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Ride The Sky - Break the chain lyrics

1 My heart in so full of sorrow, so full ... of revenge I can't sleep, the night is like horror Feels like I'm losing my mind Pre ... Chorus 1 Can't eat, I can't sleep I feel like a

Jon Secada - Break the walls lyrics

our way You'll always feel the same Through my eyes, my ... love Whenever you're around The things I've lost I've found I found in you Under the stars

Schoolboy Q - Break the bank lyrics

Verse 1] F*** rap, I've been rich, crack by my stick shift Oxy like concerts, ... always my bread first GetMine my nickname, O-X and cocaine Nina my new thing, blew up

Nick  Jonas lyricsNick Jonas - Break the silence lyrics

What went wrong We lost the key to our song yea But we ... had it made for so long There were nights by your side I ... would cry cause the flame was gone yea No

Icarus Witch - Break the cycle lyrics

s a war inside my head It's getting the best of me I ... m finding it hard to separate The truth from your ... legacy When I'm drinking myself numb I come to believe That this is the gift and

Dream Evil - Break the chains lyrics

up he's been, into his cell They said he has to overcome his ... fears Living in darkness now for so long Sinking in sorrow and tears ... Why don't you break the chains Break the chains Released

Oh Land - Break the chain lyrics

hand surrounds me I feel the walls around me closing in ... And my chest is getting tighter Cold winds are blowing ... on What you left hanging in the air And your words are getting louder She said Sorry

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Break the ice lyrics

do you stare at me? It's hard to please when you're ... feeling ill at ease Hey let it go ... You have feelings inside let them show Grim craven mind

Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers - Bang to break the drum lyrics

like an elephant memory, he ... and never fades She turned his stomach upside down as she ... played the queen of spades They pistol-whipped an outcome, tossed a coin and called a draw

For Today - Break the cycle (feat. matty mullins) lyrics

have we become? A broken mirror reflecting only darkness. ... Disrupted visions and closed off hearts; We ... away from those we're sent to love. But now I hear your

Guano Apes - Break the line lyrics

can get it come and climb under my skin overtake it ... pushing me on a fast lane come ... get away noone knows you like i do we will pass it if ... you let the tires kiss the ground you should go ahead

India Arie - Break the shell lyrics

met a prophet dark as the night She could see into my ... soul Said she'd been watching and had some advice She said shadows make you whole A life without pain is a wolf in

Arkaea - Break the silence lyrics

into a world of hatred and disease, a new life create to ... breed for the machine. Sacrifice yourself to gratify the ... urge, realize we're just a number here to

Clark Tena - Break the chains lyrics

raise my arms to the sky On my knees I pray I'm ... not afraid anymore I will walk through that door ... Walk, dance, rise Walk, dance, rise I can ... see a world where we all live Safe and free from all

Gormathon - Break the chains lyrics

way, One will, One life I'll pay the price I walk thru ... dark dimensions Enslaved to my pain Bound to walk thru time In rage and fury My ... weakness I shall know And stronger I

Macbeth ( Ita ) - Break the circle lyrics

many ways to die so young Too many times we smell sweet lies Another one promises the ... moon Another king who steals our sky I ... take the time to break the circle Through dark nights I’ll find my way I take the time to break the circle Feeling fine I’ll find my way

Narnia - Break the chains lyrics

For Life From The Cold Emptiness Ready For The Storms To ... BLow But You've Heard It All Before You've Seen It ... All Before But There's Something More I Know Something

Dawn Of Destiny - Break the silence lyrics

the house At the lake where the sun refuses to shine The ... rumors say That something happened here But no one ... out there remembered They say a boy was killed Disappeared without a reason

Motionless In White - Break the cycle lyrics

compromise as I fight to break the cycle And bring an end to this suffering I'm a shadow, ... a black out, a storm in the background One man's whisper ... is another's scream Searching between all the lines

