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Dave Matthews Band - Hunger for the great light lyrics

great light of love Oh great light of ... love Oh great light of love Here you go, ... you dirty girl Good God, try to love try ... to oh God's love is alive inside you You know who needs you

Arch Nemesis - Hunger and the darkness lyrics

the nights' darkness swallows, the light of day The hunger inside ... me awakens And I seek for something to satisfy But there is nothing here for me For each night that passes by, it

Seventh Avenue - Hunger for life lyrics

a much too long time We didn't know what's going on It ... almost seemed as if we didn't want to Our world is like a cage A cell painted in ... grey And someone made us believe that grey is okay Oh,

Balthazar - Hunger at the door lyrics

We'll get bored out of our mind. Get cold shoulders, Walk ... a line. We'll get older, We'll ... get bored out of our mind. Get cold shoulders, Walk ... a line. We live in the city of norms, Spoon-fed from the day that we were born. Yet the clown, He promissed a

Dark Angel - Hunger of the undead lyrics

walk through deaths' door I'm frightened to see A determined fate is not in store for ... me No light in the tunnel Or brimstone awaits ... Return to the earth A reincarnate My life Meant others had to suffer in my wake

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - The undead will feast lyrics

feast, as they tear upon your weak flesh ... Terror builds, at the thought of being dead ... Prophecy of the wisemen of old Now comes true, ... as the corpses break the soil Ancient spell breaks the

Cemetary - Hunger of the innocence lyrics

ruins shall bear witness to what I've become ... Damned by the riddles of shame Now they lower ... me down into the mouth of flames The disease now lives again So, the

Beneath The Sky - Respect for the dead lyrics

re coming to get you Barbara!!! Como ... esta, Bitches!!! We're here to spread ... disease, Get you in our grasp, And f*** your shit up. Run,run,run, as fast

Deathstars - The rape of virtue lyrics

fall - so I walk away Gone with your children's screams of ... pain And the deeper I reach, I fear not the righteous speech ... Did you ever speak that name, a

Dark Flood - The monument of sin lyrics

the tombstone For the grave of the Earth They ... dragged the ark To the shores of the wastelands Their painted moon And suspended ... sun In throes of doubt Hitchhiking on the causeway of time The ark followed the

Saga - The pitchman lyrics

have you got for me this time Can you make it sparkle ... Can you make it shine Have you got anything brighter Something like that but ... a little bit tighter (Chorus) Pitchman, Pitchman Sell me that Pitchman

Nia Peeples - For the sake of loving lyrics

see into me And suddenly there's nothing left to say ... good are words now) Sometimes I feel anger How can you ... assume your instincts are so clear (What good

Blue System - For the children lyrics

a child who dies by hunger Theres a child who dies in war ... And the need of help gets stronger Theres so much we cant ignore Theres a child who lives in

Dio - The prisoner of paradise (bonus track) lyrics

But look out angels guard the door We all choose pain if ... pleasure is ordinary Then we beg for more and more and ... more Oh lock me up in an institution and throw away the

The Mission - The light that pours from you lyrics

still remember the very first kiss And the blood on the ... sheets And like the stars that shoot through the ... night We crash and burn in the heat. There's never any

Naglfar - The darkest road lyrics

is wrong, what is right? I worship the night Into the ... darkness I wander Bathing my skin the full moon light ... In this my final hour, in this my final rite I hunger for the eternal silence To drown

Repugnant - The stench of the cursed graves lyrics

monument of death emerge from the mist My urges arises as I ... clench my fist Encountering my corpse, to me, I feel a ... ghastly beast Which arouse as I touch it's putrid cavities Like a virgin

Flux Of Pink Indians - For the love of beauty lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Foun...

