I Just Wanna Live Thais Moment Over Again I Just Wanna Stay Here Dont Want This Day To End Cause Now Were In A Rhythm Girl I Hate It When I Miss You But I Cant Stand When You?re Not Here I Wanna Feel You Everywhere lyrics

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John Michael Montgomery - I don't want this song to end lyrics

I don't wanna hear last call And I don't wanna look at the ... clock on the wall Let's lose track of time ... while we're dancing this close And I don't really care if no one's around We can just stay right here until the

Luke Bryan - Don't want this night to end lyrics

I know I don’t know you But your pretty little eyes so blue Are pulling me in Like the ... moon on your skin I’m so glad you trusted me To slide up

Dark Tranquillity - Day to end lyrics

for the day to end though silence came too late turn my ... eyes inside close the lids deny the world to enter ... 'cause I'm turning the desires down again rose the

Bette Midler - I don't want the night to end lyrics

I don't want, I, I don't want, I don't want the night to end. Oh, daddy, daddy. Oh, daddy ... daddy. Wastin' half my life on platforms underground, ... the other half I'm spending as a desperate clown. My

Akira Yamaoka - You're not here lyrics

sky to forever The green grass blows in the wind, dancing ... It would be a much better sight with you, with me If you ... hadnt met me, Id be fine on my own, baby Never felt

Amy Grant - In a little while lyrics

a ticket coming home, Wish the officer had known What ... a day today has been. Then I stumbled through the door, ... Dropping junk mail on the floor. When will this day end? But then your

Silent Hill (hra) - You´re not here lyrics

sky to forever, The green grass blows in the wind, dancing ... It would be much better a sight with you, with me, If you ... hadn't met me, I'd be fine on my own, baby, I never

Killswitch Engage - A light in a darkened world lyrics

see so much corruption And it's hard to ignore Living on ... greed and possessions Is this what we're dying for? Now ... choose this day Who you will serve To be the light in a

Ray J - Where do we go from here lyrics

Girl...Gettin Used To You...What?....Thinkin Bout Leavin?... ... What You, You Going Away....Naw Naw Naw Naw Naw....I, I Need ... To Know Somethin....Right Now Where Do We Go From Here? (Where Do We Go) Where Do We Go

Big Time Rush - You're not alone lyrics

bet you didn't notice First time your heart was broken You ... called me up and we talked till the morning Ooh And the ... time that you were stranded I was there before you landed

Hell In The Club - Since you're not here lyrics

you remember when I used to be your man? I could just ... never believe it, I could just never believe it The party was all over And so the ... scream and shout That was the first time we laid, the

Keri Hilson - Girl pretty rock (remix) lyrics

Hilson] I can do the pretty girl rock rock Rock to the ... pretty girl rock rock rock Now what's your name? My name is Keri, I'm so very Fly oh my ... it's a little bit scary Boys wanna marry looking at my derrierre

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - You are not alone / i just can't stop loving .. lyrics

day has gone I'm still all alone how could this be you're ... not here with me you never said goodbye someone tell me why ... did you have to go and leave my world so cold Everyday I sit and ask myself how did

Puddle Of Mudd - Living in a dream lyrics

teachers always told me I was dumb. They told me I was ignorant, that I wasnt the one. ... Their criticisms always put me down. It just makes ... me stronger to look at ware I am at right now. Livin in a

Kai - I got a thing for you lyrics

you it drives me crazy And being next to you, can you tell ... me How you got my mind all hooked on this feeling Tell ... me how you like it and I'll give it how you want it Babe Babe, I woke up on ya thinking I

A Very Potter Senior Year - This is the end! lyrics

s been a long time coming But tonight is the end Of the war my friend Tomorrov only one ... side will remain We will win or we will lose the fight Either way it's the end, no use to pretend It's the final show,

Boyinaband - Pop song made in a day ft. veela lyrics

move Let's move so DJ Turn it up Turn it up Turn it up ... s go let's go let's go Sing Hook ---------------- Midnight Losing control now It ... s so right The music is so loud Midnight Losing it

Greyson Chance - Unfriend you lyrics

really thought you were the one It was over before it begun It’s so hard for me to walk away But I know I can’t ... stay Youre beautiful and crazy too Maybe, that’s

