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I Look In The Mirror What Do You See lyrics

Browse for I Look In The Mirror What Do You See song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Look In The Mirror What Do You See lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Look In The Mirror What Do You See.

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The Nipple Erectors - Stupid cow lyrics

Got yourself a pair of mohair socks 'cause you saw Johnny ... Rotten wear 'em on the box And you learned to do the pogo dance Cause you heard ... that it's all the rage in France I never told you what I think of you I think you

Eternal Reign - Gate to infinity + light the light lyrics

... + Take a look in the mirror, what do you see? What makes you stare as if ... spellbound? Such a sad sight, the fading glory Could ... this be the end of the story? oh yeah Shivers running down your spine, darkness

Operatika Element - Mask in the mirror lyrics

in the magic Hide yourself and put on mask of disguise Whispers in the darkness ... And the moon that brightly shines from the skies In you I ... see Is this really me? Reflect, reveal

Acylum - Acylum - trip of hate lyrics

no way out of this trip A trip of hate a trip of lost Find ... no way out of this life A life of shit a life of drugs 2x ... Look in the mirror what do you see? 3x Find no way out of

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Good man (feat. pusha t and jadakiss) lyrics

We the Best Music! DJ Khaled! Please, ... Khaled, don't pair me or compare me Unless the ... said party is a rare breed The stories I hear, they tend to mirror me At this point now, rap is

Destruction - No one shall survive lyrics

One Shall Survive We all have something to hide We all have 'another side' ... None shall defy his deeds None shall deny his ... evil needs Have a look in the mirror, what do you see Is

Kiss - In the mirror lyrics

were in the right Until you're left stuck in the middle I still wonder why You gave it ... all for such a little You Tell me you're only Scared ... to be lonely On and on You Livin' on credit Want it, you get it Right or wrong

Loudness - In the mirror lyrics

this in the mirror Looking back at me Reflections of ... a man That I knew so long ago Like a ... stranger in disguise Could you be wrong Thinking you knew

Age Of Heaven - In the mirror lyrics

stand close to a door Wide over you extends a gothic ... arch A shiver runs through you When you feel the eerie ... atmosphere Driven by curiosity You press the handle and

Benediction - Dont look in the mirror lyrics

s an animal inside of you (don't look in the mirror) Banish it from your mind (the face ... in the mirror) Execrate the willing state (don't look in the ... mirror) Desecrate the pure of fate You think you

Black Tide - In the mirror lyrics

hey Do you miss the life we once had? Everything is ... good is gone bad Hey, hey Take a ... good look in the mirror Ask the questions that you fear ... When it's over will the emptiness consume us Is there

Front 242 - Born to breath lyrics

it where it hurts and you kik it hard what does the future ... hold for me ?...PAIN In the world outside everything's the same When you look in the mirror what do you see ?...SHAME

Ghost Machinery - Kingdom of decay lyrics

a child inside the man Living the dream in the castle ... made of sand Opinionated but too blind to see ... and so hard to please Infantile hero VIP in your little world Kingdom of decay

November Blessing - Staring in the mirror lyrics

won't fail this time The war is over and what I've become ... was more Than a man on the inside And I will achieve this ... on my own Without you, it's possible I just thought you should know And I've looked

Johansson - In the mirror lyrics

in a flash of light the truth is deep, the grave is ... a deeper mystery found, but there's no one to follow I see ... myself, a burning fire, the clock is ticking away, but I

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - What do you want from me lyrics

you look around this room tonight Settle in your seat and ... dim the lights Do you want my blood, do you want my ... tears What do you want What do you want from me Should I

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - What do you say lyrics

do you say, when you just know That he's the one, ... and you wanna go fast But he's taking it slow And what do you do ... when he's next to you But he's a little bit shy

Bonnie Raitt - What do you want the boy to do lyrics

you think the man is crazy He eats up your lies ... Like they're good for him Apple pie, he don't even ... He's not a fool He's just tryin' to do what his heart says

Eighteen Visions - In the closet lyrics

do you want them all to see? A blind man with blind faith is he your f***in enemy? ... All he wants to do is survive this painful cancer. You ... should be looking for the answer now. And as the silence breaks. Give him what

