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I Need A Little Lovin In My Lifea Little Bit Of Love lyrics

Browse for I Need A Little Lovin In My Lifea Little Bit Of Love song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Need A Little Lovin In My Lifea Little Bit Of Love lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Need A Little Lovin In My Lifea Little Bit Of Love.

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Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Little bit of love lyrics

at you baby The picture of a broken man Your confidence is shaken The world caved in ... on you again But I know what to do to ease the pain And ... bring you back to life again, , , [Chorus I] A little bit of love Can go a

Rebecca St. James - Little bit of love lyrics

are millions in this world today Searching for something that can take away the pain Why ... don't we show them a little of God's love? Show his love

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Little bit of love lyrics

believe If you give A little bit of love To those you ... live with A little bit of love Oh oh oh Has gotta come ... your way. Well in my mind It's easy To lose sight of the

Brandy - In my own little corner lyrics

as mild and as meek as a mouse When I hear a command ... I obey But I know of a stop in my house where no ... one can stand in my way In my own little corner In my

Evig Natt - In my death i dream of you lyrics

taste of your kiss, soothes my heart Your eyes, looking at ... me, but you can't see All of my pain, of leaving you this way ... My heart eager to speak, but silence screams How

Jeff Bridges - What a little bit of love can do lyrics

know that you've been feeling down and blue There ain't ... nothing really wrong with you You just need a little ... tending to Let me show you what a little bit of love can do

Lissie - Little lovin lyrics

farmer Noted charmer Forgot the field Mississippi moonchild Drivin’ him ... wild Forgot to yield IO-way hey day Day dreamin’ someday Be better off By Georgia

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Just a little bit of love lyrics

a little bit of love I was alone, I was afraid I couldn ... t face another day of pain in my life oh oh oh I called your ... name and you were there Just like an answer to a prayer You made it all right oh yeah So

Ricochet - A little bit of love lyrics

she was trouble when she asked me to dance And two ... songs later things got out of hand Well she gave me a ride ... in her brand new car Going ninty miles an hour underneath

Nina Simone - I want a little sugar in my bowl lyrics

want a little sugar in my bowl I want a little ... sweetness down in my soul I could stand some lovin' Oh ... so bad I feel so funny and I feel so sad I want a little steam on my clothes Maybe I can fix things up so

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Little angel lyrics

or later, when the time is right, you know that I'll be waiting here And I'm sure that ... you will find your way to me Baby I'll be ready, ... I've had so many lonely nights I want a love that feels

Nelly lyricsNelly - In my life lyrics

turn the mic up I haven't been in here in 5 years And keep the lights on we got ... company Ok, I don't think they gon' really understand ... this one right here man Not at all not at all We got a special guest in the house tonight

Donovan - Little boy in corduroy lyrics

little boy in corduroy a little girl in lace a little ... coy jump for joy colour in a space little boy in ... corduroy after me say save a sunny wish for a rainy day

The Professionals - Little boys in blue (early version) lyrics

just a honky peck little piggy-boy Little boys in blue ... they got a job to do In a uniform, they tell you what to do ... They help old ladies across the street Direct the

Carson Lueders - My own little world - matthew west lyrics

my own little world it hardly ever rains I've never ... gone hungry, always felt safe I got some money in my ... pocket, shoes on my feet In my own little world: population

Cutty Sark - Love the world away lyrics

when I see you walking in his loving arms And when I hear him talking with sweet loving charmes Deep in my heart a storm ... of heat is breaking lose all night So understand that all I need is just to hold you tight And then I see you glancing to my loving eyes And then I start

Europe - In my time lyrics

found the strength I'm breathing again And I've told myself ... I'm still a lucky man 'Cause when I thought I couldn't ... start anew When it's dark A light shines through In my time I got to love you Well,

Manic Street Preachers - My guernica lyrics

m small and I'm tired I'm blurred to bits and wired I'm nothing in this universe ... Nothing but pieces of dust Appearing in more ... repeats The mirror man has seen defeat Hide away, be

Little Dragon - My step lyrics

a net my arms came tied in string Enter a world special made ... for kings Deep in my heart a simple love Now that Im caught the distance of.... My step slide lightning fight

Evig Natt - In my darkest hour lyrics

I wonder what lies beyond this world Eternal darkness, ... must be better than this Living in hope, aching for your last touch Will I ever feel again? Will I ever feel again?

