I Love You Boy I Love You Too See You In My Dreams lyrics

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James Morrison - In my dreams lyrics

you've gone Nothing seems to fit no more Nothing's ... as it was before Everyday Is a battle that I just can't win I know I won't see you again But I keep waiting for

Noemi - In my dreams lyrics

the moon will always smile In my dreams, in my dreams And ... the sun will always rise In my dreams, in my dreams What you get is what you see So it seems, so it seems Think about your words to me In my dreams,

Alice Taylor - In my dreams lyrics

can´t be wrong, Love that is so strong. In you I find ... the only one touch my heart so strong. You gave me ... this, it´s magic, think. I was waiting for so long.

Pulsedriver - In my dreams lyrics

you're next to me I feel that my love for you is real spread your wings and ... start to fly our love we can't deny Your right ... here to hold my hand take me to the promised land And your heart is like the sea you are always

Dream - In my dreams lyrics

Mellisa, Diana, Holly Dream, Bad Boy ... lets go Don't know what I gotta do To get through to you You aint - Tryin much to ... To get the message through I know cause I feel the same

Dokken - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams--it's still the same Your love is ... strong, it still remains Toss and turn all night ... in the sheets I can't sleep Night after night don't know what it means

Robert Downey Jr. - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams you told me that you really really care In my dreams you told me it's a love that ... and never ever let me go In my dreams you told me it's a

Emergency Gate - In my dreams lyrics

years have fallen I know my time has come As I walk the ... streets alone Into the rising sun The devil and the ... Always follow me Dark lightning covers all the sun You're

Cris Cab - In my dreams lyrics

inside my mind Life flashes when I sleep It's ... not all time oh these secrets I can ... keep When my eyes close You can come along I don't feel ... a thing Stuck in the river To spend tpo long Life is just too clean Hey Hey

David Crosby - In my dreams lyrics

at those dancers gliding around Seems if their feet ... the ground Look at them smiling Like they knew one ... Turn around and hold me I'd like to see your face alone

Pat Benatar - In my dreams lyrics

have been here in this lonely place Longer than I ... care to think or say Hopin' with a little luck Maybe I'd find someone like you I have ... watched you nearly every morning Gettin' your coffee,

Dj Antoine - In my dreams lyrics

light all the candles light by light Wanna light up ... out a message clear and bright Want a flower to fall in love tonight Wanna breath in my live Wanna try to relieve my dreams comes true Yeah! Yeah!

Krizz Kaliko - In my dreams lyrics

Christopher, it's time to wake up [Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko] I keep having dreams of you and Me eating ice ... cream together I wake up and scream cause you

Lionel Richie - In my dreams lyrics

Dance for the world People it's time now, Something's got ... People, We no longer can live in pain We've got to find the truth, We've got to ... know where it is Cause we stand here

Eels - In my dreams lyrics

love is always just as she seems A force of nature all her ... own To be reckoned with Whatever's wrong with me ... Her kiss redeems And it's all there In my dreams

Reo Speedwagon - In my dreams lyrics

was a time some time ago When every sunrise ... day But now when the morning light shines in It only disturbs the dreamland where i ... lay, oh where i lay I used to thank the lord when i

Scanners - In my dreams lyrics

know I've seen this place before I only come ... here after dark I step on through the open door ... And take the path that I must walk In my dreams I ... walk with you The silence of the waking world In my dreams I talk with you And

Linda Perry - In my dreams lyrics

my daydreams everything's worthwhile In my daydreams I ran a thousand miles And ... everybody worshiped me In my daydreams Hate meant just ... to smile And the pain never bothered me I want

Remady - In my dreams lyrics

a world full of pain was nothing to rain I can bearly ... breathing down to find the way out I see a light, ... that just makes me feel alive I'm holding on, until my

Inmoria - In my dreams lyrics

up to another day of misery Waking up to another day ... of sorrow Why didn't god let me die in my ... sleep Oh death embrace me I dream of a place where I can

