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Lykke Li - Dance dance dance lyrics

troubles telling how I feel But I can dance, dance ... and dance Couldn't possibly tell you how I mean But I can dance, dance, dance So ... when I trip on my feet Look at the beat The words are, written in the sand When I'm shaking my hips Look for

Mikey Wax - Let you run lyrics

love you're always in my head and I won't try to ... You are more than just my friend so let's be honest Oh I ... need you to decide if you need me in your life I

Hughes Glenn - Written all over your face lyrics

you've been gone too long Something is going on ... When you walked out the door It was written all over your ... face You know I couldn't see It's gone from

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Looking at you lyrics

a look at yourself You’re a little bit wild You might sing ... of freedom But you never smile You set your sights on a ... a lady of power And you kicked me out I’m only looking at you I know what’s true

Bastille - Poet lyrics

it takes control, Obsession it eats me whole. I can't say ... the words out loud, So in a rhyme I wrote you down. ... Now you'll live through the ages, I can

Darkness Divided - The hands that bled lyrics

tell me divinity knows why my pain overflows ... While my hands are scarred and my ... sins are buried below O saving victim, I long to hear your ... voice Speak the words Are my prayers heard? The

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - It was written in blood (l'amour la morgue re.. lyrics

my friend Goodbye my love You're in my heart It was preordained ... that we should part And be united by and by United by and ... by Goodbye! No handshake to endure No, it was nothing

Lamb - Written lyrics

wind stands still around you And suddenly i ... m trembling and I don't know why There's ... something deep about you That echoes ... in my mind Mystifying feelings Running round in my brain

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - It was written in blood lyrics

my friend, goodbye my love, You're in my heart. It was preordained, that we should part. And ... be united by and by, united by and by. Goodbye. No ... handshake to endure, no it was nothing. It was written in blood, It was written

Miss May I - Burn my pages lyrics

throat is full of fire. My lungs are drying out. ... But I'll still find a way (To get to you). Does your chest ... feel heavy under my words and ink? Has your heart begun to sink? (Sink so low). My words

Blackmore's Night - Written in the stars lyrics

written in the stars A pathway set in ... stone A candle in the night To guide your way back ... home Then somewhere in your memory Calling from ... afar It's daring you to see What it is that's written in the stars.... Once

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Written in the stars lyrics

the moment of our inception Yeah we were destined To ... be together (together) Two planets on a cosmic collision Yeah were on a mission To last forever And

Finger Eleven - Window song lyrics

the windows are playing their game Where I won't see outside again Til I write all the ... fog away I'm putting words in their place Between me and ... the window's pane From my inarticulate brain But all of

Barren Earth - As it is written lyrics

storm the mountains We close the gate You ... hate You flood the fountains Summon our faith It's ... not too late You blind their eyes Their spiteful lies

Ironsword - Call of cthulhu lyrics

the earth The stars are aligned They shall soon come ... forth So it is written, it shall be done So it is written, it shall be done R ... lyeh rise Chaos unleashed Binding spells broken Cthulhu

Tony Bennett - Fly me to the moon lyrics

often use many words To say a simple thing It takes ... thought and time and rhyme To make a poem sing With music ... and words I've been playing For you I've written a

Sixpence None The Richer - The ground you shook lyrics

never knew you but you seemed to be, to me, a great man wise ... as a serpent and gentle as a hillside white lamb we heard ... your voice we saw your choice it's written on us I wish I'd know you and learned

Kris Allen - Written all over my face lyrics

always played you songs to say What I never could ... Other people say it better Say it better than I ... But for every word left unsaid I thought you understood

Frankmusik - 3 little words lyrics

you want from me Are three little words But you just get ... me laughing A quiet sound I know I'm with you now But ... this all might end So save all the

Saybia - Stranded lyrics

took a life for granted untill it slipped right through my ... fingers although forever parted ... I feel your prescence more than ... from where you went and it leaves me stranded It's written in my heart it's written in

