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I Just Wanna Thank You Lord lyrics

Browse for I Just Wanna Thank You Lord song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Just Wanna Thank You Lord lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Just Wanna Thank You Lord.

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Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Thank you lyrics

Chris Brown Talking] Man yall don't know what yall do for me you see with out yall non of this would matter I mean non of it so i say thank you listen [Verse 1] Out the gate i got it started alright daddy told told me you aint gotta beat around the

Yolanda Adams - Thank you lyrics

I think about how you saved my soul I'm compelled to praise you Like a woman out of control So I lift up holy hands I take advantage of this chance to say thank you When I think about what you brought me through I'm reminded to praise you for all that you had do So I lift u

Tamar Braxton - Thank you lord lyrics

gave my heart many times before I've been used, and lied to I thought it'd never change Till I got on my knees and I prayed Crying please take this pain away Oh lord I need you in my life You came and made everything right And I think where would I be if I di

Kj-52 - Thank you lyrics

dad, I wanna take time to write to you 'cause lately we haven't talked like we used to See I was thinkin' 'bout all the things we been through I wanna say right now; I really miss you You used to tell me when I was a little dude That there's nothin' that, we couldn't g

Ayo - Thank you lyrics

I wasn't always How many sins I don't know I betrayed lied and I cheated But still you would guide me through In times I turned my back on you You would still be there and that's why I wanna thank you Lord Thank you (thank you) For everything (thank you) For all the bl

Shaggy - Thank you lord lyrics

this one goes out to the father For shower of good blessings Right now I gotta give thanks And praise most I [chorus] [KY-MANI] Thank you Lord for what you've done for me [SHAGGY] To the Father I say [KY-MANI] Thank you Lord for what yo

B. J. Thomas - Thank you lord lyrics

you my Lord For a beautiful day Thank you my Lord I'm so happy to say Thank you my Lord For the flowers that grow There would be nothing I know Without You Thank you my Lord For the sun in the sky Thank you my Lord I'm so grateful that I

Clay Evans - Thank you lord lyrics

you Lord I thank you Lord You been better to me Than I been to myself and I Thank you Lord (Repeat 4x) Verse 1: Made a way You made a way You made a way Out of no way You made a way (Repeat) You bought me out Bought me out From out of darkness Into the light You bought me

Dj Antoine - Thank you lyrics

could be the underdays, looking at the mess we made, we could go our seperate ways or we could make the same mistakes. You saved me right from the starter, know in my heart that we could survive, so let's jump into the fire. Thank you for the journey, thank you for the learning

Charice - Thank you lyrics

said when you find love you'd better hold on You gotta keep it close to you but you gotta give love if you gonna get love and you don't know when love's found you So I just wanna thank you for all you have done (chorus #1) Gave me strength when I had none at all Gav

Sinplus - Thank you lyrics

are my life No matter where I go These days we are living Are days we won't forget I really wanna thank you For standing by my side For the shelter in the storm For the faith you've never lost So let me thank you For believing all along I just wanna thank you For helping me

Mary J Blige - Thank you lord lyrics

can I say thank's to you From the bottom of my heart i want to say- I'll give thanks to you (Thanks to you) I owe it all unto you (Oh I thank you) Thank you

Kirk Franklin - Thank you lyrics

Lalalalalala) Mary Mary (Lalalalalala) (thank you) When I look back over my life (thank you) And all the times you brought me through (thank you) I just wanna say father, thank you Oh umm! When I was lonely, (Hun) and needed some one to hold me Oh! You were beside me, when my nights got

Donny Hathaway - Thank you master (for my soul) lyrics

You, Master, for my soul Thank You, Master, for my soul You gave me food to eat, you kept shoes on my feet & You kept me Lord, i know (i) haven't been so good this week but You continue to Bless me & i just want to take time to thank You, for m

Richard Smallwood - Thank you lyrics

the many times I've fallen And yet You forgave me, thank You, Lord, I thank You For unmerited favor, And Your brand new mercies Thank You, how I thank You For wakin' me up this morning For letting me see one more dawning Thank You, Lord, I thank You, I

