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Da Band - What we gonna do lyrics

Sarah] What we gonna do tonight, What we gettin into tonight What we gonna do tonight ... What we gettin into tonight [Ness] uh, you know what happens when your girl go out

Dream - What we gon do about us lyrics

we gon do about us... what we gon do about us... what we ... gon do about us.... what what what what what all this time...youve been standin in ... front of my face didnt matter cuz i knew what it

Colin Hay - What would bob do lyrics

like this may well be it, yeah we're goin' down ... Ocean's fast approaching, and there's this screeching sound They found that little ol' black box, that they

Edie Brickell - What would you do lyrics

old enough to legally drive. She took off in her ... that blew her over the line. Like the wind inside an ... aluminum can. At a pay phone in a donut shop. She called a

Christina Milian - We ain´t worried lyrics

Hook] x2 Tell me what you finna do We ain't trippin' off ... them niggas, boo I told all my friends come ... they know they bad, they single too [Verse 1] Niggas

Busta Rhymes - As i come back lyrics

we come yo, here we go (whats goin on now) - 3x Busta ... rhymes nigga, here we go Flipmode nigga, here we go ... Neptunes nigga, here we go Once again my niggas,

Kausion - What you wanna do lyrics

Intro: Ice Cube] South Central Los ... Skanless So what you wanna do? Kausion So what you wanna do? So what you wanna do? ... [Verse 1: Cel] I'm all on the front line down

Lloyd - What you wanna do lyrics

about your man, cuz he cant do it like i do it, Shawty i got ... a plan a special way to make you lose it And ... i dont give a damn who sees us if we ... get caught, Cuz i been waiting so, so long to break you

Saigon - What the lovers do (feat. devin the dude) lyrics

Talking:] [Saigon:] Yo shorty, let me get it in Let me touch it then, ... let me touch it. [Girl:] No [Saigon:] Why you ... acting like that shorty? You been f***ing around for a while You

Mike + The Mechanics - What will you do lyrics

will you do What will you do if you're left on your own What will you do What will you do ... there's no one at home? What will you do when I'm gone What will you say when you're out

Shakira lyricsShakira - What we said - comme moi english version (fea.. lyrics

m living with a broken heart Never meant ... to do you harm Don't ever wanna see you cry, ... again And everybody hurts sometimes I never meant to do you ... wrong I know you're gonna be just fine, you said I wish we

Charlie Daniels - What you gonna do about me lyrics

told me that your honky tonking days were through But you ... came in this morning at a quarter till two Oh ... baby what you gonna do about me You said that fling

Nappy Roots - What cha gonna do? (the anthem) lyrics

Big V] Yeah Country boys, ... Nappy Roots Lil' John, King of Crunk Y'all know this ... was comin Damn playa, here we go [Chorus - Nappy Roots] ... Whatcha gonna do when we pull up in your city? How ya

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - What can you do? lyrics

you waste another day getting older and gray in the head, ... And you're hearing lots of stories 'bout the ... happy times you have ahead. There are ... other folks in power so you kick back and get farther behind

Nikki - What did i do lyrics

such have had enough I've packed up all my stuff I ... m waiting for the cab in the hallway And I have ... nothing to explain I'm Naked in the rain Like every part of

Fort Minor - Do what we did lyrics

anybody's out there listening to this broadcast of mine ... Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen what's on my ... mind I won't pull any punches hold ... anything back / i'll Tell you the way that it is When it's all said and done

Isley Brothers - What would you do lyrics

ladies {Hello} How are y'all doin' tonight {Fine} Can I keep it real {Yes} And say what's on ... my mind {Yes} There you are in that chair Waiting for me to

Puff Daddy - What you gonna do lyrics

feat. The Family) It's a Hell Up in Harlem, f***it, another day another dollar, ... wake up, to the barking from the Rottweilers Pull ... the collars, make em sit for the Godfather Then I

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - What would i do without you lyrics

I wake up with a sadness Other days, it ... feels like madness So, what would I do without you? ... turn to shades of gray With the weight of the world at

Kazaky - What you gonna do lyrics

know what You want all your wish I know you Are you child ... or a beast? I'll show you how deep in your ... soul Just let me go down, go down to your... What gonna do

