking at you...

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Better than you lyrics

at you, then you me Hungry and thirsty I wait Holding the lion's share Holding the key Holding me back 'cause I'm striving to be Better than you (better than you) Better than you (better than you) Lock homes I push, and I strive Somehow I f

Conor Maynard - Better than you ft. rita ora lyrics

can do it better than you Better than, better than you... I can tell that you're watching me And I know you're loving everything that you see The way I catch you go, crazy I'll make you wanna dance with me And I been walking around like I just don't care Can everybody look and li

Ida Maria - I like you so much better when you're naked lyrics

the clever things i should say to you They got stuck somewhere Stuck between me and you! Oh I'm nervous.. I don't know what to do Light a cigarette I only smoke when I'm with you (Whooo) What the hell do I do this for? (Whooo) You're just another gu

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - You could have it so much better lyrics

last message you sent said I looked really down That I oughtta come over and talk about it Well I wasn't down I just wasn't smiling at you, yeah As I look at you now it seems That your slapping my back as if it's alright but it's not I'm trying to get up b

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Much better lyrics

got a rep for breakin' hearts Now I'm done with Super Stars And all the tears on her guitar I'm not bitter Now I see everything I'd ever need Is the girl in front of me She's much better I wanna fight with you Tear up the sky with you You're much better I wann

Groove Armada - Look me in the eye sister lyrics

say you don't need them But when you don't need them You send them off Yeah you send them off Do what you think you should do Leave them like you said you would do But you never stop It's how you are Better fight You better fight yeah You better fight If you if yo

Sneaky Sound System - Lost in the future lyrics

in the future Looking for adventure Waiting for a stranger To make a new connection Everybody heading in the wrong direction I just wanna know your name Even if it comes to a little affection Even if it's now or then Lost in the future Looking for ad

Little Boots - Better in the morning lyrics

do-do-do, do-do-do Do-do-do, do-do-do Do-do-do-do, do-do-do Do-do-do, do-do-do Do-do-do-do, do-do-do Do-do-do, do-do-do Do-do-do-do, do-do-do Do-do-do, do-do-do Stars are drowning in the sky They know that we are waiting Moon says to the sun

Prince - The future lyrics

quot;I'm not gonna kill you. I want you to do me a favor, I want you to tell all your friends about me." "What are you'" "I'm BATMAN!" I've seen the future and it will be I've seen the future and it works A

Chamillionaire - In the trunk lyrics

Intro] This, is, the-the sound of revenge [repeat 2X] You in the presence of the finest Chamillitary mayne! This for the streets Let's give 'em somethin they can bump (innnn the trunk) At this point you should be turnin your speakers up Turn your speakers up - Chamill

Amy Macdonald - In the end lyrics

I was dreaming, wishing I didn't know. all the thoughts I was Thinking, don't want to know. Everyone's always moving, I'm standing still for all the time. Thoughts That I was living, it goes in my mind. There's so much more that I could be, so many

Our Last Night - Into the future lyrics

she sinks this ship to the bottom of the sea I'll hold my breathe until I reach the surface Shes standing there contemplating if she wants me here WANTS ME HERE! My mind is spinning in circles of the day I'm pacing back and forth Wishing I could see Into the future Where I'l

Pond - One day in the future lyrics

day in the future I am sure that I will drownd waters close over my head the currents drag me down in this way I've sealed my fate by letting it be heard on that day I'll be sorry that I ever wrote these words all the souls upon the earth consumed i

Kris Allen - Better with you lyrics

I go Whatever I do Stay by my side Cuz baby it’s always better with you In the middle of the pouring rain On a crowded subway train When I’m just about to go insane You make it go away Monday morning in a traffic jam And I’m going to be late again The world is getting underne

Crazy Town - You're the one lyrics

many people in the scene look at life like a joke But then I met you just when I was losin' hope You appeared in a cloud of smoke You don't look like Aaliyah but you're rockin' my boat So you can take me to a punk rock paradise That's about the

Gordon Gano - Better than you know lyrics

know you could do I know you would do I know you could do fine If what's yours was yours and mine Just to pass the time You can't ask more from the dyin' And hey how now goes your health And the management of your wealth Better than you know you

Darin - See u at the club lyrics

at this outfit And how it fits The young star looking fly Shorty come get this aha I lost my license but I could still Drive you crazy baby Make you call me baby Let me twist you up Put you in the game Let me work that sexy body Let me flip you up Get you on my lane Sin

Gamma Ray - Lost in the future lyrics

fallout scans the sky Another place where people die And with a massive final punch We left a world of pain And now pollutions everywhere Another death is in the air A million people left alone Down in their desperate, blackened homes Tomorrow there'll be no sun

Hanson - The love you save (the jackson 5 cover) lyrics

na, na, na, you better save me Stop! Stop! Stop! You better save me yeah, Yeah! When we played tag in gradeschool, you wanted to be it. You chased those boys, you testified, You crossed your heart, you quit. When we grew up you traded your promise For my rin

Anointed - In the need of love lyrics

Each day, I'm learnin' not compare myselfThere's always gonna be somebody else who's more successfulWho seems to have my wants from meI wonder if they feel the...