A Tortured Soul - Dark chapel lyrics

of the mouth of midnight I see this old dark chapel ... Black candles burning and My mind on fire and ... burning out There is no God no altar What is this church of lies? No words of

Mindless Self Indulgence - Written in cold blood lyrics

written in blood, It’s written in cold blood, It’s written in blood, C-c-c-cold ... blood, It’s written in blood, It’s written in cold ... blood, It’s written in blood, C-c-c-cold blood,

While She Sleeps - Our legacy lyrics

you want words to live your life by, Walk the graves, walk ... the graves. It's written on the head stones. If ... you want words to live your life by, Walk the graves, walk

In Flames - Embody the invisible lyrics

demand nothing, but I want it all what privilege do we ... have under the sun, that gives us the right to the throne ... species come and go, but the ... stands forever fast all river runs towards the sea,

Hawkwind - Hassan i sahba lyrics

hashin, hashish hashin Hashish hashin, hashish hashin ... Hashish hashin, hashish hashin Hashishin Black ... Black September Death unto all infidels in oil. Guide

Chastisement - Disowned lyrics

masses walk towards the oppressive warmth of ... the fire. The unholy will burn and so shall I. The ... of the day and we laughted in their faces. Now we have to

Fu Manchu - Written in stone lyrics

wise man, he tells me my future ... I know why, he says this I've seen it too. time flies, I stand still yeah he knew ... slow moving, ride past me they go through

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Written in sand lyrics

the color of the sea You look my way and the waves Wash ... over me Your body shivers with the Fading light You ... "Baby, let's just make It last tonight." And

Caliban - Diary of an addict lyrics

no one fears you you are invisible - nothing - trace of belief you're going blind - ... day your footsteps slowly dissappear... realease your soul ... This is a diart - the diart of an addict it's just a

Hall And Oates - Written in stone lyrics

we kiss that way I search for words that Might explain How can a love ... go so deep Girl, it’s in my blood It’ll always be ... a part of me If we stay together Or if we go our

Dropkick Murphys - Rose tattoo lyrics

pictures tell the story This life has many shades I’d ... wake up every morning and before I’d start each ... day I’d take a drag from last nights cigarette That smoldered

Nat King Cole - Fly me to the moon (in other words) lyrics

it's often use many words to say a simple thing It takes ... thought and time and rhyme To make a poem sing With music ... and words I've been playing For you I have written

C-lekktor - Suicidal tendencies lyrics

still feel inside my skin The blade cutting my flesh ... I still see my bleeding wrist It's staining all my ... clothes I still hear my dying heart Its beat is weaker

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Goes without saying lyrics

both know you want it, come and get it. What you ... waiting for? Now you're scared of ... what you're seeing, only seen it in your ... Cause when you least expect it, it will take you, take you

Buck 65 - Paper airplane lyrics

lake you saw me and you knew i was waiting for you looking inbetween those long greens ... your reflection it fell upon How we miss ... that love the words written on my hand are hard to

Brooks And Dunn - Believe lyrics

man Wrigley lived in that white house Down the street ... where i grew up Momma used to send me over with things We ... struck a friendship up I spent a few long summers out

Barry Manilow - Written in stone lyrics

had a great time And I wished you were there New friends, good wine I sure had my ... share But I wouldn’t be here now If I didn’t care Didn’t I say we

Lucius - Wildewoman lyrics

eyes are light and clear And fearless like Chicago winds in the winter ... time And her hair is never quite in place And the knees in ... you love her anyway She's a wildewoman She's gonna find

Lucy Rose - My life lyrics

what we are made of? Stars aligned when I found you, you ... Cause now I've tasted you, I won't move on Cause you are ... what I want Everything I want This is my life And I give it all to you My only life And it's written down here

Midge Ure - Words lyrics

that touch And words that heal Words you know ... were written ´bout you That say ... everything, know everything you feel Words that save ... And words you fear Words that scream for every small

