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Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - One night in a lifetime lyrics

s more to question than answers And sand will ... slip through your hands And love is faster than lightning ... So grab it while you can mm, mm, mm... ... Well I've been searching forever Between the bad and the good

Lil' Fizz - One night stand (take you home) lyrics

Lil Fizz:] Lil Mama if you want it Come and get it ... Right know cause I got it baby Buttercream and ... chocolate lady Row ltes get it poppin Baby Cause my

Day26 - One night only lyrics

Intro] [Brian] C'mon girl Why you actin' all shy Like you ain't never done that ... before Are you wit' it [Que] Lovin' the way ... You fit in them jeans You're lookin'

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Gotta have a reason lyrics

we stand, caught between the cradle and the grave In a world that gives you nothing but your name ... With every step you take you ... must be brave Nothing lost is nothing gained And I know lives are lost for crowns and kings We all know love is lost

Jay Sean - One night lyrics

i confuse you girl when i gave you a sign 'coz this is ... ..not what we planned to do I thought we talked it out you ... told me that you aint mine at the time you..

One Ok Rock - Nothing helps lyrics

nothing helps We won’t stop right now We did it on our own ... Nobody else It’s because of you I’m standing here with you Gimme some ... more Gimme some more Oh Yeah OK I’ve got bad days so caught up

John Barrowman - One night only lyrics

want all my love and my devotion You want my loving soul right on the line I have no ... doubt that I could love you forever The only trouble is, you ... really don't have the time You've got one night only,

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - One night stand lyrics

Oobie:] I'm seeing me on top of you Doing things that lovers do But I don ... t belong to you Whats a girl suppose to do I only need one night with you To make all

Jennifer Hudson - One night only lyrics

want all my love and my devotion You want my loving soul right on the line I have no ... doubt that I could love you forever The only trouble is, I ... really don't have the time I've got one night only, one night only That's all I have to

Drew Tabor - Gotta have you (original by the weepies) lyrics

quiet and tired and mean Picking at a worried seam I try ... make you mad at me over the phone. Red eyes and fire and signs ... I'm taken by a nursery rhyme I

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - One night only (disco) lyrics

want all my love and my devotion You want my loving soul right on the line I have no ... doubt that I could love you forever The only trouble is, I ... really don't have the time I've got one night only, one night only That's all I have to

Let Loose - One night stand lyrics

Yeah yeah Yeah yeah Give me your heart and I will ... make you a promise Give me your soul and I will be ... by your side Forever girl and forever girl Give me your time and I will savour each

Martina Mcbride - One night lyrics

s like I've waited my whole life For us to be together this one night Let's make it ... last forever, now Kick it up, turn it up Keep the fire goin' 'til we Burn it up,

Lemar - One night lyrics

Verse 1:] Girl, You know my heart is racing, Please don't keep me waiting, Waiting here. Time, Can ... perfect, Please don't over think it, Let's get together,

One Night Only - Nothing left lyrics

t wanna stand still Gotta move ahead There's nothing ... left To be done or said She's gone to work And ... on the door Just goodbye It couldn't say more Forget

Kiske-somerville - One night burning lyrics

me up just one last time I know that I was blind and I ... hate my pride And nothing lasts forever Emotions ... are a sacrifice I'm trying to forget so many times And I won't be home tonight I

Ricky Martin lyricsRicky Martin - One night man lyrics

I'm your one night man Lady give me one last chance Give me ... give me all you can Suavecito Suavecito Baby I'm your one night man It's the story

After Romeo - One night lyrics

1 Seems the world is against me Flat broke, tank is on ... empty I need you to come rescue me, ... My baby Take me back to the first kiss Your eyes said what

Luis Fonsi lyricsLuis Fonsi - One night thing lyrics

streets, city lights, flash before my eyes, ... Different faces every night, speaking words I´ve never ... no judge by myself, need no alibi. No commitments so why

Aretha Franklin - One night with the king lyrics

night With the King Changes Everything One ... day In His courts Did forever Change my course One ... moment In His presence And I've never Been the same One night With the King Changes