Galneryus - In the cage lyrics

light is passing by I raise my hands The unknown voice is calling me now In the softly light, I'm looking back Please find me out Give me your smile The unknown voice is calling me now In the softly light, I'm looking back Oh, you're the only one I want to f

The Jam - The gift lyrics

- move - I’ve got the gift of life Can’t you see it in the twinkle of my eye I can’t stand up and I can’t sit down I gotta keep movin’ - I gotta keep movin’ All the time that gets wasted hating Why don’t you move together and make your heart feel better

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Love in the future (intro) lyrics

this is a new year for Love Love in the Future Not the Love I Lost Not the Love I Lost It's a new year for Love Love in the Future Not the Love I Lost Not the Love I Lost No No No No Not the Love I Lost No

Rush - In the end lyrics

I can see what you mean It just takes me longer And I can feel what you feel It just makes you stronger Chorus I know, I know, I know Oh, the feeling grows I see, I see, I see It's got to be You can take me for a little while You can take me, you can make me sm

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Pray (put 'em in the dirt) lyrics

Johnny 3 Tears] Born on the right side Of the wrong side I wear my f***ing insides On my outside You can see my heart beat It beats right through Until the day it stops, I'm gonna motherf***ing persecute Every single one of you I'm not alone I got the devil and he's comi

Eskimo Joe - Life is better with you lyrics

whatever happened to you last night? We thought we lost you there Those long days And long long nights They keep you up inside Stay awake all night talking about our friends It never ends Always do it when we're drunk I just need some kind of meditation Keep my feet

Hawkwind - Looking in the future lyrics

of great men all remind us We may make our lives sublime And so departing leave behind us Footprints in the sands of time And with the writing I will show you Looking in the days beyond recall As I lecture back with the spirits of the other time Other time Living in the future

Lisa Germano - In the maybe world lyrics

winter comes another storm It's a shiver, it's a freaking out Could be real time Could be wonderful It's the future in the maybe world Let the bird fly Let it out of here They just brought it as an offering It's the color of remembering And the weirdness of

Luke Conard - Better when you're gone lyrics

now I wanna free fall Not think of you anymore But I can't help it No, I can't help it Cause if I spoke the truth The whole time I just wanted you And that sweet smile I miss your sweet smile Even when you tell me I'll be strong Stronger when you're gone I c

Pat Benatar - In the heat of the night lyrics

the heat of the night, when you know it ain't right But you do what you wanna do You do what you feel, no one can feel like you Out in the summertime city, ain't it a pity There's so much to tie you down You're leaving tomight to somewhere you can't b

Crimson Glory - In the mood lyrics

think you know me I may look just like an ordinary man to you But there's something about me I think it's time you knew I can see you don't believe in me Well, well honey that's allright Tonight you'll see... the real me I change at night now, don't be afraid It's

Lights - In the dark i see lyrics

in the stillness the quiet place where I'm lying with a downturn face you come and distract me from what's coming at me Give me something to look forward to truth be told, sometimes it's only you nothing is at stake here When we are awake here I

Lostalone - Breathing in the future exhaling the past lyrics

our hopes and all our dreams All our war and all our peace All our history its all a mystery To live and breathe Breathing in the future exhaling the

Scotty Mccreery - Better than that lyrics

crush, first kiss, first time I saw the ocean And dug my toes in the sand (Your love is better than that) Baseball and summer nights, casting out when the fish spurs by, First time I got a Chevy in my hands (Your love is better than that) I thought noth

Brooklyn Bounce - The dawn lyrics

Intro: Masta Killa] We gon' take this back, crazy old school Off the head one time, get a DJ something to a-- Chika chika chika chika chicka chicka chhhh Get 'em something to scratch, yaknowhatimsayin? My nigga Choco, Jam Master Jay on the 1's and 2's It's Allah M

Mary J Blige - You're all i need-i'll be there for you lyrics

Mary J. Blige You're all, I need to get by, ahhhhh You're all, I need to get by, ahhhhh (Background sample: Notorious B.I.G.) [Lie together, cry together, I swear to God I hope we f***in' die together] Shorty I'm there for you anytime you need me For real girl

The Boomtown Rats - In the pouring rain lyrics

s gonna catch their death In the pouring rain Everybody better hold their breath In the pouring rain Everybody's gonna walk on by Everbody hide away Everbody's gonna pull their blinds And stay inside and pass these days I know I've seen a lot Lord knows sometimes I've cr

Ace Frehley - In the night lyrics

a.m. On a downtown street There on the corner two strangers meet, In the night And then until the daybreak They're gonna love and before the light A heart may break, there in the night Look in the alleys, along the roads, it's there the losers s

Maria Mena - You´re the only one lyrics

I saw you with your hands above your head Spinning around, trying not to look down But you did, and you fell, hard on the ground Then you stumbled around for a good ten minutes And I said: "I'd never seen anyone look so dumb before.&a

Her Bright Skies - You are the ones lyrics

I'm still the boy you raised, Learned from my mistakes, do better. And father, I'll never be half the man, But I'm trying the best I can, To keep us all together. Rather be dead than have to go through life alone, Yeah, I just wanted you t

Night Ranger - Walk in the future lyrics

In the Future She lies awake and it's almost A quarter to two. The moon's shining so brightly, It lights up the room Well, whatever happened, It shouldn't have done… But she never places the blame. She just carries the weight… Well, maybe it's o

Orianthi - Better with you lyrics

m fine All by myself alright Don't need nobody's help Rolling on my own So far I've had a pretty good time I make the most Of all life's giving Yeah I toast I'm cooler, I've seen So far it's been one hell of a ride Oh, I'm good but I'm better with y

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Better with you lyrics

know it's ugly turning on the news There's people fighting over point of view Sometimes it's like there's nothing left to lose And I don't know what to do But I know it's better with you I was a wreck when you came along When there was nothing left You showed me the best I'm sti

Boards Of Canada - The devil is in the details lyrics

relax And enjoy this pleasant adventure Here you are, secure and protected In this, your special place Letting my voice flow into your mind You don't need to concentrate Just gently as you go Suggestions are going into your unconscious mind Open yourself up

The Dandy Warhols - You were the last high lyrics

am alone But adored by a 100,000 more Then I said when you were the last. And I have known love, like a whore from at least 10,000 more Then I swore when you were the last When you were the last high high high high You were awake, And

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