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Jessica Mauboy - Been waiting lyrics

ve been friends for so long, I can't deny These feelings ... are so strong, I keep hot inside I wanna tell you but I can ... t find the words to say So afraid if I do things

Dan Hartman - Waiting to see you lyrics

will be here on the next train Moving slowly through the ... warm rain And before you're even here ... I see you running to me Rush into my arms Nothing stands in your way Come

A-teens - To the music lyrics

all you music lovers out there...A*Teens ... ......eh eh yeah There ain't no time for excuses (oh no ... We have been waiting to catch this moment The sun is

Levottomuus - Waiting lyrics

m waiting For a moment that's going to give me a smile for a while I'm trying To ascend the heights I've been thinking about ... for a time I'm leaving This place without light to bring

Benji Hughes - Waiting for an invitiation lyrics

so black Like a million cemetery lawns I don't ... even try anymore Keeping up with the headstones Maybe I've been waiting too long, too long ... For somebody to throw my kinda party And I know, I'm too

Jay Sean - Waiting lyrics

got me waiting Waiting Waiting Baby baby you're so ... damn fly I woulda given you a billion chances ... And everything that you'd like You coulda had my undivided attention With the keys to my crib and to my ride But

Seal lyricsSeal - Waiting for you lyrics

a shade of blue You won't believe What I'm going through It just feels like I can't ... afford to let myself go No, oohooo no. ... .. Everyone is just the same They touch me

Enuff Z' Nuff - Long enough for me lyrics

never knew Just what to do If things went right. So hard to tell Just what the proper ... move Would be. I just can't wait 'Til our ... next date To get inside ya. It's the same old song, Tomorrow's long enough for me.

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Been away too long lyrics

yeah I'm coming home I've been away for too long I ... m leaving it up to you to understand You may wonder ... why When it was me who said the last goodbye But can I

Building 429 - Waiting to shine lyrics

wondered what You look like Lord I’ve always waited ... staring at the sky But the heavens ... remained quiet As they drift along in peace Sometimes ... they’ve turned to thunder Still the echoes always cease

Hall & Oates - Have i been away too long lyrics

I been, have I been away, been away There's a chance that I ... won't know you Maybe I won't like you It's a long, it's such ... a long Lady it's been a long time We were lovers in a different story Can you duplicate it Can we make, can we

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Waiting lyrics

ve been waiting a long time For this moment to come I ... m destined for anything at all Downtown lights will be shining On me, like a ... new diamond Ring out, under the midnight

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Long haired lady lyrics

my mind falling like rainbows Casting sweet shadows ... over the long [time moon glow?] Unicorns prancing in my mind, [aligned?] ... Sweet lady dancing here and I keep the time I love you My

Hall And Oates - Have i been away too long lyrics

a chance that I don’t know you Maybe I won’t ... like you It’s a long It’s such a long Lady it’s been a long time We were lovers in a different story Can you

Me & My - Waiting lyrics

friends keep telling me the same But in the night I call your name And then I turn around just to find An ... empty space Where you used to be thinking of me Chorus: I

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Been smoking too long lyrics

yeah, I really, um, I really, I really wanted to kind of like ... to capture some kind of like moment, but maybe it's ... better if I'm sober...' Wake up in the

Marillion - Waiting to happen lyrics

lie awake at night Listening to you sleeping I hear the ... darkness breathe And the rain against the window After ... all this time Cynical and jaded All the stones

Nick Drake - Been smoking too long lyrics

I wake up in the morning Look at my clock It's way ... past noon time Now I'm late for work. Tell me, ... tell me What have I done wrong? Ain't nothing go

Memphis May Fire - Been there done that lyrics

are all guilty But silence will not save our souls We are ... becoming tired and weary and our conscience is slowly growing old Living by the reason of science

Soundgarden lyricsSoundgarden - Been away too long lyrics

can’t go home, no I swear you never can You can ... walk a million miles and get nowhere I got no ... where to go and it seems I came back Just filling in ... the lines for the holes, and the

