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I Really Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me Life Was This Hard I Really Wish I Didnt Feel This Pain In My Heart lyrics

Browse for I Really Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me Life Was This Hard I Really Wish I Didnt Feel This Pain In My Heart song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Really Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me Life Was This Hard I Really Wish I Didnt Feel This Pain In My Heart lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Really Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me Life Was This Hard I Really Wish I Didnt Feel This Pain In My Heart.

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The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Pain in my heart lyrics

in my heart Treatin' me poor Where can my baby be ... Lord, no one knows Pain in my heart Won't let me ... sleep Where can my baby be Lord, where is she

Otis Redding - Pain in my heart lyrics

in my heart Is treating me cold Where can my baby be ... Lord no one knows Pain in my heart Just won't let me ... sleep Where can my baby be Lord where can she

Babes In Toyland - Pain in my heart lyrics

Why did you leave me When I was still inside of you You ... sky But all the stars are inside of me Well I said* Why did ... you leave me When I was still inside of you Who are you

Gladys Knight - I feel a song (in my heart) lyrics

I love you so But why I love you, I'll never know ... You found a reason for leavin' Soon as I gave my love to ... you And oh, ah, whoa, the pain you put me through You don't

Mary Mary - Forgiven me lyrics

hold a memory of myself reflections of what I ... these broken roads that got me here can make it hard to ... face reality but a new day is here it's time that I

George Jones - In person lyrics

gave the heart you gave to me, in person You made those ... vows you made to me, in person Then when your love ... has lost it's glow You said your friend to let me know I wish you would have told me

Luke Friend - Hole in my heart lyrics

you've been gone nothing makes any sense Cause being with you was the thing I did best Now that it's over ... what else have I left? Cause I need you so

Anita Baker - In my heart lyrics

no baby here I go Fallin' in on the deep end one more time baby I'm helpless to stop this, there's no defense (Got this fever) Yea I'm sick baby (I ... m on fire) I'm on fire (Fire burns) Fire burns In my heart, in my life, on my mind, in my head In my house, in my arms,

Blitzkrieg - Feel the pain lyrics

trust in me & I will deliver, say the words of the ... holy man. Live your life searching for forgiveness. ... Cleanse your soul only like he can. Taking the pain

Astrovamps - Somebody forgot to tell me i was dead lyrics

s this fear of life's completion I'm void of tempting ... She has the love of a dying flower Cntrolled by the ... tarot Tower I run through a valley dancing

Blutengel - In my dreams lyrics

feel the coldness in my heart I wish that you could be with me I wish you could heal my deepest pain And take me ... away from all my fears But I'm trapped in my world of

Patricia Kaas - Space in my heart lyrics

Priest All I really want to do is get you babe ... and hold you tight Never let you go I promise ... you To close my eyes and wait a while And still find you ... there Caring about me instead of just wasting my time

Jump5 - In my heart lyrics

ya, oh ya [Verse 1:] Pick up my dreams That need a ... jump start Give it all that I can I crash and for what ... You stick up for me when I fall hard Take down all my

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Rain in my heart lyrics

I feel, a bit of heaven. It's still lingering in the air ... Then I see memories everywhere. And our room is full of heartache. Every time when I look around. I'm on my

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - Murder in my heart lyrics

used to love a boy I still see him in these rooms His ... head was like the summer And his voice was like the ... moon Sometimes he makes me heavy A deeper shade of blue

John Denver - In my heart lyrics

don't know why We still live together; We're so far ... apart so much of the time. I don't know why This ... beautiful weather is breaking my spirit And tearing my

Evig Natt - In my death i dream of you lyrics

taste of your kiss, soothes my heart Your eyes, looking at me, but you can't see All of my ... pain, of leaving you this way My heart eager to speak ... but silence screams How could I have known? How could I let this

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - In my fathers house (are many mansions) lyrics

father's house are many mansions If it were not true he would have told me so He has gone ... away to live in that bright city He's preparing me a mansion there I know Jesus died