Danny L Harle - In my dreams lyrics

Chorus 1] x2 I guess I'll see you in my dreams Together, ... or when I'm walking in my sleep Forever, until I see you in my dreams Together, or ... when I'm walking in my sleep Forever [Verse]

Berlin - In my dreams lyrics

see you every night I pull your strings You dance for me, you laugh, I make you sing I ... want complete control I say when Let's try again I see you every day You walk

Bronski Beat - In my dreams lyrics

start crying In my dreams Can't sleep at night No point in living No place to run, ... no place to hide I want love to stay with me Close by your side Living in my dreams I

Darkness - In my dreams lyrics

Sometimes reality, sometimes illusions They can come ... to you straight from the darkness The evil is trying to get your soul. Dreams. Dreams In my dreams In

Secret Discovery - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams I know I could be strong again In my dreams I defeat my enemies Then I ... walk straight on whatever comes but it ... s just a dream If we all wish it could be true... In my dreams I can walk on water, in my dreams I don't never fail

Emmylou Harris - In my dreams lyrics

sun goes down on the other side of town tonight And the ... world is asleep dreamin’ in the deep moonlight I’ll slip away in the shadows out of your life You don’t want’ me

Loudness - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams, I was walking alone The rain falling on my emptiness In my dreams, I'm ... a long way from home I walk through the gates of ... loneliness I thought the love we had was in vain And Just

Rain Fell Within - In my dreams lyrics

in my dreams could a place like this exist. All the ... flowers are in bloom eternally. See me,my ... hands reach for the sky. I'm dancing in the sunlight,and

Darkwater - In my dreams lyrics

can't believe this progression meets the skeptic eye Even ... a child can see it how can they be so blind ... Forward I'm reaching trying to cope Touched by discretion is there no hope close

Hurricane - In my dreams lyrics

out into the distant night Frozen earth under a ... velvet sky Pull my jacket tight to keep me warm Now I ... close my eyes and think of you I long to watch you when you

Chamillionaire - See it in my eyes lyrics

Chorus - Chamillionaire] You can see it in my eyes Always ... bout my G's You can see it in my eyes Always bout my G's ... You can see it in my eyes Always bout my G's You

Blutengel - In my dreams lyrics

feel the coldness in my heart I wish that you could ... be with me I wish you could heal my deepest pain ... And take me away from all my fears But I'm trapped in my

Ferry Corsten - In my dreams lyrics

have I have I guess someday I have I ... have I have I have a vision Of two lovers dancing I ... have this notion Of two hearts in motion I ... have, I have I have a vision Of two people fusing I

Dark Funeral - In my dreams lyrics

the moon is high in the heavens, "And the ... sharp winds howl like wolves." I lay in ... the darkness twisting and turning, "My mind won't give

Angeldark - In my dreams lyrics

name, immortal fame His face will be wherever you ... are Awake the wolf that's on your heart It will protect your ... deepest desires Have you ever felt that rain? Water

Nocturnal Depression - In my dreams lyrics

once again despair is kissing me With her cold ghostly ... lips My own destruction is leading me to my grave ... That I digged for many times And once again I'm becoming a spectral thought

2am - You’re prettier the more i see you lyrics

hangsang gyeote isseonneunde Hoksi naega chogi ... manhi bujokhan geolkka Neoege ... ttakhi maeryeogeul neukkijin motaesseo Soljikhi nege amu ... eobseosseo O neomu meolli gaji marajwo Eonjenga neoui

Andrew Jackson Jihad - I wanna rock out in my dreams lyrics

wanna rock out in my dreams Instead of waking up I wanna ... sleep Wearing black leather pants With ... boots too tall to see me I wanna rock out in my dreams

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - Dreams lyrics

Two I don't know if I can take this back Dug this ... hole way too deep (Wa-oh) Feel like I'm ... heading towards a heart attack I ... pray my soul to keep (Wah-Oh) I

Victoria Beckham lyricsVictoria Beckham - In your dreams lyrics

take one look in your eyes I can’t believe how perfect you ... are I fall in love every time You take a breath as you ... lay in my arms I’ll always keep you from harm

