I Know You Showed Me Your Affection But I Was Looking For Perfection So We Moved On And On And On To Someone New lyrics

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Salt´n Pepa - You showed me lyrics

showed me what to do, exactly what to do When I was in love with you You showed me many of things, plenty of hard times Then I got up on it but the hard way Out there to tax, you chose me to slay I saw what you did, uh-huh, and said nothin' But w

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - You're just what i was looking for lyrics

little woman You're just what I was lookin' for today I needed someone And you're just what I was lookin' for today Good things seem to happen to you When you just happen to Run across them in life But if you wait too long you know that When you turn around you Find you have l

Blue Öyster Cult - You're not the one (i was looking for) lyrics

used to lie in my bed Sleep wouldn't come Thinkin' 'bout things that they said They led me on All of the fancy ladies Oh they could talk and talk I shot for the highest star But I aimed too high You wanted a rich rock star But he made you cry Now that we have

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - But there ain't no whales so we tell tall tal.. lyrics

s no difference between the game and the grave we're on stage that's all we have to say carry your minds and don't try push me down this is the last time you will see the stars we're here to say we hit and we take, living for regret, (we won't back down)

Cimorelli - You got me good lyrics

Alright Alright, I'll admit it! AMY: I like the way you rock it out you're like my first big break! You know i love what you're all about! You give 'em more than you take. You got me thinking, there's a reason I never felt this way about anyone before LISA: You're the one c

Aqualung - You turn me round lyrics

end it was the end the sirens were pulling him down And his heart was cold so very cold you believe it might never have beat When the sun sets around me my daydreams confound me And the long nights surrounds me You turn me around You turn me around And you s

Sim (silence Iz Mine) - Fall in love with you lyrics

calls screw my day, she means no harm But it's a plague to me anyway Juste like a false alarm I can't understand why that behavior I will not save ya There is nothing I can do for you I never fall in love with you I'm tired to fake a smile a

Rooney - You're what i'm looking for lyrics

met you at a time in my life when I was lost, when I was down, And every hope had hit the ground I couldn't see how good you were, I was blind I didn't know what I was looking for It's funny sometimes how it all comes around Like a sound and like a style, it's lost and it's found

Skillet - Looking for angels lyrics

through this life, looking for angels People passing by, looking for angels Walk this world alone Try to stay on my feet Sometimes crawl, fall But I stand up cause I'm afraid to sleep And open my eyes to a new day With all new problems and all new pain All the faces are

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - (we are all) looking for home lyrics

all you feel is lonely This world is such a lonely place You look everywhere around you Just tryna' find a friendly face I know how it feels to feel like you're all alone Out in the cold I was lost I was looking for home We all are looking for home Somewhere we're n

The Kelly Family - Looking for love lyrics

for love But you just don't seem to give it I'm the one who mostly needs it Pushing me around I'm so hungry for your love When you come around You pretend that you don't see me Oh you know that I do need you Keeping me away I'm so hungry for your love Your need s

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Looking for someone lyrics

for someone, I guess I'm doing that, Trying to find a mem'ry in a dark room. Dirty man, you're looking like a Buddha, I know you well - yeah. Keep on a straight line, I don't believe I can, Trying to find a needle in a haystack. Chilly wind you're piercing like a dag

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - You knew me when lyrics

a look, look into my eyes You'll see someone you don't recognize You'll see someone who looks like me But I'm not the me I used to be Found I could fall But I could get up And after all I could hold my head up I made it out, I made it through I'm someone now w

Rosanne Cash - Looking for a corner lyrics

when you're searching And you ain't so very young You don't fit into table talk But you can't hold back your tongue You have what they all desire So you must want it too I'm looking for a corner To back my heart into Trouble when they know you Your face or just y

Everything But The Girl - I didn't know i was looking for love lyrics

Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love I was alone thinking I was just fine I wasn't looking for anyone to be mine I thought love was just a fabrication A train that wouldn't stop at my station Home, alone, that was my consignment Solitary confinement So when we met I wa