Deepside Deejays - In my heart lyrics

you need that kind of love I need Stay here If you ... need that kind of love I need Stay here I know Im dreaming I gotta feel, that ... everyhting is gonna be alright My heart is beaiting ilove this feeling Im here with you, I see life through

Kiesza - Giant in my heart lyrics

m trying to pretend it isn't true But even when I ... want its like I can't get over you Over you ... Over you, over you And everytime I try and tell you why I

Leo Sayer - I feel a thunder in my hear lyrics

here alone with you Wondering what it is that I'm ... supposed to do There you are with the love light in your eyes ... The bridges are down and your arms ... are open wide Am I in too deep or should I swim to

Caliban - In my heart lyrics

heaviness of my heart seems a burden to me - ... whatever they preach I have to look for people like me ... ans so I have to join the wrong unmindful of virtue I am eggier for the

Irene Cara - Thunder in my heart lyrics

here alone with you Wondiring what it is that Im supposed ... to do And there you are with the love light in your eye ... Standing here alone with you Wondiring what it is

Texas lyricsTexas - In my heart lyrics

can I know which way to turn Between my feelings and my dreams I'm drowning in tennement oceans There is more than this I know ... that in my heart I feel like going home again But, I

Dgm - In my heart lyrics

night in my life so pale, an empty black ... that stuffs all my days Soul so alone, so sad in this place, with the mind I ... skim your face In my room thinking about something

Robyn - In my heart lyrics

things will get better 'cause that's ... what I need I think about the good times that ... we had and now I see that you are living in ... two different places and I don't think it's gonna be a

Nightrage - In my heart lyrics

we plunged into the inferno of life, This is the ... real hell and paradise is only an utopia. A debt ... on the verge of madness In my heart of hearts. Hurt and

Mono Inc. - In my heart lyrics

still count every minute Every look in your eyes ... Every time that you're with me Every kiss, every night Give me hope for my mission ... And support on my way We'll be living in

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Rainin' in my heart lyrics

in my heart since we've been apart I know I ... was wrong darling please come on home You got me cryin' ... about to lose my mind Don't let me cry in vain

Moby lyricsMoby - In my heart lyrics

I want To be up In my heart Be Ohh Just in my heart, ... oh Lord Just in my heart, oh

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - Good old days (feat. kesha) lyrics

wish somebody would have told me that Some day, these will be ... And all these reckless nights you won't regret Someday ... soon, your whole life's gonna change You'll miss

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - Good old days (feat. kesha) lyrics

wish somebody would have told me, babe Some day, these will ... And all these reckless nights you won't regret Someday ... soon, your whole life's gonna change You'll miss

Phora - Pain lyrics

Verse 1:] Although I walk through the valley of ... the shadow of death I fear no man but God as I take ... to stay and they'd just ask me to leave You don't know what

Lotti Helmut - My angel lyrics

were my angel, the love of my life Too long was the distance to be man and wife ... So I said fareweel with pain in my heart To go on with ... our lives half a world apart

Shai Hulud - My heart bleeds the darkest blood lyrics

have to let you die. I have to let you fade. So spare me ... the male accusations. I would have told you those things ... you wanted to hear And I would have cared The way you

Sneaky Sound System - You should have told me lyrics

into my life, like a high chase car collision I'm thinkin to my self "What is ... his mission" To slide into my world: precise precision Centered around me was a

Niil' - Wish i would lyrics

you ever felt like we should quit it all again? And I have never seen the ... signs that you send to me I am working on my best ... Everything was true, but you just don't know

Kristina Debarge - Find it in my heart lyrics

walked the [?] tonight, you asked if I was alright? I told you that I needed ... water And when you looked in my eyes you knew that it was a lie The emptiness is taking

Melanie Fiona - This time lyrics

Verse 1: Melanie Fiona] If only you knew all the love I ... had inside If only I told you That you were my ... greatest pride If only I showed you just how good you

Foreigner - Safe in my heart lyrics

this world, life can be hard on a sensitive girl Who do ... you turn to, when you really need someone Don't give in, ... hold on, and in time The day will come, and you will know That your life has

