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I Hear You Loud As A Bomb Wanting A Shoulder To Cry On lyrics

Browse for I Hear You Loud As A Bomb Wanting A Shoulder To Cry On song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Hear You Loud As A Bomb Wanting A Shoulder To Cry On lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Hear You Loud As A Bomb Wanting A Shoulder To Cry On.

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Jaron Andthe Long Road To Love - You'll see, baby lyrics

should of known when you were lookin round the room, You were searching for a flower In full bloom You don't need ... me to love you When you got somebody new But what you don't know can hurt you Cuz

Brick & Lace - Cry on me lyrics

weeh eh Weeh weeh weeh eh Cry on meeee Weeh weeh weeh eh ... eh Weeh weeh weeh eh What can I do To understand, to ... make it better What can I do To whipe your tears, and

Jackson Janet - You need me lyrics

a child I missed a lot of love I never had And ... daddy he was distant Never there to hold my hand Never bought the things he ... d always promise to give me Mother made up for him always watching over me Days

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - You need me lyrics

a child I missed a lot of love I never had And ... daddy he was distant Never there to hold my hand Never bought the things ... he'd always promise to give me Mother made up for him

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - You need me lyrics

a child I missed a lot of love I never had And ... daddy he was distant Never there to hold my hand Never bought the things ... he'd always promise to give me Mother made up for him

Far East Movement - You've got a friend ft. lil rob & baby bash lyrics

you need to know is you've got a friend We've been living life, right 'til the end ... If I'm troubled I know I can depend 'Cause all I need to ... know is I've got a friend Baby let's cruise with the radio

North Mississippi Allstars - One to grown on lyrics

t let 'em make up your mind for ya Cause they're gonna ... try to run you through the ringer Before you realize you ... been hung out to dry Now, they don't know that I'm started to learn You don't have to be down where the

Mark Knopfler - Hard shoulder lyrics

ve got latches for windows Handles for doors Grinders and ... scrapers And sanders for floors Rake for ... the gravel Chains for the snow Always got ... the shovel You never know I never thought you'd go Man

Bonnie Raitt - Cry on my shoulder lyrics

know it's hard sometimes And things seem larger than ... they are But if you need to tell someone That's what I'm ... here for Cry on my shoulder I'll help you rise above Cry on my shoulder, my love

Dsds - Cry on my shoulder lyrics

the hero, never comes to you If you need someone, you're ... feeling blue If you wait for love, and you're alone ... If you call your friends, nobody's home You can rum away, but you can't hide

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - You can cry on my shoulder lyrics

because you know I love you so much Don't be afraid to ... tell me you're sad Because you lost his love Though your ... love is not for me I don't wanna see you in mysery, so come

Avenue Q - You can be as loud as the hell you want lyrics

Idea Bear #1: Take her home! Bad Idea Bear ... #2: She's wasted! Bad Idea Bears: Yaaay! Kate Monster: My God, Princeton! Right there! Right there! That

Four Tops - Just as long as you need me lyrics

that he's gone You need someone to lean on I'll do my best To be that shoulder to cry on ... But I can't promise you You'll never cry again Cause ... everyone cries sometime I can't promise you You'll never

Jojo - Use my shoulder lyrics

what's your story Hate to see ya lookin worried You ... know you can tell me Cause I am understanding Would you mind sharing What's bothering your happiness Turn that frown

Rebecca Ferguson - Shoulder to shoulder lyrics

I feel safe when you're near me And I can hold you ... completely Although you constantly hurt me And we fight And we cry And we tell the same lies about love And we cling to each other shoulder to shoulder against the world So I'm gonna drag you down Whilst you

Overflow - Cry on my shoulder lyrics

say you're falling apart Reached the end of the line Just ... looking for your place in an ordinary life No one calls you friend No one even knows your ... name You just want to feel loved instead of all the

R5 - Loud lyrics

for the one tonight But I can't see you Cause I'm blinded ... by all the lights, ooh And I can never get it right I ... need a breakthrough Why are you so hard to find? ooh I've

Newsboys - Go i wanna send you lyrics

needs somebody To rely on (to rely on, realize) Everybody ... needs somebody's Shoulder to cry on (just to cry on, realize) ... Are you gonna lend a hand, And assist? (I wanna send you

Plain White T's - Come on over lyrics

on over, there's a bed to lie on. And when life gets ... colder, we'll both have a shoulder to cry on. Come on over, ... there's so much to do. And if it gets boring, I'll smile

