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I Have A Condom In My Hand Baby Go Ahead lyrics

Browse for I Have A Condom In My Hand Baby Go Ahead song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Have A Condom In My Hand Baby Go Ahead lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Have A Condom In My Hand Baby Go Ahead.

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Gto's - I have a paintbrush in my hand to color a tri.. lyrics

with dark skin, Eyes of hot coals Hair of raven black Dancing in darkness, singing in ... closets I call you Scarlet, dressed in black. ... Cobes studded words you speak Changing all your lovers into orphans A red rose so

Rilo Kiley - Go ahead lyrics

you want to find yourself by travelling out ... west Or if you want to find somebody else that's better ... Go ahead Go ahead If you want to buy a brand new

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - My selfish heart lyrics

selfish heart wasn't bit no good to you At least not the way it intended to, ooh Your ... love was young, but it wound my old soul When I said goodbye ... I wasn't ready, no no But I don't wanna waste your time

Miss A - Go ahead (min) lyrics

ahead I'm here you can do it boy, don't be scared go ahead don't be shy but I kinda like that in a guy Go ahead baby and make your move ... bet you didn't know I was feelin you so go ahead I

Eric Church - Drink in my hand lyrics

Monday morning to Friday at five, Man, I work, work, work and I don't climb, climb, climb ... Boss man can shove that over time up his can, All ... you got to do is put a drink in my hand Fill it up or

Austin Mahone - Heart in my hand lyrics

Let's go back to the day When I saw your face For ... the very first time Let's go back again When I held your hand And stared into your eyes ... 'Cause I knew you were the one With

Anita Baker - In my heart lyrics

no baby here I go Fallin' in on the deep end one more time baby I'm helpless to stop ... this, there's no defense (Got this fever) Yea I'm sick baby (I'm on fire) I'm on fire

B. J. Thomas - Hand of the man lyrics

I have had the courage To stand up and call Him my friend ... Or would I have denied That I'd ever known someone like Him ... Would I have been kneeling in the shadows And throwing

George Jones - This bottle (in my hand) lyrics

week, he spent his whole paycheck on whiskey I know on ... Friday night, he'll do it all again Oh, he'll drink till he ... falls down then he'll order one ... more round And then go home with that bottle in his hand And the only thing I can hold

Dream - In my dreams lyrics

Mellisa, Diana, Holly Dream, Bad Boy baby lets go Don ... t know what I gotta do To get through to you ... You aint - Tryin much to hard To get the message through

Flickerstick - Pistol in my hand lyrics

I'm a man and I'm feeling so into you Hey I'm a man and I'm ... feeling so into you Don't you lie, they may follow I still can't see ... you smile Hey I'm a man and I'm feeling so into you Save

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - In my hood lyrics

Verse 1] Niggas screw they face up at me On some real shit ... son, they don't want beef I cock that, aim that shit out ... the window Spray, there ain't a shell that bend my heat

Rage - Flowers that fade in my hand lyrics

you know, it scared me to death When I first saw you right ... after this Your face so pale on that sheet in that chest ... Really, man, it scared me to death They called

The Rabble - With a rose in my hand lyrics

a rose in my hand, wipe The tear from your eye We ... ll rise above all like a swallow in flight Braving the skies as the world passes by In eyes as deep as the ocean's

Foghat - Home in my hand lyrics

a ride to Geneva, standing in the falling rain, Getting dirty looks, I wish I could've ... took a train. Your friends said, "Why did you leave her

Los Fastidios - Always with a beer in my hand lyrics

with a beer in my hand Always with a beer in my hand Always with a beer in my hand Always with a beer in my hand ... For partying, for fighting For partying, for fighting

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Roll in my sweet baby's arms lyrics

roll in my sweet baby's arms I roll in my sweet baby's arms ... I lay around the shack till the mail train comes back And I roll in my sweet baby's . ... .. Well, I ain't gonna work on no railroad, baby Ain't gonna work on no farm I'm

Ensiferum - In my sword i trust lyrics

men have crossed my way Promising peace or my soul to save ... But I already heard you I have seen what they made with ... their freedom But I, I have no need for your god The

Everlast - Stone in my hand lyrics

with the devil, hide with the lord I got no pistol, ain't got no sword I got no army, ain't got no land, Ain't got nothing but the stone that's ... in my hand Stone in my hand, stone in my hand Ain't got nothing but the stone that's

