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John Denver - Got my heart set on you lyrics

since the day I met you I feel like I'm walking on air ... And lately I'm convinced, it's no coincidence I run into ... you everywhere And though I've heard your love is taken I gotta believe what's in your

Flo Rida - On and on lyrics

you never heard a sound like this before? Black, still ... and you want some more? I said that c-c-can't be her's ... bottom b-b-bottom Then again, it might be hers, U-up top

Shakin' Stevens - Got my mind set on you lyrics

got my mind set on you. I got my mind set on you I got my ... mind set on you. I got my mind set on you. But it's gonna take money. A whole lotta ... spending money. Its gonne take plenty of money. To

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Got my mind set on you lyrics

got my mind set on you I got my mind set on you I got my ... mind set on you I got my mind set on you But it's gonna take money A whole lotta ... spending money It's gonne take plenty of money To do

Athlete - On and on lyrics

just got your message saying there's no-one to trust ... and if there is nobody then i might as well give up but i ... don't wanna go there cos i dived right in ten years ago

Heydy - On and on lyrics

dance dance and I know it. dance dance and I have to ... be. oh oh and I got it. oh oh you're still you got ... to be. dance on. dance on and on. wow on and on you

All Saints - On and on lyrics

& on baby I got your back [1st verse:] I ... sit here waiting Just so I can see your face Full of ... anticipation I just wanna call your name

Amy Grant - On and on lyrics

I don't understand this love I have inside; Would it be the ... same without that twinkle in your eye? And would it be ... the same if you came and said goodbye Forever? I only

Jon B - On and on lyrics

Verse 1:] Baby step into my office I ain't got no ... clients Don't need an appointment Baby I take walk-ins ... yea I find it hard to keep control (around you) If you need

Raven - On and on lyrics

yeah Can't take the pace It gets me riled First you say ... no Then you drive me wild I ain't gonna take anymore ... Bolt the windows, lock your door You're

Crash Test Dummies - On and on lyrics

with me down this ol' road Where I got stuck ... and later towed Listen to the sound of the falling rain We just might end up ... stuck again The little bird can sing and sing The little bird knows everything

Mac Miller - On and on lyrics

huh Hey Excuse me son, can I see your identification? I wanna walk into the ... mall, tell the man ill take it all Drop in from the ... rooftop, what's gon' break my fall I think I might go on and on forever On

Pain - On and on lyrics

you understand a word that I say ? Life will never turn ... out the way you want it. Working hard like a slave ... cause you chose to take the honest way Why does the wind

Abba lyricsAbba - On and on and on lyrics

was at a party and this fella said to me &quot ... Something bad is happening, I'm sure you do agree People ... care for nothing, no respect for human rights Evil times are coming,

Agnes - On and on lyrics

and on This love I feel for you goes on and on ... This world can be a scary place ... so much love goes to waste One moment everything is clear ... The next it all could disappear We need something

Gladys Knight - On and on lyrics

your life I'll be, yeah A better woman, ... A better man for me You build me up with so much affection (You build me up with so ... much affection) And you make me realize my

Nick Lachey - On and on lyrics

the darkness finds the night My heart still beat for ... you In your eyes I see the lie What can I do, I'll try my ... best to walk away So I don't have to feel the pain It

Lion's Share - On and on lyrics

some changes to come But don’t get me wrong I don’t regret ... the things I’ve done So I push on, don’t know what I am ... looking for Don’t have the answers any more

Angel (us) - On and on lyrics

time goes on, I feel the morning light it ... seems, Seems like I've been here far too long. ... Every time I feel this way, Thinking of you, ... always makes me stay. So it goes on and on and on,

Bowling For Soup - On and on about you lyrics

m happy again to be stuck here again And ... you're so happy again to be stuck here again Now ... at dumb jokes that you make It's great to be here and I

Graham Candy - On and on lyrics

did not have to go that far¨ With me It is not what I want ... Today There are so many things to say To say I have ... been thinking of things to do To you I have

Ice Berg - On and on lyrics

takes flight with a real nigga, come closer to ya dreams ... ya boi berg get chased like some clear liquor. She neva ... hung round a real splitter she ain't want the last nigga i could been put that dat

Nox Eterna - On and on lyrics

loose control, in my head the childhood passions, I loose control, it´s far ... beyond the comprehension. I´m on my own, memories come ... and go in the night, I lost control, if only I could just

Saigon Kick - On and on lyrics

love the right would be wrong Without you my life an ... empty song Within time we will dance upon the ice In the ... dawn this could all be gone Gotta get right back on time Gotta stand straight up

Sim (silence Iz Mine) - On and on lyrics

s talk about your tiny worry Juste like a boring ... class, We're all out of gas It's too late to run ! There ... s no turning back (Watch out !) It ... keeps coming back Who can stop it ?

Alle Farben - On and on ft. lydmor lyrics

did not have to go that far With me It's not what I want ... Today There are so many things to say To say I've been ... thinking of things to do To you I've been

Arch Enemy - On and on lyrics

walk through war in the halls Of dead protocols ... met That's when the rug was ripped out from under our feet ... A vicious crime...cold betrayal and deceit.

