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Candlebox - Its alright lyrics

alright what you confess to me ... Where youre at right now baby, its alright with ... me Behind your truths or somewhere inside your lies These long ... they color your eyes And its alright, what you confide in me Where were at right now

Moriah Crosthwait - Its alright its ok lyrics

me, there's no need To talk it out, cause its too late To ... proceed and slowly I took your words and walk the ... way No looking back I won't regret, no I will find

East 17 lyricsEast 17 - Its alright lyrics

t you worry 'Cause it's alright Don't you worry Child of ... the night 'Cause in the morning come With the new day sun ... Love and everlasting light We are the seed Of the

Mxpx - Its alright lyrics

is no map, there are no signs, We're on our way, we're ... crossing lines Strap on your boots, go ... pack your bags, No time to rest, no time to lag, ... know, everyone here has been invited to go Whoa oh whoa oh

Latif - Its alright lyrics

do do do Ha ha ha ha Check it Was it the first Was it? It's not? Oh, okay Oh, yeah ... I don't believe in a fairy tale love But always ... thought that it could be us We spent some time together Started growing

George Strait - Its alright with me lyrics

s alright with me If it's alright with you It's alright I ... know Your love will see me through When the ... car won't start The rain won't stop And all of the

Kimberley Locke - Its alright lyrics

was so attractive Her parents overprotective ... Met a little boy with a Lexus They made out on a ... he don't even bother Had a little baby named Donna But

Sarah Bettens - Its alright lyrics

this is my goodbye You know I tried I tried And I don't ... know the reason why But it feels right If I told you ... now that I've never felt this honestly alive And I promised you that There will come

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Its alright ma im only bleeding lyrics

of noon Shadows even the silver spoon The handmade blade ... the child's balloon Eclipses both the sun and moon To ... you know too soon There is no sense in trying. Pointed threats, they bluff with

Nick Lachey - Its alright lyrics

s alright, it's alright Well I don't even know ... your name But I've been watchin' all the same I hear your ... voice, I guess you're home from work ... again I was the guy across the hall I smiled at you but that was

One Night Only - Its alright lyrics

I stay, should I go, I can’t make up my mind anymore ... She’s walking round the corner, I’ve got ... to the wall Yes you’re telling me, it’s alright, it’s alright Yes you’re telling me, it’s fine, it’s alright Life

No Secrets - Its alright lyrics

world keeps spinning, but it's moving to slow feels like ... of the road Look for the meaning, but nobody knows People ... try to sell the truth just ain't enough for me and you

Attica Blues - Its alright lyrics

in her chair as she listens to '87 All those hours ... spent stargazing in the Bastions of the night Prancing and ... the dancing As opportunities knocked within celebrity

Brandon Heath - Its alright lyrics

boat on an angry sea Sails torn and tattered How ... could Jesus be fast asleep Like it doesn't matter? Soon as ... He opens His eyes The storm just dies

Priscilla - Its gonna be alright lyrics

walk away I don't wanna be that girl again That says goodbye to ... another broken hearted boyfriend But I'll let this slide ... cause you're different from all of them Yeah

Bell Book & Candle - Alright now lyrics

the beach we used to play on is washed by pain did you ... to surf the pleasure before it bombed you out again and ... how delicate the beauty now it’s hollow and vain it was

Pony Pony Run Run - 1997 (she said its alright) lyrics

wants me to be on her side She told me how we how we ... home wants to make people collide Oh let me find it out I’m ... lookin for some fun Get out and ... leave this town She came back now

Reo Speedwagon - Wherever your goin its alright lyrics

the sky Set your course on into the night Say good-bye ... Hold your head high Wherever you're goin it's alright Things must change You ... Get re-arranged No reflection on you Just face the

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Alright tonight lyrics

you want to you can stick around, 'Cause its alright ... tonight. She said "I will stay here, stay with you ... 'Cause you're alright, tonight." And I, I hoped