Marianne Faithfull - Ashes in my hand lyrics

took a long time coming That big over the shoulder statement But when it came ¡º it ... flowed easy as poison Taken in extreme despair Taken in ... extreme despair Taken in extreme despair Taken in

Soundgarden lyricsSoundgarden - Burden in my hand lyrics

me into the desert As thirsty as you are Crack a smile ... and cut your mouth And drown in alcohol Cause down below ... the truth is lying Beneath the riverbed So quench

Day Of Fire - Hole in my hand lyrics

the marker stone, see the heavy load See the burden on my ... head... hmm... See I can’t move in with my lantern gone I need you only friend to ... shine in me And I’m not afraid to show my heart I’m not afraid to let you start in my life again Wi

Dave Edmunds - Home in my hand lyrics

went down to the Greyhound station, To catch an outbound ... dog. I got my ticket from a man. He said "Son you wanna check your bags?" I said, "No thank you sir, I

Davis Guy - Rolling in my sweet baby's arms lyrics

in my sweet baby's arms Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms Lay around the shack till the mail train comes back I'm rollin ... in my sweet baby's arms I ain't gonna work on the railroad I ain't gonna work on the farm Lay around the shack till

Dorothy - Gun in my hand lyrics

did love put a gun in my hand? Why did love put a gun in ... my hand? Why did love put a gun in my hand? In my bed, in my head, in my hand Was it for redemption? Was it for

George Jones - Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms lyrics

in my sweet baby's arms Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms Lay around the shack till the mail train comes back And I'll ... roll in my sweet baby's arms. I ain't gonna work on

Redlight King - Bullet in my hand lyrics

ve got a fast life and A slow cuttin' knife I've been ... drinkin' at a poisoned well No home and a bag ... of bones And nothin' else left to sell I know ... why I'm in this hell I just don't wanna believe Past that line you just can't

Skanners - Thunder in my hand lyrics

is going back Lightning breaks the sky Like a storm of ... steel Time of glory is back Full of revenge And my ... eyes Radiate energy Justice will be done Glory for

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Hole in my hand lyrics

is nothing you can say or do To stop the world ... from tearing us in two From your heart where I ... drew a line Through the water and down your spine I ... put a hole in my hand to see you I drew a line into the sand to be with you

Celtic Frost - Wine in my hand lyrics

re sleeping through the ages Faces bare of names ... Remembrance ever lies At the Bosom of the insane Death's cold embrace Across the ... restless seas Unfolding the wish to forget The

Opeth - The lines in my hand lyrics

are dying in the wake of gods And decrees remain arcane ... And everything around us is a consequence of pain The ... writings on the wall depict a truth that no one reads A government of puppets blinded by

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Sun in my hand lyrics

.. I´d like to tell you something now ... Before madness shows her lucid feathers in the Sky... How can ... you lose your mind How can you waste your time only like that ? Look at the sun inside of my hand so bright I call it music - And if you

Golden Earring - In my house lyrics

a-a-a-a-a In my house There is anything you need In my ... house yeah baby You don't have to wipe your feet In my ... house You will see that good times come In my house baby You will see here I belong

Liberty X - In my bed lyrics

you ever woke up in the morning? Everything is dark and I ... don't feel like rising Can't face another day unfolding ... Out of dreams into routines Why can't it be easy to

My Dying Bride - The snow in my hand lyrics

ve seen them. so dark. Black. And yet fine. The flower they ... carry had once been mine. Get away from me, man of ... stories. Robe of lies. Stay far from me. I lie to myself

B3 - In my bed lyrics

came into my life Like an angel - looking for something ... new You said hello and then Something happened - a whole different avenue I ... took you in my arms And it felt good Just supernatural

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - In my business lyrics

I get so many people telling Me they seen you up in ... The mall Are they mistaking All up on some chick As ... though I don't exist What is this Why they all in my business It's just 2 ridiculous I can't get no sleep They just

Dru Hill - In my bed lyrics

nah, this can´t be true I got this feeling And I just can ... t turn it loose That somebody`s Been getting ... next to you Don`t wanna walk around Knowing I was your fool

Per Gessle - I have a party in my head (i hope it never en.. lyrics

have a party in my head I hope it never ends The buzz and the sounds The straights and the bends I have a party ... in my head It's been there before And if

Dodie - I have a hole in my tooth (and my dentist is .. lyrics

have a hole in my tooth and my dentist is shut Maybe this is a sign that I'm all out of ... luck Not that I had much of that in my life ... before At least my teeth were okay and my gums