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Been down so long lyrics

I've been down so Goddamn long That it looks like up to me ... Well, I've been down so very damn long That it looks like up to me Yeah, ... C'mon and set me free I said, warden, warden, warden Won

Inxs lyricsInxs - Waiting to be free lyrics

are times when I feel like nothing's been achieved Torn by indecision, it's not ... hard to believe it That all of our hopes and ... all of our dreams Wrapped up in chains just waiting to be

Lagwagon - To all my friends lyrics

s a song to all my friends I know the'd like I remember ... every drunken night at the old dive Driving ... the ol wreck Trying to make it home somehow One more pit stop at our favorite watering

The Rembrandts - Waiting to be opened lyrics

any cost You've run up, against a wall And you've been ... so badly, just badly enough, to risk it all And in the dark, ... you see your star shine through the window All

Alex Goot - Waiting to be found lyrics

could easily lie to you and say That I don’t like her But that’s exactly how ... it feels to be hurt Nothing ever seems to go the right ... way now Nothing ever seems fair Every day is the same and

Edge Of Sanity - Waiting to die lyrics

into this world like any other child, The ... by and you were young and wild. But deep inside your ... That soon would be unveiled. You don't know what's waiting for you, It's something you

Mickey Avalon - Waiting to die lyrics

We are going to have open se**** intercourse on ... every street corner of America.) [Chorus:] Looking out ... the window at night can't help but wonder ... That God must be one sick motherf***er So I bust a

Rotersand - Waiting to be born lyrics

another day is done Ages of nothing And ... another hope is gone Yearning for something Waiting to ... And her walls are closing in So painfully silent

Biohazard - Waiting to die lyrics

infested, narcotic, electric, schizophrenic, Murderer ... arrested, a child molested, a race detested, ... A building burnt down, insurance invested, ... Homelessness lingers all around, rape, death,

Andrew Bird - Waiting to talk lyrics

s talking Nobody's listening Everybody's sweating ... Nobody's glistening Nobody knows what he's ... thinking Doesn't really step out ... even when he's drinking Seems kind of creepy seems

Abandoned Pools - Waiting to panic lyrics

do I do to get your attention What do I do to get this ... through Not the cool kids clique Not the cool fake hits ... What do I do to break this silence What do I do to make

Sinate - Waiting to die lyrics

breathing The last air of my days Slowly, dying ... The most painful of ways Certain death ... coming to take me soon Nothing can cure me My life is ruined Living is too painful

Madonna lyricsMadonna - To have and not to hold lyrics

have and not to hold So hot, yet so cold My ... heart is in your hand And yet you never ... stand Close enough for me to have my way To love but not to ... keep To laugh, not to weep Your eyes, they go right through And yet you never

Brutality - Waiting to be devoured lyrics

music by Acres, lyrics by Walsh] [solo: Walsh] ... Twisting nature Burning sacred land Deforestation ... Life beyond our means Epidemic creation One foot in the

Eddy Arnold - To life lyrics

you have been good to me Life have you chosen me to give ... your blessings to Life you served your finest wine ... I drank it down to find my glass was always full

Conorach - To rule them all lyrics

seeing much of England fall, the ... Danes are standing at the door. They have been paid to stay away, but ... they’re asking ever more. Time for us to all rise up,

One Night Only - Long time coming lyrics

up from another daydream Like ghost all alone again ... There was a world that I thought I knew But I´ve ... never met someone quite like you Days drift by If it´s a dream I don´t wanna wake

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Waiting on love lyrics

yeah, oh yeah You drive me crazy, every little thing about you Can't get you ... out of my head And when I'm with you, nothing seems to ... every word that you say I know our names ain't carved in stone But right now I can't

Guys Next Door - I've been waiting for you lyrics

Girl I'm been searching so long In this world Trying to find ... someone Who could be What my picture of love was to me Then ... you came along When I saw you I knew you were the

Pilot Season - Keep waiting lyrics

am getting older and older Sure I ... can feel a few constants in my life. Like I still haven’t found what I’m looking for ... and Everything’s changing faster than I’m able to

