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Human League - The sound of the crowd lyrics

your hand in a party wave Pass around ... Make a shroud pulling combs through a backwash frame Find the ... copies in a carbon mount Pass around ... Stroke a pocket with a print of a laughing sound Get

Katzenjammer Kabarett - The crowd around lyrics

has he done in his room for 3 days? Lost & ... silent, no one here dares say If he lives, if he’s dead “he ... may have left away!” From time to time, from the door a

Operation Ivy - The crowd lyrics

into the world, deanaesthetized Blurry images fiht their ... way through halfway opened eyes Awakened ... by alarm fifteen minutes of hygeine Twenty minutes of eating thirty seconds

Roy Orbison - The crowd lyrics

go out with the crowd, I play the game Pretending out loud but ... it don’t seem the same For the heart of the crowd is gone ... from sight My part of the crowd is not with me tonight I

Chamillionaire - The crowd goes wild lyrics

you for joining us today for the festivities We have the Chamillitary band, the Chamillionator Stand up and give ... applause, woooo Let the games begin [Hook 1 - x2]

The Blackout - The devil inside lyrics

keeps you waiting What sort of signs do you ... need You’re craving every glance They seem to ... throw your way No love in this room That is your only sentiment Why don’t you take a

Bombshell Rocks - The nonbeliever lyrics

was the first of the nonbelievers They denied every single word he said Though he ... could assure them the men in parade Would lead them into ... even greyer days The Agnostic man made his way through the

Katatonia - The promise of deceit lyrics

Coming through the crowd I hold my head high Straining ... out here dissonance surrounds I hold my ... head high I see the wings behing your back Out here Dissonance surrounds I hold my

Memento Mori ( Swe ) - The passage... + a passenger on psycho's path lyrics

in labyrinths Trapped on threshold to ... reality An invisible twin A shortcut to insanity The loyal best friend that I ... of my vastness of weak spots I had no nobody and neither did

Delta Goodrem - The guardian lyrics

push through the crowd Without looking back To leave ... you behind Took all i had And maybe i'm wrong i might be sorry But what kind ... Would hope for a change Then write a new word On a page

Face Down - The unsung lyrics

tides flood this tainted heart As I walk tall my ... path cuts through the crowd They stare at me, the mindless ... fools They envy me, set free, nevermore ... to follow their rules I Sold my soul Drained of

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The buzz feeling lyrics

the man like general slinger Sa live the life you ... love and love the life you live Cause what is in my hart is design to give But special ... request is to all back stabber should

Jls - The club is alive lyrics

club is alive with the sound of music Who's that girl in the spotlight oo coz she ... turns me on Bring it back back baby baby like ... that Came to the club not lookin' for love

10 Years - Through the iris lyrics

Two circular hues of blue with a gray shade So captivating More than you know ... False perceptions That brought forth these ... questions of Truth, love and hope

Asaf Avidan - Through the gale lyrics

are the roughest seas you're ever ... gonna sail Our hearts and our sails ... are ripped our mast is cracked and frail ... Nothing matters at all. Nothing

Reamonn - Through the eyes of a child lyrics

innocent child, with your open eyes, you´ve ... foul, we really are And I know that we will be tomorrow ... to their how can held this glory day? And I wish that

The Monkees - Through the looking glass lyrics

call my name, then you run for protection I ... reach out to hold you but it's just your reflection Through the looking glass You've ... been looking at your life through a mirror It's time you

Yolanda Adams - Through the storm lyrics

storms of life will blow They're sure to come and go They ... meet me at a time when I'm calm and doing fine But the captain of my soul, he’s ... always on board He rocks me in his arms While riding through the storm While riding through the storm Jesus holds me in

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy - Through the mist that reigns lyrics

the mist that reigns, I see you weeping and reflected ... my mortal scream for redemption Could not unleas myself ... And this suffocating yoke of painful memories

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy - Through the mist that reigns atmospheric conv.. lyrics

the mist that reigns, I see you weeping and reflected ... my mortal scream for redemption Could not unleas myself ... And this suffocating yoke of painful memories

Day Of Fire - Through the fire lyrics

in the flame again I’ll be there to hold your hand Keeping ... you safe until the end And when the flood begins I’ll be there with you to ... stand Walking in faith until the end I’ll see you through the flood I’ll see you through the fire I’ll see you through the

Dbsk - Through the forest lyrics

ddoh ee roh keh peol sseo Jina katji holreo jina katji ... takeu reoh keh Sarang eui choo eok doh ki yok hae bol ... ee sak mak ham Oh~Oh~! Neol wi hae beu reu deon Sarang eui

Hatebreed - Through the thorns lyrics

on Now it's all irrelevant The journey here ... and what it meant The time and distance Others hate ... for my persistence Every stride enlightens It's all begins

The Kids - Through the night lyrics

wanna live day by day No past no ... future All that counts is today Don't wanna sleep ... cause it ain't no fun All I wanna do is having fun with ... you I am afraid of this world Everybody is going

Donald Lawrence - Through the fire lyrics

Verse:] I look in your eyes and I can see you ... ve lived so dangerously You're not ... trusting your heart to anyone You've ... told me you're gonna play it smart You're through before

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Through the years lyrics

fever I have is because of you My body is ... blazing The flames alight and lick at my ear So ... that I can only hear Muddled words ... of you Through the years Too many a trusted

Britt Nicole - Through the eyes of love lyrics

don't let this feeling end It's everything I am Everything I wanna be I can see what ... s mine now Finding out what's true Since I've ... found you Looking through the eyes of love Now I can

