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Millionaires - Your girl does party intro lyrics

cell Leave me a message and I'll hit you back, Bye, Mwah ... You're f***ing going out again? I called you like seven times, you never answer your ... phone You're always going out and partying Call me

Victoria Justice - Girl up lyrics

out of a dirty window It's not much, but it's all I ... ve known Close my eyes and I see a rainbow But I can't ... the pot of gold All the things that we take for granted

Kakkmaddafakka - Your girl lyrics

night I had a dream about this girl I know God she’s beautiful But when I woke up I realized that the dream I had was ... true You see I’m not trying to cause any trouble But

B2k - Your girl chose me lyrics

Yo your girl chose me (chose me) you ... game(game) (B2 B2k) Hey yo your girl chose me (chose me) you ... game (game) (B2 B2K) Hey Yo your girl chose me (chose me) you

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Your girl lyrics

gone for 3 years, is that enough for you boy? ... Carrying me to my bed Paint my toe nails blue Tell me ... all about the things that you and I will never ... do I wish i was your girl I wish i was your girl I wish i was your girl (Oh) I wish i

Beat Win - Your girl lyrics

yeojachingu cham I have crush on your girl ... You’re so sexy I’ve never felt like this ... before Be my girl baby I’m sorry my friend oh god ni yeojachingu cham yeppeudeora

Karliene Reynolds - Your girl (demo) lyrics

used to think this world was dark and cold So I made myself a new one I was ... Queen upon my throne But life became so empty, so alone ... Singing all my love songs Without a love of my own The

4 Minute - Hit your heart lyrics

go, let's go, let's go Throw your hands in the air right now, ... hey Ije junbi haebwa who's next, 4minute Jigeum boyeo jwobwa who's next, ... 4minute Jomdeo deullyeobwa who's

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Your girl lyrics

I used to be so shy Sit at home and fantasize (I ... should be your girl) but I ain't wastin' no more time ... cause I've got to make you mine I'm gonna make you want

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Your head up lyrics

if it's bad Don't let it get you down - you can take it And if it hurts Don't ... see you cry - you can make it Hold your head up woman ... Hold your head up woman Hold your head up

Future lyricsFuture - Lookin exotic lyrics

Hendrix Switch hands like left pitcher Super ... astronomical Peel you off a couple ... bands, girl like, "here you go" ... Been lookin' like the baddest bitch in my videos I wanna take you out to

Kurupt - Your gyrlfriend lyrics

girl] Yeah right, i ain't no motha f***ing hoe My ... home girl a hoe Shit nigga, i got my own shit And i'm tryin to get up on your mind nigga ... but shit. . . [kurupt] Just another day sunny c-a

Bernasconi Rico - Hit the dust '12 lyrics

get up and move it cause i´m now on the mic so if you ... really wanna groove it then you gotta feel right ... because the rhymes i am swanging always sexy and

Big Ali - Hit the floor lyrics

now it's really time to play (3x) (I've got the ... power!) 2x Everybody hit the floor Lets get it on ... Don't stop, come on Now hit the floor Lets get it on

Coolio - Hit 'em lyrics

has Come to my understanding that There are those, who ... have questioned my skills And abilities Since it is thus I must Release it, ... myself Forth with be thou repremanded Hit'em

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Hit and run lyrics

and New York, mister Major Then there’s me Little queen of the stage He’s ... One the stars call creator Hail the king of the industry ... players Take off your business suit Sittin’ in your lap

Ayo Jay - Your number feat fetty wap & mr phillips lyrics

I get your number girl (3x) Oh its Jay Baba ... And Melvitto on the beat Wanna tell ... you a story about this girl wey I just meet She’s ... looking fly, yeah she’s looking neat The boy is looking like money, right from my head

Kane Brown lyricsKane Brown - Hit the gas lyrics

Verse 1:] The first day we met I was seventeen ... The sky was shining bright And the grass was green ... You had your hair up A smile on your face I’ll never

A.cian - Hit lyrics

soge bultaneun nae tteugeoun wish Meonameon yeojeongedo ... kkeuchi eomneun energy Baro jigeum ... nal michige mandeuneun dream ... Kkeuteomneun jiljue nal ikkeureo juneun him Maeum gipeun gose sumgyeojin

Juicy J - Hit it from da back (remix) lyrics

I ain't trying to be to,.. the absence is yours I just heard stories about ... that glorious inventory wondered to see what ... you have in store I could be a freak if I need to

Peaches - Hit it hard lyrics

make me moan wanna get u in my pleasure dome wanna ... make it hot get your pistol cocked gonna get ya if your ready or not wanna chew ... the fat wanna hit your back what ya say to that?

