I Know You Trynna Hard To Fight It I Got You Feeling lyrics

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Hall & Oates - Hard to be in love with you lyrics

t want to face it but I know that it's time to go home, no ... I cannot say what I want to say when we're alone I gotta ... leave but I want to stay But where you are is so

Hall And Oates - Hard to be in love with you lyrics

want to face it but I know that it’s time to go home I ... cannot say what I want to say when we’re alone I’ve got to leave but I want to stay ... Where you are is so far from the u.s. of a.

Tracy Lawrence - It's got you all over it lyrics

my radio played a new love song ... pretty soon I was singing along When the chorus came ... around I knew every word every line ... was written about you It's got you all over it like a sweet

Katy B - Hard to get lyrics

you playin' hard to get? Or do you know me inside? I have no challenge I ... t one yet see Keep playin' in vain But I'll figure you ... out It won't be long till I've got you in my grasp

Afi - I am trying very hard to be here lyrics

you came what was your name? Did you look like me ... even the trees. So change your name, just keep your face. ... re temporary anyway. Before you came we played this game in

Sheena Easton - Hard to say it's over lyrics

to count the hours, time to know that now is time just slipping away You say how you need ... me, I'm still waiting to see time keep slipping away I'm ... still chasing that rainbow, you always reach it too soon Why

Human Nature - (i know) i'm losing you lyrics

love is fadin', I feel it fade Ah, your love is fadin ... , I feel it fade Ah, your love is fadin', woman I feel ... it fade Ah, woman, woman your touch, your touch has gone

Patrick Jørgensen - Hard to say goodbye lyrics

don´t think you understand the feeling that I ... get inside When I See your cursive handwriting it´s like you´re still alive I laugh ... and then I smile It takes a while before I sink

Joan Jett - Hard to grow up lyrics

Wake up feeling crazy Keep losing people, ... just lost my mom So difficult to fathom that they're ... gone I could go out and party But ... nothing kills my pain So helpless and there's no

Cimorelli - I know you know it lyrics

I know you notice how I turn away I stutter on my ... words Baby you're so intimidating Don't want my friends to know Cause I know what they ... ll say Maybe you're not the best idea but I'm

Johnny Gill - I know where i stand lyrics

the world It's crumbling all around me A place to ... go Where I felt safe In search of help I fell down ... on my knees I pray to lord Please keep my way

Jane XØ - Hard to forget lyrics

you know I'm always spelling you that you don't have me on my ... knees But tonight's the night that you're gonna get the ... best of me Even though I tell you no, I don't want to fight it when you pull me

Devilish - It's so hard to live lyrics

s so hard to live but you needn't be despaired You ... just have to give everything for living It's so hard to ... live but you needn't be despaired You just have to give

Faith No More - Got that feeling lyrics

that feeling Luck is just a little of it Got ... that feeling I can't stop winning A to Z Look what you're missing, as we speak Your number's rising, take a peak

Chamillionaire - I know ya mad (feat. bun b) lyrics

Intro - Three 6 Mafia - talking] Yes sir (yes sir) Chamillionaire (Chamillitary mayne) ... Bun B (Bun B) It's goin down (it's goin down, I know ... ya mad) Yes sir Hypnotize Minds production (I know ya mad,

Pursuit Of Happiness - Hard to laugh lyrics

who sees you thinks you should be smiling That girl ... she's so press, that girl she's so beguiling Everyone ... who sees you thinks you should be happy Thinks you

Almora - To live is to fight lyrics

never forget "to live is to fight" If you feel you ... re lost against life Up your head and look to the sky You don't forget to live is to fight You never forget to live is to fight The real glory is to fight for the pride Lightness or darkness, no matter

Pat Benatar - Fight it out lyrics

heard you say you're feelin' like a change now Maybe, baby ... this could be arranged now But I ... warn you that no exotic scenery Will solve your ... problems or make you feel easy You say you're

Lit - Hard to find lyrics

around, look around you answers (Someone tell me) ... Where can I, where can I find faith again (Can you help ... me?) I’m running aimless just to Try to and find

