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Mary J Blige - Father in you lyrics

I talk to you, baby When I was a little girl I didn't have a father And that's why I'm leaning on you.. When I was a baby I didn't get a hug from daddy That's why I need a hug

Bathory - Father to son lyrics

Father to Son Father to Son Father to Son ... From Father to Son) Now born my ... son I name thee After the sound of my Hammer's ... Beat upon the anvil On this chilly springtime day

Richie Sambora - Father time lyrics

time I couldn´t make her wanna stay I couldn´t seem to ... find the words to say Now I have to live in yesterday Father ... time I thought that you were on my side I

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - Father figure lyrics

s all I wanted, something special, Something sacred in your ... just one moment, to be bold and naked At your side ... Sometimes I think that you'll never understand me

Amy Grant - Father's eyes lyrics

may not be every mother's dream for her little girl, And my ... face may not grace the mind of everyone in the world. ... But that's all right, as long as I can have one wish I pray: When people look inside my life, I want to hear

The Kinks - Father christmas lyrics

I was small I believed in Santa Claus Though I knew it was ... my dad And I would hang up my stocking at Christmas ... Open my presents and I'd be glad But the last time I played Father Christmas I stood outside a department

Nana - Father lyrics


Save Ferris - Father christmas lyrics

I was small I believed in Santa Claus, though I knew it was ... my dad. And I would hang up my stalking at Christmas, open my presents and I'd ... be glad. But the last time I played Father Christmas I

Skate - Father, father lyrics

all the Fathers out there Father, Father Forgive me (Oh ... Father, Father) I know that when I'm gone you're still with me (You're still with me)

Skate & Sammy - Father, father lyrics

all the Fathers out there Father, Father Forgive me (Oh ... Father, Father) I know that when I'm gone you're still with me (You're still with me)

Chinchilla - Father forgive me lyrics

all my sins and for all of my lies I have to pay ... for my life the highest price The chief of the dark side ... is always waiting still It´s payback time for me, Oh what a sin To sell all my friends for my absurd money dreams To sell the best things I

Gamma Ray - Father and son lyrics

you ever want to worry Did you ever wanna have a doubt? ... You wanted the best for me, ... Somehow things went wrong. And it tore us apart. Did ... you ever think it was so easy, Thought my time was running out Tried it how I wanted

Seventh Avenue - Father lyrics

we be friends forever? After death we will see us ... never? You're living your life and can't understand how I ... live mine. Father hear my cry tonight Father listen to me Father with open

Everclear - Father of mine lyrics

of mine Tell me where have you been You know I just ... my eyes My whole world disappeared Father of mine Take ... me back to the day When I was still your golden boy Back

The Misfits - Father lyrics

the night arrives it seems tomorrow never comes I lie in silence and I damn the ... setting sun Tell me why beneath the daylight I’m enslaved ... Underneath a starry sky death rises from my grave Father have I curse of the vampire Do I have blood from

Punk Goes... - Father christmas by man overboard (the kinks .. lyrics

I was young I believed in Santa Clause, though I knew it was ... my dad. And I would hang up my stockings on Christmas, open my presents and not be ... glad. But though I saw my plain Father Christmas, I stood

Smash Mouth lyricsSmash Mouth - Father christmas lyrics

I was small I believed in santa claus Though I knew it was ... my dad And I would hang up my stocking at christmas ... Open my presents and I'd be glad But the last time I played father christmas I stood outside a department

Amy Grant - Father lyrics

blessed Father, It's morning again. I give you, Father, ... myself, Father, Continue Your plan. I know ... together we can climb mountains in the sky. No one can

Elizabeth Gillies - Father and son lyrics

It's not time to make a change, Just relax, take it easy ... You're still young, that's your fault, There's so ... much you have to know. Find a girl, settle down, If you want you can marry. Look at me,

Eumeria - Father lyrics

you know why and still you deny You tried to own ... the world and make each day paradise Though all the years ... led us far from the path, we have time, we have all we need

