I Never Believe A Thing You Say But You Know I Like It Anyway lyrics

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Jack Johnson - Don't believe a thing i say lyrics

s in retrograde Don't believe a thing I say You know I ... don't believe that stuff My mind's only made of dust The ... echo always said get real Mostly I just go by feel Kick it first if it don't start

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Like it or not lyrics

don't you know, I've been on my own But I'm ... coming home. And I'd like you to be there, I feel a little ... cold in the air, And you're not anywhere. You're just

Hot Chickens - Believe what you say lyrics

believe what you say When you say you're going steady with ... nobody else but me I believe what you say when you say you don't kiss Nobody else but ... me I believe, do believe I believe, yea believe pretty baby Believe you're going steady with nobody else but me

Saving Jane - You say lyrics

ve been calling and calling for you But you answer and ... I shut my mouth I've been searching and and searching for you, but myself I don't want to ... be found. You say I am You say let go You say believe But it's not that easy for me You say wait You say right now

Everything But The Girl - Never could have been worse lyrics

day she love you more but you couldn't care less, you ... left me open mouthed and I couldn't eat a thing. Oh ... Dark glasses hide an eye thickened with pain,

Brother Ali - You say (puppy love) lyrics

Verse 1:] You say I made you fall in love with me Wish I ... could make you fall in love with you You believed in the magic that us could be And what ... that you and I means one could do Every instinct you had said run from me

Neck Deep - Say what you want lyrics

m coming home I'll be with you tomorrow, I'll see you soon ... I'll wake up next to you, As long as you still want me to ... Can't stand this place, Is there anything here left for

Art Of Dying - Say what you need to say (acoustic) lyrics

know it's never been perfect I remember the time you said it ... was worth it Just like this run down apartment It's not ... what it seems, it can be what we make it I want you To

Cheap Trick - You say jump lyrics

say jump, I said how high You say no, I don't ask why You ... treat me like a fool, like you do Kick me when I'm down and ... out Out with you I wish I was Instead I'm sittin' all alone tonight, well You've

Lindsey Buckingham - You do or you don't lyrics

in exile ain't the way to go It's just another way of dying ... A whole lot of faces that you call your own All those faces are crying You either ... run or you hide Now you slip now you slide You say you will, but you won't You either

Eminem lyricsEminem - Say what you say lyrics

Dr. Dre] Huh, so I'm out the game huh? [Eminem] Yo Dre, we ridin? [Dr ... Dre] Whatever [Eminem] Well I'm witchu homie ... [Dr. Dre] Ok, Let's handle this small shit [Eminem] I was born to brew up

Call The Cops - Like it like that lyrics

Cause you know I like it like that And I'll teach you ... something like that And I know you like it like that You ... ve heard, about my reputation Of rumors spread by haters

Drew Seeley - Why cant you say that you're mine lyrics

feel like all the love you gave has gone to waste But I’m ... not mad that what he had, he couldn’t appreciate I’ll taste your salty tears ... when I kiss them all away The way that you need me to

Aly And Aj - Like it or leave it full lyrics

say you don't know me You say you don't owe me You say that you won't be happy waiting You think that you're worth it You think you deserve it You want it all right now, your way

Dressy Bessy - The things that you say that you do lyrics

m on a massive high I didn't even need it Though it's ... passed me by With the following option Soon decide I'm waiting in your corner For the calming sounds that I like.

M.o - You don't know me like that lyrics

face strong, high heels on You can look but don't touch, that's not on I kill your flow, ... everyone knows (everyone, everyone) Yeah, ... everyone knows If you ain't talking business, don't be

De/vision - You say... lyrics

love with the idea of love Rend the silence draw some blood for me Evoke this memory Retrieve me from oblivion Break away from all your ... idle dreams Life's never what it seems You say, you say

Deuce - "it's alright, it's okay" lyrics

s alright, yeah, it's okay Keep saying my name, you ... won't put me to shame Say what you say, but you are nothing ... to me Two can play this game, but I ain't going away You can keep on talking But homie, I am not stopping You wanna give me your problems I ain

Kaiser Chiefs - Like it too much lyrics

nights of old They lined the roads Off with their ... heads And always lead Opinion polls Going in and out ... of Another state of Try not to be obvious