Banks - Someone new lyrics

can love you desperately, though your love ain't guaranteed Oh, I wish you knew the deal, gotta learn from far away And I simply needed space, space for me to be And I think you need it too Though I know you call me selfish for assuming I did this for you too, you still got me

Befour - You gave me life lyrics

I ever ever tell you What you really mean to me Well we laughed and cried together Always sweetest harmony So in every single teardrop And in every little smile Lies the truth of what we're feeling When we're walking side by side In my heart the

Brighthaven - You gave me the key lyrics

of me aches to find the way Through this grave Into your arms of comfort I have lived my life Making the same mistakes You gave me your hand in those desperate times You showed me where I belong Never thought that I would ever say I can't take a

Pulp - Looking for life lyrics

you had something to hide I took your bag and looked inside I was looking for life Nothing inside but memories The same as those I keep with me I'm still looking for life Yes I'm looking for life Yes I'm looking for life There's more to love than holding hands But

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - New horizons lyrics

we were together Once we were one Once we were running, we knew where we came from We were the music, we heard the call We were giants after the fall Once we were children, once we were so small To the new horizons I cast my eyes When I look at you rea

Chumbawamba - I still havent found what i was looking for lyrics

me, love me, love me, love me I have climbed the highest mountains I have run through the fields Only to be with you, only to be with you I have run, I have crawled, I have scaled these city walls, these city walls, Only to be with you But I still haven't found

Lenka - You will be mine lyrics

moved in to the house next door Said she'd never been in love before Tried the best she could to hide herself away But every time she turned the lights down low He thought he heard a voice calling out so slow Come and take me away from all this pain And he said I see y

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Looking for changes lyrics

Saw A Cat With A Machine In His Brain The Man Who Fed Him Said He Didn't Feel Any Pain I'd Like To See That Man Take Out That Machine And Stick It In His Own Brain You Know What I Mean I Saw A Rabbit With Its Eyes Full Of Tears The Lab That Owned Her Had

The National - Looking for astronauts lyrics

re out looking for astronauts Looking for astronauts We're out looking for astronauts Looking for astronauts It's a little too late, too late, too late for this Isn't it a little too late for this? Little too late, too late for this Isn't it a little too late fo

Patti Smith - Looking for you (i was) lyrics

the medieval night 'twas love's design And the sky was open Like a valentine All the lacy lights Where wishes fall And like shakespeare's child I wished on them all Ahh to be your destiny Was all that I pursued I could see the sights From the lofty h

Armin Van Buuren - Looking for your name (feat. gavin degraw) lyrics

can I hold your skin Can I get a scent of the mood you’re in I’ve been floating on this sea for so long I wouldn’t recognize a place called home Oh and what a moment that was How I got a taste of you in my blood And remember how I wrote your name On the rocks

Camel - You make me smile lyrics

was looking for an easy ride Never wanting to get inside Now I know I'm letting go of my defenses And cold hard lines Because you've shown me there's better times Changin' my life in so many ways I love you Because you make me smile Just like the morning sun You make me smile

Cosmo Klein - You make me happy lyrics

never knew, oh what it meant To be a part of something so beautiful My life has been an empty road I followed your tracks to be with you Now I know, what I was searchin' for Baby, you're the one that I adore Baby, you're the one that I adore [Chorus

Diddy Dirty Money - Looking for love lyrics

with Dirty Money feat. Usher) She says she’s looking for love You know we have to do it again, right? All the girls in the club know wussup She said she undercover though and this is what she want She’s got me higher in this mother f***er She’s got me

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - You make me smile lyrics

I think of you (smile) You make me smile Sometimes you make me smile I can feel you I'm missing you Where is my heaven? Where can you be? How do I get there? Do I believe? Where is my sunshine? Where is your light? I wanna see you So you can make

