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Entombed - Year in year out lyrics

that a strain Or a delicate smile Built to proportion? ... It might as well have been you And all the things you do Somedays I'm waiting For my pulse to calm down

Architects - Year in year out lyrics

m astounded I'm looking for a reason to leave I'm astounded I'm looking for a reason to leave The years I've ... put into everything I have Everything I am I'm

The Black Keys - Year in review lyrics

you always wanna love the ones who hurt you? ... Then break down when they go and desert you No, oh no It's ... so hard to let 'em go And watch 'em scatter when you start

Four Year Strong - Just drive lyrics

live in a time bomb that's ticking down The red and green ... wires have faded to brown There's no way ... of knowing if we'll survive But 'til we hit zero I'm

Lionel Richie - Just put some love in your heart lyrics

put some love in your heart. And all of your troubles will. ... Someday,soon all depart. Let's put some joy in ... the world. And give the word happiness. To

Barry Manilow - It's just another new year's eve lyrics

t look so sad, It's not so bad you know. It's just another ... night, That's all it is. It's not the first, It's not ... you know, We've come through all the rest, We'll get

Rage Against The Machine - Year of tha boomerang lyrics

sistas are in so check tha front line It seems I spent ... the '80s in a Haiti state of Mind Cast me into classes for electro shock Straight incarcerated, the curriculum a cell Block I'm swimming in half thruts and it makes me Wanna spit Instructor come separate the h

Big City Bois - Just for the summer lyrics

Somethin’s going down This summer ever since you came around You’re ... looking too cool in a sundress Retro Ray-Bans ... Working on a tan I’m a Coppertone dog That’s right You’re taking it off in

The Automatic - In the mountains lyrics

dead leaves before snow year in year out in the mountains where it grows in jungles ... so far away it could not matter if they had fireworks

Rakim - In the ghetto lyrics

Earth was my place of birth Born to be the soul ... controller of the universe Besides the part of the ... map I hit first Any a rhyme that I can adapt when it gets worst The rough gets

Salt The Wound - A year in the suburbs lyrics

can't things be as easy as they once were. It pains me ... to say, but I don't love you anymore. It was great while it ... lasted but things had changed so fast it, Kept, kept

Handguns - A year in review lyrics

learned a lot this year. Confrontation is something I no longer fear. I'm sick of spilling my guts out on ... this page. So I'll say it right now to your face. I won't

Cough - A year in suffering lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Ian Hunter - Just another night lyrics

no, the fuzz, all in a line My oh my, I think I'm gonna die And it's just another night It's just another night ... Got a long black face; Who goes there? All the

Good Clean Fun - Next year in jerusalem lyrics

angry would you have to be to face a rifle with a stone, With socks against authority would you be out ... there all alone, The world is such a crazy place and I've always found it odd, That if

Slash's Snakepit - Just like anything lyrics

Jack was a suicide pimp with a nonstop nosebleed Fell in ... love with a church choir tramp Found out she was a drag ... queen Crown him the Hollywood kid Spent his

A Day To Remember - In florida lyrics

ain't cold at all in Florida But I'm still chilled to the ... bone The wind plays tricks this time of year in Florida It ... s not the time to be alone I feel the less you love the

Heart - Just the wine lyrics

in a life We lived in a sanctuary A song could get us ... free Slept behind the altar Only the singer saw Now it is gone, years on Times we ... took alone Stealing an hour, buying a night It's hard on the telephone Love outside the law Jai tant reve du

Autograph - In the night lyrics

sits alone, just starin' at the telephone Another night she waits, for her imaginary date The same old story's ... got her in a trance Just like her books of Harlequin romance Ohh In the night

Lana Lane - In exile lyrics

place in the sun at the end of the world You ... think about the days and nights that brought you to this ... place You had to run to keep yourself free ... You left behind a life fallen from grace You can be

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - Just one star lyrics

am just one star caught in a shine My friends, my mama ... loves me But it's not enough I want it to ... be more, more than I could bare Oh I am just one star