Running Wild - Blood moon rising lyrics

prophecy of ancient times written in the sky The moon is ... bathed in deepest red, universal cry Foretelling what ... he future brings, a coup d'etat and war A

Jennifer Hudson - Believe lyrics

man Wrigley lived in that white house Down the street ... where I grew up Momma used to send me over with things We ... struck a freindship up I spent a few long summers out

Elvis Costello - Someone took the words away lyrics

head Can hardly move my lips for speaking I said So, ... what is this thing I cannot explain? I'd blame ... all the things I feel but can't quite place ... Perhaps they're written on my face Someone took

Cheap Sex - Written in blood lyrics

leaders today have their finger on the button Mistakes ... been forgotten God's name is used as an excuse to kill ... The leaders play games while the people's blood spills.

Anna Graceman - Words lyrics

say come over, let's have a little chat And I say &quot ... Okay, I guess I'm fine with that" But as we get to talking, I could go insane

Neil Diamond - No words lyrics

words could say how I love you. No words could be ... as true. I've looked through books and read ... through dictionaries, But I've found no words for you.

Shane Harper - Wait for me ft bridgit mendler lyrics

ve written a thousand words I know Sorry, I love you, and ... please don't go's I've waited so long, I'm sure it shows ... I've written a thousand words I know I'm wasting away, a little more everyday Wait for

Skindred - The beginning of sorrows lyrics

Head that no man should decieve you For many shall come ... and try to lead you You'll hear of wars ... and rumours will set Yet be not troubled it ... s not the time yet It is written now it is written now It

Loadstar - Loadstar - black & white (ft. benny banks) lyrics

and white, black and white Black and white, black and ... white Black and white, black and white Black and ... white, black and white It's written in my eyes I can

Ebony Ark - So close so far lyrics

you let me near your heart I am not ashamed to love you ... Hold me tight I'll hold you close to me ... Choose tonight Can't you look into my eyes and see the pain I'm feeling? I wonder if

Liquido - Page one lyrics

a step That will do You got that line ... Get confused And change my mind Get ahead Sadly done ... And have it all Yeah, call, call, call. ... .. When you look to the way ahead, ahead And it´s all just a fake ahead,

Bury Your Dead - Twelfth stroke of midnight lyrics

can..t read between the lines Of a letter That you..ve ... never written I can..t begin to compromise On a problem ... That you have invented Dead stares cut a

Natacha Atlas - Maktub lyrics

yaaaa leel,leel... (Oh night, oh night...) Maktub... (it is written/ foretold) Kulli ... maktub, maktub... (Everything is written, written...) Maktub ... .. (it's written/ foretold) fil Ahlam... (Written in dreams.

Ella Fitzgerald - It was written in the stars lyrics

was written in the stars what was written in the stars shall be it was written in the skies that the heart ... shall see and so whether it bring joy whether it bring

Plain White T's - Make it up as you go lyrics

t care where you're from if you're smart or you're dumb ... if you wanna be a bad guy or Mr ... Right I don't care what you say I ... ll meet up someday Make it up (make it up) as you

Earth, Wind & Fire - In the stone lyrics

found that love provides the key unlocks, the ... souls, of you and me Love will love to sing your song, ... Love is written in the stone Every man I meet is walking time Free to wander past his conscious mind, Love will

Air Traffic Controller - Hinking of you lyrics

sit in the house All by myself I ... m thinking of you Thinking of you I could go out ... But its cold and its raining outside I could go out ... But its cold and raining outside lover So what do I do I'm

Christopher - Still in love lyrics

I, if I could hold you so close now I could look into your eyes ... You'll forget what I said to you When you left, when you ... left And if I, I could get to you right now I'll tell you

Killswitch Engage - You don't bleed for me lyrics

is something that has changed Corrupted ... in your ways Recite your contradictions This ... world's perception has been grazed, distracted ... and dismayed But you have all the

Aviators - Bulletproof lyrics

it down, shove it back Words will not die I'm warning you ... they'll resist If you dare try Put down your ... stronger we become Take a life, silence one Two will