Reba Mcentire - What you gonna do about me lyrics

take the records, I'll take the stereo. You get ... the tv, and I'll take the radio. I'll keep the dishes, and ... a new car more than me, so I'll take the second hand. We

All Ends - What we say lyrics

s been a while Since you left And I must admit ... That I've never felt so betrayed ... And this time I've learned so much 'Bout the ... two of us Forever we said What we say It's that we do I

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - What can i do lyrics

Verse 1: Sample - Talib Kweli] (Swim in the ocean And ... thoughts remain to sail on the sea, yeah What can I ... do, but what can I do) Yo, I try to get it here, get it

Bastille - What would you do lyrics

and girls wanna hear a true story? ... Saturday night was at this real wild party There was liquor overflowin' the cup, ... about 5 or 6 strippers trying to work for a buck So I,

Naomi King - What would you do? lyrics

day my life could end and I'm not gonna waste it away ... Any day it could all end and What ... would be the last thing you'd say? I wish I, I wish he I wish I'd pursued my

Miguel - Do you... lyrics

Intro:] Do you like drugs? Have you ever felt ... alone? Do you still believe in love? [Hook:] But do you ... like drugs, do you like drugs Yeah, Well me too,

Slade - Do we still do it lyrics

since the world began They said no, no, no you're wrong child Ever since the start of ... man They said no, no, no you drive me wild ... Chorus Do we still do it Night and day Do we still do it Come what may Do we still do it Hear me say, Come

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - We do what we can lyrics

they're playing Kenton The house set to swing I lay in my bed And listen to everything Cause Leo ... s in rare form tonight His trombone sings so sweet This is the room Where they all

Dramarama - What are we gonna do? lyrics

s April 21st and everybody knows ... today is Earth Day Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to ... whoever's being born And now I'm trying hard to think of ... something meaningful and worthy, kind of

Drenge - We can do what we want lyrics

to call all my friends like Like you said, we gotta get away ... From living with the way what we brag We know what they ... on the back of our heads We can do, we can do, we can do what we want We like Bonnie and

Falsettos Musical - What would i do lyrics

(left alone): What would I do If I had not met you? Who ... would I blame my life on? Once I was told That ... all men get what they deserve. Who the hell

Letoya - What love can do lyrics

Verse 1] I'm losing sleep over you. Look what ... you've done to me. Not saying you ain't the truth this ... loves no fantasy. Sometimes I'm so sick of you I need some

Busta Rhymes - Do it to death lyrics

Yeah, everybody, c'mon Here we go party people WOOOH Pull ... up in the whip, pop the trunk, feel it? ... Fear for the will of baboon funk, ya hear it? ... Me and my nigga Richie was itchy to meet some women Met

Cassandra Complex - What can i do for you? lyrics

last thing you did before you went away You built a bonfire ... of our dreams, made it a holiday You filled it with pain, ... you filled it with champagne Said goodbye

Example lyricsExample - What we made lyrics

X went up to Man Y, Stepped in his garden and spat in his ... eye And saidI aint movin’ your grass is greener- You ... wanna settle this name your arena’ First we

Faith Evans - As soon as i get home lyrics

love is wonderful, yeah And I don't want to loose you So ... baby Soon as I get home, I'll make it up to you Baby I ... ll do what I gotta do Sleepless nights, and

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - What did i do? / god as my witness lyrics

you go again putting words into my mouth This is one's ... you to know, and for me to find out All that troubling ... How you're gonna know 'till you hear it out loud?

Nick Kamen - We'll never lose what we have found lyrics

I have to go I told you why That's all you ... need to know Excuse me When I said I lost my head A long ... long time ago Your names Miss understood Yeah you're oh

Albert King - I don't care what my baby do lyrics

don't care what my baby do Long as I'm doin' what she's ... doin' I don't care where my baby go ... Long as I'm goin' where she's goin' I don ... t care if my baby play Long as it's

Lucy Woodward - What i can do lyrics

it's beautiful how we are So comfortable, yet we ... ve come so far But it's funny what it brings So ... and so much trouble, some things Oh when I turn bad and

The Parselmouths - We belong together lyrics

you remember the day we met? Yes i remember of was a ... day in Spring. Do you remember what happened ... next? Yes i remember this gorgeous diamond ring.

