I Lost My Birth Certificate (at The D.m.v.) lyrics

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Iio - At the end lyrics

you're away, I'm feeling empty I lose my mind But ... when you're around, I take for granted Most of our ... time Honey you say that I'm cold And sometimes I'm out

The Pack - At the club lyrics

Lil Uno:] Mommy Hello Make It Wiggle Like Jello And Like ... Juel's Steam, Make Me Whistle Like A Kettle Drop It, ... Shake It, Do It Lil Mama Have A Party In My Lap

Ancient Wisdom - At the stone of ancient wisdom lyrics

call onto thee, Father of Sin Eyes glowing with the ... flames of Hell Sulphur-fire burning within I call onto ... thee, enslaver of light I'm your servant, your tool and

Corey Hart - At the dance lyrics

know the kind of girl spreads mystique She'll plant a kiss ... upon your cheek - whoa She's the one the rich boys like She ... guards a slingshot from their sight Now you may call it

Anne Hathaway - At the ballet (feat. barbra streisand & daisy.. lyrics

always thought that he married beneath him That's what he ... said, that's what he said When he proposed he informed my mother He was ... she was twenty-two She married him Life with my dad

Queensrÿche - At the edge lyrics

you can smell it in air ... Frustration, you know, ... like no one cares. We've ... forgotten how to dream. When they come scraping through the ... wreckage and leave it all for saints to sanctify,

Agonizer - The birth and the end lyrics

I tortured my love And faked my believes At the time I knew I was wrong Now everything's ... too late I've made my own faith With my other foot in the

Karliene Reynolds - The last of the giants lyrics

I am the last of the giants, my people are gone from ... the earth. The last of the great mountain giants, who ... ruled all the world at my birth. Ooh, I am the last of the giants, my people are gone

Haruhi Suzumiya - Lost my music lyrics

miage watashi dake no hikari oshiete Anata wa ima doko ... de dare to iru no deshou? Tanoshiku shiteru koto omou to samishiku ... natte Issho ni mita shinema hitorikiri de nagasu

Kurt Vile - Lost my head there lyrics

my head there Lost my head there Lost my head there I ... don’t wanna sit around, walk around today Id much rather levitate I ... was buggin' out 'bout a couple-two

Bloodbath - At the behest of their death lyrics

advent of Christ shall matter not to us ... Abortus bastards, our nemesis be gone Yearning to entice the cowardice in our enemy So ... hasten the plague when all the rats shall come Kings from

Avantasia - Lost in space (alive at gatestudio) lyrics

star has fallen without a sound Another spark ... has burned out in the cold Another door to ... barrens standing open And who is there ... to tell me not to give and not to go How could

Max Schneider - Lost my way lyrics

down on the highway Next to where I grew up ... Old friend of mine just passed away Didn't ... get to show him love Time don't stop fading Living ... for the weekend Haven't been practicing, just preaching Forgot

Berlin - Lost my mind lyrics

need you When I look at the lines on my face And the little ... kid behind my eyes I want you When I look at the ... rocky road ahead And the little streets we left behind

Lecrae - Lost my way (feat. king mez & daniel daley) lyrics

Hook: Daniel Daley] Running, running 'til the fear is ... gone, don't know where I'm going Don't know if I'll make it ... home, tell Mama I'm sorry I know that I've made mistakes,

Saturnus - Lost my way lyrics

sea of hope - a sky of flame I cry out your name but you're ... only a dream a hope to die - always this endless pain ... with an endless sigh - so endless sad so break my urse - let my heart forget

Cowboy Junkies - Lost my driving wheel lyrics

came up on the midnight special Hey, how 'bout that My ... car broke down in Texas she stopped dead in ... Just called to tell you that I need you Just called to tell

The Kills - At the back of the shell lyrics

all your fingers What's that for You'll ... never get to heaven With your shirt all tore Cut ... through your finger And cut you loose Lost ... a lot a blood Lost a lot a cool cool cool Now

The Overseer - Lost lyrics

we stand at the edge of our lives, what will we see? A ... world gone mad? I'm trembling at the thought of the end. ... Have I been lead astray? I've been searching for the