Rebecca St. James - I thank you lord lyrics

s a hurry up world and my days go flying by But I don't want to forget to thank you for my life And in my blindness you give eyes to see That in my struggle you will fight for me So from my heart I've got to say Chorus (I thank you Lord) I thank you Father for the gift of your S

Hrvy lyricsHrvy - Thank you lyrics

.. Girl, your special, you're my baby You don't understand the things you do (to me) If I lost you, I'd go crazy (crazy) Girl, I feel you flowing in my vains (to me) You're all, that I need, baby Any plane to see, that you were made for me (I know it) You have gi

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Thank you (feat. r. city) lyrics

no one was there, you was there for me When nobody cared, you still cared for me If everyone leave you, be here with me I hope that you're hearing me Rock City You keep me humble, keep me focused everyday You know how to put a smile on my face When I

Harvey Cantwell - Thank you lyrics

Girl your special, your my baby you don't understand the thing you doing to me If I lost you id go crazy girl i feel you flowing in my vains Your all taht I need baby any plane to see that you were made for me, I know it You have give me true love I'll never let it go Ta

Margaret - Thank you very much lyrics

calling Earth again Say what Houston, this is the end Are we lost? Tick, tick, tick, tack Time’s up! Station is shutting down Bad luck! Bar-ba-ra-lla meets God-zi-lla Since you invited both, cling to your pantyhose I want to thank you much

Jennifer Nettles - Thank you lyrics

I ever told you how much it meant For all your kindness, I am blessed and I thought that you should know How much you've helped me grow. I wanna thank you. I wanna tell you this, That you've made me the happiest. Thank you. Have I ever shown you all my he

Bethel Music - Thank you lyrics

do I say thank You, Lord For the way that You love And the way that You come For all that You've done All that You'll do My hearts pours out Thank You You don't have to come But You always do You show up in splendor And change the whole room How do I say

Busta Rhymes - Thank you ft. kanye west, q-tip & lil wayne lyrics

Intro: Lil Wayne] Welcome to the bank, where you deposit Young Money And and you get Cash Money I'm Tunechi, the boss, and live from the vault, is Busta Bus [Busta Rhymes] Yeah! Yeah! Yo! [Verse 1: Busta Rhymes] Swagmania pop that goes most Carry

Monkey Majik - Thank you lyrics

aimai na kitai de ( itsukaha nanika ga oki ru ...) to mita sarenaikono omoi nageki kanashi ndeita hibi When I tokini koto gaumaku hakobe tatoki kowashi takutesorewo zenbu sabi ta yane no ueno yuuhi ga boku wo en ku tsutsumi kon danda I do to make me feel

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Thank you lyrics

s no greater love There's no greater joy Then when I felt your life growing inside of me God has given me a gift so precious He must have made you from a cloud and angel's wings Now that you've come into my life Without you I know I can't survive No... 'cause you're

Jamelia - Thank you lyrics

fights, those nights I tried to pretend it don't hurt The way, I prayed Someday that you would love me Really, completely Just how I wanted it to be But no, so wrong Can't believe I stayed with you so long You hit, you spit, you split, ever-y bit of me, yeah You stole

Alcazar - Thank you lyrics

1: I still remember when music got into my heart Someone was telling me there's someone singing the way things are I couldn't believe the first moment That music could sound like you do I'm paying my tribute for loving like I do 'Cause knowing you was

R.l. - Thank you lyrics

could catch me in the Gentlemen's Club Substitutin' lap dances just for love, love, love Goin' home to an empty house Thinkin' who should I call for some fun, hey I never knew love until you, love Never thought that I'd fall in love Till you brought out of

Maher Zain - Thank you allah lyrics

was so far from you Yet to me you were always so close I wandered lost in the dark I closed my eyes toward the signs You put in my way I walked everyday Further and further away from you Ooooo Allah, you brought me home I thank You with every breat