Otherwise - Once in my dreams lyrics

saw the dying sun Burning everyone I held it in the ... palm of my hand As the birds flew by They ripped open ... down Across the land I killed a man once Once in my dreams I saved a man once Once in my dreams On an open road I

The League - My love lyrics

love, my love She's so sexy, so cool ... She's the baddest girl I seen I'm wonderin why I only see her in my dreams The love of ... my life, She's the only one for me

Pulp - Forever in my dreams (bonus track) lyrics

we do The cavalier will keep on laughing From his ... the wall And that's how it might be forever 'Cause you ... know most of the time I don't do anything at all

Giant - I´ll see you in my dreams lyrics

the voice that used to fill the room is all but gone ... An echo of a perfect love that ended wrong Girl, we tried so hard when love was on ... our side And yesterday will always be the reason why You keep comin', you keep comin'

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Only in my dreams (feat. tico torres) lyrics

pour me one last shot, 'cause I must be on my way Gotta make ... that same old stop that this soul makes everyday Tell me ... why am I holding on? Harry, why is the love

George Jones - Hearts in my dreams lyrics

dreamed that all the hearts I've broken came to visit me ... And in my sleep they came to pay me for ... their misery They were all so torn ... Oh such tales of woe It was I who caused them all and my

Lana Lane - I'll see you in my dreams lyrics

the voice that used to fill the room is all but gone ... An echo of a perfect love that ended wrong Oh, we tried so hard when love was on ... our side And yesterday will always be the reason why

Bad Suns lyricsBad Suns - Even in my dreams, i can't win lyrics

fall asleep in the arms of July Under the ... blanket of the night This new light fills the sky I ... don't recognize the pigment My bed is spun by web ... Cool breeze of night air A silky nightmare Fly by, the night Day light, it wakes me

Peter, Paul And Mary - On a desert island (with you in my dreams) lyrics

Ta dee-da-dum On a desert island, a magic yours and my ... land Everyday's a holiday with you Under a blue sky dear ... we could get an idea Of what our two lips were

Ingrid Michaelson - I´ll see you in my dreams lyrics

Though the days are long Twilight sings a song Of a happiness that used to be Soon my ... eyes will close (soon my eyes will close) Soon I'll find repose And in dreams, you

Moonspell - I'll see you in my dreams lyrics

ll see you in my dreams, Hold you in my dreams. ... Someone took you out of my arms, Still I feel the thrill of your charms. Lips ... that once were mine, Tender eyes that shine,

Mr. Mister - Waiting in my dreams lyrics

the evening, I lie awake alone And watch my ... thoughts go by I hear the beating of a heavy ... heart No words of wisdom can inspire Out the window, nothing much changes A street full

Bell Book & Candle - Back in my dreams lyrics

get you back, you're my baby Give into faith, I believe in mine You are my favourite disaster You are my precious escape to life It's all ... here to discover The secrets of each

Cc Catch - You shot a hole in my soul lyrics

s a midnight dream romancer He's the ... only lonely dancer Oh, only love breaks my heart He's the ... nearest thing to heaven Stole my heart ... and tried to say then Oh, only love

Debbie Gibson - Only in my dreams lyrics

1: Every time I'm telling secrets I remember how it ... used to be And I realized how much I miss you And I ... realize how it feels to be free Now I see I'm up to no good (no, no, no

Falling Up - Exit calypsan only in my dreams lyrics

white blows, so softly The ... movement still is in my mind This flag from in ... Reedsport Will start to catch beneath the ... wind Catch beneath the wind It's only in your dreams

Pj Harvey - Horses in my dreams lyrics

in my dreams Like waves, like the sea They pull out of ... Along the tracks of a train Broke the record, found the ... gold Set myself free again I have pulled myself

Gil Ofarim - See it in your eyes lyrics

can see it in your eyes And it makes me realize That I love you I can see it in your ... eyes It makes me realize That I love you, I really love you I can see it in your

Anita O'day - I'll see you in my dreams lyrics

ll see you in my dreams And I'll hold you in my dreams ... Someone took you right out of my arms Still I ... feel the thrill of your charms Lips that once

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