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I Represent Tha Real By Morobeat lyrics

Browse for I Represent Tha Real By Morobeat song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Represent Tha Real By Morobeat lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Represent Tha Real By Morobeat.

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Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Tha doggfather lyrics

put down more hits than mafioso made And Lucky Lucianno ... 'bout to sing soprano And I know, I know the way you feel ... And baby bubba we gon' keep it on tha real Just to get you

Punk Goes... - I'm real by the starting line (jennifer lopez.. lyrics

Called you on the phone said I'm coming through Hope you ... re all alone 'cause I got plans for you We could ... home or dance and hand all night As long as I'm with you it doesn't matter what we do

Kurupt - Represent dat gc lyrics

j.] Oh y'all just wanna do with out the beat Uh well f*** it we gon' do it like this On ... radio station mother f***ing 187.4 bitch W ballz part ... two huh? Peep game broadcasting Provided by mother f***ing

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Real nigga roll call lyrics

Lil' Jon talking:] Yeah! Right about now (whats up) It's ... time for the real nigga roll call Now when you ... hear your city or state being called You put your

Konshens - Represent lyrics

up we links weh inna di link and keep the link stink we ... links nuff a road suh we flow ... never sink we linky dem have the thing lock ... the road suh nuh boy nuh gi wi nuh bagga tuff chat pan the

Juvenile - Tha man lyrics

Juvenile] I'ma stay thuggin, how I came is how I leave ... When I say somethin, best believe that's how it be ... Motherf***ers, too - yeah I said it, nigga, I mean it Bitch was dressed in gangsta and

Nas lyricsNas - Represent lyrics

represent!! (repeat 4X) Straight up ... shit is real and any day could be your ... last in the jungle Get murdered on ... the humble, guns'll blast, niggaz tumble The corners is

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Tha block is hot lyrics

Lil' Wayne] Wha wha, wha wha, ... wha wha, wha wha, what Straight off the black gold, nuts in my hand, trustin no man Got ... my glock cocked, runnin this thing, ya understand We be

Lecrae - Represent lyrics

Chorus] Represent! Get Krunk! Represent! Get ... Krunk! If you know you're repping ... Jesus go ahead and throw it up Represent! Get Krunk! Represent! Get Krunk! If you know you

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Tha payroll (stay strong) lyrics

this one's for you (stay strong) ... strong!) Mama Mama Mama Mama I couldn't say 'No' (So strong ... ) Got sick and tired of seein' brothers being treated ill

Choppa - Represent yo block lyrics

*talking*] Whaa-whaa-what's up ... whoadie what's up B. Gizzle, and my dog Choppa Stizzle You understand, K-Nizzle ... on the trizzack And this some G-code shit, you know

Flame - Real one lyrics

Verse One] From these times now and back down to Biblical days Counterfeit Jesus' ... have raised in the ages Searched the pages ... of the Biblion the Holy Bible not the holy quran No,

Petey Pablo - Tha come up lyrics

Petey Pablo] Getcha money, it's tha come up Nada nada, ... get the whole thing Do it big.. yeaaaaaaaaaaaa [Petey ... Pablo] Time is tickin', with a hole in the hourglass

Orishas - Represent cuba lyrics

mi musica, Represent, Represent, Cuba, Orishas underground ... de Havana Represent, Represent, Cuba, Hey, tu musica Te ... quiero Havana, The rhythym' pumping in my heart, In La Rosa we

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Tha shiznit lyrics

Verse One:] Poppin, stoppin, hoppin like a rabbit When I take the nina Ross ya know I ... gota ta have it I lay back in the cut retain myself Think ... about the shit, and I'm thinkin wealth How can I makes my

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Tha mobb lyrics

Money motherf*** the other side They can f*** with us if ... they want I bring 'em homicide Word to my momma I'm gonna ... continue bombin Til they gettin out the game it's like comin

Ciara - Represent me lyrics

Intro) I'd like to introduce myself my name is Ciara I'd like to introduce ... myself my name is Ciara (Verse 1) im givin ... props to the people that help me out and right now ima take the time to shout out

Helena Paparizzou - Tha 'mai allios lyrics

wake up alone in the morning I work hard so I don’t think of ... you, I turn on the light, unfortunately all around ... you’ll be, I can feel you. I pretend I’m crazy because logic won’t lead me anywhere,

2pac lyrics2pac - Tha' lunatic lyrics

Tupac] Ohh shit! Jumped on my man's dick ... Heard he had a twelve inch, now the bitch is lovesick ... to blame, the guy or the groupie? Heard I was down with D.U.

