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Lil' B - The game on lock lyrics

whole world on my dick, I cannot wait Keep the.45 on ... my side like a prom date Me and two ... shooters, twin Glocks with the rubric Don't look when he's ... shooting, just pop in and do it Got the same gun that Pac did in juice Seen niggas snitch

Kendrick Lamar - The heart pt. 3 lyrics

Intro: Kendrick Lamar] One two, one two, ... two, one two One two Turn the headphones up Ali One two ... You mix with Dre, right? Turn the headphones up

Daya - Got the feeling lyrics

between the wrong and the right thing Can't make up my mind, it's got a mind of its own ... Felt a spark, but there was no lightning Could've ... walked away, but still Iim coming back for more Oh, I'm

Human League - The black hit of space lyrics

out all night, I needed a bite, I thought I'd put a record ... on I reached for the one with the ultra-modern label, and ... wondered where the light had gone It had a futuristic cover, lifted straight

Scooter lyricsScooter - The shit that killed elvis lyrics

one's going out to everybody in the ... place Biggin' up their chest, screwing up their ... face Listening to the jungle, the jungle drum and ... when you're old and grey If you see this music here to

Korn - Got the life lyrics

something, sometime, someway something kicked ... on the front floor... Mine? Something, inside. I'll ... never ever follow. So give.. me.. some.thing.. that.. is.. for.. real. I'll never

Korn - Got the life (josh abraham remix) lyrics

something, sometime, someway Something kick ... down the front floor why? Something, inside I'll never ever follow ... So give.. me.. some.. thing.. that.. is.. for.. real I

Jonathan Davis - Got the life lyrics

something, sometime, someway, Something kick ... off the for me. Something, inside. I'll never ever follow ... So give me something that is for real. I'll never ever

Method Man - Got the flava lyrics

Chorus:] Show & A.G. got the flavas (the flavas) Rollin with the dwellas and the neighbors (the neighbors) Show ... & A.G. got the flavas (the flavas) Rollin with the

Anti-flag - Got the numbers lyrics

and push a people, what are they to do? Soon this corporate ... run government will be through See, it doesn't ... represent the people anymore Big business ... are the pimps and governments' their

Raven - Got the devil lyrics

in the mirror Tell me do you like what ... to your body and soul All of the changes you put me through Like a fool I was blinded What ... can I do No point running, no point hiding Nowhere

Anthrax - Got the time lyrics

up, got another day to get, Through now, got another man to see Gotta ... call him on the telephone ay o Gotta find a ... piece of paper Sit down, got another letter to write, Think hard, gotta get a letter

B. B. King - Got the blues lyrics

wake up and think of her No matter what I do ... She's always on my mind A time a day or two Seems to me ... the things you've loved the most You always lose But

Frank Ocean - Got the keys lyrics

off the stage In the middle of the show. I had to go ... I had to see her, see her. I must be nuts, that's what they asked me I may be but oh I ... need her, need her. I need her yeah, she got my air

Elio Pace - Got the bug back lyrics

ve got some good news I've got to tell you About a friend ... of mine who had to go away He's got a company four-door And a ... house that's paid for He's got a guaranteed exotic holiday

The Ciberclicks - Got the light lyrics

down the edge of town at night, See you coming from ... nowhere in the dark, Keeping track on all the bad we had ... romance, And we ended up not listen to our hearts We just got the light, Keeping us from

Jeff Beck - Got the feeling lyrics

the day is right my friends Live life as full as you can ... Do what you want yourself Oh there's a spark down inside I ... would like to die Whoa whoa Ain't no good

Johnny Horton - Got the bull by the horns lyrics

love the brunets the red heads and blonde haired ... gals Yeah I done it since I don't know when Use to go ... down the line and love 'em all then I'd ... start all over again I'd start all over again I

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Got the hots lyrics

know I can't get away from you girl ... You've got me shakin' I need all of the things you do ... girl My body is aching C'mon, baby Get up and ... rock it to the rhythm But I'll be your hot To me, and

Riley And The Roxies - Got the best of me lyrics

1 I'm not the friend that she wanted me to be, ... I don't have time to be locked up in a dream, ... Beach Boulevard and it's raining on the street, I just

N.o.r.e. - Hit me slime lyrics

.. N-O What up baby this NAS.. Chilling nigga, chilling in Barbados you know mean! ... Yo man I heard you working on the album Man, I know ... that shit is going down crazy man You know

Juicy J - Hit it from da back (remix) lyrics

I ain't trying to be to,.. the absence is yours I just ... heard stories about that glorious inventory wondered to see ... what you have in store I could be a freak if I need to