Earth Wind And Fire - In the stone lyrics

found that love, provides The key-unlocks, the ... souls, of you and me- Love will love, to sing your song, ... Love is written in the stone Every man, I meet is

2 Ton Predator - Hell is where you're headed lyrics

down with the sweet talk You better ... know who you`re dealing with Before you put all the ... the shortcut`s at You got it written all over Hell is ... where you`re headed You got it written all over Hell is

Orpheus Omega - Kharon lyrics

by wicked tongues Words of salt to open wounds My life was naught but pain In ... death I have an escape I’m bound to the ferryman With ... all my sins You think you got away You think you

Manic Street Preachers - Postcards from a young man lyrics

don't believe in absolutes anymore I'm quite ... prepared to admit I was wrong This life it sucks ... your principles away You have to fight ... against it every single day These are the

Gjan - Tattoo lyrics

feel again that terrible itching Cutting my bones cutting ... my soul You're pushing my veins You're drawing a picture ... of my blood I feel again that terrible itching Cutting my bones cutting my soul

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Virtue's cloak lyrics

she excuse my wrongs with Virue's cloak? Shall I call ... her good when she proves unkind? Are those clear fires which vanish to smoke? Must I ... praise the leaves where no fruit I find? No, no where

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Creeping death lyrics

Hebrews born to serve, to the pharaoh Heed To his ... every word, live in fear Faith Of the unknown one, the ... deliverer Wait Something must be done, four hundred

Irenne Petrik - In the stars lyrics

mystic eyes, your curly hair, all your tattoos I know ... them all, maybe you are a bit confused I will know you, ... you will know me, I'm sure because moonlight

Wolf lyricsWolf - Curse you salem lyrics

1692 The year of the Black Witch Samuel Paris points a ... crooked finger At the witch and proclaims By these ... means the Devil is Among us The fires of hell

Myka Relocate - Eyes wide shut lyrics

don't preach broken belief (Belief) Repeat, you ... repeat the lines when they mean nothing ... Repeat, you repeat the lines when they mean nothing ... Hopeless, hopelessly try to hide what I see Back down,

Bullet For My Valentine - Creeping death [metallica cover] lyrics

Hebrews born to serve to the Pharaoh. Heed! To his ... every word, live in fear. Faith! Of the unknown one, the ... deliverer. Wait! Something must be done, four hundred

Juliet Simms - Frances lyrics

there's something cold inside Was it murder, or was it ... suicide? Heroin, if the shoe fits you must wear it We'll cherish, the falling ... star that dies This wasn't how it was planned

Jason Lancaster - All i can give you lyrics

and bows full of ribbons and clothes, set up ... neatly beneath the tree With a tag on each one saying ... the ones from me? Oh, how I wanted the lights in your

Ghost Machine - Headstone lyrics

Haunted by your face Tattooed an image Of barbed-wire ... and lace and the deception Give me abrasion I want ... the real you I want the real you You had it commin’, you had it commin’

Punk Goes... - All i can give you by jason lancaster lyrics

and bows full of ribbons and clothes, set up ... neatly beneath the tree With a tag on each one saying ... the ones from me? Oh, how I wanted the lights in your

Arsis - Let me be the one lyrics

will end this fight tonight. Revenge is what I have in mind. With these words, my words, just let it be known I will ... me be the one all lovers despise, the one whose bane you

Alex Goot - Your message lyrics

something beautiful in my eyes stormy skies don’t ... you leave before your time is up i can’t let you leave me ... me and you you’ll be fine just say its true i hate to see you panic helplessly

Vonda Shepard - Say the words lyrics

the words Say the words Every light shines on you tonight Making a fool out of me ... Why won't this love leave me alone All of ... the people in this smoky room Crowded with

Melissa Etheridge - I love you lyrics

look in your eyes I knew we two would always be together And there are, three little words that say it all I ... love you Never believed in love at first sight But I