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - How to hate (t-pain) lyrics

Verse 1 - T-Pain] She owes me everything and she knows it I’ve seen all ... of the scenes in seen this movie, and she blows it at the end ... She keeps talking to me cause she knows that I’m a friend But I can’t keep hearing it over and over again I was

Shane Filan - All you need to know lyrics

you need to know Sometimes you gotta go back to the start, and glue back all the pieces that you took apart, sometimes it takes a teardrops to set you

Iron & Wine - Loud as hope lyrics

behave, though your boy is gone, or so we've heard Ophelia ... would rise if it was her song and say these words &quot ... Summer comes with its color all to take your breath away Winter turns all the summer's

Saves The Day - Shoulder to the wheel lyrics

I say, "Just go. Please, Dave, just drive. Get us as far as far can be. Get us away from tonight." And I say, "Oh, Dave, I'm sorry.

Firehouse - Here for you lyrics

you think you've got it all figured out Well you know you can't make it alone Everbody ... needs somebody to help them out And you know I ... could be that someone And if you ever get lost on life's

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Depend on me lyrics

you're losin' direction Baby you can depend on me For a little love and affection You can depend on me If ya feel ... brokenhearted and you just can't get started You can

George Strait - A real good place to start lyrics

reelin' from a relationship That left me torn in two ... Tryin' to find that first step That leads to someone new Gettin' me back together Didn't know it could

Electric Light Orchestra - Hold on tight lyrics

on tight to your dream, yeah Hold on tight to your dream ... yeah When you see your ship go sailing When you feel your heart is breaking Hold on tight to your dream It's a long time to be gone Oh, time

Little Joy - Shoulder to shoulder lyrics

to shoulder Amused, but not advanced He, she You, me It ... s all just circumstance Eager, hopeful Content to play ... the friend Timid advances With mutual regret She can't always be wrong He can't always be right Not a matter of

Gary Barlow - Face to face lyrics

John It’s a true sign of a soldier Taking care of the hearts around us And the whole ... world loves a hero A leader and a shoulder to cry on That’s what you are to me Everyone around can see yeah When

Mary J Blige - You gotta believe lyrics

Mmmm oh, you must believe, you must believe Hey yeah You ... gotta believe Gotta believe, gotta believe in me You ... gotta believe in me (gotta believe me) That I won't never

Ray Charles - If i could lyrics

I could I'd protect you from the sadness in your eyes ... Give you courage in a world of compromise Yes, I ... would If I could I would teach you all the things I've never learned And I

The Pandoras - Cry on my own lyrics

Cry on My Own ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .........................

Vonda Shepard - Someone to use to lyrics

a shoulder to cry on That´s all i´ve been to you Just someone to rely on When your world is empty and blue I´m just ... someone you call dear Anytime you choose I´m just someone to run to I´m just someone to use I´m just someone you can talk to And that´s all i´ll

Vonda Shepard - Someone you use lyrics

a shoulder to cry on That's all I've been to you Just ... someone to rely on When your world is empty and blue I'm just someone you call dear ... Anytime you choose I'm someone you run to Someone you use I'm just someone

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Where were you lyrics

baby - I was always around To pick you up when you were falling down Now baby - when you were crying the blues Wasn't ... I the one that you came crying to? In all the years gone

Rick Astley - I'll never let you down lyrics

I'm just a simple guy And no matter how hard I try I ... may never show you how I feel You may be the woman I love I sometimes think that you've been sent from above I am

Little Texas - Cry on lyrics

s been a chain of tears That's been a-holdin' me here 'Cause you know how much I hate to see you cry Well before I ... go I just wanna let you know This is the last time

Barry Manilow - I want to be somebody's baby lyrics

wanna be somebody's baby I don't want a child of my own I was the one who was always strong ... And I was always the one left alone I was the one ... understandin' And lettin' the other go free Now I wanna be somebody's baby Let

Sia lyricsSia - Get me lyrics

I don't mind if you find That I'm a shoulder to cry on ... rely on But the burden is just too much I'm losing touch with myself and my health ... What you gonna do if you get me I can heal your

Rough Silk - Calls to the world lyrics

the princess of time damned not to die I know we all ... need it a shoulder to cry on at night a place we can hide ... blessed are the innocent 'cause they do not know you only

