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Miryo - I love you, i love you (ft. sunny of girls' g.. lyrics

Saranghae Saranghae [Miryo] Urin eoryeoseo ajigdo ... mworeul molla Sasohan iredo ohaeneun swibge pieo olla ... Seoroui du nuneun garyeojyeo [Sunny] ... Du maeumeun heuteojyeo [Miryo] Du ibeseon jinsimgwa

Sam Cooke - Love you most of all lyrics

my girl you're so sweet Honey you can ... t be beat I love you, I love you Most of all I believe you can rock you can roll ... You're so fine Honey, you're mine, all mine That's

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - You made me love you lyrics

power of love The power of love Listen Said I Said I didn’t, said I didn’t, said I didn’t want to fall in love (didn’t want to fall in love) Oh

Lee Hyori - Love sign (feat. sangchu of mighty mouth) lyrics

meoseul burin suit ttawin Beoseodeonjyeo so hot, so ... hot in here ! Neoye gamchweojin chocolate muscle-eul modu ... gateun nuneuro Nal spy hae Ijwo up&low Oneul bamen like a young boy at the candy

Dillon Francis - Love in the middle of a firefight lyrics

s a war we can't ignore, waging silence on our lives We will overcome, let the cowards ... run and hide We were born to take it ... back This is revelational I am not afraid Love is coming

Lord Of The Lost - Love in a time of war lyrics

I feel Like I'm standing still This world's spinning ... each day, each day No time to lose No time to recall ... No time to choose Fade away after ... all Love in a time of war We can not feel anymore

Henry Purcell - Love thou art best of human joys lyrics

thou art best of Human Joys, Our chiefest ... Happiness below, All other ... Pleasures are but Toys; Musick, without thee, is but Noise ... what Man could move, And raise his Thoughts above the

Rascal Flatts - Love you out loud lyrics

I've always been a little shy I've always been the ... quiet type till now And I, I never let my feelin's show I ... anybody know just How much I was so deep in love But now

Tom Beck - Love you with my eyes closed lyrics

know how to listen when you've had a bad day And I know ... when it's smarter you and you need your space I know when ... be your friend and your lover too Reading your mind is

Casting Crowns - Love you with the truth lyrics

the longest time, I believed the lie That I'm not a ... strong enough believer To be the friend that ... can take your hand And lead you straight to Jesus I'm waiting on the preachers, singers,

Dean Martin - Love you for a day lyrics

sera oh que sera The future will be, will be with us I've ... seen the headlines In the paper They say the end is coming soon I wanna make love till it's over If I'm goin'

Josh Gracin - Love you right lyrics

broken heart, and your crying eyes Need to sit down, ... come face to face, and compromise It's been a long time since we've been like this I'm ... waving a white flag, yeah and hoping that you'll forgive Baby, I'm done

Honey Cocaine - Love you down lyrics

never f***ing matter too much to me ... that you was just always not enough ... for me this why I'll be acting like you and shit but all ... my friends know just how I get, I get, I get why you,

Hodgson Roger - You make me love you lyrics

you make me love you it's alright, you make me love you I said alright, you make me love you it's alright, you make ... me love you When the winter wind is a-blowin' well you never know where it's goin'

The Hush Sound - Love you much better lyrics

do you sing to everybody but me? Why do ... I let it go on? You've got such a music box song in my head all day long. You ... fell for a girl with wild eyes, dressed in satin and

Kim Jaejoong - Love you more lyrics

gandanhae saenggakdaero mireobutyeo jigeum sanghwange ilheul geosdo hana eopseo juwi ... siseon modu singyeong kkeo it’s all about me and you uri ... gamjeongeun uriga ara ireohge bogo isseodo I wanna love you more love you more nae

Pixie Lott - Love you to death lyrics

bring out the best in you But you bring out the worst in me There's nothing that I ... wouldn't do (for you) But you don't give me anything Wish that I was strong enough to

Ricky Martin lyricsRicky Martin - Love you for a day lyrics

sera oh que sera The future will be, will be with us I've ... seen the headlines in the paper They say the end is coming soon I wanna make love till it's over If I'm goin'

Mikky Ekko - Love you crazy lyrics

you crazy Love you crazy Everybody's sayin' ... seize the day All I hear when they say seize the ... day is your name So alone with the love so tragic One

