I Have Lost The Battle But I’ve Won The War I’ve Been In Denial lyrics

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Attack - The battle's lost lyrics

prophet sees it’s coming He always tells his tale ... Bloody rain falls in this fight The battle bells are ringing The deadly stage is set ... A victory of death tonight And the war is in the

Chastain - The battle of nevermore lyrics

you ever felt like crying In the head of the storm If you ... ever felt like dieing The ghost of theory won There ... s a light in the dark If you take the chance To open

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The battle of epping forest lyrics

the Forest Road, there's hundreds of cars - luxury ... cars. Each has got its load of convertible bars, ... cars - superscars! For today is the day when they sort it

Iron Savior - The battle lyrics

of light paint the horizon Silver and weak he is glowing ... Beauty arises in front of my eyes Were are ... we going My heart wants to weep The word is goodbye Will I

Ancient - The battle of the ancient warriors lyrics

scene And she held me in her daunting hand Amazed by ... that macabre view, My heart begun to pulse ... Galvanized by horrors that I saw The battle was butchering and The hordes were rising

Manilla Road - The battle of bonchester bridge lyrics

the full moon is high Fog creeping in Hear the ... sounds of the fight No one can win Echoing ... outlawed pipes Hauntingly played As the ghosts of ... brave knights Still fight this day Spectres still waging

Hb - The battle of god lyrics

will take the blame or who will pay the price for teaching ... what is false in the sight of God You can be a ... leader preaching of a heathen God without the dull side

Angeli Di Pietra - The battle of camlann lyrics

through the mist and breathe in the dank fumes Battle is ... brewing near the place called Camlann Come ... draw your swords men Victory is at hand My son must not

The Who lyricsThe Who - I've known no war lyrics

ve known no war And if I ever do I won't know for sure ... Who'll be fighting whom For the soldiers lonely tomb Now ... opens as soon as the referee's gun starts to roar

Forman Vandal - War lyrics

run like a letters on these pages I'm not sick but still so far away from same. Nightmars but I haven't slept in ... ages. The battle's won but there's still poison in our veins

Butcher Babies - In denial lyrics

change One kill These things you've Lost all your sight Night of regress Your ... promise lost Here tonight Empty love lost In one ... sweet moment of pride One chance one kill Six

Hearts & Hands - The sun always rises lyrics

feels like a memory, A foreign feeling that you used to ... know. Where did the light go ? I've grown too ... comfortable. Stuck at the bottom of this hopeless hole.

Hearts & Hands - The sun always rises (acoustic) lyrics

feels like a memory, A foreign feeling that you used to ... know. Where did the light go ? I've grown too ... comfortable. Stuck at the bottom of this hopeless hole.

Lady Sovereign - The battle (shystie,frost p & zuz rock) lyrics

P! -Zuz. -SOV, Lady Sovereign. -Shystie! Yo, Medasyn ... starts. First the political son, Zuz Rock. Den, I will do. Yo. [FROST P] See ... anybody wanna checks me on dis? Be like most dese kids who

Ashton Shepherd - Whiskey won the battle lyrics

had a headache when I woke up this morning And a picture of you beside my head ... And I drank 'till two And I fell lying on the floor The ... whiskey won the battle But your memory won the war

Lita Ford - War of the angels lyrics

runs through the streets So desperately young ... Her eyes aflame And her mind undone She aches for the ... songs That will never be sung And the ... heroes so quickly forgotten She sees a friend In the church yard light

Sacred Gate - The battle of thermopylae lyrics

quot;Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing ... by, that here obedient to their laws, we lie" (Simonides) In 480, before Christ ... s birth The Persian empire was the greatest on earth

Majesty - The day when the battle is won lyrics

giant sent by the dark lord of the night He is ... in fight with the rider He's made of stone, he's ... got the evil inside He's killing for his provider The

Lara Marshall - In denial lyrics

do you know when you're falling Cause everything seems so ... How do you know that it's love calling It's just the magical way you feel I ... feel so warm when I'm around you The sparkle in

Soccx - The battle lyrics

you ready for Dead or Alive? It's the ultimate battle and ... you are invited (ha ha ha) I don't know what you've been ... told Soccx is gonna rock this joint You think you're