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Tha king lyrics

Intro] And in case you forgot, I'm the king Yea, Yea,.....Aye, Aye, ... Aye,..Aye Who I'm is nigga (I'm the king) T.I.P., Atlanta ... s own king of the south shawty (I'm

Tupac Shakur lyricsTupac Shakur - Tha' lunatic lyrics

2Pac:] Oh shit, jumped on my man's dick ... Heard he had a twelve inch, now the bitch is lovesick ... to blame, the guy or the groupie Heard I was down with D.U.,

Next - Represent me lyrics

feat. Naughty by Nature) Yo, they don't know ... how Next is gonna come Divine style in 9-7 ya'll So get ... ready, check it out One time One time, ah ah ah for your

Lil' Flip - Represent lyrics

feat. David Banner, Three Six Mafia) Yeah, What[repeat 7x ... Lil' Flip, David Banner, Three Six Mafia ... Houston Texas, Mississippi, Memphis Tenn. what? [Lil'

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Tha heat lyrics

Lil Wayne talking] F*** with me, you know what it is ... [Hook 2x] I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm ... head The heater burner bruisa is on my hip this year I

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Real p.i. (feat. glasses malone) lyrics

homie I'm a real P.I. I say, yeah homie I'm a real P.I. Oh, I tell that hoe sell that p**** Gimme that money ... Keep that money comin' back in hundreds and the twenties

Outlawz - Real talk lyrics

lot of talk about me and my niggaz Them outlaw world-wide ... my figures. From triumph to tragedy, To right ... back on top the niggaz still mad at me. For pushin that

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - Represent lyrics

kid came up to me now just the ... other day And asked me if I thought about what I would ... say If everything came crashing down on top of me How ... would I stay torn? Will you represent? Will you

Cassidy - Tha problem lyrics

Swizz Beats] 1-2 1-2. I need all my real niggaz to ... stand up. All you fake ass niggaz fall back. It's a ... problem. Philly stand up! [CHORUS (Swizz Beats) Cassidy] (What's ya

Nipsey Hussle - Tha mansion lyrics

yeah! Fresh out the club, I'm on my way back to the mansion, You know where I'm from, ... you don't ever gotta ask this, ... yes I run my city, I ... run my city single handed. If they'd made a movie about my

Vanilla Ice lyricsVanilla Ice - Tha weed song lyrics

here's a Zig Zag story while I'm writing this song Sit back ... relax I'm igniting this bong Picture this sandy ... beaches dimes wearin' thongs Serving mixed drinks to me all night long With

Hed Pe - Represent lyrics

s get this shit started Yeah where my ... dogs at Get your drinks up Your joints out Ladies pull your tits out Come on ... Bounce Bounce Bounce Bitch - what - Bitch - I don't

Ja Rule - Represent lyrics

Ja Rule] I represent Gangsta Shit Niggaz that ... spent time on the brick for keys on the strip Loadin my clips, givin ass niggaz ... the shits Life's a bitch, gotta murda to get rich

Bone Thugs N' Harmony - Tha crossroads lyrics

whatcha gonna do when there ain't no where to run (tell me ... whatcha gonna do when there ain't no where to hide (tell me ... judgment comes for you (Cause it's gonna come for you) [Bizzy] Head south let's all bring it in for Wally, Eazy sees

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Tha blues lyrics

Lil Wayne] Come on, come on ... come on, come on, come on Ain't nothin' nice or sweet (Huh ... don't even much understand this (Uh-uh) Look- Now when I ... crawl up out the Rove' I got quarters and O's Forty

Kurupt - Tha streetz iz a mutha lyrics

and kurupt, kurupt and daz Nickels and pennies, and pounds ... double my money They can boil and bubble, get a grip ain't ... nothin funny You can't survive, off no conversation wit

Devin Townsend - By your command lyrics

command! My dominion! Memory, heart and all opinion, Hide me, guide me, Dry ... my tears, Slowly taking back the years, By your ... command, By your command, BY YOUR COMMAND, No, I know,

Lil Boosie - Represent lyrics

cut shinin boss fresh kicks and girbaud (i got dem ... bauds) see man im shinin dog yea they want a nigga ... they be on a nigga starit up on a nigga neva moved a

Aphex Twin - Tha lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Bella Thorne - Tha same heart (feat. zendaya) lyrics

see the spotlight in my dreams, I just wanna ... reach out, find out what it's all about I'll have to ... turn in with all leards of a different feather, where they

Kurupt - Tha past (feat. dave hollister) lyrics

] Always seems to be, something in the past, won't let me ... go Always seems to be, something in the past, won't let me live [Verse 1:] Two niggas ... came together Trying to get their game together

Nikos Vertis - Tha eprepe na ntrepese/ Θα Έπρεπε Να Ντρέπεσα.. lyrics

instrumental Ούτε μια συγνώμη θα μου αλλάξει γνώμη Και μην παριστάνεις πως και εσύ πονάς Φτάνουν πια τα λόγια και τα δρομολόγια Ευκαιρίες ψάχνεις πίσω να γυρ...