Oi Polloi - Break the mould lyrics

adolescent suicide 'Cos you don't look the ... part Killed by the glossy magazines That brainwashed you from the start ... Photos of models in expensive clothes Designer haircuts

Girl On Fire - Break these chains lyrics

into blood-red elegant flame ... As she travels through your veins She's kept me locked up in ... this prison Throwing away the key is my last vision Break, break, break These f***ing

The Hush Sound - Break the sky lyrics

of days lost holding you down You'll look for ... me, but I won't be found. The bluebirds flutter in my chest ... Oh, they want to sing.. You'll have to break me

James Bay - Need the sun to break lyrics

m halfway gone, sleepless I'm battle-worn You're all I ... want, bring me the dawn I need the sun to break, you've ... woken up my heart I'm shaking, all my luck could change

Exotype - Break the silence lyrics

is the day everything will change. I’m gonna take ... every ounce of trust Now there is no us left for me to believe So I believe in me You ... every ounce of trust Now there is no us left for me to believe So I believe in me. This is my time to rise and break

Kdrew - Break the house lyrics

Electronic, Music Released: 17 December 2013 ... ℗ 2013 Indie Music Group Artist: KDrew Album: Break The ... House (Single

Lord Of The Lost - Dry the rain lyrics

s getting colder And darker every ... day And all the bloodred flowers Slowly turn ... to grey We need some wind To blow the clouds away we need ... a sun to dry the rain We need to break the chain of

Metalium - Break the spell lyrics

You Believe It There's No Denial I Am The Reaper Harvest ... Your Fire Feed On Your Hate See ... My Eyes Glowing Red Watching You Burning Your Bridges ... Death In My Wake And I'm Onto Your Trail Spilling The

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Break the spell lyrics

the winter when the cold comes And the wind ... blows with a scornful spite And the hard ground feels ... barren And the forest is deathly quiet And the whole

The Kelly Family - Break the walls lyrics

t wanna seduce you, but I did Didn't wanna abuse you, but ... I did Didn't wanna accuse you There's ... a dark side of me That doesn't wanna ... Don't wanna mislead you, but I do Don't

Nine Lashes - Break the world lyrics

oh Oh-oh You never know this was an empty smile Or that ... my days have felt like this for a quite a while But no ... one seems to see it It's like a whole world just keep

Dark Illusion - Break the chains lyrics

you! Standing In the crowd I've got a message for you that ... you can scream out loud It goes: when you're stuck in a ... cage You should Break the Chains and find a way of your own

F(x) - Need to feel needed lyrics

ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Stop don’t turn that lock Hold ... that key don’t drop It won’t take too long it ... won’t take too long Stop with all the games This ain’t

Narita - Break the ice lyrics

in the night, in the streets where there’s so cold ... Seeing young people, poor people, ... without a place to go You may hear the cries ... from a man who’s in need Maybe your helping hand will

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - Break the silence lyrics

makes me get through this What makes it worth it Is the hope for a better day What ... you don't notice, What you lost focus on Is I'm not the type to break

Seventh Wonder - Break the silence lyrics

think about love and the things that I've done... A heart ... open wide and I stabbed a knife How could I feel, the way ... that I felt? I'd swear it was love and was heaven sent

Climie Fisher - Break the silence lyrics

you say and you hear what I say Truth is we don't seem to see things the same way Such ... isolation with no communicatian Truth is the truth isn't ... safe from temptation But how could I walk away

Hooverphonic - The last thing i need is you lyrics

hey, what a glorious day it's been, Oh lord, look at the mess I'm in. My car broke ... down, So I waited for a shuttle bus, It ... never came, instead, I got the rain... I broke a heel, I chipped a nail, I lost the dog,

Mac Miller - Break the law lyrics

high, breaking laws Get high, breaking laws Yeah, ... okay, I wake up with the taste of p**** still in my ... mouth Bitch in my bed, homegirl still asleep on the couch

Hanker - The infernal depths beneath lyrics

ve been playing all those years Don't care ... what you might say I've been singing all my fears ... Don't care who you might pray Bridge I: I've ... been running with the devil Even if it's lame I've