Black Label Society - Lost my better half lyrics

To Rest Bury The Dead Tomorrow seems to turn ... so fast Alone in the boiler meltin' me down Ain't the ... first, won't be the last So Many People all at ... once Who I once was has died Never feel the ills of

Maria Haukaas - The hurting kind lyrics

was a time I altmost lost myself And I felt the darkness ... cloud my mind I left my sanity up on a shelf Everyone ... could see that I was blind Woke up to find my head

Natalie Walker - Lost my shadow lyrics

wanted something better No more monotony ... I need to find my way I wanted something better No ... more monotony I need to find my way I lost my shadow

Seal lyricsSeal - Lost my faith lyrics

both know That the harder we try Can't ... understand it We're so caught up in the ... reasons why Station to station And we couldn't even say their names I realized it Was

The Byrds - Lost my drivin' wheel lyrics

I just came up on the midnight special how about that My ... car broke down in Texas she stopped dead in ... Just called to tell you that I need you Just called to tell

Fogalord - At the gates of the silent storm lyrics

"...a child... a blood-red night that ... turned his magic world into pieces... he'd lost everything ... but the hope in an ancient prophecy that his grandfather once told him. He spent his

Krypteria - At the gates of retribution lyrics

can’t hide the scars I wear from a once promising ... affair I should have never signed that deal, the wounds it ... won’t heal So be careful with desire, beware the tempting

At Vance - Lost in your love lyrics

summer breeze in your hair Seems to be so warm and ... tender Is your love really true That it can't stand anything Where ... we gotta go thru Then I'll send my love to you

Charon - At the end of our day lyrics


City And Colour - At the birds foot lyrics

is a fire, burning in the ocean With death black ... smoke and devil red flames You can see it, ... burning from the valley, Oh you can see it ... from the high planes Well they went drillin' Searching

Crown Of Autumn - At the crystal stairs of winter lyrics

glory awakens! Imperatrix, clear star forsaken. The ... Solstice we celebrate, Thy bridegroom's rise we contemplate. ... At the crystal stairs of winter We await for happiness

Everlasting Dark - At the end of heart lyrics

the nightly sky millions of suns Put your head up ... to the heaven There my lost soul looks for A star of ... peace of mind and eternal dreams. I ... rear up my hands to you above Take my with you somewhere To the kingdom of shadows and oblivion

Nightrage - At the ends of the earth lyrics

of superficial words, Anxious to find the real essence ... Of the human nature. Love, hate, ... colours, feelings Bitterness, anger, disappointment, A rainbow of words

The Saturdays - My heart takes over lyrics

s it gonna be? Are you willingly walking away from this? ... What's it gonna take? Can you really ... break this love? Where you gonna go? ... know when does your heart emit? 'Cause if you leave, baby then leave Make up your mind

Secret Sphere - Lost land of lyonesse lyrics

Aurienne (The spirits):] Back from hell to get my revenge, Lyonesse, my land will raise again In the midnight sky the bells resound It ... s time, my rage is the only law [PRE CHORUS]

Neurosis - At the end of the road lyrics

land here absorbs light Inverting false hopes to night ... Fault lines of reason shake thin Grit ... erodes a skein of earth To rise and become of use A ... relentless motion of tongue Deflower the

Devendra Banhart - The charles c. leary (version 1) lyrics

lost the gloves that my mother gave to me While on my ways ... to the make believe sea And I lost the rings that my lover ... gave to me While on my ways to the Red Salt Sea

Devendra Banhart - The charles c. leary (version 2) lyrics

lost the gloves that my mother gave to me While on my ways ... to the make believe sea And I lost the rings that my lover ... gave to me While on my ways to the Red Salt Sea

Fairyland - At the gates of morken lyrics

The Gates Of Morken The gates of Morken lay in sight, ... this war is coming to an end Behind the walls ... of the darkest place we'll see the ... Angel fall from grace Witness the end of flowing tears

Finger Eleven - Lost my way lyrics

wander where All of your glitter's going But I'm so far ... from knowing And none of my instincts showing Kick in, kick in I'm screaming from outside in Tell me where I've been