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - One night lyrics

would you do if I gave it all to you and I traded in ... the limelight? What would you say if I ... threw it all away just to be with you for one night? What

Roscoe Dash - One night stand lyrics

s bright sky In a couple of shots and the ... motor's right I can think about what I wanna do tonight The song comes on and.. size I know I gotta get you to

Lee Rocker - One more shot lyrics

got a song that I need to sing And I got a bell that I ... got to ring (oh, ring it) I got a whole lotta things I gotta do But I gotta have one more ... shot at lovin’ you I got words that I need to say

Enrique Iglesias lyricsEnrique Iglesias - One night stand lyrics

tell you..... Jenny's getting dressed up in my room Puts ... on her skirt and she's looking good Six AM and she's leaving soon Says, 'What a crazy night, I had a real good time'

Mis-teeq - One night stand (stargate radio edit) lyrics

done, wanna have fun Gonna call my girls ... gonna get my hair done So I dress tight, with my heels high And I think about the ... moves I'm a pull tonight When I roll up, out front

Mis-teeq - One night stand (u.s. edit) lyrics

done, wanna have fun Gonna call my girls ... gonna get my hair done So I dress tight, with my heels high And I think about the ... moves I'm a pull tonight When I roll up, out front

Joanna Newsom - Have one on me lyrics

the courtyard, I floated in And watched it go down Heard the ... blackguard sat hard, down With no head on him now And I ... felt so bad Cause I didn't know how To feel bad

Dean Martin - One night man lyrics

s the story of my life It's how it always begins I ... see you once, i see you twice I got a taste of paradise ... It's not as easy as it seems When you have complicated dreams So take me

Glen Campbell - Gotta have tenderness lyrics

sun comes up in the morning over the Neighboring Hill ... Breeze sings the sing in the treetop in tune with Mr ... Whippoorwill Gotta have tenderness gotta have

Barry Gibb - One night (for lovers) lyrics

send you down my love tonight On a dream that I can ... hold you near Will the message in your eyes ... Take shape and crystalize Or will you disappear ... That feeling when you sigh I could not want you more Ah ,

Pleasure P - Gotta have you lyrics

Intro) Come Get This Pleasure, Shawty See About ... This Pleasure Come Get This Pleasure, Shawty See About ... This Pleasure (Verse 1) Heard ... You Got A Brand New Man With A CL6 And He Be Callin You

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - One night lover lyrics

s about time that I see There's so much more to ... me Than just being your one night lover I'm just losing ... sleep Please just let me be I can't be your one night lover

Ingrid Michaelson - One night town lyrics

up while we're going down Everything that we ... don't know now Goodbyes and golden nights sing "oh ... oh oh" You're the one with the pioneer heart I'm the one in the brand new start I

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Gotta have it lyrics

Chorus: Boy Big] See we gotta have it Me and my niggas ... here to lay you down Ain't playing, so hit the floor ... And don't make no f***ing sound We gotta have it We

Salt´n Pepa - No one does it better lyrics

.. Baby, baby, baby (give it to me) Oh, yeah (I need it) ... Come and get it (I'm ready) Cuz no one does it ... yeah yeah (oh, sugar) No one does it better than me No one does it (girl), no one Yo,

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Gotta have you lyrics

been too much for watching Cause there's too many things to view And when eyes begin to wander They more than likely never get through But ... beyond my own temptation I'm enticed by what I see And I won't feel satisfaction Until she's where I want her to be

Saliva - One night only lyrics

always wanted to be president, I always wanted to be ... Superman. I ended up a f***in' superstar. I'm better ... off than either one of them. I wanna take you

Snow Patrol - One night is not enough lyrics

left your door wide open Couldn't help but ... walk in It's the last place I should be But I'm dying to ... see you Have I held out for something That is never going to happen? It's

Cc Catch - One night's not enough lyrics

little thing's been said about it Make you know you ... light up my day Everybody hates ... to live without it And I hope you don't go away A pillow soft with tears I can

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - One night of sin lyrics

night of sin Is what I'm now paying for The things I did and saw Would make the ... earth stand still Don't call my name It ... makes me feel so ashamed I've lost my sweet helping hand