Gyllene Tider - Even if it hurts (it's alright) lyrics

I want, more of everything, of everything, that you´ve ... got Maybe I want, more than enough, of ... leave me, and run trough the night, cause even if its hurts,

Ashley Parker Angel - Alright, ok lyrics

light flash and i see your face rearview mirroras you drive away Alright ... OK Street light shine as my heart goes numb i ... should be pist but thats what you want Alright, OK Hey and i can see in the

Kingspade - It's alright lyrics

Chorus (Richter)] I dont know why do u wanna ... hurt me When i was only flirting So why you trying to ruin ... my life It's alright And I don't think that im deserving

Quench - It's alright lyrics

blues the greys the rainy days, they're coming to get ... seem to change, the rhythm it sets ya we crave the wave we ... need to save the thrill and the feeling part of the

Yolanda Adams - Already alright lyrics

want to start things out by giving testimony Cause one of ... my friends got ill seriously Now the doctor told him ... ain't no way you gone' live But he prayed his prayer in faith And a miracle

Def Dames Dope - Its ok all right lyrics

it's OK, well it's all right Now is that nasty or what ... Well it's OK, well it's all right It's the DDD, It's the ... DDD Check this out, who do you think I am

Jefferson Airplane - It's alright lyrics

s Alright I came back from where I been I've been out, all about now I ... m back in I'm free so critise me, I'm free you'll never ... realise why I touch you It's alright with me now

Pandora - It's alright lyrics

s Alright I came back from where I been I've been out, all about now I ... m back in I'm free so critise me, I'm free you'll never ... realise why I touch you It's alright with me now understand me, I

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Its allright lyrics

From Japan and even you Paris you can have it and you can ... do what you want to do it's alright, yes it's alright it's alright and it's ok 'cause ... t last always you know, sometimes you go through such

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - It's alright lyrics

you once about your friends and neighbors They were ... always seeking but they'll never find ... That it's alright, yes it's alright Where to go, Where to see

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Love is on its way lyrics

hearts, I believe if we are not far from becoming who we truly are Love is ... on it's way Dreamers, you see ... everything in color while the world is getting darker

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Its all good lyrics

about me babe, if you must. Throw out the dirt; pile on the dust. I'd do ... the same thing if I could You know what they say ... They say it's all good. All good. It's

Glasvegas - Its my own cheating heart that makes me cry lyrics

the raining teardrops rain down on me tonight i think ... making up, faking up stories is alright tick tock stop the ... clock, fiction is my thing my attitude is always i

Chickenfoot - Alright, alright lyrics

one, two Huh Here we go I don't wanna taste your taste in my mouth And I don't wanna ... see your face in my space Yeah, and I don't ... wanna ride to where you wanna drive me

Kris Allen - Alright with me lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'm a little pawn still in your ... game And you ignore my advances I turn my ... head and I look away But I can't control my eyes are on

Inna lyricsInna - Alright lyrics

my life everything is alright Everything is alright ... Everything is alright, yeah In my life ... everything is alright Everything is alright Everything is alright, yeah When I’m really high

Debelah Morgan - Alright lyrics

Sad and lonely too Cause I never has someone Who loves ... me like you do I don't worry anymore With him ... by my side Ever since the day we met His love

Darius Rucker - Alright lyrics

Rogers, Frank; Rucker, Darius; Alright, alright Yeah, it ... s alright, alright I don't need no five star ... reservations I got spaghetti and a cheap bottle of wine I

Rucker Darius - Alright lyrics

alright Yeah, it's alright, alright And I don't need five star ... reservations I got spaghetti and a cheap bottle of wine I ... don't need no concert in the city I got a stereo and the

Anne-marie lyricsAnne-marie - Alright with me (feat. wretch 32 & prgrshn) lyrics

matter what I tell them Seems I always end ... up misunderstood No matter my intention All they gotta say is I'm up to no good I ain't ... even mad Why would I be mad? It's all alright It

Electric Light Orchestra - Alright lyrics

gold verandah in the dark has gone Down to ... the metal man. No better time to leave the ground And ... You gotta hold on to somethin' that you believe, Hold on