Lemon Jelly - In the bath lyrics

do you do? What do you do in the bath? Oh, what do you do, in ... the bath? Oh, what do you do, in the bath? What do you do ... in the bath

Mary J Blige - In the meantime lyrics

the meantime, what do you do When there's no one left but you And you're alone How do you ... feel when the one you love Doesn't, doesn't seem real Do you run, or do you try to heal The hurt inside But oh, but in the meantime [1]- I have found within myself Everything I need

Neil Diamond - Diamond girls lyrics

town girl in a city of lights Sleeps all day, yeah, ... And she plays all night Takin' her turn on the merry-go ... round Hearing her laugh but it's a lonely sound Bring

Lost In Despair - The mirror lyrics

day you take a look in the mirror Tell me what do you see? ... So this is what you want me to be? Think again ... ‘cause that will never be me No matter the

Sanctuary - The mirror black lyrics

night I had a dream, of a maiden in black and silver She ... said to me why are you afraid? Why is the truth so hard ... to attain? I will show you your fears, just look in the mirror You can conquer your

L'Âme Immortelle - Figure in the mirror lyrics

time you put this mask on your face A little piece of your ... soul dies away The figure in the mirror's not me A different reality It's just a picture that you see From my

Anna Tsuchiya - In my hands lyrics

t wanna do this Don't wanna do that, too That's how i lived ... my life, oh oh And now i think i'm Making a huge mistake ... I'm gonna hurt you It's gonna hurt me, too That's

L'ame Immortelle - Figure in the mirror lyrics

time you put this mask on your face A little piece of your ... soul dies away The figure in the mirror's not me A different reality It's just a picture that you see From my

Darren Criss - Man in the mirror lyrics

Ooh huh, hoo..ooh Finn: I'm gonna make a change, ... for once in my life Finn and Artie: It's gonna ... feel real good, gonna make a difference Finn: Gonna

Nightmare (fra) - Ghost in the mirror lyrics

walk away from my reflection And I feel I couldn't hide ... a tear I look in the mirror for a direction But my ... destination is unclear Am I a monster A demon in the ruins Lost in the corridors of time and space? Am I just a shadow of a human being? I can't

Butcher Babies - The mirror never lies lyrics

I tell you what I feel inside Is it a place you Feel you can hide And every time that ... I asked you what to say You f***ing lied to me You know it's gonna Be a long ride home

Buzzcocks - What do you know? lyrics

happens Don't look for patterns You only perceive what you believe You need ... only believe to believe A map of illusion Of ... this land of confusion I saw the boy clad in leather For ever

Lords Of Acid - The mirror lyrics

look in the mirror and what do I see A perfect stranger is looking at me Don't tell me i'm ... wrong i know this ain't real I'm going insane, i can see what i feel I try to avoid it, i

Mystic Prophecy - In the mirror lyrics

are coming Days are vanishing Look into my eyes do you ... belive in the day Changing all the past years? When you hold the knife into your ... hands I want to feel it I am the owner of every part

Handsome Boy Modeling School - Look at this face (oh my god they're gorgeous.. lyrics

at this face, what do you see? Look at it Dad, what do you ... see? What do you see? Say it, say it Uhh ayuahh, it's a ... face Yeah, but what kind of face? Uhh, pale, pasty,

Conflict - Do you get the picture? lyrics

to say? Then shut your face Do you get the picture? Don't like what you see? Look the other way, do you get the picture? ... I'm sick of hearing complaining when nobody's creating You want something better? Then you've got to make an effort,

Alice Cooper - See me in the mirror lyrics

COOPER See me in the mirror if you want to See me in the mirror if you really ... to Maybe not too clear, but the face you'll see is mine Do you feel my eyes burning through you Do you feel the burn when

The Kinks - (wish i could fly like) superman lyrics

up this morning, started to sneeze Had a ... cigarette and a cup of tea I looked in the mirror, what did I see? A nine stone weakling with knobbly knees I did my knees bend, press ups,

Lauryn Hill - Repercussions lyrics

was born into this world Little bitty baby girl And when ... I look at why looking so glad In a racist world ... Now it’s a difficult process The matter is of

The Game - Never be friends lyrics

Verse 1] Yeah yo I walk through the valley of ... death vest on teflon now I'm approached In my hurricane ... black chrome on my shoulder, big wheel till It's over he