Shields - I just feel hate lyrics

d rather drown than speak another lie too you it seems the feeling is not mutual Anger fils my heart Anger fills my ... heart and my veins, clotting up my blood and blocking

Bowerbirds - This day lyrics

day is no special day this day will see no placards given this day will see no no dismembered limbs yet there ... buzzes a distant chainsaw whose sound comes in and

Lana Del Rey - I was in a bad way lyrics

wait, for me Wait, wait, wait, for me Come on, baby I ... was in a bad way, honey Til I met you I was in a bad place ... honey I need you I was going nowhere fast, you were bringing me down I wanted to go,

Maze - You're not the same lyrics

know you really like me but that's not enough And givin you ... my heart wouldn't be tough Although your intention could ... be very good Got to see what's going on and do what I

She Wants Revenge - This is the end lyrics

like a dog Never making connections Keep your story straight If they question you, Try to separate the feeling ... From the truth. You're pulled in many directions,

Bright Eyes - A scale, a mirror and those indifferent clock.. lyrics

s a scale, weigh it out and you'll find, easily More than ... sufficient doubt that these colors you see were picked in advance by some careful hand With an absolute

Chicago - You're not alone lyrics

see you there a silhouette in the moonlight. Looks like you've given up on love. You ... used to be the face in the spotlight, Now lonliness fits you like a glove. You walk around in your cloak of

Elle Varner - Not tonight lyrics

m staring at him But I forget to pick my face up off ... the floor, ooooh We're in a crowd, but it feels like we ... re alone, ooooh Oh my god he just looked at me And I just wanna tell him something that he's

Pulp - You're not blind lyrics

heard you take it lying down Staring up at the ceiling And there's a rumour going round that she's been here ... again And that note on the shelf She didn't

Kataklysm - When time stands still lyrics

you ever felt Like the walls are closing in? Like your world is about to end? ... Trapped in a place where you can't escape Feeling desperate to breath again To cast away that moment of insanity And feel no more pain in solitude and despair I close

Ally Hills - In love with a straight girl lyrics

you're in love with a straight girl I see, the problem all the time Is for you, that ... keep asking me What do I do to change her mind Absolutely nothing cuz' it's probably a waste of time After time I

Pink lyricsPink - How come you're not here lyrics

have you been? Where have you gone? and have I done something wrong? Youre the tooth ... fairy, youre like Santa Claus Youre like white noise when I want my favorite song Just

George Strait - Were supposed to do that now and then lyrics

had a silly quarrel over nothin' Both got mad and it soon ... turned in to somethin' But we made up like we always do ... 'Cause you love me and I love you We're supposed to

Chemical Vocation - We're not here to give up lyrics

sick and tired of the waiting and I'm ready to forget ... everything I never pictured this as something failing I get ... these simple notes but can't get nothing right So I just spill the cup on the floor I

Faydee - In the dark lyrics

the dark dark dark dark my heart beats fast Turn ... me on on on on I'm gonna make it last take it off off ... off off let it let it go Give me more more more more I

Mayer Hawthorne - You're not ready lyrics

You're not ready, you're not ready) I would give my ... whole world to you Anything that you'd ask me I would ... do I've grown tired of this foolin' around, around And now I'm ready to settle, settle

Saint Deamon - A day to come lyrics

my cold and expressless face, Waiting here to leave this world All alone I'm lying here, waiting for my day to come ... I can't reveal my fate, no one even knows my pain

First Aid Kit - You're not coming home tonight lyrics

you cooked his dinners You raised his children Still he's not satisfied He says "I'd ... rather switch with you You don't know how hard it is To

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - You're not my god lyrics

s just a piece of paper, it says, "In God We Trust&quot ... A little sure felt good But a lot was not enough And ... everybody loved me when I was on a roll And I thought I had everything When I held the

A Day To Remember - We got this lyrics

anyone who's alone in a crowded room Put your hands ... up high, sing it out of tune It's these late night hours we ... spend that help me up from down We got

Career Soldiers - Day to day war lyrics

m running in circles, cycles I can't break I've come to accept failure as my only fate ... Sometimes I think I'm just as fake As everything, ... everything I hate I keep saying happiness is around the bend But I'm kidding myself because the darkness never ends

Five Finger Death Punch - You're not my kind lyrics

take a walk down memory lane When I was just a boy and I wasn't ... insane Back before the world got inside ... of my heart Before all the sickness almost tore me apart

