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Any Given Day - My own sweet hell lyrics

your f***ing ass goodbye I won't let this happen stay the f*** away I won't let it go ... suffer the same fate wasting away till the end wake up

Lord Of The Lost - My own shadow lyrics

your voice if you think you hate me Raise your ... hands if you want to take me Out of my misery Wanna do good to me ... Turned his head and I've got to turn mine Wasted his and I'm wasting my time I

Five Finger Death Punch - My own hell lyrics

and turning unable to sleep DO THE VOICES EVER STOP My thoughts ... speak louder the more I resist AND THEY'RE DRIVING ME INSANE DO THEY EVER GO Inside I'm a danger to myself I'M

After All - My own sacrifice lyrics

the clouds divide Remove myself from sight Times I’ve ... fallen Into pools of remorse Dark ... sandy beaches Thorns hurt my side I realize my own sacrifice No gun to play with No

The Operation M.d. - My own catastrophe lyrics

never felt, my whole, alone Crippling all ... excuse, my will, divides And I never felt, the way to be ... And I never felt, my eyes to see My memories ... dreams Ten years gone by, as I beg on my knees And I never

Waltari lyricsWaltari - My own satisfaction lyrics

soul like a virgin priest Ancient mannequin of the modern ... feast A lot of energy is a painful weight But could you give up this blessed fate? ... You'll stay away from the Morocco dose It's just here

Peppermint Creeps - My own fan lyrics

to 3 waiting impatiently The day never ceases to end The night is young we've just begun ... The moonlight replaces the sun They try and tell us ... we don't respond Can't wai to prove that they're wrong

George Jones - The day i lose my mind lyrics

a tear I stare at your picture I can still feel your lips close to mine The day I ... lose your memory Is the day I lose my mind. Late at night your voice still wakes me

Perkele - The day has come lyrics

got enough of your f***ing shit, all that you have done to ... destroy our world The day has come to get the f***ing ... scum The day has come, we'll get them

Iced Earth - My own savior lyrics

only comfort is in death My only solace, my dying breath ... For release, I have prayed Thrown past life ... not afraid Life's a bitch, life's a whore Nothing

Pennywise - My own country lyrics

run the government sick foreign policy Their words sound ... valiant but their hands are green Unending ... that make us slaves Don't believe a word of it ignore the

Deftones - My own summer (shove it) lyrics

you big star Tell me when it's over (cloud) Hey you big ... moon Guide me to shelter Cause I'm ... through When the two Hits the six And it's summer (cloud)

Icewind - My own tragedy lyrics

a ray of light she appeared Shining in my life, it was unreal Impossible this love was, From another world, she came to me ... [Pre-Chorus:] Our eyes were filled with mystery Living in a

Lord - My own way lyrics

when the daylight falls to grey When even ... twilight fades In the darkest veil of night We ... stray It seems this road will never end Watch our trust ... decay As sacred memories turn to dust And drift

Rascal Flatts - The day before you lyrics

all but given up on finding The one that I could fall into ... On the day before you I was ready settled for Less ... than love and not much more There was no such thing as a

Graveworm - The day i die lyrics

by the power The obsession in my mind Voices from the ... darkside Call the dead to reach the grave ... Crying for existence Visions of a dying world Is it

The Monkees - The day we fall in love lyrics

ll be birds singin' ev'rywhere And the wind will be blowin' thru your hair I'll look in your eyes And wait for the prize Your lips kissing mine With a love that is real And you'll look so

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - Safe in the heat of the moment lyrics

How 'bout you and me get down? How 'bout you and me get down? Babe, I know you've been ... Unmake your bed Don't think about what lies ahead Don ... t you want to be misled? Don't you want to be misled? Fame seems a far-off day When enough was never enough

Carson Lueders - My own little world - matthew west lyrics

my own little world it hardly ever rains I've ... gone hungry, always felt safe I got some money in my ... pocket, shoes on my feet In my own little world: population

