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Batelić,franka - On fire feat eric destler lyrics

stop for us tonight Time to make it right Take it ... down, put your hands up Hey, everybody move ... Music makes you groove Baby rock your body to the beat

Joan Armatrading - Your letter lyrics

read your letter yesterday If fell between the covers And ... my bare skin It fell between my crying And ... my longing for you I loved this one Too long This one much to much Sometimes I gave just enough of myself

The Cars - Got a lot on my head lyrics

got a lot on my head most of it is you i got a lot on my ... you lock me away where the silly boys go i'm on top of my ... nerves don't you know take me apart

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Got your back(feat. keri hilson) lyrics

T.I. Intro] [Keri Hilson:] I got your back boy ... [Chorus: Keri Hilson & T.I.] We were high We were low ... But I promise I will never let you go Said I got I got I got I got your back

Digital Underground - Your life's a cartoon lyrics

said your life's a cartoon [Shock G] You woke up, threw ... on a striped yellow tie Threw down a cup of coffee, ... kissed the wifey goodbye Leave the office each day

Punk Goes... - Got your money by say anything (ol' dirty bas.. lyrics

baby I dedicate this to all the pretty girls All ... the pretty girls Its on All the pretty girls, in the ... world And the ugly girls too Cause to me your

Rapscallions - Got your love comin' lyrics

I’m thinkin’ man am I gonna get it right Am I gonna ... get up pay the bills, work my ass off to keep ... the lights On and on Day to day Work is work

Kate Ryan - Got to move on lyrics

time you walk away There's so ... many things that I like to say It isn't me so it is you I don't know what I've gotta do When you're here I'm ... feeling down feeling down What I feel here inside I know it isn't right,

Atmosphere - Your glass house lyrics

up to that familiar feeling Staring at an unfamiliar ... ceiling Still got your jeans on but you're topless Headache ... stomach feels nauseous Grab your shirt off the bedroom floor

Divided By Friday - Girl, you got it goin' on lyrics

color looks so lovely on your fingernails I try to speak, ... but it never fails I stumble over every sound I ... try to make For my sake I better quite while I'm ahead

Say Anything - Got your money lyrics

Originally by Ol' Dirty Bastard] Ohhh baby I ... dedicate this to all the pretty girls All ... the pretty girls It's on All the pretty girls, in ... the world And the ugly girls too Cause to me your

I See Stars - Your love (acoustic cover by. the outfield) lyrics

s on a vacation far away Come around and ... talk it over So many things that I wanna say You know ... I like my girls a little bit older And I just wanna use your love tonight Oh, and I don't

Mike Posner - On fire by machine gun kelly lyrics

I am on fire I feel like I can't stop burning I ... am on fire(Yeah) I feel like I can't stop burning ... Tell me why is everything that’s bad, Feel so f*cking good Devil in a red dress

Mitchel Musso - Got your heart lyrics

ve been makin' my way downtown you've ... been waiting' for me to come get you I ... know just where you wanna go (I know) I love it when we're ... You know that we could drive forever Let's go to the

Europe - Got your mind in the gutter lyrics

s a man to do When he's bein' accused I hear you talkin' ... It's real bad news Nothin' happened with That girl ... last night So baby won't you Tell me why You got

Five Finger Death Punch - Got your six lyrics

I'm a f***in soldier Just like I told ya While ... I'm just warming up You're getting colder ... Out on the battle ground Let's take ... a look around There's a million of us Ready to throw down

Human Nature - Got it goin' on lyrics

I wanna play a little game with you 'Cause I kinda like ... the things you do Maybe we could do ... a crazy thing or two Tonight I wanna spend my time with ... youMp> Girl I like your body And I think yo're sexy

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Got a hold on me lyrics

A Hold On Me You're standing over me Sometimes I hardly ... breathe at all I need a little room I need a lot of moon I got to find it soon or I ... ll fall Into the emptiness Into the dark abyss Too deep

Boney M - Got a man on my mind lyrics

around in circles Without peace and little sleep ... Can't cool down and unwind What I'm feeling is a feeling That's just you down deep ... Got a man on my mind Haven't seen him for so

Hanson - Got a hold on me lyrics

as I might I'm a fool in a losing fight Can't escape the ... bullet's bite 'cause the enemy's in sight Sign on the dotted line ... Take your pick Have a bite Once seduction starts I know it