Dusty Springfield - Just one smile lyrics

t I cry a little bit? There's nobody to notice it Can't I cry if I want to? ... No-one cares Why can't I pretend That you'll love me again? All I had has been taken from me Now I cry tears

Falling In Reverse - Just like you lyrics

na na na.. I am aware That I am an asshole I really don't ... care About all of that though Na na na na.. I've ... got nothing to prove Na na na na.. But honestly I'm just like you I got a bad case of A.D.D. (aha) I been this way since 17 I got a f***ed u

Helker - Just be yourself lyrics

it's true that fate is the one That deals all cards But it's up to you how ... you play the game You feel proud of yourself ... You are close to your target You must leave all behind And keep on fighting Do

Lifehouse - Just another name lyrics

clouds around you break your fall as you came crashing to ... the ground did you learn anything at all you climb back up to come back down ... Everybody knows your name but they don't know who

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Just a girl lyrics

this pink ribbon off my eyes I'm exposed ... And it's no big surprise Don't you think I know ... Exactly where I stand This world is forcing me To ... hold your hand 'Cause I'm just a girl, little 'ol me Don't

Farewell My Love - Just another soul (acoustic version) lyrics

the wind beneath your feet I don't care to see you leave ... What you're in for now beats jealousy I'm gone from this wretched place Just another ... face In and out of my head Scars run down your arms

Farewell My Love - Just another soul - ep lyrics

the wind beneath your feet I don't care to see you leave ... What you're in for now beats jealousy I'm gone from this wretched place Just another ... face In and out of my head Scars run down your arms

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - Just a girl lyrics

in the window Trouble down the hall ... The resin white ceilings Blood, dripping, flows ... Out on the front line Preachers sweep the air Out on ... their backsides With nothing in common, with no problem

Quarterflash - Just for you lyrics

do it for love and some for less Some do it ... for touch and tenderness They do it for ... power and for control They do it for ... money and for rock 'n' roll Some

The Rembrandts - Just the way it is baby lyrics

you remember once upon a time When you were mine The stars above were bright and new I pulled them down for you Just when I fell in love again ... You said that all good things must end Baby, that's just the way it is Baby Baby, that's just the way it is Baby

Smokey Robinson - Just to see her lyrics

to see her Just to touch her Just to hold her in my arms again ... one more time If I could feel her warm embrace ... see her smiling face Can't find anyone to take her place I

Seo In Guk - Just one ring lyrics

one ring Sōshite emi tte sonomama waratte Sōshite ... emi tte konomama Sōshite emi tte sonomama waratte Sōshite ... warattete zutto Tamatama yotta yomise de katta dake no

All Gone Dead - Just 80 miles west lyrics

80 miles west in abandon planes Deep in within the sand, ... the nuclear power drains In a desert of salt and sand, A ... chemical reaction raises to land Your home is in the

Carly Rae Jepsen lyricsCarly Rae Jepsen - Just a step away lyrics

the space between the words In the silence of your eyes In ... the hands that know the touch It's the way ... I feel inside Here we are Dancing cross this floor

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In this home on ice lyrics

you radiant blue I don't know how you can stand ... next to me You you talk like a noose And only confuse my ... perplexity Now that I'm so sad and not quite right I could

Delerium - Just a dream lyrics

barefoot on the shore Hypnotized by the ocean roaring ... Thoughts of you drifting in and out Never fails to calm me ... down I still see your eyes when light hits the water And I've never

Gotye - In your light lyrics

up in the morning and I can't keep it in I'm falling all over myself and I could ... jump out of my skin Wanna break the door down Just to greet ... the day There is nothing that's more certain To keep my

Jump5 - Just a dream lyrics

Verse 1:] When I look in your eyes I see a whole different sky Like I've never ... seen before And when I hear your voice It's like a song ... that I can Listen to o', over again [Pre

Mikey Wax - In case i go again lyrics

like that when I come back home I can always find you ... here You know no matter where I go That I'll always come back home And we ... wonder who we are We can't be sure When all we do is