The Pigeon Detectives - You know i love you lyrics

heard you were out tonight I heard you were out tonight I ... wanna see you there I wanna meet you You’re going down tonight You’re going ... down tonight I wanna feel you there I wanna feel you You know I love you You know I love you You know I love you You

P9 - Love you in those jeans lyrics

wee You're lookin' so mean Why you wanna go ... and do that in those jeans Why you wanna ... do like that in those jeans? I saw you ... out again Shoppin' with your friends Pickin' up designer

Patsy Cline - You made me love you lyrics

made me love you I didn’t want to do it I didn’t ... want to do it You made me want you And all the ... time you knew it I guess you always knew it You made me

Patty Ryan - You're my love, you're my life lyrics

you're an angel from the sky You fill my fantasy The way you ... look takes me so high You're everything to me And all I want is your photograph How I'm longing for your smile So

Shakin' Stevens - Love you out loud lyrics

wanna love you in the street. I don't wanna ... be descreate. I wanna kiss you in a crowd. But I don' t think that's allowed. Nobody ... knows just how I feel. Nobody knows our love is real. I wanna show the

Syd Barrett - Love you lyrics

love you, honey little, honey funny sunny morning Love you more funny love in the skyline baby Ice-cream ... 'scuse me I've seen you looking good the other evening Oh

Basshunter - Love you more lyrics

can make the sea turn purple You can make the seeds unfertile ... But you know you can never make me love you ... more You can turn wine into water Turn sadness into

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Love you to lyrics

day just goes so fast I turn around, it's past You ... don't get time to hang a sign on me Love me while you ... can 'for I'm dead old man A lifetime is so short A new one can't be

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Love you inside out lyrics

I can't figure it out Your kisses taste like honey Sweet lies don't gimme no rise Oh, oh ... what you're trying to do? Livin' on your cheatin' and the

Boys Over Flowers - Ost - Love you lyrics

iksokhan hyanggi naneyo kudael seu-chyeo-deon ... barami chi-geum nae-gyoteul china ... naye gaseumoge kudaemaneul bichuneun haessarin-gabwayo ... apeun sangcheo-kkaji kamssa-cheuneun-golyo Love You kudael-tto-ollimyeo ije tashi kkong nuneul kam-jyeo

Boyzone - Love you anyway lyrics

me what you want from me So I can try to make you see That ... I’m in no position for giving Cos’ all I see you do is lie And I can’t help but close

Alexandra Burke - Love you that much lyrics

s all a little strange I never though you'd make me ... feel this way (didn't know) I never was the type to stay I ... didn't think I'd change But here we go again, go again, go again Ohh,

Buzzcocks - Love you more lyrics

m in love again Been like this before I'm in love again ... This time's true I'm sure Don't wanna end up ... like no nine day wonder I've been hurt so many times

Catdeluna - Love you lyrics

my fans We´ll all dance you´ve got time It´s all fine(2x ... ref. Love you, love me We are all free that´s ... same (2x) Oh yeah! You´ve got shine sometimes you´ve got sex-appeal, and I

Ciara - Love you better lyrics

Drop Drop like this [x7] Drop But you never ... thought you'd meet a girl quite like me (like me) I like ... the ball I'll take you out Buy out the mall You

Tasha Cobbs - Love you forever lyrics

goodness, your mercy and your kindess towards me Your love is so amazing it brings me to ... my knees Oooooooooo gonna love you for ever [x2] Its a real

Nikka Costa - Love to love you less lyrics

can't keep a home And you can't repay a loan And both ... have just been reposessed I'd love to love you less ... When we're alone Half the time you're on the phone Well

Chris Crocker - Love you better lyrics

know I maybe not what you want But, I could give you ... what you need And, that's why I wrote ... you this song So here it goes. Where do I go from ... here These feelings that I fear Should I just make it

Gloria Estefan - You made me love you lyrics

made me love you I didn't want to do it I didn't ... want to do it You made me want you And all the ... time you knew it I guess you always knew it You made me

Alex Hepburn - Love to love you lyrics

it's hard to breathe When I look into your eyes I just ... can't believe That you're mine all mind and soul My home is where my heart is And where ... I belong No tears in the poring rain Every rise is like a bright sunny day Did I did I did I Ever tell you