Ani Difranco - Willing to fight lyrics

windows of my soul Are made of ... way glass Don't bother looking into my eyes If there's ... something you want to know, Just ask I got a dead bolt ... stroll Where I'm going is clear I won't wait for you to wonder I'll just tell you

Michael W. Smith - I know lyrics

s talkin' in the homeroom Plans are being made for after school ... Should you tell them how you're really feelin' Or go ... along and play it cool Well, I know, I know How it feels, I

Eraserheads - Hard to believe lyrics

find it hard to believe That all the pain that we ... are feeling Has some meaning in this world It's so hard to ... believe That everything you see is different From the things that you've been told I

Gala - She really wants to try it lyrics

it, you want it, you need it You know that you could get it ... Alone in my room Are you gonna go for it? She feels ... it and fights it, Oh she’s so proper But

Method Man - Hard to kill lyrics

Method Man:] Yeah, play times over mutha phuckaz, Spice ... 1's defiantly in mutha phuckin' effect. You know what I'm ... saying? bringing it to all you bitch ass niggaz, so raise

Sing It Loud - I've got a feeling lyrics

got a feeling you don’t care And everything I ... say you cannot hear So celebrate the ... time we have Cause I don’t think I can stay, for to long Oh yeah and how could

Agnes - How do you know lyrics

1: It’s been a long time and it’s really getting hard to fight it I know Cover it up but ... it’s much too hard to hide it is Hanging around I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming I

Belleruche - You're listening to the worlds lyrics

shy from the loudest voice The serpent I avoid ... Choose to fight a battle rare It doesn ... t mean that I am bad It doesn't mean that I am ... scared It's just not worth the breath

Harem Scarem - Hard to love lyrics

Hess) I stand before you accused of many crimes But I ... want to believe that love can still survive You don't have to say it, I don't have to read your mind

Lyfe Jennings - It's real lyrics

Verse 1] This Lady Whispered when I saw her Gave Me ... her number, told me call her She got me ... feelin like a Baller And I'm so into you I told her let

Rock, Michael Learns To - You keep me running lyrics

met anotherone who made my life so much fun 'cos every ... moment I'm with you I never know what you're gonna do Every ... day you change your minddo something different all

Smash Mouth lyricsSmash Mouth - Merry christmas (i don't want to fight tonigh.. lyrics

Christmas I don't want To fight tonight Merry Christmas I don't want To fight tonight ... Merry Christmas I don't want To fight tonight ... With you Where is Santa? At his sleigh? Tell

Iu - I know (feat. seungri of bigbang) lyrics

Seungri & IU] Oh~Woah Oh~Woah Oh~Woah ... Oh~Woah [Seungri] Yeah-Yeah… [Seungri] ... Monday Cheosnaleun uisimhaesseosseo ([IU] Ah~) Ileon

Paul Wall - "i ain't hard to find" lyrics

Chorus:] If ya lookin for me I ain't hard to find, ... (kno'm sayin) I be right there posted on that 5-9, ... (already) I got a burner in my lap at all times, (kno'm

Andragonia - Hard to breath lyrics

I have realized Our acts are so weak as ... glass Now I know we´ve got to prettend Everything makes no ... sense for me Everyday I try to visualize Things made us

Cynic - I'm but a wave to... lyrics

one I'll meet the mortal memories Reliving seeking silence ... And know that I as just a shell outside Have ... sacred joys inside me No fear, nor fight,

Anthony Hamilton - Hard to breathe lyrics

me change my plan Walk in a different space Loving you is all I seem to think about ... And Will u let me go if I Turn around and walk the ... heart For the rest of my life? I don't want to be

Harem Scarem - Hard to love (live) lyrics

Ward/Hess/Lesperance) You come on like a sweet child ... here drive me wild when I want you You giving me a ... rough time then you change your mind then you want me You

Hezekiah Walker - I'm going to make it lyrics

m I'm going to make it With Jesus on my side I know I will I'm I'm going to make it ... Make it to that city called heaven Make it to ... that city called heaven {repeat}

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - Hard to imagine lyrics

a picture forty shades of gray. Light your pillow. Lay back. ... Watch the flames. I'll tell a story but no one ... would listen that long. It's hard to imagine. It's hard