Infinite Tales - The night at the cemetery lyrics

You will suffer Along with others As they want. Corpses ... Are rising from graves Approaching ... your way To kill you. You are Only hostage ... Of past desisions, Of the… … mistakes he made that

Klaatu - At the end of the rainbow lyrics

day when life is taking you nowhere And you need ... who really cares When the love that you lost is found ... And you will want me around I'll meet you at the end of the

Donna Lewis - At the beginning lyrics

were strangers starting out on our journey Never ... dreaming what we'd have to go ... through Now here we are and I'm suddenly standing At the ... beginning with you No one told me I

Marillion - The only unforgivable thing lyrics

only unforgivable thing Hauls itself out of bed ... Looks over my shoulder At the BloodyEnglishWeather The ... only unforgivable thing Waits for me in the corner of the

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

isle, a bright shining isle stands forever, alone in ... sand and grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - ... Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. 'Tis the last

Arwen - At the end lyrics

time... show me the way the light of the end... endless time... show me the way the light of the end... My life ... goes out as a flame my old eyes die sad and tired I

D.i.d. - The lost my hands lyrics

kono ryoute o hisshi ni nobashi mata kimi no kata ni te o ... kaketakatta aishitenai nara mou yasashiku shinaide ... yo datte tsukuriwarai desho? mou inaku natte

Elis - Lost soul lyrics

took my soul Took my soul In his hands My mind got dark ... Mind got dark In his hands When did I begin ... To follow the shadows They fill my dreams with pain and

Bad Brains - At the movies lyrics

s to the maker, the film double taker, th illusion ... Guaranteed shaker, paravision viewer, or it just may seem ... lost the real scope of life. The hope of life, to cope with life, and found it on the screen

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

THE ANTEDILUVIAN ORACLE:] Behold glorious ... Hyperborea, gleaming jewel of the north; an eon-veiled kingdom ... forever steeped in ancient legendry and the renown

Brand Nubian - The travel jam lyrics

[LJ] Ahh, seven o'clock in the motherf***in mornin ... don't fear yet" [LJ] It's time to be out like shout, ... yaknahmsayin? "My suitcases is packed, and I'm goin

Chastisement - At the garden of eden lyrics

little dark ones dancing and laughing inside my veins screaming and gasping ... from the inside they're chewing my heart insanity is near ... i do not dear to cast myself into the flame of neverending

Gary Hughes - At the end of day lyrics

that the madrigal has died And the crowds have gone It's you and I, Bathed in the ... light as the embers flare You shine, ... beyond compare I will be everything you need,

Plan B - Lost my way lyrics

No-ones gonna come and save my soul Lost my way No going ... back Im stuck right here, and that is that! ... [x2] Look around this manor and all you’ll see, Is ill mannered people in their

Candlemass - At the gallows end lyrics

I greet you, the beauty of your light so warm ... and tender was never the night In tears I see you, the ... last time it will be so give me your blessing, I'll meet

Patti Page - The tennessee waltz lyrics

was dancin' with my darlin' To the Tennessee Waltz ... When an old friend I happened to see I introduced ... her to my loved one And while they were dancin' My friend stole my sweetheart from

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - I think i lost my headache lyrics

know why they called and just let it ring ... No reply The door was open I swear Ain't no use in pickin ... up You know why It's on my head I know So they tell me

A Day At The Fair - The rocking chair years lyrics

is taking on the world This is letting out the ghost's, ... because I am strong enough to know what ... I love most. This is everything I am, and everything I know

Manic Street Preachers - The descent (pages 1 & 2) lyrics

my kingdom disappear and fade away Will ... sleep overcome the hurt and then decay I can't be poisoned ... and you will not make me cry I've cleansed my ugliness &

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - The piano knows something i don't know lyrics

won't cut my beard and I won't change my hair It ... grows like fancy flowers but it grows nowhere My hair, my ... hair If I could build my house just like the Trojan

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - The one (ft. big sean, 2 chainz, marsha ambro.. lyrics

Refrén: Marsha Ambrosius] The storm is on the horizon I'm ... standing here alone Got a pistol on my hip And it's gonna ... be some shit If you want it then bring it on See I'm a motherf***in' soldier And I'mma be

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