Van Morrison - Real real gone lyrics

real gone I got hit by a bow and arrow Got me down ... to the very marrow And I'm real real gone Real real gone I can't stand up by myself Don ... t you know I need your help And I'm real real gone Some people say You

Eazy E - Real muthaf***in g's lyrics

Compton Compton Ahhh Real muthaf***in G's... Ahhh Real muthaf***in G's... Ahhh Real muthaf***in G's... Eazy: ... s another proper track and it's phat, watch the sniper, time to pay the piper and let that real shit provoke, so you's

Lincoln Brewster - Real life lyrics

still see the kid in me Building castles by the sea And skipping rocks across those ocean ... waves Still building buoy rafts And sailing on ... the Kachemak And running wild across Alaskan plains

Lil Cuete - Real love lyrics

Chorus:] Hey Girl Don't You Know Money Buys ... Almost Anything But It Cant Buy Real Love. [Lil ... Cuete:] I See You Everyday But You ... Look At Me You're Always Looking Good But You Look Unhappy

Poison Girls - Real woman lyrics

know it’s near the knuckle But I ... can tell when I see a real man When it comes to reality ... I’ve only just began You’ve ... got a grasp of the real situation I just blunder about in a

Bruce Dickinson - Real world lyrics

many lifetimes, how many beginnings How many lovers, how ... many threats How many religions to keep us all guessing Give me a reason. Why? Hell is a ... reason. Why? The real world, you've got to fight to

Eisley - Real world lyrics

chit chattering hear your voice in the room but the noise ... between us hides you from my view Chit chit chattering as I ... quiver inside at the thought of your

Massari - Real love lyrics

girl I'm goin outta my mind Girl, girl I'm goin outta ... my mind And even though I don't really know you I ... must've been runnin outta time I'm waiting for the moment

Macy Gray - Real love feat bobby brown lyrics

Bobby:] Macy? [Macy:] se**** ... Chocolate? [Bobby:] Yeah, it's me, B. Brown [Macy:] Bobby Brown [Bobby:] Listen, uhm, I wanted to talk to you about ... this song [Macy:] Oh, you can

N.w.a. - Real niggaz don't die lyrics

m a muthafuking nigga wit an attitude [4x] [Dr Dre] ... I got a case of spitting in a muthafukers face So me ... my ace we got a taste Of a muthafukers billy club he took his

Lil Boosie - Real slow lyrics

Roll Slow Through The Ghetto Kid's Holla' Boosie This Life A ... Nigga Livin' Like I'm Starring In A Movie Fresh Out The ... Jacuzzi Lil Powder On My Chest Got 30

Mutya Buena - Real girl lyrics

I had one chance to In my life again I wouldn't make no ... or way back when (yeah) And if everything turns out The ... way I hope it goes But I cant wait to find out What it is that God knows But I

Disneymania - Real gone by billy ray cyrus lyrics

m American made but I like Chevrolet My momma taught ... me wrong from right. I was born in the South Sometimes I have a big mouth When I ... see something that I don't like I gotta say it. Well,

Disneymania - Real gone by honor society lyrics

m American made but I like Chevrolet My momma taught ... me wrong from right. I was born in the South Sometimes I have a big mouth When I ... see something that I don't like I gotta say it. Well,

Louden Swain - Real life lyrics

cares Everybody listens when they're scared Makin' their lists Makin' a fist ... without you here Even if we can Even if we don't quite understand Only you know

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Real estate lyrics

B-Real] You'll waste time to hurt her, sorta like ... murder A duck with the public's favorite rhyme order I ain't no waiter or hater of a ... spectator (kill em B-Real) Seekin to find the toys, with no flavor See I'm talkin

Puff Daddy - Real niggas lyrics

feat. Lil' Kim, Notorious B.I.G.) [Puffy] I'm not wit none ... of that Standin' around lookin' cool and shit I want you ... up And have some motherf***in' fun You understand what it

Dead By April - Real & true lyrics

are pushing my patience, so there's no way out I ... m sick and tired of being denied all by you Hurting me ... (hurting me) Breaking me (breaking me) Hurting

Gorgon City - Real (feat. yasmin) lyrics

and I Were so in love Nothing could ever come between us ... confused And now we're left in broken pieces I know that ... the faster you rise is harder you fall. We were

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