Kansas - Got to rock on lyrics

s no funny hanging around winter seems so numbing Getting ... fat where I sit down do you suppose it's ... old age coming I get this feeling I'm no good for nothing life has led me wrong Once in a while it makes it all

Planet Funk - Got this thing on the move lyrics

on over to my side, it's where you wanna' be. Come ... on over to joy ride, and let your morals be. Ain't no way to ... deny it, if it's in your soul. You don't know 'till

Kelly Rowland - Put your name on it lyrics

s get lost in this space Oh love Where they ... can't find us for days Oh wahh You got a sweet scenting ooh mm Sure ... 'nuff It's so good You gotta tell me shut up I'm no

The Kinks - Got my feet on the ground lyrics

wanna lot out of life, but I know my limitations Guess I ... want a lot of things and got my inclinations Got my feet on the ground, and I'm standing on my own I don't need no one I don't need no one I've

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Got your money lyrics

baby I dedicate this to all the pretty girls All ... the pretty girls Its on [echo] All the pretty girls, ... in the world And the ugly girls too Cause to me your

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Got to keep on lyrics

keep on, gotta keep on Gotta keep on, gotta keep on Gotta keep on making me high Gotta keep on making me high Gotta keep on making me high Gotta keep on making me high Gotta keep on, gotta keep on Gotta keep on, gotta keep on Gotta keep on making me high Gotta keep on making

In Fear And Faith - Your world on fire lyrics

step away from the edge, I've seen this coming and you ... re better off alone. Well It's safe to say, That you ... were the one without a plan. And you've missed the point, You put the

Bobby Yarsulik - Your brain on color lyrics

Brain On Color Your Brain On Color Your Brain On Color Your Brain On Color Your Brain On ... Color Your Brain On Color Your Brain On Color Your Brain On

De/vision - Your hands on my skin lyrics

dreams You know what I feel You know what I really ... want You are the only one I could prefer to touch you now ... But I only want to know One thing at this point

Punk Goes... - Manic monday by relient k (the bangles cover) lyrics

o'clock already I was just in the middle of a dream I was ... kissin' Valentino by a crystal blue Italian stream ... And I can't be late 'cause then I ... guess I just won't get paid These are the days when you

Pink Cream 69 - Monday again lyrics

blasted out of my head 5:30 Monday morning get out of my bed ... old lady's out in the kitchen bitchin' till I go insane yes it's Monday, Monday ... again yes it's Monday again I stand in line, it's raining my bus is late elbow my

The Baseballs - Monday morning lyrics

you heard the news today I'm leaving town I'm cashing ... out this town is to small for me to stay the ... time is now I'm counting out Baby I still need ya

Andre Nickatina - Monday like friday lyrics

Like Friday -Andre Nickatina i met you wit my mouthpiece sideways rippin down the highway ... even tho its monday i treat it like a friday special introduction lighting up the

Ace Hood - Letter to my ex's lyrics

Intro] Uh, They may not like me for this one F*** it, I ... got my pen and pad anyway Mister Hood Dear Mrs. Independent Hoes Lookin' for ... ya like my lifetime depended on You're a centerfold, every

Melanie Fiona - Monday morning lyrics

you heard the news today I'm leaving town I'm cashing ... out This towns to small for me to ... stay The time is now I'm heading out Baby I still ... need ya But if you stay I'll leave ya Cause I gotta

2pac lyrics2pac - Letter to the president lyrics

. dear Mr. President Whas happenin? I´m writin you because, shit is still ... real f***ed up in my neighborhood Pretty much the ... same way, right around the time when you got elected Ain´t

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Letter from the government lyrics

x3:] Loud is done the storm That's how the ... crown and some perform It's the new source system like ... the sun is born And we get in a minute like the Gange...