Big Country - Wildland in my heart lyrics

came home and no one cared Even her friends were unaware That?s how it is when they lose track I ... say hey don?t look back Lassie got loose and made it home

Reba Mcentire - Somebody up there likes me lyrics

can't get used to the hustle I try to keep my actions straight I get caught in the ... bustle I do things I really hate Just when I think I'm ... sinking I hear a voice inside my head Says don't do what

Reo Speedwagon - In my dreams lyrics

was a time some time ago When every sunrise meant ... day But now when the morning light shines in It only disturbs the dreamland where i ... lay, oh where i lay I used to thank the lord when i

Angela Ammons - This is who i am lyrics

many things I've tried in my life Been so many places You ... could say I know some faces well And so many times ... I've cried in the dark With a broken promise Tearing me apart Days go by You're still on my mind And I don't

Frown - Pain of my life lyrics


Accept lyricsAccept - Take him in my heart lyrics

upon a time There was a girl so young and sad And holy ... she went to bed Her body was imaculate Her hair was shinning gold With twenty still a virgin For a virgin rather old

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Christmas in my heart lyrics

IN MY HEART SARAH CONNOR [VERSE 1] ... Every time we say goodbye There's something breaking deep inside I ... tried to hide my feelings to keep myself controlled

Robert Downey Jr. - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams you told me that you really really care ... In my dreams you told me it's a love that can't compare ... So hold me, hold me, hold me, and never ever let me go In my dreams you told me it's a

Dru Hill - In my bed so so def rmx lyrics

My Bed So So Def Rmx [Jermaine Dupri] You wanna dance? ... Ha, I'ma make you dance You wanna ... move? Ha, I'ma make you move Dru Hill come on [Dru Hill] I got this feeling I can't turn it loose

Sebastian Bach - In an empty room lyrics

you sit innocent, your beautiful face Everything all at ... away Even though not everything can be replaced Yesterday ... s gone and you still have today I can see you Hiding behind broken eyes It'll

Heather Headley - In my mind lyrics

Andrew; Sanders, Shannon; Imagine seeing him on the town ... holding another hand She's staring me down so I figure that he told ... her who I am But it don't matter either way what

The Moffatts - Always in my heart lyrics

day I'll finally get the nerve to say ... How I feel, I hide away all the pain I wish ... you'd stay Cause I can't stop my world from crying I'll hold on and I'll keep

Katra - Scars in my heart lyrics

free than a butterfly But I am too weak to try It's over ... now All but the crying part You make me fall ... apart Take me down Wish I had a heart harder than the hardest stone Cause now I must

Slechtvalk - My bleeding heart lyrics

for human blood, Every day I yearn for more With every kill, my human heart turns into ... stone I have killed sworn enemies, betrayed my closest friends I have dishonoured my clan, 'cause I

Dru Hill - In my bed lyrics

nah, this can´t be true I got this feeling And I just ... can`t turn it loose That somebody`s Been getting next to ... Don`t wanna walk around Knowing I was your fool `Cause being the man that I am I just

Heart In Hand - My heart belongs in denmark (ft. josh rogers .. lyrics

you keep a secret? I know I can't. Words fall from my lips like waterfalls, We drown ... in what we call love. The Idea of your pale complexions ... drives me wild. I can't take my eyes off of you

Just Friends - Deep in my heart lyrics


Mors Principium Est - In my words lyrics

lyrics by Ville Viljanen and Jori Haukio] ... Everyday comes a time when I feel my arm is broken the ink from my pen has ran out I ... take another pen I start to from the beginning I start from the end I close

Otis Redding - That's what my heart needs lyrics

left me, for another You told me, he was your lover And I ... on any knee, ooh baby So I'm begging and I'm pleading ... Baby, ooh baby That's What My Heart Needs Ooh baby I'm

Archive - Stick me in my heart lyrics

my heart how I want it Crave the pain you give ... 'Cause I need it Claw away my skin then I see it Losing ... all my mind 'til I find it You are all that cuts and is biting You are all the things that enlight me Take away

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