Ledisi - Alright lyrics

life can make me so confused but ... it's alright Living day by day I feel so used. ... That ain't right I just wanna run and hide But I don't have the time to cry

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Alright lyrics

yeah yeah-yeah Usually I don't do this but ok... Ok ... I see you checking me out (checking me out) I ... think I know what you winkin' about (winking about) You

Hot Chelle Rae - Alright lyrics

took a drive in the middle of the night The first time I've done that without you ... By my side And our song was playing ... on the radio It seems to follow me

Chris Norman - Its crazy lyrics

TV they talk about Jesus Christ But you know if you ask me ... I think that they're overpriced And it's getting so hard ... 'cos nothing seems real anymore Well I turn on the radio it's Henry

Attica Blues - Its not enough lyrics

her eyes, Doubting she slept at all, Waiting ... for him, Wanting the call It's getting late, And she's tired of it Where could he be? ... Who could he be with? She doesn't trust, But

Walk Off The Earth lyricsWalk Off The Earth - Alright lyrics

kid, wake up It's waiting for you under the sun Hold ... it, learn it What you want's already ... t let regret start a party in your head Nowhere compares ... Hey, you know that you're alright Hey, you know that you're alright now After the dark, it will

The Searchers - Alright lyrics

no-one ever listens To a word I say Kill ... enthusiasm 'Cause I've found that day Though it over and over and over again ... Then you rip me down Trying over and over and over again And you happy now? You're

Shinhwa - Alright lyrics

hope this isn’t a dream In this mysterious feeling, alright feelin’ alright girl Uh ... baby girl, look around you Act chic ... lift your chin and look up higher All other guys around,

Gary Allan - Alright guy lyrics

know just the other morning I was hanging around in my ... house I had that old book with pictures of Madonna naked ... And I was checkin' it out Just then a friend of mine came to the door She said

Hootie & The Blowfish - Alright lyrics

s always reminding me that things are gonna be alright. Yes, ... she's always beside me. She keeps reminding me ... that everything will be alright. I'm so confused. She's

Sahara Hotnights - Alright alright (here's my fist where's the f.. lyrics

I feel like breaking laws Go on start a civil ... war Here's my fist, where's the fight? Your ... world is collapsing tonight [Chorus:] I wanna ... make some noise, alright, alright I wanna drop some bombs,

Kendrick Lamar - Alright lyrics

my life I has to fight, nigga Alls my life I... Hard times like God Bad trips like: ... "God!" Nazareth, I'm f***ed up Homie you f***ed

3 Colours Red - Alright ma lyrics

were the bright young thing till you took a little sting of ... Victorian Then it spread like a slick, made your frozen ... heart tick, so you passed it on But I'm alright ma I'm alright ma So I kick around town see

Megan Nicole - Alright lyrics

what you would do Was too naive to trust in you Thinking ... The matches that you held so tight To light my heart through ... out the night Have burned up all the

Anouk - Alright lyrics

some things are better left unsaid ... You'll find a nice place to hide them But days like this ... There is just too much going on, yeah So I'm picking

B.o.b. - Alright lyrics

shot To take the edge off life And then we roll another ... one Make it feel alright Prepared for the worst, ... expecting the best I said I’m light years, ahead of the

Junior Doctor - Alright lyrics

oh oh alright Alright, I've been holding on to my ... tongue for way too long But I let go tonight Oh oh oh alright I don't need this anymore ... the one who closed the door, I just locked it And I'm still

Donots - Alright now lyrics

you spray -paint the wall with your brains tell ... everybody you call it a day life´s a bitch and ... feels good to have a hole instead of a head you´re most

Lullacry - Alright tonight lyrics

I am in your heart tonight Everything's gonna be alright tonight They can never ... us apart, oh no no no And I'll promise you I'll never ... your heart, oh no no no So if craving for you is wrong I

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Alright lyrics

your love's true Never I'll doubt you My heart ... belongs to you That's alright with me Worlds could ... end around me So in love that I can't see You

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