Vince Gill - For the last time lyrics

look, one kiss Just a few words Showed ... me such kindness Your eyes really see ... me Not for what I've been But for who I am and ... what I could be CHORUS: How did

Radio Feelings - For the youth lyrics

(yeah yeah) Hey everybody give it up now Ladies and ... gentlemen girls and boys Are you ready to ... make some noise? Hey everybody in the ... free Are you ready to jump with me? Let's

Gary Numan - For the rest of my life (reprise) lyrics

will love you Miss you All of my life I ... will wonder About you All of ... my life. I will need you Want you All ... of my life But I've lost you Lost you For the rest of my

Gary Numan - For the rest of my life lyrics

Do you see? Everything is fading Everything just ... Everyone looks lonely But there's only you and me Do ... be here? Do you wonder If we could find us from here?

Make Them Suffer - For the wretched and ruined lyrics

by my mind, by my life. I cannot find Peace within ... myself. I cannot penetrate my scattered ... will. I see where I have wronged My very ... thoughts are my undoing. My fear to die runs in

Shining - For the god below lyrics

since birth I've been Attracted to the sinister All the malignant, cruel ... forces of the world Yet at times I've been mislead by her ... opposite And it is with great shame I acknowledge these mistakes Father... who

Armored Saint - For the sake of heaviness lyrics

by this certain thing Expressing what I feel ... Doin' it for my belief Knowin' in my heart it's real ... Mastermind won't let it stay Givin' it his sentiment You can put your

Cantata Sangui - For the forgotten one lyrics

I seen the darkness nest Hearken at my ... nightmares rest 'n closed my ... eyes as black, reflects But the worst is yet, to, come For the forgotten one... Kin intestate, now it is too late

Hedley - For the nights i can't remember lyrics

see it in the way you would do When no one ... could ever get through Holding back til I come around Time and time again you wait for ... me to comin’ And did you really look my way? Cuz

Albert King - For the love of the woman lyrics

the love of a woman A man will do most anything For a ... love of a woman A man will do most anything Make him ... steal from his mother Just to buy her a diamond ring Well I love you, baby Like a schoolboy love his pie

Neurosonic - For the boy lyrics

thought of getting older And regretting things that I have done Only one ... thing made me notice How I failed to keep my precious one ... And though I know that you are with me

Ted Pearce - For the lamb - lo lanu (medley) lyrics

the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them And God shall wipe away all ... tears.. And He shall lead them to living fountains of water ... Lo lanu Adonai, Lo lanu ki l’shimcha, ten kavod. Not

Shai Hulud - For the world lyrics

myself out: I am the empty cup My hope has died ... tolerance faded. How can I keep Stability On such shaky ... ground? Prayers that a smile will flag me down. Sadly

Boris The Blade - For the wretched lyrics

happened again Regained consciousness and find ... myself on the streets I retrace footsteps To be led ... to a burnt down home It’s coming back to me, I can

Brazen Angel - For the world lyrics

s a new beginning, it's something like I've never seen before ... It's never ending no matter how many times I ... close the door I know forgiveness is elusive as a goal

The Kids - For the fret lyrics

say he's good I think he plays bad We were glad ... he left so I better warn you For the ... Fret ( kiekelikie ) For the Fret ( kiekelikie ) For the ... Fret ( kiekelikie ) For the Fret ( kiekelikie ) He

Ray Lamontagne - For the summer lyrics

through these hills I've known I'd be comin' Ain't ... a man alive that likes to be alone? Been a while ... since I seen my lady smilin' Have I been, have I been

Anne Murray - For the good times lyrics

t look so sad; I know its over; But life goes on and ... this old world will keep on turning. Lets just ... be glad we had some time to spend together There's ... no need to watch the bridges that were bur.....ning.