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Father lyrics

up a box of you, Piece of paper or two, With my name written on it, and a question mark: "Who is this girl that I’ve made?" ‘cause I’ve been kept in the dark. And I’ve seen you once, Father

Devilment - Father dali lyrics

was a dancer in the Folies Bergère Where Father took a shine to her legs in the air ... And I was thrown to mysticism From the schism sewn there ... Squirming in the light Burning, erudite A yearning parasite, au pair Dearest Papa was a rolling stone

Full Force - Father spirit lyrics

filled with memories Left his life when he was young ... When he needed you most A dream of what could be Can ... you see from the spirit world? Years have passed

Jonathan Fagerlund - Father's lullaby lyrics

remember years ago when I was just a boy Every evening I ... would fall asleep to the sound of my father's voice And he said to ... me This will take you safely through the night So drift away to my, father's lullaby Lay your body down Rest

Ari Koivunen - Father lyrics

ve got myself together The things you do have made me sad Ties that should last forever ... Break loose in front of all that's bad No father of ... mine No father of mine My heart feels like a

Reema Major - Father lyrics

father today I was told that I am refugee Does that mean I ... can’t be who I am destined to be The little girl in ... my class says she is smarter than me Cause immagrants

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Father time lyrics

down the path that lead me to my memories. Facing all the way without a care in ... my stride. Where are the friends of my yesterday, Have ... they moved on with their lives. Can we still laugh and

Charles & Eddie - Father to son lyrics

single mother Struggles hard; Her child's neglected, In her own backyard. An absent ... father; The T.V.'s on; A little reminder That hope is ... gone. At Christmas time There will be no tree;

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Father of night lyrics

of night, Father of day Father who takes the darkness away Father who teacheth the birds to fly Builder of rainbows up in the sky Father of ... loneliness and pain Father of love and Father of rain. Father of day, Father of

Alain Clark - Father & friend lyrics

Papa sit down, and hear my song. O, and if you feel ... like it then please sing along No nothing that I wanna ... say, I haven’t said before But to use your

Ja Rule - Father forgive me lyrics

Hook] I look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people Father forgive me... For I have ... sinned in a world that is broken and scorned I should

Manfred Mann - Father of night lyrics

of night, Father of day Father who takes the darkness away Father who teacheth the birds to fly Builder of rainbows up in the sky Father of ... loneliness and pain Father of love and Father of rain. Father of day, Father of

Sleeping Giant - Father to the fatherless lyrics

take a second to look at my newborn son’s face. It takes less than a moment to know ... I would die in my son’s place. So God, why did you give ... up your Son? Sons need fathers. So me and my best friend have sons – Same year, tight life. And we want them to have faith, hope, love, living the

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Father lyrics

s very noisy with his vines Says "there all the same, it makes you sick" Need a ... bleeding boot up their behinds That would bloody shift

Funker Vogt - Father lyrics


Kelly Anne Kathleen (kathy) - Father's nose lyrics

añitos te espere bonito Y tu llegada rey me hico ... feliz Y tu vida fue como un milagrito Y tus ... ojitos azules me conquistaron And you got your father's

Laura Mvula - Father, father lyrics

Father let me love you Saw you wonderin in my dream last night Singing wonder ... wonder what you might do You can’t simply hide ... a dream in the blue (Chorus)

Axxis - Father, father lyrics

me your wish now I will be nothing but your child ... tonight! Oh, once you soar, angels fly and, In the sky ... above our heads. They look like, pretty creatures Stay and

Nahko And Medicine For The People - Father mountain lyrics

four, two, zero Let's do another one for the open road It's been crazy getting through ... last winter, but The ocean has been such good company And ... can you feel the earth tilting back and forth Back and

Newsboys - Father blessed father lyrics

You take what we have A sacrifice unto You Then create clean hands And, Lord, make our ... spirits new Father, blessed Father Lead and ... guide us for Your name's sake And keep us in the shelter