Robert Pettersson - My own worst enemy feat. helena josefsson lyrics

to my guns And I watch the darkness fill the void Am I ... starting to become What I was sent here to destroy In the mirror I see you staring back ... at me Each time the hatered grows I forget which side I'm on Is it simply my own shadow I've been chasing all along In the mirror I

From Our Hands - My inner me lyrics

me up every time you see me looking for some ... more because i'll be around looking for ... trouble i was left with my goals i have never felt like ... this cheap and worthless i want to be bold but i can

Royce Da 5'9" - My own planet lyrics

Hip Hop, I thought Hip-Hop was supposed to be a ... means of poetically expressing yourself But it seems these days you'd say anything to ... get your CD's off the shelf Hard times I'm still

Porcupine Tree - My ashes lyrics

the things that I needed I wasted my chances I have ... found myself wanting When a mother and father ... Gave me their problems I accepted them all Nothing

Saves The Day - Shattered lyrics

all alone along the floor, Woke up this morning, ... with a trail of teeth under the door, I took a wrench to my ... chest, cracked all my ribs, let the blood run all

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - The day the niggaz took over (featuring daz, .. lyrics

I'ma say this and I'ma end mine If you ain't down, for the ... Africans here in the United States, period point blank ... . If you ain't down for the ones that suffered in South

Sebastian Bach - My own worst enemy lyrics

place, another face Forgetting who I am I'm screaming out ... at them This time it's more than insecurity A ... blackout today Just push me away So who ... am I? And is it really just temporary Or

Perry Como - My own peculiar way lyrics

never doubt me even though I give you cause most every day ... Sometimes I think that you'd be better off without me although I love you in my own peculiar way! Don

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - My own cobain lyrics

the... always there room around be nowhere But ... in my own cobain Chorus: I can't believe it's over I ... can't believe I'm broken With someone tell me that it's

Willie Nelson - My own peculiar way lyrics

I'll always love you in my own peculiar way) It would be a ... never doubt me Even though I give you cause most every day ... Sometimes I think that you'd be better off without me Although I love you in my own peculiar way Don't

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - The day the niggaz took over (ft. snoop dogg,.. lyrics

Hook:] Break em off sometin [8x] [Chorus: Snoop Doggy ... Dogg] I got my finger on the trigger so niggaz wonder why ... But livin in the city it's do-or-die [repeat]

Marina And The Diamonds - The outsider "demo" lyrics

like a loser Feeling like a bum Sitting on the outside Observing the fun Don't ... get on my bad side I can work a gun Hop into the ... backseat baby I'll show you some fun All I

Psychonaut 4 - My despair can't be explained lyrics

city, headlights and flashlights every sip of vodka makes ... me warmer. I hate strangers I can`t look into their eyes, ... but I know there is no life. maybe, you're the most

Saliva - My own worst enemy feat brent smith lyrics

day in tribulation Dead set on annihilation ... No thought for my preservation I'm fading away My existence abomination No Level ... of hesitation My death is a revelation I'm going to

Shadows Fall - This is my own lyrics

will not become blinded by the bright lights of their ambition ? My time is no longer ... for you ? upon a stage we'll pick apart our, our enemies! This is my life, a life of my own

Downplay - My own nightmare lyrics

have this voice ringing in my head Telling me i'd be ... better off dead I tore myself to a pile of shreds Looking for a part that wasn't ... broke yet This empty hole inside my chest Is all that I

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - The best and the worst [deluxe edition] lyrics

s been... One too many days wondering what I did wrong ... One too many days hoping to hear the phone One too ... many days feeling all alone Maybe it's time

Like Moths To Flames - My own personal hell lyrics

myself Through my eyes I see the world My own personal hell Is this all in my head? These ... me so well How do you drown out the voices when you're

Asia - My own time (i'll do what i want) lyrics

through the snow kicking my heels Seems that sunlight ... Bet you really don't know how it feels I don't have to ... to no one no more And better I've never felt Nothing to

Damnation Plan - The day of awakening lyrics

is the reason why it had to come this far? what ... is the reason why you have crossed ... the line in the other side was it reality that ... made you feel so faint? was it reality that made you turn

