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George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Soft touch lyrics

re a soft touch baby Like a snowflake falling My ... whole heart is melting. As a warm son rises Into joy I'm sailing To your soft touch baby. Eyes that shine from depths of your soul

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Soft touch/raw nerve lyrics

I got a soft touch? Have I got a soft touch? Is my ... radar that off? Is my radar that off? I'm ... thinking That you're sinking And I'll drown I've got

Cassie - Miss your touch lyrics

Chorus] I don't know why you go cos I miss your touch at night [x2] ... You are the reason why sometimes I can't sleep at night. I ... wanna hold you, tell you what I'm goin through. How you

Everything But The Girl - Soft touch lyrics

s a brown shirt swapped for a thin blue tie ... a black truth swapped for a thin blue lie There's a slim man ... sporting a clean cut dream There's ... a slim man courting a wide extreme There's a fly

Chris Rea - Miss your kiss lyrics

ve been everywhere, looking for an answer I've been in ... and out, of every place in town I've been checking out ... looking for a reason I just can't seem to work it

Casey James - Miss your fire lyrics

s 3am and I'm wide awake I keep wondering where you are ... This empty ache it cuts through me Like a piece of glass in my heart Oh ... I miss your fire Oh I miss your fire Your passion made me

James Casey - Miss your fire lyrics

s 3am and I'm wide awake I keep wondering where you are ... This empty ache it cuts through me Like a piece of glass in my heart Oh ... I miss your fire Oh I miss your fire Your passion made me

Banaroo - Miss your kiss lyrics


Tamar Braxton - Miss your kiss lyrics

t wait to see you boy Cause you ... know it's been a while Since we've had the chance To ... do what we do I'm ready to give you what'chu like Lying ... under the moonlight How soon can you get here

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Miss you (feat. jadakiss) lyrics

Jermaine likes it... and I like it (Uh, uh huh yeah, uh ... (Uh huh yeah, yeah) You know I'm really missing you baby uh ... huh yeah (MC) You know I'm really missing you baby uh

Good Weather Forecast - Miss you lyrics

am sittin' on the beach and the sun ... down, the waves play their songs into the silence ... around, oh oh, I'm feeling lonely. I wish you would ... be here and share this moment with me, oh, when I

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Your love´s like glue lyrics

s not what I'd call it whatever we're coming to: ... we're going round in circles it's pointless now, to ... you're always (so) understanding of everyone you think the

Kem - Miss you lyrics

I missed you sad And today I miss you bad baby I miss that violet dress you wear It matched ... the ribbons in yo' hair Girl there are no words or ... express the depth of my longing for you tonight I miss your

Midnight Panic - Miss you lyrics

to be here There's no place like home We're miles apart, I ... my heart grow fonder baby I miss your warm embrace I miss ... you so much (I miss you so much) I wish you

Neil Diamond - When you miss your love lyrics

there in bed All the lights down low You don't wanna ... to anyone you know Seems like yesterday You held her in your arms Then you went away Like all those other times

Josh Abbott Band - Miss you again lyrics

now and again I see an old friend and they ask how you are. ... They see in my eyes; they know I can’t lie; I haven’t seen you in years ... was “Do you remember when?” I said “yes I do,” made me think about you and how I miss

Craig David lyricsCraig David - You don't miss your water ('til the well runs.. lyrics

I sail with you across the finest oceans On our way to find the key to our emotions ... Together, we will move the clouds to brighter ... days Some people question what I say Try to break up

Richard Hawley - You don't miss your water (till your river ru.. lyrics

the still of the night I call out your name You know ... and nothing feels right And it won't do again You say you ... me now You're turned away on your side, you kill the light from

Otis Redding - You don't miss your water lyrics

the beginning You really loved me, oh ... I was too blind I could not see, now But ... that you left me OOH, how I cried out, I keep crying ... You don't miss your water 'Till your well are

Saint Lu - Dont miss your own life lyrics

sorry lady, But I’m sick and tired of your discontent You drive me crazy ... When you keep denying any improvement By the rules of ... my foolish heart, What we believe in is just what we are