Wilson Phillips - Monday monday lyrics

Monday So good to me. Monday, Monday It was all I hoped ... it would be. Oh Monday morning Monday morning couldn't ... guarantee That Monday evening You would still be here with me. Monday, Monday Can't

Alan Jackson - Monday morning church lyrics

left your bible on the dresser So I put it in ... the drawer 'Cause I can't seem to talk to God Without yelling anymore. When I ... sit at your piano, I can almost here those hymns

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - Downtown (feat. eric nally, melle mel, kool m.. lyrics

went to the Moped store, said "F*** it" ... Salesman's like "What up, what's your ... budget?" And I'm like "Honestly, I don't

Real Friends - Monday lyrics

re just kids stuck in this town Outside of a big city ... Where everyone wants you to grow up as fast ... as they fall My old friend Dave wakes up on Monday Wishes there were more than two

Peter, Paul And Mary - Monday morning lyrics

one mornin' one mornin' in spring To hear the birds whistle ... the nightingales sing I met a fair maiden who sweetly ... did sing I'm going to be married next Monday morning.

Itchy Poopzkid - Me on monday lyrics

s the use of killing time and getting up today? The ... bosses got lined-up all fine to my dismay. What about ... this dreadful noise ringing in my head? What about this loneliness? Am I dead yet? Don

Chris Rea - Cenotaph / letter from amsterdam lyrics

hard up against my doorway And it's falling twice as fast Funny I was ... just thinking of you my friend How long you were gonna ... last Driving those blizzards cross Europe Snow chains on you back 64 feet of mobile thunder, leaving a ten

Melanie Martinez - Bombs on monday lyrics

promise I'll still love your garden Even with no flowers ... Even with no flowers Doctor's ... orders Don't be brokenhearted Time will ... still be ours Time will still be ours Never thought

Nat & Alex Wolff - Monday afternoon lyrics

see you're beautiful, oh beautiful On Monday afternoons. ... You drown inside the pool, Of abandoned ... sorrow, On Monday afternoons. You say breathe slowly,

A Day At The Fair - Monday morning lyrics

before my stomping grounds got trampled on I sat and felt ... the greatest song that every painter - every ... from what my parents had wished for when the had a child

Brother Ali - Letter from the government lyrics

Chorus x2] I got a letter from the government the other ... day I opened and read and burned ... that man The way that I live don't concern that man We ... gon' have to settle this another way [Verse 1]

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - New moon on monday lyrics

up the picture the lizard mixture With your dance on the ... eventide You got me coming up with answers All of which I deny I said it again ... Could I please rephrase it Maybe I can catch a ride I

Electric Light Orchestra - Letter from spain lyrics

read the papers this morning I saw your photograph You look ... good in the movie It must be so much fun Letter from Spain From someone I once knew Letter from Spain I got a letter this morning

Pulp - Monday morning lyrics

s nothing to do, so you just stay in ... bed Oh, poor thing Why live in the world When you can live ... in your head? Mmm, when you can go ... out late from Monday Till Saturday turns into Sunday

Divine Heresy - Letter to mother lyrics

you have entered this world with a virus Tortured man, ... broken man, just a piece of filth Devoured by your thirst ... and conquered by your lust Taken by force, the victims left Send the, letter

Anthrax - Got the time lyrics

up, got another day to get, Through ... now, got another man to see Gotta call him on the telephone ... ay o Gotta find a piece of paper Sit down, got ... another letter to write, Think hard, gotta get a letter

Reo Speedwagon - In your letter lyrics

your letter ooh in your letter In your letter ooh in your letter In your letter ooh in your letter In your letter ooh in your letter In your letter you said

Silent Hill (hra) - Letter from marry lyrics

my hand a letter from Mary Can't believe it's ... written from you I'm sure you died there 3 years ... ago I gotta recall,recall,recall The ... words that you wrote in your letter Your secrets you're hiding

Robyn - Monday morning lyrics

Whispered:] (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I ... know you'll love me on a Friday night Having fun is ... always easy with you You're always down ... when everything's alright And just like you I love

Hutchinson Eric - Shine on me lyrics

shine on me one last time. Inspire me by design. Let all ... the stars align. I begin to see the glory and stand. ... Stand in the hot white sand. See where the gods

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - Love letter lyrics

can't wait for the day to end So I can ... finally see your face again We'll find a way if this wish comes true tonight Even ... though I Never met you I still miss you I can feel you in

Moran - Breakfast on monday lyrics

wa fusoku shigachi de mawari kiranu shikou Ame demo youkina egao furimaku TV no ... KYASUTAA ni Kiki akita unzari suru seiron wa ... kasanari Mou, sugu ni koko kara nigedashitai

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