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I Have Been An Old Flower For So Long Standing On The Sidelines Watching Life Go By lyrics

Browse for I Have Been An Old Flower For So Long Standing On The Sidelines Watching Life Go By song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Have Been An Old Flower For So Long Standing On The Sidelines Watching Life Go By lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Have Been An Old Flower For So Long Standing On The Sidelines Watching Life Go By.

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Lovex - On the sidelines lyrics

had my chance You gave it away I didn't say enough I ... did too much And everytime I look back in time I find ... myself questioning why I'm deep in despair Deep down in my mind I relive the time

Celtic Thunder - Standing on the corner lyrics

on a corner watching all the girls go by Standing on a ... corner watching all the girls go by Brother you don't know a ... nicer occupation Matter of fact, neither do I

Lostalone - Standing on the ruin of a beautiful empire lyrics

is a code embedded in prose Shadow and rhyme the ... heart will be beat in time Hidden in words the meaning ... obscured Scream for your life they wont take me in line

Cheap Trick - Standing on the edge lyrics

the middle of the night I had a vision It was bigger ... than life Standing on the edge of my bed She said ... "Come here, don't be afraid" Her tongue opened like a shot Oh bang bang Ten

Michael Hedges - Watching my life go by lyrics

sees their life a different way Saviors even come ... on different days Bleeding his colors into several shades ... But I am a prisoner caught in the flesh, red-handed Watching my life go by I'm watching

Kurt Darren - Standing on the edge lyrics

on the edge of my life Trying hard to come back again Standing on the edge of my life With you as my wind And I've been trying not to go back in time

Rebellion - On the edge of life lyrics

raging storms lead us north Along the icy Neva's shores Sailing ever north A strange white light floats on the clouds ... The silence screams at us so loud Faces in the clouds

Neil Sedaka - Standing on the inside lyrics

on the outside Lookin' in You know it's been a long time Don't know where to begin ... So much I wanna say-ay So much I wanna do-oo Friends ... are tellin' me, It's time that you broke through I

Blessthefall - Standing on the ashes lyrics

is a devil inside, staring out of her decay She's ... left trying to turn it around, in search of clarity ... I watched her from the surface, she's buried everything. There is a devil inside

Hughes Glenn - Standing on the rock lyrics

I'm going down to Ohio 'scuse me but I got to go I'm on my bus I'm driving ... break neck speed And I need a little company And ... you could call it therapy I'm burnin' with a passion to

C21 - Standing on the edge lyrics

is more than just a feeling and love is more than you and ... me No matter what this world can't stop me no ... matter how it's gonna be And I just need to know you will be there and catch me if I

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Standing on the sun lyrics

body is magnified In the sun set me alive My body, is yours tonight Burn me up, ... set me alive I can't deny, your desire Feel like I’m on fire When you

Michael Hutchence lyricsMichael Hutchence - Standing on the rooftop lyrics

to make me happy With your friends down the low Think they got the picture But they don't ... really know, oh, oh I'm reading all about sin There's a ... chapter I’m in Do I have to wait, oh, do I have to wait I'm standing on the

Beady Eye - Standing on the edge of the noise lyrics

on tight, going out the station Rolling around in anticipation Saying goodbyes to the ones ... we feel And we're dead Your mother don't know what your father's missing Your brother don't know

Screaming Trees - Standing on the edge lyrics

by myself on the sidewalk Nothing in this world ... could make me talk I'm nailed to this floor where there is no air Alone I see myself and stare Locked inside this

Saving Grace - For so long lyrics

so long For so long For so long For so long Ive heard So ... many people Crying out to God For His forgiveness They ... raise their eyes towards His heaven and cry Out from

B. B. King - Standing on the edge lyrics

last night I was dreaming I was dreaming of your charms ... I was standing On the edge of love, darling With ... you in my arms Well you whispered sweet things And told

Feeder - Standing on the edge lyrics

a message on my bed A new engraving in my ... overloading head Feel the walls are caving in As the wire cuts into my butter skin ... Yeah, overload Love´s the antidote we need Love´s the antidote we really need When