77 Bombay Street - Miss you girl lyrics

lie on my bed, on a moonless night, i`m still awake, i can ... t sleep tonight, my thoughts belong to ... you, cause i, i love you i miss you girl, caus you`re

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - Miss the misery lyrics

I had my way If I had to lose Wouldn't take ... back one thing Never had much to choose ... Then it dawned on me Coming down on you Like a cold ... sky raining under a burning moon Waiting all your life your wish is coming true

The Byrds - You don't miss your water lyrics

the beginning you really loved me But I ... was blind and I could not see But when you ... left me, oh, how I cried You don't miss your water ... till your well runs dry I was a , I could not be true I couldn't believe I really

Craig David lyricsCraig David - You don’t miss your water lyrics

I sail with you across the finest oceans On our way to find the key to our emotions ... Together we will move the clouds to brighter ... days Some people question what I say Tried to break

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Touch lyrics

(put your hands on me so we can) TOUCH ... (put your lips on me so we can) TOUCH ... Boy lick my body weak Come and give ... me what I need For feel my fantasies

Mark 'oh - Your love lyrics

want to share these words with you Don't turn away It's ... you I'm singing for I'm blinded by the things you do The ... things you say I wanted so much more And when

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Touch ft. kid ink lyrics

Verse 1: Leigh-Anne] You and I and nobody else Feeling feelings I've never felt The way ... you got me under your spell Don't you keep it all ... to yourself [Pre-Chorus: Perrie]

Angel City - Touch me lyrics

you know how to love me. when i getclose at night. ooh i ... so bad baby (ooh oh oh) this is where you belong. dont ... make me wait too long. hold me baby,

Dokken - How i miss your smile lyrics

'bout the days spent with you All The Things that ... we used to do Memories of simple things revolve around you ... Visions in my mind keep coming through It Wasn't you and

Ash Koley - Don’t let your feet touch ground lyrics

up straight I'm ten feet tall I like this ... look I love you all A hundred feet ... off the ground it seems That a beautiful day is gracing me Don't let your

The Damned - Your eyes lyrics

s your eyes That confuse me It's your eyes Oh that use me ... I miss your philly eyes I miss your smooth white lies Pass ... me a cigarette Maybe I can forget Your eyes That

Kat-tun - Your side lyrics

s a little funny story sou mou ... modorenai Iie wo dete I miss your heart Kimi no tame sagashiteta Present Nakusanu you ni ... mune ni shimau Oh nono... Kuchibiru

George Jones - Your steppin' stone lyrics

ll be your stepping stone while you keep stepping on From ... him to him I'll try to keep the pace just ... looking for a place In your heart within. You told me

Oracle Sun - Your eyes again lyrics

these old and tired eyes I saw a blind man’s wasted life ... I’ve been the witness of his pain He spreads the wings ... but he can’t plane So now I face my fears I’m trying To

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Your love's been a long time coming lyrics

first time I saw you I knew I was hooked On somebody other ... than me And the first time I held you, your soft lips and ... eyes could see Yes, here in my arms I knew I had found

Blood Red Throne - Your cold flesh lyrics

covers my eyes. From the burning of chapels we rise. My nails under your skin, Makes your blood touch the air. Keeping ... you down, wearing your crown, The crown of salvation, the divine er****** fading your light. You will wake

My Bloody Valentine - Soft as snow (but warm inside) lyrics

as snow but warm inside Penetrate, you cannot hide ... Feeling lost forever Really need ... you Feeling dark and feeling true This is all I ever ... knew Soft as skin in leather And I whisper 'you'

Kenny Loggins - I'm gonna miss you lyrics

you've thought it over, and you've made your mind up You don't want my love ... anymore If you're gonna leave and nothing's gonna stop you And you ... re absolutely sure I want to try to change your mind or waste your precious time

Royksopp - Miss it so much lyrics

miss it so much No button to touch No dial to turn No key to ... hold Days turn to nights turn to weeks Turn to ... paper into rocks into plastic My material heart How it