Him - Love you like i do lyrics

my heart I'll bear the shame No prayer ... can ease the pain No one will love you No one will love you the way I do No one will love you Love you like I do

Jamillions - Love you like i do lyrics

you feel he don't love you Strumming your pain with his ... finger nails to make it hurt Sometimes you feel he ... don't want you No matter how you try He just don't seem to

Jazmine Sullivan - Love you long time lyrics

Nobody ever love me, quite like you Your love is like Hook: I got a real ... good dude and he loves me a lot And ain't no ... other man is gonna take his spot And I, I'm so happy you're mine So I'mma love you love time Chorus: Let me love, let me love you time Let

Jekk - Love you don't go lyrics

go. Go somewhere. Somewhere I am losing my mind. ... Somewhere I am losing my mind. Keep in mind I love you ... don't go. Keep in mind I love you don't go. Take your time

Keke Palmer - Love you hate you lyrics

Chorus] I love you so much I hate you so bad Said “I ... don’t miss youYou know that’s not true Boy I ... want you bad I hate you so much But I love you oh so

Konshens - Love you forever (drunk confession) lyrics

.. Don't ever, ask me to sing this Song for you long alright? [Verse 1:] My soul ... mate My heartbeat My life line You are my world my girl ... And I................could never,

Alison Krauss - Love you in vain lyrics

m waiting tonight for you to tell me Do you still love ... me and will you remain My heart is breaking with ... each passing hour Please don't let me love you in vain I used to think your love would always save

Rebecca Lavelle - Love you hate you lyrics

want me Won't go there But you Need me, need me now Think I want you Can't be sure You ... me now Touch me Hate you, love you, want you and I need you

The Marker - Love you like a love song lyrics

s been said and done Every beautiful ... s been already sung And I guess right now here's ... another one So your melody will play on and on, with best ... we own You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible A center full miracle, lyrical You've saved

Marmozets - Love you good lyrics

love you, gonna love you, gonna love you good. I'm ... gonna say the first thing that comes into my mind It's not impressive but I've ... got you by my first line Your explosive hypnosis gets me

Melody Day - You're my everything (fated to love you) lyrics

modu da gajyeoga dugeun.georineun nae mameul geudaeneun ... jakkuman keojyeoganeun mami onjongil nae haruneun geudae ... ppunijyo geudael saranghae na ... geudae saranghae geobi manhgo yakhan naraseo

The Meteors - Love you to death lyrics

night I walk around My feet don’t ... ever make a sound I spend all night just looking ... fore you And when I find you gonna tell you what I’m gonna ... do (CHORUS) I’m gonna love love love you to death I’m

Mgmt - Love you girl lyrics

not yet not yet not yet not yet not yet not yet not yet not yet not yet not yet...

Newsboys - Love you tomorrow lyrics

walked along a sandy beach I've talked You've listened ... Sometimes we laughed Sometimes we just enjoyed each other ... I don't know why You love me I just know it's there

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Love you hold the key lyrics

lonely man she's set you free now Moved aside and ... for me now Wasted, wasted love walled up inside you Open up ... and pour it out on me Whisper low when you come to me

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - You made me love you lyrics

all day long Don't know if I'm right or wrong I just can ... t help what I say Your love make me speak this way Why ... oh why should I feel blue once I used to

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - Love you long time (jazmine sullivan cover) lyrics

ever loved me Quite like you do. (Your love is like...) ... Got a real girl and she loves me alot And ain't no other ... s gonna take-a my spot And I I'm so happy your mine

The Pierces - Love you more lyrics

find you never seem to notice, But did we miscommunicate ... Oh and all the things they showed us, They ... nocked you out but on your face, See how the others do

Primal Scream - Love you lyrics

sometimes misunderstand Things you say Lose all since I ... command We kill... Almost drowning ... [Chorus] I love you, I love you I love you, I love you Oh I

The P****warmers - Love you / introducing an ending lyrics

going going where I going on going on (???) I want ... tell you that I love you I going on I going on Going, going going where I going on ... going on I want tell you that I love you I going on I going on Going, going going where I going on going

Racoon - Love you more lyrics

above go sailing by I found my meaning in this life ... Clear white is flying in my eyes, underneath a blue ... blue sky The waves come rolling in with the tide. I’ve

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