Relient K. - What can i do? lyrics

could darkness as dark as this have come from? Too far to ... see but we know that we can sense that it exists. ... And how can I do anything but run from The will to

Lil' Keke - What i wanna do lyrics

Lil' Keke] We had fights and arguments and all the ... above I guess that's the life that comes with true love ... Sixteen, probably being too fly But it's a trip girl look how ten years went by

Deus - What we talk about lyrics

we talk about, When we talk about love Talk about ... a shot from the hip And the sky above Talk ... about the glow on the lip What the moon's made of Talk

George Jones - What'cha gonna do? lyrics

cha gonna do when I said bye bye What'cha gonna do ... when you start to cry What'cha gonna do, what'cha gonna do, hoo, hoo Bet you never ... thought I'd walk away Bet you never

John Michael Montgomery - What did i do lyrics

don't go to church as much as I should I ain't been to see ... my maman as often as I could I've been partyin' too much and ... stayin' out too late And according

Naughty By Nature - We could do it (featuring big punisher) lyrics

Big Punisher] Big Pun baby You miss me? ... (see Pun gon' sing, then he gon' rhyme) (let ... me lick you girl where the sun don't shine) ... (I'm gon' sing, Treach gon' rhyme) (let

Buddy Guy - What you gonna do about me feat. muscle shoal.. lyrics

say it's over and you're ready to ... move on. You want to believe all the fire is gone. But ... I feel some hesitation, even as you leave. Think it through, what you gonna do

Jonny Diaz - What water can do lyrics

that Saturday The day his life forever changed As the ... clouds unleashed their darkest wrath And sandbags ... could not hold it back He cannot forget ... that Saturday When all his dreams were washed away

Beth Hart - What you gonna do about me buddy guy feat. be.. lyrics

say it's over and you're ready to ... move on. You want to believe all the fire is gone. But ... I feel some hesitation, even as you leave. Think it through, what you gonna do

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - We know lyrics

Intro - Talib Kweli] Hey Y'all I feel good right? (mmm...hmmm...) Yeah, ok ... uhh.. Now what that make me talk about? ... love...[echoes] Yeah, that's what the world need, ha Yo, that

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - What we don't know (demo 2007) lyrics

everything would just stop Then maybe ... I could clear up my thoughts If everything would stand still ... I could've hidden how lost I feel I should've said what

Gary Allan - What would wille do lyrics

was lost in trouble and strife, I heard a voice and it ... changed my life And now it's a brand new day, and I ain ... t afraid to say You're not alone when ... you're down and out And I think you know who I'm talking

B. B. King - What can i do? lyrics

say you love but one at time For every woman there's a ... gonna get as many as she can What can I do Yes, I just sing ... the blues Well, I just sing the blues 'Cause that's

Ben Pearce - What i might do lyrics

knew just what I had to be When I heard you ... say what you said to me To every dude in sight Look like you working up ... an appetite for the night, check it By then I just

Big Sean - Do what i gotta do ft. tyga lyrics

Intro] Lil Bitch, Money.. Money. I've been ... working too hard Finally Famous in this [Hook ... Baby do what you got to do, do what you got to do Do what

Gotthard - What can i do lyrics

, you’re there as ever In my dreams, we stay together ... See your face in every place I go And here I stand, the great pretender ... Borrowed times, I do remember I need you more

Greenwood - Do what you wanna do lyrics

been telling you ever since you were five Everything ... about how you should live your life As if we lived in a god damned hive They spoiled your mind with all that jive You gotta do what you

Innerpartysystem - What we will never know lyrics

see my face for once all the weaknesses. Too tired to lift ... onto the stars. watch me as i sleep. I wanna believe in someone. I wanna believe in

Billie Piper - What'cha gonna do lyrics

you had me played huh? Well, check this out, yeah? See ... all those times you thought you had me ... fooled, yeah? You were wrong... 'cos I know... This is for you. This is for

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