Bars And Melody - Battle scars lyrics

You don't know what I've been through I can teach you ... something that I never knew Take a seat and ... take some time Let me tell you what I've been through They didn't know we

Disarmonia Mundi - The isolation game lyrics

bridges burn towers Built among the ruins turn To ... dust as I stare waiting Hatred fills my lungs sets ... my soul on fire Lick the wounds and recover for more

The Rabble - The battle lyrics


Astral Doors - The battle of jacob's ford lyrics

is there someone who can tell? And is there someone who can cast the spell away? Say you can, I ... ll be damned, walk on the water Saladin had to win They were lambs on their way to

John Frusciante - The battle of time lyrics

to be away is peachy now Feel like may ... be far at all I've got these clothes to deceive me I've ... been lost all along You've got a mouth ... that's bigger I've got a man on the side You

The Saddle Club - In denial lyrics

do you know when you're falling Cuz everything seems so ... surreal How do you know that it's love calling It's just the magical way you feel I ... feel so warm when I'm around you The sparkle in

Black Messiah - The battle of asgaard lyrics

a dark and rainy night Two armies stand by ... resolutely Ready for a fight To seal all the worlds ... destiny Armed with sword and shield Wearing ... helmets, chain mails, cuirasses an a battlefield At the gates of Odins sacred

Grave Digger - The battle of flodden lyrics

my love, I leave my fate to the king I must be off to battle, fortune it may bring ... Fortune for the nobles Death and Pain, life ... will be sold Goodby my love,

Cappella - War in heaven lyrics

never felt this way before. Fighting the devil that's in me. ... Stealing your soul was not in vain For a life time. There is a war in heaven For a

Domine - The battle for the great silver sword lyrics

I) The Dawn Of Steel] [instrumental] [II) The Pipes ... Of War] This is The Story for centuries untold ... On a misty morning at the break of dawn Out of the night as shadows of Doom Black

Mean Streak - Battle within lyrics

voices inside my head Dreaming, sometimes I wish I was ... dead My body is aching, my brain is on fire, I'm ... out of control as I bleed I'm lost but I'm living, my

Orden Ogan - The battle of waterloo lyrics

the 18th 1815, the battle at "Belle-Alliance" ... Marshy fields and pouring rain, All the blood and the pain A cannon's fire, cuirassier's attack, British

Running Wild - The battle of waterloo lyrics

the 18th 1815, the battle at "Belle-Alliance ... amp;quot; Marshy fields and pouring rain, All the blood and the pain A cannon ... s fire, cuirassier's attack, British grenadiers stand tight Wellington's

Alestorm - 1741 (the battle of cartagena) lyrics

the raging seas To distant lands unknown Porto ... Bello fell in a day Now Britannia rules the waves Thirty ... thousand men at arms Red Ensign in the sky To Cartagena we

Diabulus In Musica - Crimson gale lyrics

s the fire in your eyes You are the light ... of love alive The heat that warms their lives The wall against all danger you are ... by your sense And never willing to bow your head YOu had

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Battle cry lyrics

one more time before I go I'll let you know And all this ... time I've been afraid, Wouldn't let it show ... me now Stars are only visible in the darkness, Fear is

Miracle Of Sound - The ballad of clay carmine - gears of war 3 s.. lyrics

. Welcome to Delta, boys! The first rule of the Cog is... ... to a world of struggle Raised with my brothers three As ... I boy I learned through a burning world That nothin ever

Essence - Lost in violence lyrics

terror all across the front Scared to death you ... run with your gun The enemy is near as you take your aim ... Shoot to kill so you don't die in vain Cut till the day

Impellitteri - The battle rages on lyrics

never see it coming, but you can read the writing on the wall Purity to corruption, a ... thought begins but soon the flesh will fall Jealousy and ... anger, an evil heart no one can ever know In the winds of deception, you

Immortal Choir - The battle of moonstone lyrics

quot;Bloodthirsty soldiers against an obscure empire fixed in ... the middle of the forest. Carbines against ballistas, prison ... and sacrifice for those who didn't fall in the battlefield.

