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Florence + The Machine - The hardest of hearts lyrics

is love in your body but you can't hold it in It ... pours from your eyes and spills from your skin Tenderest ... touch leaves the darkest of marks And the kindest of kisses break the hardest of

Ash - The sweetness of death by the obsidian knife lyrics

ve got a flight and it's leaving tonight Lord help me I'm ... feeling blue I'm leaving my life behind me When I go I'm ... leaving you I've got a flight and it's leaving tonight In the slipstream I will find

Echo & The Bunnymen - The idolness of gods lyrics

world was half as mad as me Like that could ever be I'd say ... the world was crazy If I'm just half the man I was I ... d say that's just because I must have gotten lazy Lazy..

Ride The Sky - The end of days lyrics

1: Seeing a world cast in shadow Seeing it all waste ... away I am a flower fading The last and none, none to come ... I will live my life through the cleansing I will bear witness to all I'm gonna pray

All The Shelters - The voice of light lyrics

up - Wake up my friends - Now I will stand ... strong to survive I will leave this place alive Nobody can stop us if what we do is ... right We will leave this place alive I hear all these voices, whispering in my

Omega - The hall of floaters in the sky lyrics

some say What would you say if I showed you that place? ... Everything that you believe to be lost long ago ... Everything that passed, floats over there Here is a song, which

Au4 - The propagation of light (through the ether o.. lyrics

pass through the water While sound glides through air. ... But light through the ether Is how it gets from here to there. They say the ether is ... made of Something beyond a girl. But what a surprise to find It’s actually made up of the way I feel. Good days are

Beneath The Massacre - The stench of misery lyrics

times. Despair pushed us on our…Desperate times. Despair pushed us on our ... Bow down one too many times. Rising. Dead is our will ... to change this world. Skin infected with the stench of misery. Wipe the dirt from your

Abaddon Incarnate - The sharing of thoughts with the dead lyrics

filters through the trees I am rapt in twisted taught I ... wander to the ancient tomb amidst the stinking fog Beneath the moon upon a tomb entranced in

The Dubliners - The jail of cluain meala lyrics

hard is my fortune, how vain my repining. The strong ... rope of fate for my young neck is twining. My strength is departed ... my cheeks sunk and sallow While I languish in chains in the

Poison Girls - The price of grain and the price of blood lyrics

all talk a lot about wanting to be free Sitting in the ... last lap of luxury While some are dying for a ... handful of rice Who controls the market who fixes the price

Ride The Sky - The prince of darkness lyrics

1: I'm air that you breathe, I'm all of the things that ... you are Insatiable need, I crave for the blood that you ... bleed I am the desire in you Chorus: I'll give

Lostalone - The downside of heaven is the upside of hell lyrics

your eyes out And starve your thoughts of all this motion ... Under siege of doubt Walk your fears into the ocean This is ... all I need to be one step closer to

Okkervil River - The velocity of saul at the time of his conve.. lyrics

the wire, your time has expired The only word left is ... “goodbye” In my new dream the light's shining on me Little ... needles of sodium unstitch the seams of the sky Hold your

Patti Austin - The heat of heat lyrics

the heat of heat The heat is so hot My body takes ... control In the heat of heat The heat gets so hot My passion ... overloads A lonely room until you walked in Too positive

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - The colour of freedom lyrics

colour of freedom, a symbol of passion A sign of emotion will show you the way The ... colour of freedom for every nation The ... heartbeat of peace has never an end The

Sandra Nasic - The name of my baby lyrics

Come on to me oh boy again Show me your private ways ... to sin (Oh, ooh) Love does not always make a sense ... And I'm not afraid of your intents (Oh, ooh) This bitter love will last forever Mine all mine now or never And

Bt - The force of gravity lyrics

the words we use to speak The promises made have turned to ... all apologies The weight of the storm of memories Still youre flying to fight the force of

Jag Panzer - The book of kells lyrics

these the answers I've sought? Is this the ... message I need to clear my conscience ... and bring peace These symbols now what do they ... mean? The same on my body reveals a secret and a path