Six Feet Under - Break the cross in half lyrics

from another realm of death Now walks ... here A bloody corpse trapped in this world to feed On the living on the sick the rotten ... human Waste will be punished will suffer now for

Chrom - Break the chains lyrics

ve let you down so I can move on Cause I can’t ... stand the way you are Don’t wanna lose ... my face for no one This is my chance to be apart Now ... you’re the worst thing in my life And I don’t need this

Dj Frankie Wilde - Need to feel loved lyrics

catch me babe, I'm fallin' Come and save me baby, I'm ... callin' Come and be with me babe, come as you are ... Come, catch a fire babe, don't let me fade

From First To Last - Note to self lyrics

roads... split off from here, and my life ... goes running in opposite directions. Exaggerating the ... barrier between who I am, and who I want to be. I wanted to be that breath of

Killswitch Engage - Break the silence lyrics

I live and breathe I am watching, watching a world die We ... greet this with apathy No longer ... We walk through each day With no mind for deprivation

Reflekt - Need to feel loved (adam k & soha vocal mix) lyrics

catch me babe, I'm fallin' Come and save me baby, I'm ... callin' Come and be with me babe, come as you are ... Come, catch a fire babe, don't let me fade

Exousia - Break the silence lyrics

your eyes and look up there feel in your body and mind ... the power of the Lord. Open your heart and ... say this pray with me that can change your life like mine Bridge: Open

Light This City - The static masses lyrics

when I was younger I could feel your slimy sculptor's hands shaping every uneven ... of my body after your fantasies. Forever crafted to a silent excessive perfection. Fingers digging out all visible

Corrosion Of Conformity - Break the circle lyrics

Desolate Condition Of Man Laid To Waste Born Again, Dead ... Again, Once Again Take Me Out Of This Place ... You're In Violation, You Cross The Line The Line You Found Within Your Mind

Devil You Know - Break the ties lyrics

the end of the earth we run Blistering from ... the rising sun And we know that we ... don't belong Where did we take a turn so wrong I ... ve laid it all on the altar I've stumble but never falter

The Cardigans - I need some fine wine and you you need to be .. lyrics

good man and a pretty young girl Trying to play together ... somehow, I'm wasting my life, you're changing the world, ... I get drunk and watch your head ... grow It's the good times that we share and the bad

Crystal Viper - The anvil of hate lyrics

written in the forgotten scrolls of the old ... faith The truth will be waiting for you - behind the gate ... Take the magic demons' dagger, to protect ... your men Queen of hell will show you the way, go and find her! Remember about the

Azrael (jap.) - Break the ice lyrics

heart You're getting wild and rough day by day But I ... know, in fact, you're longing for a helping had Solitude ... you want to say goodbye to such life "Leave me

No Bragging Rights - To the people i consider cowards lyrics

lost our way, eyes loaded with all we tried to save, ... when did it go wrong? I can't live holding a clock in ... my hands, but that's something about me you'll never

Raven - Break the chain lyrics

ve waited too many times It's got to be now, It's got to ... be right All night I''ve studied the signs It's got to be ... now, It's flight or fight Can't back out Too

Sneaker Pimps - The fuel lyrics

ve got the fuel in my head From the flesh I need to break sweat I've got the ... fuel and I might get offensive I might be some threat ... Want backdoors, want blood on the sheets again Give me

2unlimited - Break the chain 1 lyrics

- "A" - Anita "R" - Ray ... R:Now it's time to break it A:Come on Come On Come on ... Come on R:Break it down A:I wanted to break your chain,

2unlimited - Break the chain lyrics

it's time to break it Come on Come On Come on ... Come on Break it down I wanted to break your chain, ... Yeah Make the right chioce in life You gotta do it now

Bedwetters - Break the silence lyrics

resides beneath the eye Not far from hope in the ... mind nearby Hate guides my teeth to deny But I'd ... rather choke than try to lie Living has not been this

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