Popcaan - So we do it lyrics

U.T.G Eh U.I.M Eh Dre Skull Eh Y.P.P Pree Me So Bod When mi touch pon di road gyal ah scream Dem seh… all ah dis come in like is a dream Dem seh… poppy how yuh so cute when yuh sing? Weh yuh voice sound suh? Yuh ah teen? Alright Touch di park every gir

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Looking for you ft. migos lyrics

What's up Migos? What up JB, it's time to go to the club, time to pull those toys out man - let's do it Hey where the party at? Let's go Let's ride Let's roll Yea, everywhere I go, them girls follow Na, na, na, na Let everybody know that I'm here tonight

Natalie Grant - You move me lyrics

stand in awe That You know my name Just a glimpse of Your love for me And now I am changed Because You, showed me how To walk a different way I have peace like I've never known I am living You move me Lord You move me There's a fire burning in my so

Keyshia Cole - You complete me lyrics

you hear me out there? Have you ever had someone who loved you Never leave your side? I know you'll be here because you love me, yes, you do I'm givin' all my life and all my love if you Promise me that you'll be here forever I'll give you all of me, I'll give you everything I

Mylène Farmer lyricsMylène Farmer - Looking for my name lyrics

la blessure Oblique et dure Du temps obstinément... Is heaven a place ? Oh! I see the moon I see no trace of you... See the red upon the hill See the death looking at me I see no trace of you and me Little me Refais le rêve obscur d’une île Des forêts secrètes aux villes

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - We found what we were looking for lyrics

found our strength - we found our way at last We found tomorrow - by building on our past We paid our dues - we stick together - come whatever We're still standin' - didn't fall to pieces Never lost our reason - never stopped believin' We found

Chiodos - Looking for a tornado lyrics

your knees, you’ve lost all direction; So afraid of rejection. Lost, little toys in forgotten parks. Do I believe in us; do I believe in lust? Am I just desperate for a pick-me-up? Maybe, I got a little lost while searching for my faith, stuck to your cross.

Otis Redding - You send me lyrics

you, send me I know you, you send me Darling you, you send me Honest you do, honest you do Honest you do, honest you do Darling you, you thrill me I know you, you thrill me I know you thrill me Honest you do, honest you do Honest you do At first I thought it was inf

Amelia Lily - You bring me joy lyrics

ve been thinking 'bout all things i'm searching for Twenty years from now, boy we could've done it all I've been thinking 'bout all the times i've lost my head I've been thinking 'bout all the things I never said I won't think about all the things

2 Chainz - So we can live (feat. t-pain) lyrics

Hook: T-Pain] Honey, we got off on the wrong foot, baby Cause the relationship has been so good lately If I don’t do what I do, then who’s gon put food on the table? It is what it is, I’m just handling biz But I do what I do so we can live I only do

Drew Ryniewicz - You and me lyrics

t know I was looking for you But I was looking for you all along I got good at living alone But now loneliness is gone It's funny how you drive me a little bit crazy I want you right here beside me 'Cause fiding you is like Lightning strike in the same place twic

Billie Holiday - You let me down lyrics

told me that I was like an angel Told me I was fit to wear a crown So that you could get a thrill You put me on a pedestal And then you let me down, let me down. You told me that I'd be wearing diamonds I would have the smartest car in town Made me think that I'm the to

Norah Jones - And then there was you lyrics

then there was you And then there was you, my dear I thought love was a game one would win or would lose until I found you Until I found you, my dear I thought love was a shame so I threw it away And then there was you I thought I was right But now it seems I was wr

Ledisi - Hate that you love me lyrics

oh Come here, let me talk to you One call, two calls, three calls Is that what I do to you? (Is that what I do to you?) Ya outside my door, scared to be alone I know you’re addicted too I know it’s hard to understand (hard to understand) Some

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Looking for love lyrics

hey, hey Hey now, there's a lovely girl and she's stealin' all your sheets Hey now, there's a lovely girl that's the kind of girl to meet, oh Hey now, there's a lonely boy and he's lookin', looking for love, ha, ah Ah now, there's a lovely girl and s