Cascada - The rhythm of the night lyrics

is the rhythm of the night The night, oh yeah I got a ... party on my mind Soon as I step inside the place I put ... that boom inside that bass I put that boom inside that

Dream Theater - The root of all evil lyrics

enough to be labeled a thief Angry enough for me to go ... enough for me to feel no grief Never could have just a ... part of it I always need more to get by Getting

Rush - The fountain of lamneth lyrics

quot;The Fountain Of Lamneth" [I. In the ... Valley] I am born I am me I am new I am free ... Look at me I am young Sight unseen Life unsung My

Talking Heads lyricsTalking Heads - The facts of life lyrics

see and monkey do Making babies, eating food Smelly things ... pubic hair Words of love in the air Sparks fly shooting ... out Making sure that everything is working I can't turn

Bush lyricsBush - The sound of winter lyrics

strong, Body strong Try to find equilibrium Head straight, ... screwed up for too long I don't want to lean on the ... waves I watch the storm evaporate I think of

Diabolical - The gallery of bleeding art lyrics

Welcome to the gallery of bleeding art Where I create ... pain on the canvas of death Just close your eyelids - the torture comes from within In this realm of mine the revenge can begin In a

Necronomicon - The symbol of life lyrics

the right hand of the Gods The right form of the cross Synthesis of the spirit Who takes a ... human form The spirit who accepts to take a form In a body to transcend all

Battleroar - The tower of the elephant lyrics

darkness falls on the city of the thieves and starlight kisses ... the golden domes He walks the streets of Arenjun Through the shadows of the Maul Beyond the temples of richness filled

Mournful Congregation - The monad of creation lyrics

of midnight, burn, flicker, dance with thee Flaming ... soul of purity, burn, unite with thy oracle Beautiful ... scent of everdark melodies Cascading thy heavenly fruit A drop of water descends,

Adair - The art of staying alive lyrics

me a song. I know we've used up every dawn ... And yet I wonder When the scholars find our bones A ... years from now under All the ashes of the earth, Will we

Astarte - The ring of sorrow lyrics

is written behind icons Icons, keep the secret of ... horror Whispers, reach your fear inside conscious Horror ... rings deadly horizon Nails Surrounds your body Into the area of sketched delusions

Badly Drawn Boy - The time of times lyrics

sweet morning Is your head not right Did you hear ... my warning This is the time of times And your head feels ... like your body You mind is close behind There’s a

My Dying Bride - The crown of sympathy lyrics

the light and feel my warm desire, run through my veins like the evening sun. It will ... live but no eyes will see it. I'll bless your name before I

Immortal Technique - The point of no return lyrics

Talking] Yeah... It's that real this time around ... Immortal Technique... Revolutionary Vol. 2 It's on now motherf***er.. Lock and load! ... [Verse 1] This is the point of no return, I could never go

Morningstar - The eyes of lamia lyrics

eyes of Lamia in the night. She's a cruel carnivore, ... that's what I like... Her snake-like body is ... are so sharp. Her throat is so deep so red. Every night

Carnifex - The nature of depravity lyrics

fears of my past are more than real. ... No script will offer comfort. All I have is the eyes of my nightmares. The ... beginning of the end is upon me. This is the nature

Holy Martyr - The lion of sparta lyrics

the foray of the fight A sweet whisper ascends into the sky Is the whisper ... from the Martyr Who will rise again no more His soul's ... ascending into the sky He's a fierce foe on the

Lunatic Gods - The battlefield of life lyrics

want to die Don't be mad, don't be blind You are the winner Cursed ... is my life Don't be weak, raise your head Yours is happiness You look back upon your

2 Wolves - The battle of two wolves lyrics

hand will reach no more. Haunted ... by the old enemy. The enemy who once was a deceptive friend. This one is not living. It only comes alive ... when it´s inside. The hand will reach no more. It turns weak against weak. It