Nina - Through the fire lyrics

look in your eyes and I can see We've loved so ... dangerously You're not trusting your heart to anyone You ... tell me you're gonna play it smart We're through before

The Pigeon Detectives - Through the door lyrics

mind how i got all that money money ... doesn't buy me peace of mind never mind that i can't find a reason reason doesn't ... ease these troubled times in this life of degradation

2pm - Through the fire lyrics

through the fire mezase Higher tsukame jounetsu de Desire kono mama ja oware na iya ... tachikire genjitsu no Wire koerare nai kabe nanka ... nai ano jishin o (Bring it back, Bring it back) hitoichibai sore shika nai te o

Queen - Through the night lyrics

me something that'll ease my pain I am ... living life in vain Crying doesn't help me any more ... Tell me something that'll ease my mind I am ... walking the line Trying doesn't get my anywhere I wander through the night All

Reinxeed - Through the fire lyrics

running from left to right trying to find a way to ... survive when the water draws near and all the ... lifeboats are almost gone But ... sadly to say there's no way When they save

Signum Regis - Through the desert, through the storm lyrics

is the end of the journey It's been all enough for me I've seen it all before I've ... heard it all before Time to move on to a better ... place This feels like a cage, there is no more

At The Gates - Through the red lyrics

won't cleanse my soul Racing through me, burning me ... Unpure I'll shine forever Wild darkness boils in my veins ... so tired Through the red With fires of dawn burning in my eyes Through the

Aurora - Through the eyes of child lyrics

world is covered by our trails Scars we cover up with paint Watch them preach in sour ... lies I would rather see this world through the eyes of a ... child Through the eyes of a child... Darker

Bloden-wedd - Through the heaven's eyes lyrics

You're so lonely, but still you carry on There's nothing to fear, your life will ... start here You're a warrior of the night you'll always ... fly away Through the darkest nights your light will always bright Life will go

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Through the rain (remix) (feat. joe and kelly.. lyrics

you get caught In the pouring rain With nowhere to run ... Without anyone and you Get a little bit frightened Cause you ... ve lost your way home But through all the thunder and lightening Just keep praying and keep

Chaka Khan - Through the fire lyrics

in your eyes and i can see We've loved so ... dangerously You're not trusting your heart to anyone You ... tell me you're gonna play it smart We're through before

Charice - Through the years lyrics

t remember when you weren't there When I didn't care for ... anyone but you I swear we've been through ... everything there is Can't imagine anything we've missed

Chris Webby - Through the roof lyrics

Intro) Yeea We goin’ through the mother f***in’ roof You ... know what I mean? (Hook) I’m through the roof I’m through the roof So through the roof

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Through the night lyrics

hand Let me feel you As the sun comes up again I've ... felt So free We left the fight We left the cold ... And the darkness Tried to take us down I've

Aretha Franklin - Through the storm lyrics

this world it's hard You know Lovers ... never seem to hold on to what they've got. Some they never ... stay together You and I will be no better We can

Frozen Dawn - Through the gates of hate lyrics

darkness, endless pain and evil anger Surrounding the deep ... of an abyssal void Flowing around cold edges Like a ... Unholy thunders Never ending pain Creeping death Through the gates of hate Cold

Gogol Bordello - Through the roof 'n' underground lyrics

there is trap, set up for you In ... every corner of this town And so you learn the ... only way to go is underground When there's a ... trap set up for you In every corner of your room

Ken Hensley - Through the eyes of a child lyrics

think you're so sophisticated With your lady-like ... ways Your life is so complicated Do you remember the ... days? Looking through You're looking through the

Hey! Say! Jump - Through the night lyrics

gonna let it go I can make it through the night This is ... my life I can make it through the night Kizu o kasaneta ... Everyday moga kitsuzuketa All night long Dare

Jim O'rourke - Through the night softly lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Kenziner - Through the fire lyrics

march through the mud, to the field we’re sure we’ll die ... As we look around, it’s all we realize To kill in ... war, the queen says it’s so No reason given, our

Koda Kumi - Through the sky lyrics

goto ga moshi mo Kanaerareru yoru wo ... Mukaerareta nara kimi no koto Ichiban ni omou ... deshou Furikaette mireba Akaru omoide tachi Kimi to no kizuna wo atatameteku

Alison Krauss - Through the morning, through the night lyrics

me when I tell you I will try to understand Believe ... me when I tell you I could never kill a man But ... to know that another man’s holding you tight ... Hurts me little darling Through the morning, through the night The bond has been

Kt Tunstall - Through the dark lyrics

i walk away i look over my shoulder to see ... what i'm leaving behind peaces of puzzels and ... wishes on eyelashes fainted oooooh! how do i show ... all the love inside my heart well this is

Lion's Share - Through the clouds lyrics

me You’d always be by my side You’d never walk away from ... me But then one day I still remember Just like it was ... yesterday You told me now it’s over And through the

Nana Mizuki - Through the night lyrics

ni amai kotoba toka yori chikaku ni ite hoshii no ... nozomu koto bakari kangaeru yori nozomarete itai to kizuki dashite ... hontou no jibun to omottari nai mono nedari da to

New Eden - Through the make believe lyrics

your eyes and sleep again, dream another dream I'll ... be by your side my friend, through the make believe Through the

Pain Of Salvation - Through the distance lyrics

I was a child I saw her every day I never ... touch her Scared to break the spell And now the years ... And all that could have been is left behind 'cause. I

Matt Pokora - Through the eyes lyrics

can watch disaster Yes, without pain See a million ... people Standing homeless in the rain You can read about it ... Be outraged You can change the channel Turn the page It is somebody's problem Not your

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