The Adicts - Put yourself in my hands lyrics

is nothing to be scared of In my trap Frightened of Love ... Don't try to fight me You might even like me Sends a shiver down your spine Tod you ... that you would be mine Hush baby now don't you cry Oh don't

Caliban - In my heart lyrics

heaviness of my heart seems a burden to me - whatever they ... preach I have to look for people like me ... ans so I have to join the wrong unmindful of virtue I am eggier for the pleasure of love more than for salvation - I am seized by desire but I have to keep th

Renaissance - In my life lyrics

I could be here for you today I would change all my ways ... Show you how I really care Night and day I'd be there All ... the moments I wasted then Calling you on the phone All

Robert Downey Jr. - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams you told me that you really really care In my dreams you told me it's a love that can't compare So hold ... me, hold me, hold me, and never ever let me go In my dreams you told me it's a love that can't compare In my

Bronski Beat - In my dreams lyrics

start crying In my dreams Can't sleep at night No point in living No place to run, no ... place to hide I want love to stay with me Close by ... your side Living in my dreams I want love to stay with

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - In my hood lyrics

Verse 1] Niggas screw they face up at me On some real shit ... son, they don't want beef I cock that, aim that shit out ... the window Spray, there ain't a shell that bend my heat

Emmelie De Forest - Soldier of love lyrics

you think that we can grow? Do you think that we ... can grow in the same way? Do you think that we can ... know? I don’t think that is ever gonna change ‘Cause

Alice Taylor - In my dreams lyrics

can´t be wrong, Love that is so strong. In you I find ... the only one touch my heart so strong. You gave me this, it´s magic, think. I was ... waiting for so long. Ref: In my dreams I think of you In my

Barclay James Harvest - In my life lyrics

my life I have seen so many things Some were true and some ... were not what they seemed In my life I've seen love and I've ... seen loss There've been times when I did not count the

Neil Diamond - In my lifetime lyrics

boy, you got the address On the street of ... unknowns Big man smokin' on a cigar, Dealin' on the ... Hey boy, look out for flim-flam If you wanna go real far

Neil Finn - In my blood lyrics

a curious sound bone collectors ... rustling leaves on their knees Many poets in this ... town Look high and low for feelings that come and go Sweeping the past out of their windows and doors Well

Europe - Little bit of lovin lyrics

a little bit of lovin' And I'll treat you right Give a little bit of lovin' And I'll ... stay the night Just like a gypsy I come to town I've ... been longin' for that girl I left behind I might be a

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Little bit of soul lyrics

You been used You been crucified and You been abused You ... been sacrificen and Now you're confused Ain't ... it the truth You got a hole in your head And a cold

Jamie Lidell - Little bit of feel good lyrics

the sound of your voice Drowning out all my noise When you ... call my name mysteriously All the source to let me see ... Little bit of feel good goes a long way I need your touch

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Little bit of everything lyrics

wish I could take a cab down to the creek And hang a disco ball from an old oak ... tree Smoke and drink once in a while Somehow it'd be good ... for me I want a cool chick that'll cook for me But'll dance

Serena Ryder - Little bit of red lyrics

whoo Hey you, say you Wanna start over again Like I ... ever wanted it To be any different I've been watching all your colours fade To blue ... Said you'd come back Like I wanted you, wanted you

Gjan - Need your love lyrics

look in my eyes, what kind of death you see? Look up in ... the sky, what do you see? It's Raining. My heart starts ... to bleed, but it's still beating. Time is running out, i need to do last thing. To save my

The Kooks - In my opinion lyrics

only I could find, a little piece of my mind, I'll take you ... out, and we'd sit, Beneath the moon of what I did, Inside of you, I do see, You ... would love to be free, So take it now, it's your right,

Sham 69 - Little bit of this lyrics

s that face in the council estate Looks like he's been staying up late Drug me up and what do I see A little bit of ... you and a little bit of me Little bit of this and a little bit of that Little bit of this and a little bit of that Little bit of this and a little bit of

The Kinks - Little bit of emotion lyrics

all the people With hatred in their eyes I can't help thinking that It's only a disguise Cause underneath that ... There's got to be more Than what we realize Maybe