Pastore - Night and day lyrics

quot;m in the death row I am paying for my sins The pain does not let me forget I did some things that I never ... Should have don And I always regret I'm here all

A-teens - One night in bangkok lyrics

Oriental setting And the city don't know what the ... city is getting The créme de la créme of ... the chess world in a Show with everything but Yul Brynner

Billy Idol - One night one chance lyrics

night, one chance, she do most anything, ... One night, one chance, she do and dream ... dreams for you. Woke up in the morning, I said boy, ... wake up. Nothing will be done if you don't get up. Silence

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - One night in heaven lyrics

night in heaven Uh, where we have started from I know our time ... has come One night in heaven Uh, I need you more and more You are the one I have ... been waiting for One night in heaven, one night in heaven

Hinder - One night stand lyrics

night, all mine Makin' memories I might remember So sweet and so shy Cause tonight you ... know It's not forever Be my biggest fan Scream ... as you can Cause you know it's just a one night stand And I said Don't leave your

Mis-teeq - One night stand (sunship remix) lyrics

we go Here we go again Here we go Here we go ... again It's a one night stand Sunship Mis-Teeq Here we ... go again Here we go again Going Got got gonna gone say why

Smokie - One night in vienna lyrics

was walkin the streets of Vienna Just a shootin' my mind ... when an angel of the night She stopped, said are you ... looking for a good time Well I'd had me a whisky

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - One night in heaven lyrics

d like to say that I'm sorry I'd like to see you smile I ... don't want you to worry I'd like to see you smile Do you still believe me? Ooh. Still figuring your life? Is your

Ciara - One night with you lyrics

the crush When I got my eyes burnt Can't get ... enough I let my past pass Never too ... off Don't wanna go home I wanna stay right there So ... when I'll be there Drop it low na na na Ow yeah I love

Ferry Bryan - One night stand lyrics

more face in the crowd (Face in the crowd, face in the crowd ... somebody else) What’s your sign What’s your name? (sign ... what's your name, sign what's your name? Will I

Magnum - One night of passion lyrics

wheels of fortune Have snapped your fragile thread One night of passion Upset your ... cultured head But it's okay it's just the fashion You ... walk the high roads Look down upon

Kenny Rogers - One night lyrics

me a fool, send me away I've got to say, it's you I ... adore I'm alone in love, falling apart I followed my heart ... straight to your door Face to ... face with all honesty I would be grateful if you'd give to me Just one night to

Capital Lights - Gotta have love lyrics

this world, it's all about who you know And I know someone that's out of ... this world So all my doubts and worries that could bring me ... down Are in His hands, so mine are still You gotta have

Aaa - One night animal lyrics

can join it easy tokubetsu na no yoru ni You can make a dive tonight ... Everything goes crazy taichuu mitasarete Everybody jive tonight koko ja daremo

Attila - One night stand lyrics

4. Let's start the party. I'm tired of f***ing around! ... door, step up or step out! And when we get things rollin', ... we'll be rollin' till the break of dawn! Tonight's the night, so throw your

Mike Candys - One night in ibiza lyrics

(Worldwide) Don’t give me the stars (Don’t give ... stars) Yeah (Yeah) Just give me one night in Ibiza, yeah ... (Let’s go!) Don’t you give me the stars Don’t you give me your love Don’t you give me your heart Just give me

Example lyricsExample - One night lyrics

night to be confused One night to speed up truth We had ... a promise made Four hands and then away Both under influence We had divine scent ... To know what to say We were in love We said our goodbyes

Jazmine Sullivan - One night stand lyrics

I'm the one thats in control i meet em', freak em', leave em ... move on to the next man, he ain't my man I must admit I like to have some fun i be in ... love for like a minute then I'm on the run(on the run, on

Carlito Olivero - One night stand lyrics

met this shawty round from the block ... She told me I was hot I took her to my spot And I laid up on top now She was just ... another dime to me Yeah she liked the

Small Faces - One night stand lyrics

times I've tried to tell you Many times I ... ve fallen down Cause I'm the king of my new found ... crown When my name was comin' on something Illusion ... struck me down But times have changed and my name's in lights And you just hang around

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