Jay Sean - Miss popular lyrics

like ooh, ooh I wouldnt mind waiting on somebody like ... you I know you heard it all before But baby its ... true I tried to look the other way when I saw you walk by So you

Natalie Cole - Miss you like crazy lyrics

though it's been so long my love for ... you keeps going strong i remember the things that we ... used to do a kiss in the rain till the sun shines through i tried to deny it, but im still in love with you i miss

Darius Rucker - Miss you lyrics

a bottle of wine And a perfectly fine dinner Talked about school, ... work, life And how cold it was last winter Laid down in this big old bed And you

Atlantic Starr - Touch a four leaf clover lyrics

you'll get over Try and luck might Come your way Here I am ... on a cloud if you want me Take the chance ... cry, love, out loud As I drift through the sky Shooting

Dht - Why lyrics

outside early in the morning In the cold standing on my own ... I feel lost don't know where i'm going Without you i'm ll ... Where are you and God why did you leave me You were the

Tyler Hilton - Someone like you lyrics

on T.V. Called you up got your machine I thought I saw you ... in my dream last night Think I cried myself to sleep I ... world was very mean that's right And I wanna see, what

Willie Nelson - Miss molly lyrics

have you seen Miss Molly? Her cheeks are rosy ... red Now when Miss Molly's smilin' the sun is dim a spell I'll ... my horse and saddle Cow drivin' I'll resign Now listen dear

The Killers - Miss atomic bomb lyrics

were standing with your girlfriends in the street Falling ... back on forever I wonder what you came to be I ... was new in town, the boy with the eager eyes I never was

Sean Paul - Lately lyrics

weh day, me friend dem ah ask me If dolly ... house mash up, mi a seh baby things nuh right, ... right now, you nuh see it So mek we talk [Chorus] ... Well I don't know why we must fight

Firehouse - Get in touch lyrics

Got To Got To, Got To Get In Touch Write me a letter ... Drop me a line You know I'd love to Hear from you anytime Anywhere Oh yeah Well ... you know that I'll be seeing you Before too long I'll

Sense Field - Soft lyrics

wouldn't be anything to me if you want it to want it to ... take apart the picture and the end go ahead ... now I cannot see how it all relates to me if you

Elvenking - Miss conception lyrics

thought that all of the things you believe to be right ... may be just rules they stuck in you mind they took you by ... the hand and led you just like you were blind You

Hot Water Music - Soft brown eyes lyrics

bleeding doesn't stop, What can I ... ''Hold me'', she says, cause it's alright. ''What can I do? ... '' ''Nothing'',she says, cause it's alright Cause it's alright

Seal lyricsSeal - Touch lyrics

your touch I've been lost without the thing I love Without your kiss I've been ... dreaming of the things I miss Your eyes, your mouth, your lips, your touch (Your eyes)

Just Go With It - Soft cell tainted love lyrics

I feel I've got to Run away I've got to Get away From the ... pain that you drive into the heart of me The love ... Seems to go nowhere And I've lost my light For I toss

Cynergy 67 - The touch lyrics

my hands all over you Something this pure could not be true ... Your touch is all I need to know, And I never ... want to let you go I love the way you look at me Inside your eyes I am so free I want your arms around me I

New Kids On The Block - Miss you more lyrics

finally took your pictures off the wall, It didn ... t even help at all, You're simply too beautiful. Got you ... frozen in a frame inside my mind. How can I forget your smile, Even for a little while?

Alex C. - Miss kiss kiss bang lyrics

Miss Kiss, let us dance Mrs Kiss Kiss Bang she’s not a fool ... Extraordinary and oh so cool When I ... feel the touch of her sweet lips I know this is a devil’s kiss She sets my soul on fire

Ali Amiri - Someone took your love (memories) lyrics

I sometimes try to hold your hand, That doesn't mean I miss your touch. And when I ... sometimes call you on the phone, ... Well I don't miss you all that much. But

Kesha lyricsKesha - The harold song lyrics

miss your soft lips. I miss your white sheets. I miss the ... scratch of your unshaved face on my cheek. ... And this is so hard cause I didn't see That you were the

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