Mobb Depp - Hit it from the back lyrics

yeah How we hit it? Check it out Shorty don't front, ... you better act like you're widdit Frontin like you never did it, bitch admit it Matter ... fact, shut the f*** up and turn around If

Lil' Keke - Hit'em lyrics

Talking] 7-1-3's finest, CMG Ghetto Dreams, Presidential [Hook: Lil' Keke ... & (H.A.W.K.)] You hit em high, I'ma hit em low (hit em low) You hit em high, I

Ruff Ryders - The hood lyrics

this shit right here...is for the thugs in the street ... Do yall here me? Shit, and this shit right here.. ... .will get you mugged in the street [Beanie Seagal]

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Who got the camera lyrics

Verse 1] Drivin down the motherf***in highway the flyway ... hey bitch, you goin my way? Now I got a ... passenger I look at the miniskirt, now I'm askin her

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Hit u up lyrics

come on, come on, come on I roll with a bunch of untamed ... guerrillas, head bustas, and sharks ... Niggas that's 'bout beefin' - lettin' them K's spark ... Knockin'-it-off-your-shoulder soldiers -

Eminem lyricsEminem - Shit on you feat. d12 lyrics

Intro: Eminem] I'll shit on you -- da da, da da, da ... da I'll shit on you -- da da, da da, da ... da I'll shit on you -- da da, da da, da ... da I'll shit on you -- da da, da da, da

Rick Ross - Got a bitch (with birdman) lyrics

Intro: Rick Ross] Bitch, ain't it nothing but some motherf***in' money over her You ... So you already know what time it is You feel me? You ... know what a nigga need baby I ain't gon' play with ya Dont

Nas lyricsNas - The set up lyrics

. (yeah, yeah, yeah) Q.B. since 1933 (know dat) To nine-six (nine-six motherf***er) ... Check the shit [Havoc] Nine-six Escobar 600 [Nas] ... Check the shit My mindset, son got wet, I'm vexed

Ruff Ryders - The great lyrics

on Wooh Uh, uh uh Man, I hear you niggas talkin But ... choo walkin the wrong way to really mean it I done heard it, I done seen it ... don't get caught up in between it Its a dark road

Snak The Ripper - Hit that shit lyrics

Intro] Ooh shit.. Snak the ripper.. Ebenezer! [Verse 1: ... Snak the Ripper] Yo I’m locked and loaded on ya if ... you got a bloated ego Really feeling

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - The funeral lyrics

you forgot my style Flowers, funeral ... service, a kid's in the coffin It sounds so familiar, don ... t it happen so often? The shoot-out shit happens, the sister read the eulogy Couldn't

Common - The bitch in yoo lyrics

yeah, for your nation... For your nation...) ... Verse one: A bitch nigga wit an attitude named cube Step ... to com wit a feud Now what the f*** I look like dissing a

Busta Rhymes - The body rock lyrics

quot;The Body Rock" (feat. Mase, ... [Puff Daddy] See when we like to make you shake your ass, ... move your hips So we gonna do a little ... something like this Flipmode, Bad Boy Check this out

Drake lyricsDrake - The resistance remix(feat termanology) lyrics

Yesterday when we were gettin high You were invited, you ... would've liked it Uh-uh-I-I know you all too well I said ... that we can kiss the past goodbye But you weren't

Rick Ross - The devil is a lie (feat. jay-z) lyrics

Intro: Rick Ross] Masterminds! We gon' get this forever ... You know whenever we link up, my nigga They think this shit comes from outer space ... or something Nigga, let’s get this money nigga Masterminds: ROC, MMG!

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - We got the beat lyrics

Talib Kweli] Yeah! Come on! What it is It's the P-l-a-n-e-t R-o-c-k ... Kweli, BK, se-la-vis You could tell I be hell-a ... free like college radio WQHT gonna play me though

Eminem lyricsEminem - The ringer lyrics

Intro] Yeah, yo I'm just gonna write down my first thoughts and see where this takes me, 'cause I feel like ... I wanna punch the world in the f***in' face right now

Bt The Roots - The lesson part 3 lyrics

Black Thought] Well it's the raw regees, thoroughbred from ... Philly My name Black Thought, my ... girl's the Black LILIES Some people try to front like ''I ain't feelin it really'

The Clipse - Got caught dealin' ft. pharrell lyrics

got caught dealin, at the age of one-five Had all my bitches stealin, just tryin to ... survive And it was business as usual if one of mine ... had to die Cause f*** dat yo, I gotta