Memphis May Fire - The sinner lyrics

a hole that I can't get out of Deeper and ... deeper below the surface To find that there ... s nothing there Where do I go from here? Give me something that I can feel! Back and

Old Dead Tree, The - My friends lyrics

(I) Feel so angry I know I'd better calm down But this ... feeling's too strong I'm on my own My Friends How did we ... get in this situation? Let's face Our mistakes

Anarion - My own lyrics

my existence Living day by day Up against a huge wall Got ... to find a way To keep on, to ... survive Come on, it's my choice (To) not hold back, it's my life I must find my voice

Dido lyricsDido - The day before the day lyrics

won't be made today, clocks will carry on Flowers won't be ... left in parks, work will still be done People won't be ... dressed in black, babies will be born No flags will fly,

Aretha Franklin - The day is past and gone lyrics

day is past and gone, The evening shades appear; O may ... we all remember well The night of death draws near. We ... rest; So death shall soon disrobe us all Of what is here

Ian Van Dahl - My own lyrics

wonder where you are I wonder where you go I do ... really need you I cannot make it on my own I wonder where ... you are I wonder what you do I do really need you I cannot

Salt The Wound - The conformist lyrics

f***ing liar, if your not now than you never ... were. I guess my morals have dug my own grave ... I even explained myself on the first date. You said, "It was cool" and that,

Deeds Of Flesh - I die on my own terms lyrics

free in society l was other people's nightmare l was their reaper Frantic on a killing spree l took twenty before ... finally caught Always being in control Triving on the

Felony - My way lyrics

don't say I've got the truth - I've just never seen ... any proof I have neither been down in hell- Nor seen ... all the angels as well I don't want to walk in others

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - My own monster lyrics

turn my head There's nothing there All I own is my thoughts ... For my fears I close the door To keep out the bad I ... plug my ears To keep out these fears And I cry So

Despised Icon - The ills of modern man lyrics

have had it easy for most of my life Adulthood has brought ... me a series of complications Swallow these nails, turn ... away I must not look back The ills of modern man are much

Dyslesia - My own revolution lyrics

there's a law to live If only I knew its words A little courage to say no Is a picture of my paradise Chorus ... Dream of reality Something is going wrong inside Try if

Elvenking - My own spider's web lyrics

come to me To where my emotions still sleep The garden of ... hidden memories To where your spirit can ... breathe And hope to be free In my shelter my thoughts Have

Key Of Awesome - My own song (rain over me) lyrics

PITBULL Mr. Worldwide! Red 1 Got my very own ... Nobody else. Just me, estas chicas, Dali Vodka, a snake, 305, ... always, Da le! Here's a special song I made it just for you

Shinhwa - My own secret lyrics

obdon na Ku nugu ege mam yolji mot han naege Amudo karu ... choju ji anhass otdon got Ku an e ... sumkyo jin bimil ul onul alge dwin got kata ... Kijak katun ilul nae ryo jushin ku bun ege

Anti-nowhere League - The end of the day lyrics

him up, constable! (Order in court – has the defendant ... anything to say?) I’m so bored with the way things are, there’s too much of ... this bloody dark. We bring death in a violent state, I

Beck - Nobody's fault but my own lyrics

you like a rusty blade, a throwaway ... Cut you loose from a chain gang who let you go And on the day you said it's true, some ... love holds, some gets used Tried to tell you I never knew it

Harry Belafonte - The son of mary lyrics

Mary, open up the door Auntie Mary, open up the door ... Auntie Mary, open up the door What I did last night I ain't gonna do no more Auntie Mary, open up the door

Blaze Bayley - At the end of the day lyrics

made a rod It was for my own back At the time I could not ... see it But now it is clear I rattle my brain ... for words That I thought I knew as certainly As my own

Catamenia - The day when the sun faded away lyrics

I see is shadows and night Four seasons turn into ... one It's a cold and dark time Fear graps a hold of me ... The whispers in my ears They are getting stronger all the

Come The Dawn - My own way lyrics

the first time I truly feel like I'm living my life For the ... first time Something feels right So let the record show ... that I'll never give it up To anyone, for anything

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