Overflow - Just for me lyrics

the beginning there was You and only You Tell me were You ... lonely Is that why the ocean's blue? You said let there ... be light And the night became day You said let there be life And that's why I'm here to

Phora - Just another day lyrics

only things guaranteed in live is death, trouble, & taxes Only way you'll succeed in life is to step up & ... then grab it With everyday that passes I learn my

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - In pieces (deluxe edition) lyrics

I lie awake another hour Just like the one before The shadows play a game with my head ... I can't take this anymore I hear the sound of my own breathing It makes me miss you

Cut Copy - In memory capsule lyrics

say you're a refugee of the long term loving scene As you stole your kiss from me, but how different ... could I be To the others, you've ... been hating Broken lovers, but it's

Mike Doughty - I just want the girl in the blue dress to kee.. lyrics

boys gone to dogs Brawling and sparring Blue girl, dance ... for me The empty floor, and I said: brrmbpdpdmdm I love ... your baby fat: brrmpddmdum Your crooked

Eddie And The Cruisers - Songs From The Film - Just a matter of time lyrics

was a time You had no need for rhythm or rhyme ... The world seemed so wild and so free Just wrap ... yourself up in a dream All you had to do was believe

Escape The Fate - Just a memory lyrics

did I let you slip through the cracks? How did ... I let you stab me in the back? You were my brother You ... were my friend I pray, "no salvation for you in the end". (Unpredictable) Trusting you was a f***ing mistake. (Unforgivable)

House Of Pain - Just another victim feat. helmet lyrics

Helmet starts...] Victimized But you're in bed ... Stumble out And run dead If it ever paid To self start ... Enviroment Make you smart Just another victim Just another victim Just another

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - In the closet lyrics

Princess Stephanie of Monaco] There's Something I Have ... To Say To You If You Promise You'll Understand I Cannot Contain Myself When In ... Your Presence I'm So Humble Touch Me Don't

Jaya The Cat - Just the way it goes lyrics

to my last seed, down to my last penny Things seems more sacred when your pockets are ... empty Took what I could from this land of ... plenty Call me lazy but girl I ain't your enemy Drive

Jensen Ackles - Just you lyrics

beleive in your strength, though I ... understand you felt alone because when you need a ... friend theres no one strong to ... fall back on and your past will still burden you but I'll

George Jones - I'll just take it out in love lyrics

gave you love when you were ... lonely And I gave you strength when your times were bad I've been a daddy to your children And I've ... dried your tears when you were sad. But darlin', you don't need to thank

Mac Miller - Just a kid lyrics

either hate or they on your side F-ck it we ridin' F-ck it ... we ridin' Playin' games to ease your mind Damn I'm high Damn I'm high And I know (I ... know) That they (that they) Never understand Cause I'm just (I'm just) A kid

Melissa Manchester - Just too many people lyrics

told me a long long time ago Baby, I feel the change in ... me is comin' on I've found the strength I need ... to carry on Something's come over me at last

Overdose - Just another day lyrics


Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Just another day lyrics

Queen Talking:] We gon take this one over to 275 Paulstand 384 Steuyversant, we gon take it over to 155 Morgan 144 ... Harrison [Chorus:] Just Another Day, living in the hood

Rory Gallagher - Just hit town lyrics

I just hit town and I flew in by the seat of my pants, ... Well, I just touched down and got me some crazy plans. I'm an ace, I'm a deuce, I'm a ... buzzin` all over the land, And it ain't no use to change

Shawanda Crystal - In your arms again lyrics

two a.m. and I can’t sleep It’s been like this for me all ... week We lost another good man yesterday I close my eyes, I say your name It’s the only

Shola Ama - In return lyrics

me just what you want in return You never know what I’m thinking babe Tell me what ... you want I might want the same It’s been a while Since ... I’ve had somebody who really cares about me And then came

Sleep Serapis Sleep - Ed gein just wasn't comfortable in his own sk.. lyrics

wrong with a little wronging now and then, only to seek ... a little fortune for myself If there’s a better Time, a ... better place then you name it; Just know that your obligations aren’t the only ones at hand If there’s a will There’s

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