Meat Loaf - Standing on the outside lyrics

ain't livin' here no more I ain't even keepin' score It's ... too late to change, it's over I'm drowned in a sea ... of tears Nothin' I can say to you makes any difference There ain't nothin' I can do None of it's makin'

Factory Fiction - Standing on the top of the world lyrics

every lie there's a truth untold Standing at the top of the ... world They may be kitching but blood runs cold Standing at the top of the world ... (You are, you are, you are) Standing at the top of the world (You

Anne Briggs - Standing on the shore lyrics

the mist my ship has sailed, Leaving me behind, All the things left unsaid That were ... in my mind. When I stood on its deck Strangely things I ... saw; Strangely they have vanished now Standing on the

Dokken - Standing on the outside lyrics

knew there'd be consequences, when I gave you the keys to my heart. You knew ... that I had intentions, and you knew it right from the ... start. Give me one more day. I'll give ya

Alan Jackson - Standing on the promises lyrics

on the promises of Christ my King, Through eternal ages let ... his praises ring; Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing, Standing on the promises

Michelle Branch - Standing on the edge lyrics

m not asking for much But I need a little time to find ... What it is I want And is it you this time? I wish I ... could know you better I wish I could know myself I want it

Golden Resurrection - Standing on the rock lyrics

!!! Standing in the frontline for over twenty years Still the mission is growing strong in me (Still the mission is ... growing strong in me) So many places I've seen around the

Empire Of The Sun - Standing on the shore lyrics

on the shore Waiting for the ship in call There's something in the way I move That ... keeps them on their own The stars explodes a storm A billion seasons born A shock to

Riot ( Usa ) - On the wings of life lyrics

to visions theres something that's bringing you low. ... Every morning the bastards are starting their ... show. I can hear them cry for their lives. but now all is

Dream Theater - The looking glass lyrics

not expect you felt unnoticed and ignored Better to rise ... above the clouds Than be a stranger in the crowd ... you protected doesn’t matter anymore Rather be stripped of

Julie Roberts - The chance lyrics

a book that my mama kept Filled with secrets she hid And ... in a dusty old attic, one mornin’ I read About a woman I ... met Who had dreams just like mine With every page that I turned, the words came alive

Schultz Mark - The time of my life lyrics

packed his bags when he was just 18 To ... when he met her That she was the girl He'd been waiting for ... And each night they spent talking on the front

Falco lyricsFalco - The kiss of kathleen turner lyrics

excuse me sir, could you maybe turn the ... newspaper just for a second, erm, you know it's not a ... big problem I wanna tell you but erm - just two ... - sentences? Oh ja? Von wo bist Du her? Wien, wienerisch,

Fifth Angel - So long lyrics

years of my life I have been in search of, Someone to ... shelter from the cold. I may be a fool, standing waiting here forever, In those quiet eyes I know - That' it's

Devendra Banhart - So long old bean lyrics

these days I'm spread so thin I'm getting carried up by the wind Every time you get high ... You might see me floating by Well, so long old bean It

Destiny - On the outside lyrics

m sorry if I dropped the ball again You will never be ... my long lost friend If we shall go on this way Someone will have to pay, for this mess And it won't be me I'm standing on the outside,

Royce Da 5'9" - On the boulevard (feat. nottz and adonis) lyrics

ve been trying so hard, To erase the scars, ... Of living this life, On the boulevard. (Oh on the ... boulevard) Every morning Kenny wake up 'bout 5 am,

Seventh Wonder - The great escape lyrics

...AND THE EARTH WEPT I tuck you in ever so gently ... Still you cried and turned from me You stepped on my heart I forgave you just ... like mothers do From under your shoes I

Gordon Lightfoot - The patriot's dream lyrics

songs of the wars are as old as the hills They cling like ... the rust on the cold steel that kills They tell ... of the boys who went down to the tracks In a patriotic manner

Banner David - So long lyrics

think for the most part, our generation is ... filled with a bunch of f***ing cowards. And I say that man ... because, we beef amongst each other. We kill and we

Revamp - The anatomy of a nervous breakdown: on the si.. lyrics

on the sideline, see the life I live passing me by I look inside but can't go in Standing on the side while staring ... at myself, again I wonder Who am I? Let me go!