The Kiddie - Stand by me lyrics

blue I see the seconds are ticking away Our time together is running out like a sparkler ... but I know there's nothing I can do Let's go someplace ... we've never been before far away. I don't want this night to end the ordinary way That

Ll Cool J - I can't live without my radio lyrics

1 My radio, believe me, I like it loud I'm the man with a ... box that can rock the crowd Walkin' down the street, to the ... hardcore beat While my JVC vibrates the concrete I'm sorry

Nozuka Justin - Down in a cold dirty well lyrics

a picture of how it's supposed to turn out Down ... in a cold dirty well and I cannot climb out Can't see no light ... Can't hear no bells They walk right over me Can't hear

Roy Orbison - I'm in a blue, blue mood lyrics

twitty also did a version of this with roy singing background ... vocals I'm in a blue blue mood Now that you ... re gone away I'm in a blue blue mood It's been a

Atb - You're not alone lyrics

re Not Alone Open Your Mind In a way its a, a matter ... of time, I will not worry for you, You'll be just ... fine, Take my thoughts with you and when you look behind, You will surely see a face that you recognize, You're not alone, Open your mind, Surely it's plain

Attack - You're not free lyrics

up to the sky, there’s no bird what can fly At this ... mystery day Feel my horse slowing, the mists ... they are growing Let’s go here away Coldness is creeping,

The Dogma - A good day to die lyrics

for a dark ride Hey, welcome to my life Gaze into my soul ... Set me free to show Frozen dreams in a lake of tears Childhood eyes searching for some light When all hopes are fading, your screams can't be heard no more

Mads Langer - You're not alone lyrics

a way it's all a matter of time I will not worry for you, you will be just fine Take my ... thoughts with you, and when you look behind You will surely ... see a face that you recognize, yeah yeah You're not alone, I'll wait till the end

Tracy Lawrence - In a moment of weakness lyrics

knew she was lonely and I was alone A stranger in a strange town too far from home Her eyes ... blue as diamonds her hair black as coal I could feel her

Olive - You're not alone lyrics

a way it's all A matter of time I will not worry for you You'll be just fine. Take my ... thoughts with you And when you look behind You will surely

Kelly Rowland - I remember lyrics

Verse) Let me win a while, but youre my baby It’s lookin at me or mine But I’m the one you love like crazy Love we’re not anything I had (Verse) I

Audio Adrenaline - This day lyrics

s six A.M I'm so tired The alarm sounds And ... the new day begins Before I go And disturb this peaceful moment I look to You ... CHORUS: I want to say a prayer Before my feet can hit the ground Lord I give this day to You I'm amazed

Emery - In a win,win situation lyrics

ve noticed your design Cause I'm not blind I'm like a cigarette Burning burning every night But there's no ash that falls There's only telephone calls in the afternoon Stretching through a thousand walls

Sky Ferreira - You're not the one lyrics

stay with you Always on my mind I got a lust for lies Seasons bring truth When I found ... mine, it was summertime It’s the middle of the night and I’m so gone And I’m thinking about how much I need you But you really want somebody else

John P. Kee - I can't live without you lyrics

Lord, I can't live There is no life without you You're ... the source of my being On your arms I am leaning I can't live without you Oh Lord, I can't live There is no life without you You're the source

Corey Smith - Stand our ground lyrics

you take me up to Rose Hill When you lay my body low Wrap me in a flag, throw some flowers ... on the ground Say a few words then let me go There's no need to defend my honor

Mirah - In a sailboat lyrics

are in a sailboat and The wind is picking us up And putting us down In another town ... We are in a sailboat and This other town is still The storm has blown over It's over

Dismember - To end it all lyrics

split in two, trembling hands Touch what is left on me ... Try to force back, guts where they belong Bleed profusely, ... writhe in agony Every heartbeat, an eternity I don't

James Durbin - You're not alone lyrics

know your story far too well And I've been inside your burning hell Where love is nowhere ... close to you And you don't even know yourself I ... ll see you inside your fractured heart And I'll piece together broken parts Cause

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You're not lisa lyrics

remind me - can't you see Other girl - just memories A flickering of your eyes tonight See her in the light ... Something happened on the way To heaven, but I just can't

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