Calum Scott lyricsCalum Scott - Won't let you down lyrics

love of your life, he's treating you wrong You stand by his ... side, he lies all alone It's the fairytale you want, ... but the glimmer in your eyes have gone And now you

Nat King Cole - Someone to tell it to lyrics

good is a dream, A plan or a scheme, The rainbow that you ... pursue? It's everything... and it's nothing Without someone to tell it to. How eager you are To get to that star,

Jt Hodges - Goodbyes made you mine lyrics

m not your high school crush, your first love, your first kisss ... Guy that crossed you off of his list I'm not the red tail lights that left you behind again and again I'm not your jealousy, pre med, big man Promised you a ring and took another girl's hand What's it

Just Jack - Eye to eye lyrics

I wonder how I cope When every time I open ... my mouth You jump down my throat And some ... nights the beds so cold In frozen sheets It's like we ... re lying at opposite poles And I just don't know What to

Alison Krauss - Too late to cry lyrics

all alone with my whisky on ice I wonder why he's not with ... me tonight If the rain be on tonight then I won't sleep I'm ... haunted by this loneliness I keep And it's too late to cry ´Cause we left it all behind

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Something better to do lyrics

try to be patient, I try not to moan But it's driving me crazy, tryin' to live here alone ... My conversation gets nowhere When I talk to ... myself I've lost my sense of humour

Pythia - Moon on the mountain lyrics

were the one that I ran to when I was child You gave me ... sunshine and laughter and hope for a while Always ... beside me, a shoulder to cry on But you were a spider creeping inside of me Watching my

Birdy - Hear you calling lyrics

mistakes Are harder to recover from And I miss the ... days I could take my make up and put a brave face on Oh, ... my beautiful summer How the winter makes me wonder Where you've gone Oh, my beautiful summer

Dj Tiesto - Hear you now lyrics

eyes they look the same as mine We can see this way of life Your eyes they look the same as mine Guess you knew this for the longest time Im walking through the corridors

Alan Parsons Project - You won't be there lyrics

me a promised land and i will go anywhere And if you ask ... me to take my time i'll wait for years I'll hold on ... the whole world tells me i'm wrong Someday, someday

Exo - My turn to cry (korean ver.) lyrics

kkwosseoyo uldeon geudaereul anajugi jeone kkumeseo kkaeeo ... beoryeossjyo seogeulpeun mame keoteuneul yeoreo dalbicce ... muldeurin nunmullo pyeonjil bonaeyo Remember geudaega himdeul ttaemyeon hangsang

Willie Nelson - Opportunity to cry lyrics

watch the sunrise on the other side of town Once ... more I've waited and once more you've let me down This would be a perfect time for ... me to die I'd like to take this opportunity to cry You gave your word now I return it to you

D.r.i. - You say i'm scum lyrics

want to play my music As loud as I please I want to grow ... my hair Down to my knees I won't get a job And be punching your clock Won't be another ... number In you lay off slot You say I'm scum

Mike + The Mechanics - You never change lyrics

sleepless wide awake, wondering how much I can take You ... never change Tired of living with your lies, comes to me ... as no surprise You never change No more tears left to cry I have to forget you, all

Dannii Minogue lyricsDannii Minogue - You won't forget about me lyrics

won't forget about me You won't forget about me Our first and last summer together ... We shared the passion till the end I found a friend, I will remember I'll never

The Byrds - You wont have to cry lyrics

you know it makes me sad to see you feel so bad But it's ... happened to you many times before But if you will ... come with me then girl you will see That you won't have to

Gamma Ray - No need to cry lyrics

remember the times we had Take a look at the past I can ... see you clearly now, very well But I don ... t know when you lost yourself There was no way to find you You were deep, so deep

Jethro Tull - To cry you a song lyrics

so high trying to remember how many cigarettes did I bring along. ... When I get down I’ll jump in a taxicab riding through London town to cry you a song.

Blackbriar - Hear you scream (acoustic) lyrics

me to your darkside Where no one has ever been Open the door ... and let me in You never lose your temper Give me your anger ... Don't you feel the need in me I want your misery You kill me with your kindness Don't torture me with silence I

Dennis Sheperd - No time to cry (feat. simon binkenborn) lyrics

things get too hard You wanna give up You wanna enwomb ... When turns get too tough You wanna throw in a towel You ... just can't hold on, just hold on When a quick escape in taxi cab Just don't give up the

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