A Loathing Requiem - The carnage of infinite black lyrics

feel no warmth inside My body is no more Hardened skin ... heart An empty soul The earnings of a lifetime On this putrid world Is in the air ... we breathe Breathe it in for years and years Exhaust

Azaghal - The pit of shoggoths lyrics

abomination of abominations The goat with a thousand young ... Black flame rises beyond body, beyond life The unholy pit where the black realm begins

The Beach Boys - In the back of my mind lyrics

m blessed with everything A world to which a man can ... cling So happy times when I break out in tears In the ... back of my mind I still have my fears I live my

Cher - The thought of loving you lyrics

thought of loving you The way I'm longing to A thousand ... hopeful dreams I've had Are finally coming true I use to ... now we touch And not so much is possible Just be near to

Eruption ( Slovenia ) - The sands of time lyrics

are all caught in the sands of time No one can ever escape ... Whatever we do the end is the same We die we are turned ... as we're born we start to die Such is the nature of time

The Exies - A modern way of living with the truth lyrics

you believe The lies You feel inside Do you ... embrace Your hate Your love Your fate Or do you watch them Disappear from view? Or ... collide With you Can you hear My voice

Rough Silk - The end of infinity lyrics

brave vikings of Valhalla went out ridin´on the wind and Eric, the one-eyed ... chief of the posse, asked his horse for a peppermint ... "Who the underworld do you think you

Shadow Gallery - The queen of the city of ice lyrics

Chapter 1:] Long ago the skies turned gray the fallen ... sun had gone away and left us cold until one ... years would pass and we'd sail away Trapped within such misery we'd seen a light we'd

Sinister - The dome of pleasure lyrics

of death In the Dome of Pleasure Bloodhound instinct ... A killers breath A swirl of organs Gutted from the body ... Murderers conflict A forlorn massacre No aim for life But comprehension

Deathspell Omega - The shrine of mad laughter lyrics

terror, very low dost thou bring us, very low hast thou ... brought us... A sensation of everlasting rot and those ... frantic wails, no, it is not a fall into the abyss, the defiance of descent, a

Dream Theater - The ministry of lost souls lyrics

Waters Edge Is Where She Waits Lost Soul Still Wondering ... Meant To Die But Shes Stuck Not Crossing Over The Other Side Is ... Where He Waits This Spirit Reaching Out Bound To Save

Gwar - The song of words lyrics

the fortress of GWAR, much torment does remain Despite all of the bodies ... that had been hacked in twain So many had died in the viscous campaign That their

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - The end of understanding lyrics

time you hurt me you say you're ... sorry And I try to understand and say, ... "Okay." But there must be an end to ... understandin' And the end of mine can't be too far away

Josh Kelley - The best of me lyrics

can talk behind my back, and lie about me Take my money, ... take my pride They can kick me down and break every ... bone in my body Force tears from my eyes

Nokturnal Mortum - The hands of chaos lyrics

be the God - to be the Man, to be the power - ... not to be a slave. To be the Fire - to be the Hell, to ... be the Ice - not to be the wave. To be the Chaos - to

Odd Dimension - The ecstasy of hopes lyrics

Father] There was a time you left everybody It was ... hard to feel the growth When the tides of life gave the howl of soul [Son] Now I long to ... be in your arms again To get through the rainy

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - The meaning of life lyrics

the way trying to get where I'd like to stay I'm always ... feeling steered away by someone trying to tell me ... what to say and do I don't want it I gotta go

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - The bliss of ignorants lyrics

our way! Fell from grace! Fell from ... grace! Lost our way! Ahh, there's no good reason Ahh, to live in darkness We slip we ... fall - stand by it all Sick of the filth - our world decay

Skylark - The tears of jupiter lyrics

the heat of the desert, far away from the sky alone in the night, alone in the dark just ... few sparks can lead the way. The tears of Jupiter. Hold me

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - The sacrament of sin lyrics

temper and lust are awake Arise from the deep of the battle ... And awake when lust can't wait Send all misgivings to ... heaven And unveil all the beasts in your head Stand

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