Faith Hill - Just to hear you say that you love me lyrics

I could win your heart If you'd let me in your heart I'd ... be so happy, baby Just for these arms to be ... Holding you close to me There's nothing in this world I won't try No limit to what I'd do to make you

Judas Priest - You say yes lyrics

were sayin' you want to rip it Paint the town red Wanna ... do the hot spots, get it in the head You drivin' me crazy, I know your game You done ... it all before, you'll do it all again You say "Yes

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Do what you wanna do (dave don't like it) lyrics

- I know it's time to realize, I - I know the love you ... felt for me has died, I - try to cope with the pain inside But I just realize that ... I cannot hide the feelings that I have inside... Hear me...

Ricky Nelson - Never be anyone else but you lyrics

ll never be anyone else But you for me Never ever be Just ... couldn't be Anyone else but you If I could take my pick ... Of all the girls I've ever known Then I'd come and pick you

Lea Salonga - Say that you love me lyrics

morning starts to shine with teardrops in my eyes And ... here I am alone starting to realize That my days would be brighter If I could learn to hide The feelings that I have

Marcus & Martinus lyricsMarcus & Martinus - Like it like it (feat. silentó) lyrics

re the type of girl that got everything that I'm looking for I like your new Yeezys ... the love, your style Girl you're beautiful Yeah, the way you walk and the way you talk You're incredible I like it like it I like it like it I

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - You always get your way lyrics

then I guess that´s it then As you trip on my rug on your way out the door To your new ... found freedom You always get your way Happy We can´t be happy For I´ve learned That reality is only opinion We disagreed, dear Some opinion can´t persuade C

Kenny Rogers - But you know i love you lyrics

the morning sun streaks across my room And I've waken ... up from another dream of you Yes I'm on the raod, once again it seems All I've left behind, is a chain of broken dream

Rosi Golan - Say it anyway lyrics

love begins with a lot of hope, every love begins encase In gold Oh you never fear what you never know will ... be I remember times when you took my hand You might as

Lauren Daigle - You say lyrics

keep fighting voices in my mind that say I'm not enough ... Every single lie that tells me I will never measure up Am I more than just a ... song of every high and every low Remind me once again just who I am because I

Jamie Cullum - Anyway lyrics

bit philosopher with pointless proclamations on his t ... shirt Holding it together through a futuristic world that can't be much ... worse What did you say, what did you do, what did you

Gary Allan - Like it's a bad thing lyrics

say, I drive a little fast Say, I like to push the limit ... Everyday I'm living like it was my last They say, Im proud ... of my scars Each one tells a story Got guts and glory down

Nonpoint - Done it anyway lyrics

would have dont it anyway Were gonna free you all And make you all one of us ... bullshit) Were gonna find everyone And make them pay ... for this(bullshit) Go ahead have some more It wont hurt you

Evans Blue - Say it lyrics

Daniel Chandler;Joseph Daniel Lauzon Say it, explain yourself, go on Just hang yourself No one takes pride from ... pain Save your game No one believes you anyway Save it, you know you've been shut down Your shit's been figured out And all your wa

Eskimo Callboy - Never let you know lyrics

I wish I could turn back the time to the day when I gave my ... heart away, to the day when you took it and ran away from me. ... If I could change I would change everything but I hope one

Ricky Nelson - Believe what you say lyrics

believe what you say When you say you're going steady With ... nobody else but me I believe what you say When you say ... you don't kiss Nobody else but me [Chorus] I believe (I believe) Do believe (do believe) I believe (I believe) Yeah believe,

Career Soldiers - Never believe lyrics

d rather spend eternity in hell Than live a life on ... my f***ing knees F*** you and your god's rules I live ... my life according to me You say that everything will be

Gloriana - You said lyrics

said I'd never regret Having you lying here in my bed You told ... me that a love like this Don't come along but once in ... a lifetime You said a lot of things You said a lot of things You

Ministry - Never believe lyrics

anybody here? is everybody here? the service is about to begin! i make my servant by fires insidious instead of the laughter, ... there's the last of the separated jewels i'll make dust of

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - It's not enough lyrics

I wake up, in the morning And I turn around and you're ... not there Oh it hurts to know you're still so far away ... Though I know deep inside you still care And I want you,