Atlantic Starr - Thank you lyrics

you for all the love you've given I'll be in debt to you forever I was down and out, nowhere to turn to No one to tell about my fears Lovesick, ready to lose my mind And about to drown in my own tears In my life, I've always gone through changes Every love I had woul

Maze - I wanna thank you lyrics

are my sunshine you brighten up my life I know that I'm not right sometime oh I need you so You're something special you prove it all the time I know that you are mine all mine You always let it flow I just want to thank you Cause you've made it this way Oh oh oh oh oh Oh

Jason Chen - Thank you lyrics

thinking about all the days you were Right by my side Been thinking about how you never left me behind And all of the things that you said to Help me ease my mind And I don’t know where I’d be Without you in my life Now I just wanna tell you how much I

Sloan - I wanna thank you lyrics

had the best of intentions now But the bad inventions let us down And now it's gone Who really cares if we ever find a home Yeah yeah I wanna thank you Thank you for all the times we had Too bad there's no more money Next part ain't so funny Everybody's

Hezekiah Walker - Thank you died for me lyrics

Jesus you died for me, You sacrificed Your life me. Jesus, You set me free, You loosed the chains that were binding me. Jesus you died for me, You sacrificed Your life me. Jesus, You set me free, You loosed the chains that were binding me. I won't forget, I won't forget

Bonnie Raitt - Thank you lyrics

didn't have to love me like you did But you did Yes you did And I thank you You didn't have to hold me like you did But you did Yes you did And I thank you If you took your love somewhere else I wouldn't know what it meant to be loved to death You make me feel, Like

Aaron Carter - You get to my heart lyrics

I need someone to believe in I turn to you And you never ever let me down You always come through And I just wanna thank you for The way you make me make feel, heyyy Baby you get to my heart The deepest part Girl I wanna be where ever you are On

2pm - Wanna love you again lyrics

my honey jinan nareul gieokhae ni meoritgyeoreul sseureo ollyeojudeon sunganui nareul nogadeuneun neukkime nan sigani meomchuneun deut haesseotji Oh ijeul su eomneun naega itjanha ireoke No I just wanna love you again (love you again) Please come back t

Nick Carter - I just wanna take you home lyrics

I don’t know what to say I feel so insecure So I start off by saying a cliche Like I’ve seen you before, yeah But why play games And all these dates Who needs flowers When all you wanna I say is I just wanna take you home We can make a story o

Matty B Raps - I just wanna love you ft. john-robert rimel lyrics

know, everybody needs somebody that’s by their side So when I saw this girl our two worlds collided I think about her and it ain’t even fair The way she moves to the music like nobody else there And when she passed me by her eyes stopped the moment Crazy

Mortimorband - I just wanna see you one more time lyrics

day is over and the next day will come The next day of suffering and sadness The next day when I will be alone I’m walking down this the empty street Where is just my shadow next to me But you are still on my mind I remember the last day with you And now I wish to tell you

Social Distortion - The creeps (i just wanna give you) lyrics

ll be vigilant, I'll be silent Yes, know one will know. You want something for nothing, A toast on your grave!! "I just wanna give you, The Creeps The Creeps The Creeps The Creeps" Run and hide when I'm on the streets, Yo

Jin - Thank you lyrics

feels good right here, just happy to be here, I mean I gotta take a moment to thank those that made a difference Whether small or big, damn, where should I start though? First and foremost I gotta give praise To the Lord above and His Almighty ways B

John P. Kee - You blessed me lyrics

blessed me over and over again I discovered You are my friend I need You, I need You I want to thank You, Lord for the blessing You blessed me over and over again I discovered You are my friend I need you, I need You I want to thank You, Lord for the blessing You blessed

Tim Minchin - Thank you god lyrics

have an apology to make I'm afraid I've made a big mistake I turned my face away from you, Lord I was too blind to see the light I was too weak to feel Your might I closed my eyes; I couldn't see the truth, Lord But then like Saul on t