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - (looking for) the heart of saturday night lyrics

you gassed her up Behind the wheel With your arm around your sweet one In your Oldsmobile Barrelin' down the boulevard You're looking for the heart of Saturday night And you got paid on Friday And your pockets are jinglin' And you see the lights You get a

Vanilla Ninja lyricsVanilla Ninja - Looking for a hero lyrics

don´t need a man Who thinks he´s good for me And I don´t need a man Who´s nice and charming I don´t need anything That people want me to need I just need some help When fears are harming I´m looking for a hero When hate is coming to thrill me When love is trying to kill me

All Caps - You kissed me at the dundies lyrics

am just a receptionist I pick the phone up and I say “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam” But then I look across the office You’re sitting right in your chair Sometimes we smile at each other I was scared You were strong Thought I was doing the right thing But you knew it was wron

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - You want me lyrics

It's Justin... Bieber I can take you to a new world Take your problems away Tell me what you wanna do girl Just come right this way I don't never need a new girl (no) Cause you're here to stay Let me show you what I do girl And you'll never leave. You want me

Lil Kim - I know you see me lyrics

quot;What you see, is what you get" [Lil' Kim] Ay - I know you see me on the screen now - riiight I know you see me do my thing now - true Tryin hard not to stare, actin like I wasn't there to you Can you see me now? Am I clear to you? On the red car

Anne Murray - You needed me lyrics

cried a tear You wiped it dry I was confused You cleared my mind I sold my soul You bought it back for me And held me up and gave me dignity Somehow you needed me Chorus You gave me strength To stand alone again To face the world Out on my own again You

Big Sean - So much more lyrics

like I got the cheat code to life Jewelry looking like it got free throwed in ice Debatin’ with the reaper not to repo my life Cause in my 23 years I done lived a couple lives Like why? cause I stunt, bags of trees, like its fall The girls that w

Boyzone - You needed me lyrics

cried a tear You wiped it dry I was confused You cleared my mind I sold my soul You bought it back for me You held me up You gave me dignity Somehow you needed me You gave me strength To stand alone again To face the world Out on my own again Y

Fireflight - You gave me a promise lyrics

waves are crashing down on me But I know that this cannot be the end, be the end... Right now I feel like copping out Will You hold me up, if I just say That I will stay I will hold on to this hope that I have You gave me a promise You gave me a promise I'll

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - You need me, i don't need you (live at the li.. lyrics

Verse 1] Now I'm in town, break it down, thinking of making a new sound Playing a different show every night in front of a new crowd That’s you now, ciao, seems that life is great now See me lose focus as I sing to you loud And I can’t, no, I won’t hush I’ll say the

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - (you make me feel like) a natural woman lyrics

out on the morning rain I used to feel uninspired And when I knew I'd have to face another day Lord, it made me feel so tired Before the day I met you life was so unkind Your love was the key to my peace of mind 'Cause you make me feel, you make me feel You make

Usher lyricsUsher - You make me wanna lyrics

is what you do This is what you do This is what you do You make me wanna leave the one I'm with Start a new relationship with you This is what you do Think about her and all the things that come along with You make me You make me wanna leave the one I'm with Start a new rela

Jeff Beck - You shook me lyrics

know you shook me ya You shook me all night long, yes you did You know that you shook me You shook me all night long And the way that you loved me baby You mess up my head beyond, yes You know you love me Just like a hurricane You know you love me Just like a

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - Waiting for the miracle lyrics

I've been waiting, I've been waiting night and day. I didn't see the time, I waited half my life away. There were lots of invitations and I know you sent me some, but I was waiting for the miracle, for the miracle to come. I know you really loved me. but, you see, my

Dead Or Alive - You make me wanna lyrics

m like a dog-dog-a-doggy that is on heat And I been howlin' out loud for some black meat And while you're out there waitin' I'm doin' the chasin' Don't like it, like it. Am I bark-bark-a-barkin' up the wrong tree? It should be you for you And me f

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