Immolation - Father youre not a father lyrics

me father For you've sinned against me It's been one week ... since you've raped me holy Father, your spirit inside me ... Holy Father, robbed my virtue Holy Mary, mother of Christ The fruit of thy womb has

Queen - Father to son lyrics

word in your ear From father to son Hear the word that I say I fought with you ... Fought on your side Long before you were born ... the sound The word goes around From father to son to

Labrat - Father son and holy goat lyrics

myself till I bleed Will I live to spoil another day The answers lost in mud I won't if ... it goes on this way And what if you discovered that I could

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Father, son lyrics

son Locked as one In this empty room Spine against spine Yours against mine Till ... the warmth comes through Remember ... the breakwaters down by the waves I first found my courage

Have Heart - Bostons lyrics

man, I heard some things about the boy you used to be. ... No father, no king, just a broken old man broken by the ... whiskey. Too afraid to stay, too smart to not leave,

Hollow ( Swe ) - Father lyrics

silent suffering your dream has given me Has left my spirit ... crying I tried to be as strong as you and see How it all turned out – now I’m dying I can’t hear your cries

Make Do And Mend - Father lyrics

watched the fireworks explode, and from ... your shoulders I could see a different world. No lies, no hate, no fear, no pain, just flashes of blue and yellow flame.

Pillar - Father lyrics

life is like a castle built upon the sand All the work ... is done but it will not stand Your life is like a picture without any paint It's ... left you feeling blank and a little incomplete From the answers that you seek All the

Blind Melon - Father time lyrics

you heard about the mice They're makin love they're ... growin up They made it back to circle us Have you heard about the snake He figured ... that'd he'd shed his skin Slide away, again, begin It's

King Diamond - Father picard lyrics

new chaplain has arrived Madeleine and a few other nuns ... At the convent will meet him tonight Father Picard: ... Welcome to my quarters, do come inside

Q Strange - Father figure lyrics

1] Some knew my uncle Roc as a mob figure But to me he was ... much bigger he was like a father figure All that crooked ... shit he did he never let us see Welcome

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - Father said lyrics

find me on broadway 2x] Back in the cuts break-back ... cement 40 oz so minimal in our heads drown drone beggars where are you glory ... under the bitten sky we play back in the past we

Dream Weaver - Father sun, mother down lyrics

s no reason for my condition I'm... flooding rivers of pain ... There's no reason for,my mental prison I’m... flooding rivers of pain. No reason, no

Julian Marley - Father's place lyrics

with me,To my father's place Where we can be in sweet harmony Come with me to my father's place Where unity ... becomes a sweet reality Sweet melody Sometimes

The Ark - Father of a son lyrics

I´ve had my share Of remarks about my rear But I know it´s all `bout fear And that ... you´d probably love it If you´d only dare And I know ... q thousand girls Who´d go wild If I´d ask them to bear my

Cavalera Conspiracy - Father of hate lyrics

lies, spreading gossip From your mouth, only garbage Propaganda mind control ... Your false world will crawl upon Father of hate Father of lies Illusion master, lies spreader Reality,

Phora - Father lyrics

alone in this room, just me and my conscious Wondering if ... the lords really watching cause If he is then tell me why ... I've been going through hell Lately and I

Dreamshade - Father lyrics

took my time to reflect upon life, realizing how much you mean to me. Look through these ... sparkling eyes. Can’t you see your sacrifice? ... What would I do, If it wasn’t for you? Every moment

Indigo Girls - Father and son lyrics

s not time to make a change just relax and take it easy you're still young that's ... your fault there's so much you have ... to know find a girl and settle down if you want

King Leoric - Father mine lyrics

oh my beloved father You told me to be true ... More in time than necessary Being in time was you Father oh my so missed father ... You told me to carry on Never to give up destination You told me to be

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