Phora - Before it's over (thank you) lyrics

just wanna get to know myself before my time comes to an end. If it's possible, maybe share my life with a friend. Never had nobody love me for the person that I am. I admit that my mistakes have helped me turn into a man. And I'm still searching for a plan, face t

Nana - You lyrics

you are the one, the on ein my life. Without your smile I wouldn't survive. You are the one, the one that I need. Mother I'm still talking in my sleep. You're the one in my life Back in '87 in year you passed away. 1998 and I can still feel the pain. That's nature it gives and

Kerli - Thank you lyrics

ground is not safe under my feet, suddenly it's all gone Be careful with the things tasting too sweet, they will make your head sore Do you care, do you know All my life, all of my life I've been waiting for Do I dare to let go, I'm so scared Oh, I will because you do see me throug

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - I thank you lyrics

didn't have to love me, like you did But you didn't, but you did And I thank you You didn't have to squeeze me, like you did But you didn't, but you did, and I thank you If you took your love to someone else I know what I meant to be the lo

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - I thank you lyrics

didn't have to love me, like you did But you didn't, but you did And I thank you You didn't have to squeeze me, like you did But you didn't, but you did, and I thank you If you took your love to someone else I know what I meant to be the loving dare

Otis Redding - I want to thank you lyrics

want to thank you for being so nice now I want to thank you for giving me my pride Sweet kisses too And everything you do I know i'ii never find another one like you If i prove my love it won't be true Oh my my darling How can i forget you I remember the first day th

Kavana - Thank you lyrics

you thank you thank you baby Du du du du du du du du Thank you thank you thank you love Everybody's going home It's time to say goodbye And I wanna say thank you for being there I know the time is getting late And I don't wanna keep you here The time

Lil' Fizz - Thank you lyrics

Verse 1:] It was just another shoot Another video to me So you was just another face Another silly chick I mean, you understood It's hard to be a man in my place But you looked at me as more than just B2K I never thought I'd take a likin to you I tried to play you

Delirious? - Thank you for saving me lyrics

You for saving me, what can I say? You are my everything, I will sing Your praise You shed Your blood for me, what can I say? You took me sin and shame A sinner called by name Great is the Lord Great is the Lord For we know Your truth has set us free

Gwen Stefani lyricsGwen Stefani - You make it feel like christmas (feat. blake shelton) lyrics

want to thank the storm that brought the snow (uh uh) Thanks to the string of lights that make it glow (uh) But I wanna thank you, baby You make it feel like Christmas It barely took a breath to realize We're gonna be a classic for all time I wanna thank you, ba

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - Thank you lyrics

never said that I had it all figured it out I never said, I never said that I live my days without doubt I swear all I've ever done is be honest and stay modest So this is a, sincere, unscripted Unwritten for all that you've given Forgiving, I'm driven I wanna be better than I w

Gloria Estefan - You've made me so very happy lyrics

lost at love before Got mad and close the door But you said try just once more I've chose you for the one Now I have been so much fun Your treated me so kind I'm about to lose my mind You've made me so very happy I'm so glad you came into my life The others were untrue

Mkto - Thank you lyrics

this one right here Is for all the drop out-of-schoolers The future cougars The Mary Jane abusers The ones that chose to be losers For all the misfit kids and total outcasts MKTO, This one’s for you Role models We are the ones The ones yo

Matt Redman - Thank you for healing me lyrics

disease of my soul was spreading, Eating me up on the inside, Keeping my heart from your new life And I see now where I was headed For there is no cure that can save us, Outside of Your mercy Lord Jesus Yes, You stepped in with Your power to save,

J. Moss - I wanna be lyrics

wanna be faithful I wanna be believable I wanna be grateful I wanna really please You Lord I wanna be emotional I wanna be responsible I wanna be a laborer I wanna live in favor Bless me to walk in the light of You, Lord I wanna be personal I wan

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Thank you for the heartbreak lyrics

lost up in the music Getting lost up in the music Give me one more lie that's all I need One of those alibies you feed to me Cos that's my motivation Boy that's the key Everytime my heart breaks More energy Tell me how them girls don't mean a thing And

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