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - In denial ft. kylie minogue lyrics

In denial, no my life's a trial I'm not denying that every ... little bit hurts It's a problem that I'm not ... solving Don't mind admitting I feel like quitting this

At The Skylines - The battle; me vs. the lion lyrics

sky is falling I'm in a sticky situation I'm looking ... back now Does it seem like an option So many times I ... ve cut my pride For nothing short of disaster I'd

Crystallion - The battle - saracen ascension lyrics

The Christian knights surrounded by the Saracen ... enemy) Turan is lost, no retreat The heathens ... we´ll meet Not one drop to drink The spring without reach

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - The beast inside lyrics

my life I've been afraid This thing burns inside Lurking ... beneath my skin Waiting for my strength to give in ... Now the battle lines are drawn The battle

Saxon - Battle cry lyrics

you hear the sound The sound of distant voices ... Floating gently 'cross the glen Can you see the people ... The people gathered 'round They're worshipping their king

Blaakyum - Battle roar lyrics

tell you all about my fight It’s a war against evil I took ... my sword and held my shield It’s a battle within I fell the cold wind on my face Be quick or you'll be dead It’s time to break the maker’s hand

Dragonheart - The battle sanctuary lyrics

a holy mission we fell We fought to save ... our kingdom We fought to save our ... families I hope their death was not in vain The ... legend will tell the tale Ashes to ashes, dust to

Beto Vazquez Infinity - The battle of the past lyrics

and wizards Waiting for me at the Valmourt's ... woods Magical keepers They take care of the divine ... sword Sword of freedom I call you to save my land To

Joe Bonamassa - The ballad of john henry lyrics

killed John Henry, In the battle of sinners and saints Who killed John Henry, In the battle ... of sinners and saints Take this hammer carry ... it to the Captain, Tell him why I'm gone Take this

Exmortus - Battle-born lyrics

thunder of carnage and morbid plunder come now brethren ... and fight this land is ours by right To our gods ... we cry that we fear no to die renewing strength thereby

Pyramaze - The battle of paridas lyrics

there was a war In the ancient land of Paridas The ... men would pass And take the place apart So Paridas would ... be no more Every man and child Was trained to guard the

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Battle scars (feat. willy mason) lyrics

s no path to follow There's no path to follow There's a line in the sand Put there by a man By a man whose ... children who built the castles made of stone There's a man in the sky Giving

Divine Heresy - The battle of j. casey lyrics

ve been falling for so long now, forgotten ... what the ground feels like I try so hard to be strong, but ... life seems so far away Can I find a way through this, or

The Dubliners - The town i loved so well lyrics

my memory I will always see The town that I have loved so ... our school played ball by the gasyard wall And we laughed ... through the smoke and the smell. Going home in the rain running up the dark lane

The Dubliners - The battle of the somme/freedom come-all-ye lyrics

the win in the clear day's dawin Blaws the clouds heilster ... gowdie owre the bay But thair's mair nor a roch win blawin ... Thro the Great Glen o the warl the day It's a thocht that

Donald Lawrence - The blessing is on you lyrics

Choir:] The Lord has made... a covenant with you He has promised... ... . would bless... you You are in... the Earth... but you live ... above... the curse You are kingdom, you have rights Blessings come... with no struggle..

Aqualung - Lost lyrics

comes in the nick of time Shines some light into the ... darkest corners of her mind All the world is, all the ... world is weighing down on you Piece by piece, it all falls away All this beauty, all this magic 'til there's nothing there If only

Black Country Communion - The battle for hadrian's wall lyrics

Monks and Thieves all share the air we Breathe Smoke, swords ... and fire, brave mans true desire For Free men must fight ... tonight all In the glory of war We sit in waiting every mile

Enslaved - The sleep: floating diversity (a monument par.. lyrics

battle's now past The war of all was within itself ... Painfully sleeping All hail the fallen The time is now ... for the king to tell The battle's now past All hail the

Enthroned - The forest of nathrath lyrics

nocturnal fog, shadows dancing and whisper the Satanic ... Glory, before the flags of hate and lies ... embrace themselves, there on the hills. The pentagram hordes,

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