Laura Marano - For the ride lyrics

m through with holding back Been there I don't ... bad Don't even tell me that I'm not ready I'm driving windows down I know am my way ... around The sky above me is all confetti Everything

Ashes You Leave - For the heart, soul and mind lyrics

these wastelands of emotions we all strive to find ... Someone for our heart, soul and mind A ... poet writes of a tale so drear To ... and fear And out of nothing comes a love so dire I

Biting Elbows - For the kill lyrics

friends, my lovers, And everyone ... I care for are dead. They said You’ll die soon enough ... anyway. Shut up, I can’t. Mainly because I never could,

Bloodpit - For the time being lyrics

sad does it make me when something ends ... Recovering fastens as she says things ... to me Now the pines make me stand still ... Enjoyment of these tiny things Mumble of narrator oration of orchards How sad does

Braveride - For the fallen lyrics

where we go just a hope for a dream home never was I ... used to seeing a falling star never was I used to ... seeing death come Victims of change we all become

Canopy - For the sickened voice to hear lyrics

reflected Refused to shine again This may vanish The ... source will slowly drain Still blank face grin Your ... rapture will ignite Under your dead masque A

Caspian - For the low lyrics

- For The Low ft Brevner (High Quality) Caspian - For The ... Low ft Brevner (High Quality) Caspian - For The Low ft ... Brevner (High Quality) Caspian - For The Low ft Brevner (High Quality) Caspian - For The

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - For the punx lyrics

Put Us Down Because we spike our hair Bondage trousers ... and dyed hair I'll never change my ways ... Don't tell me what to wear I'm gonna do what I please

Citylights - For the moment lyrics

is my life an open wound and I don´t ... think I´ll get well soon living life of an opened wound ... gaping at the crowd sweat and smiles ... all night drives this is how i survive alive and

Clinic - For the wars lyrics

boy the endless joy rushes in our home Sunshine boy the ... endless joy rushes in our home In one and out ... one come my love In one and out one now its safe

Debauchery - For the emperor lyrics

million worlds are under siege A million worlds are at ... total war Aliens and demons bring your doom ... Aliens and demons are coming to get you With faith

Eddy Arnold - For the good times lyrics

t look so sad I know it's over But life goes on ... and this old world will keep on turning Let's ... just be glad we had some time to spend together There's

Feint - For the fire ft. eric hayes lyrics

God it's plain to see She's overrated ... bleeding empathy He lies and hides the truth Inside ... I know it's my desire for the fire You got the matches I

Finger Eleven - For the ocean lyrics

it I'm failing My heart waits in the wings alone The ... stages I go through Keep coming time and time and time again Do you wonder how I stay ... So complacent It's like waiting for the ocean To save you

Gracefield - For the sake of sanity lyrics

lies a voice in the distance and it calls to me in ... my sleep. It keeps these bones I've collected cased ... and confined in the depths of my dreams. It's ... easy to see and so hard to believe, these vices could pull so

Lorene Drive - For the rest of us lyrics

seems like everybody knows You're ... running in circles again I fell into your perfect smile ... No one should know about this You keep your smile And I ... ll keep this to myself You're a

Stephen Lynch - For the ladies lyrics

Spoken} This for all the ladies... Ya might wanna save ... woo"s {Sung} I kissed you on the cheek “Good night my love” I say You turned

Masterpiece - For the heir of freedom lyrics

alone Without his father close of him No one can ... replace this lost That will be forever and ever It’s ... hard to stand And understand the reason To fight for a

Metal King - For the fallen ones lyrics

times will never be forgotten Times of grotesque ... creations Masterpieces which inspired us all Their essence is still coming from deep inside You'll always be in our

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - For the love of you lyrics

on a memory Ain't no place I'd rather be than with you ... Loving you Day will make the way for night All we need is ... candlelight And a song, soft and long

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - The real song for the deaf lyrics

Real Song for the Deaf je takzvaný "hidden ... track" čili schovaná skladba. Na původním ... písní a bylo jej možné spustit pouze tak, že se CD z 00:00

Tina Arena - For the sake of talking lyrics

within wheels You think you're such a big shot Manipulate, whoever you can Just ... you get what you want You promise the world "Stick with ... me: and I'll make you a star 'Cause I

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