Edge Of Sanity - The last song lyrics

1.] An empty paper in front of me and the pen ... that is supposed be the link between my thoughs and the ... written word [2.] I always believed that I could

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Cause & effect lyrics

the gods for the deeds & wills of violent men Forced inception interrupts the plan ... Create the lies & breed the hate Feeding of the lions to commemorate

Easy Rider - Blessed lyrics

is the one who reads The words of this prophecy And blessed ... are those who hear It and take to heart what is written in it Because the time is

My American Heart - The innocent letter lyrics

about dreams, and they said we were crazy. But they don ... t know a thing about me. We'll drive until the sun comes alive. Until ... the sun comes alive. Trust the speed, trust

Annah Mac - Celia lyrics

out great We were staying up late Hanging out in the ... park till two Then you met your ... boyfriend Left all of your girlfriends Everybody’s talking ... bout you Hey Celia Hey Celia Hey Celia Hey Celia Since the whole big showdown I’ve been on the low-down We

Nahko And Medicine For The People - It is written lyrics

is written It is written It is written Gathering the nations Prepare my relations For ... spiritual battle, battle I have my doubts But there's ... no time for that now Gotta

Aiken Clay - Something about us lyrics

the music, play the song We'll dance together all night long The ... spotlight glows, somehow it knows, That there's something about us Something about

Siva Six - Siva six:opponent lyrics

your finger on the trigger Beneath our feet, the city lights Living on the edge, ... ain't that thrilling Let's not avoid falling in ... The wheel of fortune is now spinning But we are

Toby Keith - I know a wall when i see one lyrics

eyes, brown hair, yeah that's my past standing there Turning every head in here tonight That smile, ... that laugh, everyone is staring at The one thing that

Lalaine - More than words can say lyrics

s a powerful light When I look in your eyes There's something in me that I can't contain ... There's a burning desire An unquenchable fire And it's something just I can't

Cataract - Ruin and rule lyrics

used as a platform To put things in a better light Its so ... easy to have a say But its hard to tell the truth Of ... some ones mind On a paper Manipulated to

Robyn - Eclipse lyrics

s an eclipse in your eye where I used to shine Every secret untold is a ... planet aligned Don't need prophets or ... preachers to make sense of the signs when

Black Majesty - Visionary lyrics

would you say to a man if he had a vision of making ... this world a better place? ... gathering thoughts have been spoken ... by millions our dominions arrived well armed with his words he has a vision as he tries to change the world would you

Hail The Sun - Dead messages lyrics

don't know why, but sometimes I wonder deeply What I would ... do if you passed away I think of words, words that I wish ... I'd told you by the end Dead ... messages I can still say to you Why should I sit with

Tina Dickow - Everybody knows lyrics

always had to look good It always had to be perfect It ... always had to look easy So tell me now was it ... worth it? You stand in the doorway With a bag full

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Behind the lines lyrics

held the book so tightly in my hands, I saw your picture, heard you call my name ... There was something strange, I could not look away I wanted ... to be there, I wanted to go You gave me no warning

Fugazi - Furniture lyrics

is a song with no words. but no one can hear the missing. they just look at my ... mouth and look at my mouth and say hey man, ... I know where you're coming from. furniture has no say

Shape Of Despair - In longing lyrics

the words On open wounds Head in ... hands Dragging feet Cortege is waiting Moving slow All this life force Now fallen to stone Your name is written With

Nadia Ali - Ride with me lyrics

t you talk? You know I've heard it All before That ... I'm deserving of Something more You think I'm worth it But you're not the one willing to give it I don't need

Roger Daltrey - Written on the wind lyrics

realise my mistake I couldn't live up to the things I'd said and I'd believed in And I appreciate you waiting When it rained Lover-friend Again Always learning

Marie Mai - Riptide lyrics

feel it inside Flowing in, strong as a riptide Nothing else ever felt so right Diving deep into you and I It ... breaks me loose I’m coming down, I’m becoming the muse

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