Allister - Waiting for you lyrics

I could tell you one thing Then I'd tell you everything I'd probably say that you ... ve been on my mind Since we held hands out in the ... rain Smoking cigarettes to play Off all the butterflies I had inside And now I

Allison - I've been waiting lyrics

sun sleeps in the ocean and the moon shines through I'm dreaming ... 'bout you baby and I don't know what to do I'm a ... million miles from nowhere and still right by your side No I can't

Good Weather Forecast - Girl of my dreams lyrics

have been waiting so long, now I know that it is you, ... girl of my dreams. _ I can't wait any longer, cause ... I know that you're the right, girl of my dreams. _

Eagles lyricsEagles - Waiting in the weeds lyrics

s comin' on the end of August ... Another summer's promise almost gone And though I ... heard some wise man say That every dog will have his day He never mentioned that these dog days get

Oliver James - Long time coming lyrics

wants to be loved. Every once in a while. We all need someone to ... hold on to, just like a helpless child. (yeah) ... Can you whisper in my ear, let me know it's

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - Waiting for the miracle lyrics

I've been waiting, I've been waiting night and day. I didn't see the time, I waited ... half my life away. There were lots of invitations and I know you

Domain - Burning red lyrics

ve been pushed - I've been used Can't help drowning and ... feeling confused Lose my head - ... lose my mind I'm losing myself from being too kind ... Who has the right to control what I should dream I'm standing proud - do you

Dr.alban - So long lyrics

o my I am sleeping on the bed of life Mi o my ... I am dreaming of my love all night Step it up step it up to ... where I wanna be Ever since I met you I've been looking at

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - (waiting for) the new light lyrics

s sitting in the lobby of an african ... hotel A gun in his pocket, he's waiting for himself And this girl at the ... bar says: hey, what do you think C'mon, pay me a drink, be

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Waiting here (bonus track) lyrics

seems to lead me to these words I need to tell ... you tell you more Everything's been tainted that I told ... you that I told you once before Something ... hides the meaning theres no meaning in the

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - I've been waiting for you lyrics

I've been looking, I've been looking) (I've been looking ... I've been looking) I've been looking For a woman To ... save my life Not to beg or to borrow A woman with a feeling Of loosing once or twice

Cobra Verde - Waiting for a girl like you lyrics

long, I've been looking too hard, I've been waiting too long Sometimes I don't ... know what I will find, I only know it's a matter of ... time When you love someone,

Jordan Knight - Waiting for a girl like you lyrics

long I've been looking too hard, I've waiting too long ... Sometimes I don't know what I will find I only know it's a ... matter of time When you love someone

Foreigner - Waiting for a girl like you lyrics

long Ive been looking too hard, Ive waiting too long ... Sometimes I dont know what I will find I only know its a ... matter of time When you love someone

Jonny Lang - Long time coming lyrics

its been a long time coming Never thought itd take so long I stood still but time kept ... running Time has made me strong Yeah, ... ive been waiting Waiting for this day to come Time

K'jon - On the ocean lyrics

The moment I been waiting on And my soul is over ... flowing With anxieties and expectations I'm full ... of desires I just want it so bad You know And it

Jack Johnson - To the sea lyrics

on your hunters Let them bring their dogs It's me that ... you wanted I've been right here all along Right here ... all along Better bring your buckets We've got

Lower Than Atlantis - Long time coming lyrics

down from the high clouds at the ground below ... When you hit the top, big drop, vertigo, on your way to go So, sing while you're winning Sing while you're winning 'Cause you know that it

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Are you the one that ive been waiting for lyrics

ve felt you coming girl, as you drew near I knew ... you'd find me, cause I longed you here Are you my desitiny? Is this how you'll appear? ... Wrapped in a coat with tears in your eyes? Well

Magic Voices - Right till the end lyrics

stand together we’ve been here forever We’ll make it ... right till the end We stand together we’ve been here forever ... We’ll make it right till the end We are the

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