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Country in my soul lyrics

I like a little Captain in my coke. You know I like a little good time in my smoke, With a pair of tan legs hangin' off the tailgate, Underneath ... the bridge down Harrison Road, I like fried chicken right off the bone, I like my

Atomic Rooster - Little bit of inner air lyrics

power in the air Mushroom's sticky sweet ... flower just siiting there I gave some to my love and she ... lost all her hair I aint got nothing to give now ... 'cept a little bit of inner air Seven sunshine women in a

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - In my veins lyrics

m an addict, a junkie, a fiend. I gotta have it, it ... keeps callin' for me. I need a fix, a quick hit. My body's achin' hand are shakin' for it. ... It's like dope, man, cause it's so dope man. I'm a

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Sugar in my bowl lyrics

he ain't gettin' off the hook this time, baby I ... want a little sugar in my bowl I want a little ... sweetness down in my soul I could stand some lovin', oh

April Wine - Strange kind of love lyrics

woman, you play at night Under darkness, you make ... everything alright You wave your magic, and I'm in your ... spell It may be trouble, but it's too ... soon to tell I'll go out the back door, if

All 4 One - Colors of love lyrics

is a color - that i'm seeing for the very first time in the skies - in your eyes ... every time we're together and you put your little hand in ... mine blue is a feeling - that i'm never gonna have

Krokus - Love will survive lyrics

s happenin' in my life An' I think it must be love I can ... feel that springtime itchy foolin' Stirrin' up my ... blood Guess I'm... high Yes I'm... high Guess I

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Lovin' on the earth lyrics

On The Earth do You think about Love ? so What do You ... think about ? do You think about Life ? so What do You ... feel within ? all the Things You see accumulate the

First Arsch - In the name of love lyrics

burns and glows without flame? What lives and grows without rain? What brings a smile that lasts for a little while That makes me cry without ... shame? How can you please me then torture And tease

Harry Belafonte - In the name of love lyrics

burns and glows without flame? What lives and grows without rain? What brings a smile that lasts for a little while That makes me cry without ... shame? How can you please me then torture And tease

Eurythmics lyricsEurythmics - You have placed a chill in my heart lyrics

Where there's got to be A whole heap of nothing For ... you and me Take me to the desert Take me ... to the sand Show me the colour of your ... right hand. Love is a temple Love is a shrine Buy

Jessica Simpson - My wonderful lyrics

quot;A time when I was down and out No lovin in my life ... this angel came and brought about a meaning of some right Took my dark and lonely days Into the light With his loving ways

Doobie Brothers - Need a little taste of love lyrics

mister, walkin' with the blues Hey sister, payin' heavy dues Havin' troubles ... and it ain't so hard to find When you're ridin' double, ... and you're runnin' out of time No need to feel, that

Little Big lyricsLittle Big - Little boy (thank you mom) lyrics

m your little boy, I'm your little I'm your little boy, I'm ... your little I'm your little (I'm your little), I'm your little (I'm your little) I'm ... your little boy, I'm your little boy I'm your little boy,

Exilia - Little girl in a world lyrics

be quiet, little girl They don't know about your ... world, they don't know Save your heart, save your soul ... They don't care about it all And be strong And be

Millencolin - Bit of muslin lyrics

see her eating maggots and I thin it's cool I watch her as she throws up. She's a bit of muslin, a vitiolic nasty ... girl mysterious in every way, moving like a swirl fly

Seals & Crofts - Put your love in my hands lyrics

around your life. Are you satisfied with what you are? Don't ... you think that you'd be happier with me? Look inside ... yourself. Won't you take a searching moment to see, If you might be much better off with me

Family Force 5 - Love addict lyrics

up, wait a minute, put a little love in it Doctor, ... Doctor, I've got an emergency It seems I'm head ... over heels, a case of L-O-V-E It's like I'm glowing inside Yeah, a light I can

Macbeth ( Ita ) - The world in my mind lyrics

world tries to put me down Everything I do for you is wrong I can’t ... believe life’s so complex I can never get too much of a ... wonderful thing The world has a funny way of a sneaking up

Joan Osborne - Love's in need of love today lyrics

morn or evening friends Here's your friendly announcer I have serious news ... to pass on to every-body What I'm about to say Could mean ... the world's disaster Could change your joy and laughter to

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