Cassadee Pope - You hear a song lyrics

one day I'll just let it all go Let every shade of ... my true colors show Keep loving me and I'll lose all ... be, never wanna be that girl With a million needs, who

Manga Anders - See me in the mirror lyrics

me in the mirror if you want to See me in the mirror if you really want to ... Maybe not too clear, but the face you'll see is mine Do you feel my eyes burning through you Do you feel the burn when

Cheryl Cole - Girl in the mirror lyrics

Verse) You can always sense with me When things ain't quite ... right I barely speak I can't seem to sit still tight ... There's many things that run And pass through

Ani Difranco - Circle of light lyrics

just outside The circle of light Avoiding the pool cues ... Watching the game Waiting for you Hanging in the doorway Like smoke Like mistletoe This is where I'll be

Digital Ruin - In the mirror lyrics

Long day never seems to end I just need some time To stop ... and think To clear my thoughts And ... face the world With this vision of mine I've seen this

Dyslesia - Spirit of war lyrics

s watching us living on earth They see our ... helpless dying sons They trusted giving us the world ... and terror Pre Chorus: I look in the mirror what do I see

Lucky Dube - Man in the mirror lyrics

I look in the mirror It's your face I see Even when I go ... to sleep at night It's your face I see You are the one ... to congratulate me When I've done right You are the last to

Bars And Melody - The chainsmokers - closer lyrics

(Melody): Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you. ... I drink too much and that's an issue. But I'm OK. Hey, ... Tell your friends it was nice to meet them. But I hope I

Ensoph - In the flesh lyrics

ray of Light Freezing flame in the mirror ... Absolute purity in the most cruel joke Absolute innocence in the serpent’s word ... What I say The dream I make Nothing is real But I’ll be I see a child sitting by the path I see the

Pat Benatar - Have it all lyrics

think that you're the second coming Sorry to say it doesn't do it for me Must ... be a drag when you're so stunning In all that you are And ... all that you hope to be (chorus) You

Epica - Semblance of liberty lyrics

to fight, and we're born to flee Doomed to live on ecstasy Born ... to lie, and we're born to cheat Look in the mirror, who do you see ... to flee, and we're born to fight Without your mask, you're

Lita Ford - What do ya know about love lyrics

walk tall, you act proud Leave the little girls cryin' out loud You got it all, it's not enough When it comes to love, babe you're ... outta luck Yeah, I know I'm a fool Tryin' to find a

Lil Twist - Do what i want (ft. 2 chainz) lyrics

I got money in my pocket, I can buy whatever that I want ... Wheels in the garage, I can drive whatever that I ... want Females in the club, I can get whoever that I want I do anything I want, I do

Blue Felix - In the mirror lyrics

Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue ... Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue Felix- In The Mirror- First Ave Blue

Thomas Dante - Fly lyrics

yourself on a movie screen play any part or be ... anything know what i mean its all about right its all its all about wrong about you ... and take a deep breath open your heart and never forget

Jackson 5 - Love's gone bad lyrics

I feel a fountain in my brain Ice-cold water runnin' ... through my pain Got a bad taste in my mouth ... from bitter tears Heart feel sad ... 'cause Love's Gone Bad I see a rainbow all in black Must

Marauder - In the middle of time lyrics

time we live, A point of eternity The only ... breath we have, A drop into the ocean We say we fight, against the evil We're fooling ... ourselves, believe in a lie. Lok in a mirror, What do you see? Trust in this picture, Don't turn your eyes.

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - You found me lyrics

I was a child, I spoke just like a child Playing childish ... games, just like hide-and-seek Doing everything tryna to hide my shame That's when I ... heard Your voice calling out to me 1, 2, 3, no

Agnostic Front - Crime without sin lyrics

me father for i have sinned. those crimes that i ... commited, well, i did em again. empty my soul to empower yours. lead me blindly down the ... path to salvations doors. god in your vanity laws

Lil' B - Talking that based remix lyrics

t nothing but the bass come out my mouth Yea you know, you stay with me the ... beast Don't nothing but the bass come out my mouth ... Would you die for me? Make a bitch cry for

Dream Theater - The mirror lyrics

Why won't you leave me alone? Lurking ... Every Corner, everywhere I go Self Control- Don't ... turn your back on me now When I need you the most Constant pressure

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