Lita Ford - Hit n run lyrics

re like a runaway train As you go speeding down ... lane You're heart's so blind when you get behind the ... That you can't see the love I feel You say you're such a

Qwote - Feat pitbull lucenzo throw your hands up da.. lyrics

go, lets go, Now throw your hands up Shake them hips girl Now drop it down low (low ... low) Do like you do doh, Lettme see ... ya work it, But please don’t break it

The Dream - I luv your girl lyrics

mm The american Dream... mmm mmm And ... you know what I mean ahh... baam baam Radio Killa... ahh Should beat ... the track up like Gorrilla... I, I, I, I Yeah

Sophia Grace - Girl in the mirror ft. silento lyrics

Sophia Grace:] I wake up every day like hello, beautiful Cause this world is so ... crazy and it can bring you down You're too short, ... too fat, too skinny Hey, well excuse me if I

Monrose - Hit 'n' run lyrics

My Hit’n'Run) (My Hit’n'Run) I like how you drive How you lean into it I might take a ride try you on I ... spark in the dark Drippin’, rippin’ thorugh with you car,

Ray J - Keep your head up lyrics

I see you walking with your head down girl, Come here, ... whoa, lemme lift your spirits up, aight. I got something ... on my mind I wanna tell you. Girl, when you down and when you

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Get your money up lyrics

Nicki Minaj:] Uh huh, yo yo I need all the dudes in the ... out Stop, now let me see your booty drop [Keri Hilson:] ... If you think your impressin' us with your ice and your

The Dream - I luv your girl remix lyrics

you dat watch!?! Such a nice guy he's so generous.... ... (ha ha ha) You suckass nigga you! Let's Go Nigga ... (Yeah) [Verse 1: Jeezy] It goes Hilary Clinton, Barack

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Girl at home lyrics

t look at me, you've got a girl at home, and everybody ... t look at me, you've got a girl at home, and everybody ... knows that. I don't even know her, but I

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Who's gonna be your girl lyrics

to know just where you're going You don't need to tell me ... you've been All we have is here and now and nothing In ... between Watching the nightfall there goes the sun

Headhunter - Hit machine lyrics

refuse to obey Faked art Big stars, who can't even play ... Secrecy Bought success will surely pay Humanity ... Gets pushed away by cupidity Puppet man Dancing on the

Austin Mahone - Girl lyrics

your radio up, Turn your radio up Ain't no other Shawty I ... ve heard of baby, Put a million on that that that that, I ... my world and gave you half of it baby, I pray I'll never get

Alsou - What your girl don't know lyrics

your girl don't know What your girl don't know Hanging ... round trying to talk to me But I know ... 'bout your history When it comes to playing games You

Day26 - Your heels lyrics

Chorus:] You got your hair did nails done, your walk is on ... the one (and i must say) Your heels (girl they look good) ... On you You walk with your nose up, with that sexy strut

Keri Hilson - Get your money up lyrics

now let me see your booty drop) If you think your impressin' us with your ice ... and dub poppin' bottles in the club, Get your money up ... Cause I ain't your average girl, I've been all around the

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Wanna be your girl lyrics

can see your hungry eyes slide up and down And all around ... me Go for the maximum, I gotta say you're a blast, So ... come and show me I kind of knew what to do, wearing

Aaliyah - If your girl only knew lyrics

your girl only knew That you was trying to get with me (what would ... she do) If your girl only knew That you was dissin' her to talk to me She ... you out and unplug her phone I bet she'd be glad that he was

Paula Abdul - Forever your girl lyrics

baby You gotta remember I'm forever your girl Baby ... .and ever and ever (You know I am) Baby pick your head up ... Come on and look me in the face Cuz I can tell

Loverance - Up![feat. 50 cent] lyrics

back From the left to the right side I'm world wide From ... the east to the west I get it girl thats right lets ride I beat the p**** up up up up up ... up up [4x] I beat the p**** Yeah I eat it but much rather beat it Dick your girl down cuz I know