Barenaked Ladies - Say what you want lyrics

what you want 'Cause I can't hear you anyway Go where you will I won't steer you or lead you either way Did you ... just fail to mention That maybe I can make you smile again

Estelle - You and i (you are) ft. john legend lyrics

Estelle:] Every little Every little [John ... Legend:] The first time I met you You were so quiet and cool you Never thought that you would kiss my heart the

K-ci & Jojo - It's me lyrics

up, love I know I'm not the one that you've ... been speakin' of Rumors start But all the time I was the ... one who gave you so much love You came along I was already in the game before I picked you up You

Moose Blood - Anyway lyrics

you remember when your hair was long mum Do you remember ... when dad could drink I guess so much has changed ... here lately But I'm so proud of you and him

Ratt - Take it anyway lyrics

you keep kickin' Anne you can roll me to any day I know ... that you want me Don't want to see me waste my time ... Runnin' into you yeah is giving' me a different taste I'm

Keith Richards - Will but you won't lyrics

will but you won't, you do but you don't The more that you say, you don't do it anyway You know that you don't. Ooh you've ... got it in for me, you always did anyway It's a sin to me, yeah. Guilty or not, it's time

Lil Eddie - Never let go lyrics

do you say when you can't even look the one you love ... in the face all you can think about is what price are you're gonna pay everything i ... worked so hard for i blew it away just for a moment so

Oceans Red - Like you lyrics

don't understand it at all Maybe you're getting older And your game is over But I'm not ... gonna be just like you And look like you And live my ... life like you Oh, did you forget it all When you're against the world And you're losing control? Then I don't wanna

Public Enemy - Say it like it really is lyrics

up Back atcha Gettin it on Still wide awake 6 in ... the mornin Still comin atcha Till the breaka dawn This ... revolution goes on and on Stop that Askin Do

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Say what you gotta say lyrics

you, to me have the key Can it be, I'm dreaming? Now you ... re here with me I can't believe, tell me am I dreaming? ... It's the right time, we both know For you to be stepping back into my life We wasn't happy,

Martina Mcbride - Whatever you say lyrics

think i'm always makin Something outta nothing You're saying everything's ok You've always got an answer Before I ask ... the question Whatever you say We can change the subject

The Gone Jackals - You don't know a thing about me lyrics

let me slide, baby, on a sheet of thin ice. Askin' no ... questions and receiving no lies. You speak to me in parables, you manufacture truth - ... my time is your's, just wake me up when you're through.

Ja Rule - Never again lyrics

talking] Uh, you make a lot of mistakes in life ... Those same mistakes keep callin us back, pullin us in What ... the f***'s wrong with niggas? [Chorus] Never again

Sammie - I like it lyrics

i wish that i could spend time with You each and every day Praying about my love and ... emotions That's the thing that's got me open and i Don't know What it takes to let you know your my Girl to let you know

James Durbin - You can't believe lyrics

black, too white, too left, too right Too ... thin, too wide, don't waste your time That's what they say, ... no other way Don't buy it all, don't buy it all Too rich, too poor, too prude, too

Nas lyricsNas - You won't see me tonight lyrics

Nas + (Timbaland)] (What?) Ever been in love? (C'mon) ... Yeah.. are you ready? (uhh) For somethin real? ... (Say what?) Cause it can't be fake This ain't no game (C'mon) You gotta be wit

Apple Fiona - Never is a promise lyrics

ll never see the courage I know Its colors' richness won't appear within your view I'll never glow - the way that you glow ... Your presence dominates the judgements made on you

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Say goodbye lyrics

we gotta talk Dang I know I know it's just It's just... Some ... things I gotta get of my chest alright.... ... Yeahhhh... Whoa, whoa, whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

Fiona - Never is a promise lyrics

ll never see the courage I know It's color's richness won't appear within your view I'll never glow the way that you glow Your presence dominates the

Fiona Apple - Never is a promise lyrics

ll never see the courage I know Its colors' richness won't appear within your view I'll never glow the way that you glow Your presence dominates the

Samantha Fox - You started something lyrics

the beginning I wasn't certain We said we'd take it day by ... day I thought that you were like all the others Then you ... stole my heart away I thought we'd come to some kind of understanding I thought

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