Kylesa - The warning lyrics

has been a warning That I have ignored Lost track of all the times I've watched everything ... unfold A million times I must have thought it's not my ... problem Flags on the sidelines wave in distress Won't

Sharm - An excerpt from clara charles lyrics

in my garden, Watching time go by, Who will come and sit with me? Underneath the sky. ... I can sing you songs of old, Marvelous and true. With ... your sword and with your shield, Adventure waits for you.

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Ive been lonely for so long lyrics

ve been lonely for so long Don't seem like happiness will ... come along Well I've been lonely for so long Don't seem like happiness will come along ... These ain't rain clouds over my head

Lady Saw - Been so long lyrics

Intro: Talking] I Wait Up All Night, Now Its Morning U've Been Gone For So Long ... Didn't Even Try Calling If U Don?T Mind Tell Me Where Have U Been Is She The Reason Why

Cold - So long june lyrics

the hell Did the moon just align with the stars Breathe the ... night in It's electric the sudden intensity starts Shining brightly If we move we ... could fall to the earth from the line Hold on tight Then

Daedalus - For aye lyrics

by day on our own Why can't we stay together? They say ... life is short Believe it now or never It seems so ... wrong and it feels so right, time goes by so slowly Maybe it

Douwe Bob - Love on the rocks lyrics

was watching life go by She caught my eye and moved ... me Funny how it grows so fast Hits so hard, it bruises Oh no, I am drinking ... Love on the rocks Never goes down easy Cold to the

Ace Enders - The only thing i have the sign lyrics

must have been a dream I had, when I was young Will someone tell me I can be something, for too long Now I open ... up my eyes To see the other side I'm looking in the mirror

The Kinks - Life on the road lyrics

since I was a child, I loved to wander wild ... Through the bright city lights, And find myself a life ... I could call my own. It was always my ambition To

Conditions - The end of progression lyrics

they're saying That the end is coming I'm saying that They don't know nothing It's been right here (It's been right ... here) The whole time (The whole time) Disguised as a

Dr.alban - So long lyrics

o my I am sleeping on the bed of life Mi o my I am ... dreaming of my love all night Step it up step it up to ... where I wanna be Ever since I met you I've been looking at

The Rapture - Down for so long lyrics

a cynic told me The best is yet to come The day we all ... die on our backs Out in the sun And now the dawn time ... haunt my every thought I've been lost in blind drunk photo

Alsdead - Life of sorrow lyrics

it ? break it...Why judging me? What's that? F*** it ... You just a fool I see Don't tell me how to live Don't ... tell me how to die This shit is getting old Monkey stabbing its all untold! You take a

Jessi Colter - Why you been gone for so long lyrics

looking for single record Jessi colter artist song title why have you been gone for so long. ... Looking for karaoke or lyrics my girlfriend can sing too ... thank you

K's Choice - Old woman lyrics

saw an old woman in a wheelchair On the highway yesterday I ... saw an old woman in a wheelchair On the highway yesterday And as I asked her to pull over

Razor Red Noise - On the edge lyrics

we’re walking by the graveyard of your lonely sins ... The darkness steals away your ... breath And all this pain within you When you’re creeping in ... on my sense of hypocrisy Can’t you see that you’re alone?

Daughtry - On the inside lyrics

life is like a crack in the mirror 7 years of bad luck it aint getting better now Not till all is said and done ... Reflection in the window is the same old face Background

Maria Mena - The baby lyrics

took talking to him To finally see the progress made in ... me The hard work I put in The person I am But you’re still involved With the old me, the baby I don’t blame you,

Dishwalla - Only for so long lyrics

many times has this gone on? Call 'cause it's just been ... too long Say it's good to hear it's going fine ... Check that you're still featured in my mind

Enuff Z' Nuff - So long lyrics

ve been together for such a long time. We said we'd never ... let it unwind. But you've been breaking all the rules now, And I've been faking, like I'm some fool now. This ain't no

Rilo Kiley - So long lyrics

me fly away Through the night sky yeah Now that all you ... touched Has finally turned to gray And ... roads can't hold us down Winds will move us around With

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