Busta Rhymes - The heist lyrics

quot;The Heist" (feat. Ghostface, ... Raekwon, Rocky Marciano) [Raekwon] Straight up ... nigga, I'm a money nigga man You know what time it ... is wit me, yo That's right Take the track, cut the

Ja Rule - The wrap (freestyle) lyrics

Ja Rule] Buck 89 on the boards . . . what up Buck ... Word to God, Hussein, what up nigga Haha, life is good . . . a yo It's a reality that . . . all the real niggaz Have to smash on the bitch niggas And you know I like to call this The Wrap, hehe

Group Home - The realness lyrics

Check it out ''the realness''-Mobb Deep Yeah ... yeah. The foundation. B&B kid. 183rd. Smiley aka The Ghetto Child: Yo ... yo my mind rate metallurgy like a nigga upstate That's

3x Krazy - The sickness lyrics

(Swoop G)* Right back at cha! Uh, 3 Times! ... Let these fools know they f***in wit... MOBB LIFE! You ... know, B.A., Mr. Kamakazie Keek Da Sneak, Sneaky One ... Ager Man, my boy 3 Times. Verse 1 *(Ager Man)* First off all I got no time for these bitches thats smilin all in

2pac lyrics2pac - Shit don't stop lyrics

2pac) Shit don't stop (2x) Game ... rules often slang to the right fools Heavy hittin' at this motherf***er's straight spittin' Diggin' deep into your

A Band Of Bees - Strike up the band lyrics

off the friends we made Never ever getting paid Kicking ass and paying dues Lose our mind in self ... abuse Loving ladies by the score Waking up and wanting

Kottonmouth Kings - We got the chronic lyrics

got the chronic We got the chronic We got the chronic ... We got the chronic Come through with a gang ... of smoke (man) all we do is get high off these tokes

Poison - Strike up the band lyrics

off the friends we made Never ever getting paid Kicking ass and paying dues Lose our mind in self ... abuse Loving ladies by the score Waking up and wanting

Atmosphere - The stick up lyrics

and tramps, f***s and sluts Bitches, scams, tits, butts Bitches be creamin for this 8-inch demon And when you hear ... me screamin I'm about to free the semen Wipe myself off on ya

Puff Daddy - I got the power lyrics

feat. The Lox) [Verse One: Styles] My ... click is in it til it's over, never sober Bustin ... over, layin Elaine with the cane and the Rover Pray to ... Jehovah, for the nigga with the Ruger The young Don, the

2pac lyrics2pac - Got my mind made up lyrics

find an MC like me who's strong Leavin motherf***er's aborted, with no ... verbal support And when I command the microphone I gets ... deadly as Kahn though With a bear and a snake and a

Brooklyn Bounce - The dawn lyrics

Intro: Masta Killa] We gon' take this back, ... crazy old school Off the head one time, get a DJ ... something to a-- Chika chika chika chika chicka chicka ... chhhh Get 'em something to scratch, yaknowhatimsayin? My nigga Choco, Jam Master

Bt The Roots - The session lyrics

Thought] From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black morning From The Roots sprout the ... Foreign Objects family tree This is mad abstract ... All the way live from Philly, we got the hip-hop coalition called the Foreign Objects

The Game - The hangover lyrics

Intro] Ya'll know what it is.its the purple tape, Shout out ... to my nigga Raekwon, For puttin out that official shit. And ... this right here... Its the hangover [x3] yeah yeah

Hot Rod - The cannon freestyle lyrics

Young Hot Rod: Talking] Yeah man you don't like me ... Nigga kill yourself man You know waht i'm talkin about? I ain't 'gon ... do it for you nigga I ain't like that (ha ha) [Verse 1:

Juelz Santana - Mixin' up the medicine lyrics

m on the pavement Thinking about the government ... Santana in the basement Mixing up the medicine [Hook x2 ... Mixing up the medicine Mixing up the medicine How I was the basement Mixing up the medicine I'm baaaaaaaack

Lo Key - The creep ft. mr. liqz & samson samson lyrics

at you through the window I am the creep that is sinful I wanna watch your body dance ... slow Pop it on me to the tempo F*** me until I'm ... bored By the end of it I will be sure To chloroform that

Lil' O - The real nigga rules lyrics

talking] See this right here is for boys that really want ... Something out of life, you know I'm saying Boys ... that' s really trying to get something and Get

Angel Haze - The wolves lyrics

nigga this is what you get When you mix a ... little "evil genius" with "the shit ... quot; Nigga, I am leader of the Pac and that's it Every time

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