Loverance - Up![feat. iamsu & skipper] lyrics

beat the P**** UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP I beat the P**** ... UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP I beat the P**** UP, UP, UP, UP ... UP, UP, UP I beat the P**** UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP I

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Always be your girl lyrics

to my heartbeat and I Try to follow where it ... leads me, that's right. I don't wake up in the shadows ... anymore. I can finally breathe I dig a little deep down searching

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Promise to your girl lyrics

through the backyard of my life Time to sweep the fallen ... leaves away Like the sun that rises every ... dark clouds from the sky I gave my promise to you girl, I don't wanna take it back You

Teedra Moses - Be your girl lyrics

t know if you got a girl Don't mean to disrespect ... of you rule my world I even dream of you, I swear Visions of you and I See you ... all around my way Been meaning to say "Hi" but I'm just way too shy I gotta

Bob Sinclar lyricsBob Sinclar - Put your handz up lyrics

up, hands up, hands up, hands up Hands up, hands up, hands up ... hands up Come on Everywhere that I ... go, they play my hits in the club I need some shots

Paula Abdul - If i were your girl lyrics

Unsatisfied I can't help it I can't get you off my mind ... wrong To treat you bad She didn't know you were the best ... she'd ever had If I were yours And you were mine I'd make

Rainbow (korea) - Not your girl lyrics

not your girl your girl your girl I’m not your girl your girl ... girls girls My boy My boy My boy ... hago ddan saenggakman haji saranghaneun cheok cham

Laura Branigan - Love your girl lyrics

loves me He understands me like no other so naturally I ... spoil my baby with love too hot to throw away ... I don't think he'll ever find another that 'll love him

Got7 - Put your hands up lyrics

sondeureo deureo (put’em up put’em up) kkomjjak mareo ... deureo heundeureo deureo (geogiseo geogiseo) neomu mame ... nanananana) wae jinaganeun saram maeumeul

Lil' Keke - Throw your sets up lyrics

Talking] What what, this for the hood y'all Yeah ... what, this for the block y'all What ... yeah, this for the set y'all check it ... [Lil' Keke] Ok this Southside, who do it better than me

Benzino - Pull your skirt up lyrics

Intro] Just let the pigeons loose let the games begin Tone Must be crazy, ay yo Sin, what's up Capone? I ... created this motherf***er [Verse 1] ... Let me start from the beginnin, you ain't reppin the

Bucks Fizz - Making your mind up lyrics

gotta speed it up And then you gotta slow it ... down 'cos if you believe that a love can hit the ... play around And soon you will find That there comes a time For making your mind up.

Dove Cameron - I'm your girl lyrics

know I got it, I g-got it You know I got it I'm your ... girl Every time you miss the beat and life pulls you ... under When you need your rhythm back I'll be your

Can't Stop Won't Stop - Up and away lyrics

kick back, relax and grab yourself a beverage Or hop if you ... to my lev-er-age The evidence, as they say, is in the ... pudding So show me the money like ... my name was Cuba Gooding It ain’t fools gold, it’s gold fool

E-rotic - Talk to your girl lyrics

baby talk to your girl You can tell her she's in ... danger Talk to your girl, but leave her alone Baby ... talk to your girl I'm your reason to exchange her Talk

Lalaine - I'm not your girl lyrics

want a girl who does what's right The kind who is always ... there beside you Someone who is quiet and polite Like staying home on every friday night ... But that doesn't do a thing for me I'm really not

Zara Larsson - If i was your girl lyrics

I was your girl, I'd give you everything If I was your girl, I'd make you happy I ... ll help you pick out what to wear Run my fingers through your hair Maybe

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - Hold your head up lyrics

your head up, there's a light in the sky. I know you're fed up, but you must try to survive. ... Each moment's precious, don't let life pass you ... by- Keep focused, keep your eyes on the prize. A friend

Roy Orbison - Girl like mine lyrics

s a girl in my life The best little girl that I could ever find Her lips are ... warm when the nights are cold In the summertime she can make it snow She's

Tupac Shakur lyricsTupac Shakur - Keep your head up lyrics

Intro] Little something for my godson Elijah And a ... little girl named Corin [Verse 1] Some say the ... the berry, the sweeter the juice I say the darker the flesh

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