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Hold you back lyrics

d'you know the music When you don't know the score Do you ... think that you can make it When you don't need no ... more Is it really the reason When it is not a need Are you trying hard to write it Before you can

Hopes Die Last - I know that she'll come back lyrics

just crying for nothing Just grab my wings to fly ... away to another place just to forget you. I laugh sigh, ... the regrets I’ve written decide. I’m just in it to feel

Tim Mcgraw - I guess you get used to somebody lyrics

thought I felt you touch my cheek this morning ... But I must've been dreaming And in the middle of the ... night without a warning I thought I heard you breathing

One Less Reason - Hard to believe lyrics

s getting hard to believe Things are going to get better You let go to see just how far I ... would fall And I know that pain has erased the laughter You

The Drums - Hard to love lyrics

me why, when you look me in the eye Do I feel like I ... want to die I've been at work all day in ... the pouring rain Just to give you something you'll forget

John Lee Hooker - I don't wanna go to vietnam lyrics

down here thinkin', I don't wanna go to Vietnam I ... m sittin' down here thinkin', I don't wanna go to Vietnam I ... all these troubles at home, I don't wanna go to Vietnam I read the news every day, I

Lil Rob - I know how it feels lyrics

Chorus] I know how it feels You've been hurt so bad I know ... how it feels You've been hurt so bad [talking over chorus] Are you ok? I want you to know that you can

Newton Faulkner - To the light lyrics

m taking a break because I'm losing it again And I want ... to relate without you thinking I am insane Always the ... same another train Just sitting around but with a record in

Ac Dc - Got you by the balls lyrics

mister businessman Head of the company ... Are you looking for a lady One who likes to please? Hey mister businessman This one likes to ... tease With a special service In French quantities But

Bonfire - Hard to say lyrics

yes, but you mean no Holding on, you must let go We ... do what we should do Don't know why Give a smile, but you ... could cry Live it up, when you wanna die We're all mad in

Canned Heat - I'm her man lyrics

love sure is good to me I found love sure is good to me ... You know a man needs a woman though to ... keep him company It feels good not to be alone ... Oh so good not to be alone I'm gonna make sure not to lose

Cheap Trick - Hard to tell lyrics

I've had enough, I'm tired of waiting The time will ... come to pass Why do you do what you do to me? Why ... can't you say what you wanna say? Is it not worth

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - It's hard to say "i do", when i don't lyrics

speak fast and I'm not gonna repeat myself, no ... So listen carefully to every word I say: "I'm ... one who's gonna get away with making excuses today, You

Richard Hawley - I'm looking for someone to find me lyrics

you're tired and feeling lonely And your heart has ... nowhere to head Think of me, I'll be thinking somewhere All ... of those things that you said But don't be cruel to me

Jedward - I like to move it lyrics

Like to Move It Like This (x4) J J J J Jedward like to move it, move it I like to ... move it, move it I like to move it, move it We like to ... move it! I like to move it, move it She like to move it, move it We like to move it

Matthew Lush - Hard to take lyrics

was all a waste of time Why am I calling you for? ... I really thought we could last ... forever Last forever Oh, life goes on, loving you was hard to take Oh, life goes on,

Cavo - Hard to believe lyrics

all seemed so pointless to say the words are just walking away your making this up ... as you go holding my dreams to make them your own it's ... not supposed to happen this way a head full of

Cowboy Junkies - Hard to explain lyrics

it ain't one thing I tell you it's always another I wonder ... why I started treating you like a step-brother Love is hard to explain I know my loss is

Culture Beat - Got to get it lyrics

to get it got to get it out of my head I think I ... expected too much of it got to get it got to get it out ... of my head I know I wanted too much from it Got to get it got to get it who needs to feel like that got to get it got to get it who needs to f

Evidance - I know lyrics

Evidence - ohh! Evidence - yeah, yeah yeah...} ... "Ladies and gentlemen, without no further adieu I'd like to introduce to you" ... [Evidence] The hottest though;

Funky Diamonds - I know that you want me lyrics

I know that you want me 'cause I can read your mind show me all you've got ... boy true love is hard to find I know that you want me ... but nothing is for free so if you want to spend the night you got to be real Sexy boy you rty to play with my mind but

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