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Go ahead lyrics

feat. Fabolous, Flo-Rida, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Lloyd) ... [DJ Khaled:] Yeah I met this shorty last night right ... [Fabolous:] Real Rap [DJ Khaled:] And you

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Go ahead (feat. fabolous, lloyd, rick ross, f.. lyrics

feat. Fabolous, Flo-Rida, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Lloyd) ... [DJ Khaled:] Yeah I met this shorty last night right ... [Fabolous:] Real Rap [DJ Khaled:] And you

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Go ahead and break my heart feat. gwen stefan.. lyrics

Blake Shelton:] The sun is setting on your last good ... try Here I am again with half a goodbye Wonder if you're ... really gone this time Just when I'm about to

Flo Rida - In the ayer (feat. lyrics

hot damn , this is my jam Keep me partying till the A ... M Yall don't understand , make me throw my hands In the ayer , ay , ayer , ayer , ay , ayer (X2) Hey this is my jam Yall don't understand I'll

Fireflight - Go ahead lyrics

I heard Your voice Whispering through all the noise I ... pretended I couldn't hear You But You kept on pursuing me And You began to move in me And I just couldn't hide

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Go ahead lyrics

promises My heart you stole Lies you told Got the best of me Digging in my heart of gold Used to look at you And see the possibilities I see you for who you are

Elton John lyricsElton John - In the name of you lyrics

a penny in my pocket And a dollar in my hand But I'll ... drop it in your tin cup Cause you were a one man band If I could make a million On ... show On the roulette wheel In a great big casino I'd go

Righteous Brothers - Go ahead and cry lyrics

can change a young boy into a man But a broken heart can ... change a man Back into a boy again You're not the first man to cry When things have gone wrong You're only human

Lil Rob - Go head lyrics

Mr. Shadow] Quivole Mr. Shadow, Lil' Rob Viscious Man ... Funk on the boards Coming at you for the 98 And it won't ... stop Check It [Mr. Shadow] It is I the unfadable

Sasaki Yoshihide - Go ahead lyrics

AHEAD hitomi no oku no Blue Kitto kowarenai mono dakara Shinjiru koto ga power Hitogomi zattō ni utsumuku no one ... knows day Hajimari no oto ga shita Kyūkutsude taikutsuna

Becky G - My bae lyrics

, yeah , Check Needle in the haystack, limited edition Rare and original, indeed ... And they all wanna touch it Better not touch it Tell ... them all fall back, that's me I be in it like hey,

Girugämesh - Go ahead lyrics

ouzora moeru you ni matata ite Hibi wareteiru kumo makara ... hitosu ji no hikari furi sosoi de ah given up, I'm fed up ... why not made a resolution don't drag me down, we go ahead Ayamachi wo kurikaeshite mayoi wa hito wo yowaku

No Angels - Go ahead and take it lyrics

on girls Let's get busy on some ... hot shits We gonna show you the way how real girls gonna make it Go ahead and take it you'll make it Don ... t let them break it or fake it You've got the right You

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Go ahead lyrics

see me smile but you paint an ugly face Everything you do ... is all about the chase Don't let them see you cry ... t let them know You won't lay down and die for their show

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - Go or go ahead lyrics

you for this bitter knowledge Guardian angels who left me stranded It ... was worth it, feeling abandoned Makes one hardened but ... what has happened to love You got me writing lyrics on postcards Then

Disciple - Go ahead lyrics

comes your empty talking Empty words and empty soul ... Here comes the smile appearing Every time you see me fall ... Break me I feel the poison cutting through me Spreads like a cancer all over me

A Tribe Called Quest - Go ahead in the rain lyrics

Hendrix: Rain all day)(2X) (Q-Tip: Don't you ... worry) Q-Tip: All I wanna do is get down y'all Have a ... ball y'all and freak freak y'all Lifeless ventures ain't

Kid Ink - My system lyrics

Hook:] Got a problem and I try to tell myself it's ... something different But ain't nothing new, I gotta have ... that In my system, in my system I've been fienin for a feeling If you with it come and give in If you ain't, no I

Field Mob - Baby bend over lyrics

a minute motherf***er [Intro - Polow Da Don] I got all this money in my hand and I ... m lookin at you girl (So what you gon do) Who? Me? I'm ... Polow Da Don And these my boys they Field Mob let's go

Gaelic Storm - My lucky day lyrics

got a can, a cold one in my hand, My flip-flops on, my favorite band, Cranking through ... my dancing mind, A world ahead, a life behind me. Kicking ... the surf together, Me and you and the sunny weather,

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