Nikka Costa - On and on lyrics

your mama proud like a real man should Scream ... so loud I wake the neighborhood Make me write a song 'bout the way you do it ... Baby don't f*** around put your back into it yeah Make your mama

Dj Sammy - On and on lyrics

didn't mean it Yet I cheated on you my love You my love My ... heart is beating For you leaving me alone On my own And ... then the tears hit my eyes I wish you were by my side I'm

Elane - On and on lyrics

night's grey veil he rode accompanied by moon ... the secret tale was true On and on, have faith, be strong and find the place from ... ancient tales The ancient pathway led to myriads of

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu - On and on lyrics

do you miss me? I don`t know My soul, miss you ... baby You don`t know Right now I am dreaming About ... how, we love, we love I need you on and on and on in

Estelle - On and on lyrics

girl don’t even knows shes beautiful, ... ugly inside, gettin high is the usual wastin her time ... too high to open her eyes and now ... shes caught up in the light she cries at night/hums along to every song on the radio

Impellitteri - On and on lyrics

goes on and on all through the day On and on, my love will remain Don't ... you know it's never too late To turn ... were, burned by love Left a bitter taste, a heart of stone

Justice - On'n'on lyrics

day break there were none And as it broke there was one The moon, the sun, it goes on'n'on The winter battle was ... won The summer children were born And so the

Vybz Kartel - On and on lyrics

mi a futuraaa Di ghetto wah love anotha Likkle gal weh a thirtheen Tun ... baby madda Every juvenile seh him badda Dem feel life fi di hot grabba Youths

10.000 Maniacs - On and on lyrics

through the foggy window there just to see the ... eyes of my future children looking back at me back ... through the foggy window on and on miles pass years turn

Mat Kearney lyricsMat Kearney - On and on lyrics

tonight is your last train out of here How you gonna ... run like that? How you gonna run like that? If this one ... life, one love left here to share How ... you gonna turn your back? How you gonna turn your back? And I don't care if everyone knows what

Mcrae Tom - On and on lyrics

Lord, I’ll wait for your reply But I won’t ... hold my breath tonight You’re so much empty sky ... And it’s too late The damage has ... been done You gave a child a gun Then turned around

Midnight Sun - On n' on lyrics

there a which craft sweeping across the floor That kiss ... the flowers threw it all with a hurl I won't ask you for ... a reason There walks a man in the corner of my eye He

Sasha - On and on lyrics

as you had it. V1: Everyone - has ... a chance to live a life of our own choosing and ... try to carry on, even though sometimes it ... feels like we are losing. Held together by our

Jay Sean - On and on lyrics

bout all of those days I left behind Nowadays it ... seems I'm watching life just pass me by The world is spinning beneath my feet at ... an unforgiving pace And I, I just find myself falling victim to the chase If only I

Snakehips - On and on lyrics

you, you, you I pretend that I don’t see you ... the other way when you walk in the room I pretend that I’m ... lost in thought, while I sneak a look Out of the

Da Brat - Racks (remix) lyrics

Jermaine Dupri - echoing] This is a, So So Def, world premier A world, premier So So ... Def, world premier [Intro] What'chu got? Racks on racks on racks He got - racks on racks on racks We got - racks on racks on racks There it go - hey!

Leila K - Got to get lyrics

back relax and chill as I thrill The K is back I`m not here ... to ill Laying knowledge through the mic ... Hype with a beat like this for your delight Cooling in

Chris Norman - Got it all lyrics

on your dancing shoes The night is young and no time to ... lose The music plays and the feelings strong So come on baby, we can't ... go wrong The party's on and we feel all right We're

Rapscallions - Got your love comin' lyrics

I’m thinkin’ man am I gonna get it right Am I gonna ... get up pay the bills, work my ass off to keep ... the lights On and on Day to day Work is work

The Academy Is... - Weve got a big mess on our hands lyrics

ve got that lefty curse Where ... everything I do is flipped And awkwardly reversed ... re seldom known and barely missed I always put myself In ... destructive situations I need oxygen To be exposed

Jojo - Keep on keepin' on lyrics

got to keep on keepin on You got to keep your head up high ... You gotta work with what you've got And ... someday you will flyyyyy Poor kids pouring cold water in their cereal

Anne Murray - You've got me to hold on to lyrics

t it make life just a little more special knowin' you ... ve got someone who cares You won't ever have to be lonely ... always have somebody there Don't it make everything a little

No Secrets - On the floor lyrics

jam is pumpin' on your radio. I know you see my brand ... new video. Our face is always in the magazines. ... Now here's a side of us you've never seen ... repeat) Feels good comin' from your stereo Tonight

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Got to use my imagination lyrics

ve really got to use My imagination D'ya think I've got a ... reason To keep keeping up I've got to make the best of A ... bad situation Ever since that day Ever since that

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - I got my mind set on you lyrics

got my mind set on you I got my mind set on you I got my ... mind set on you I got my mind set on you But it's gonna take money A whole lotta ... spending money It's gonne take plenty of money To do

Jessi Malay - On the floor lyrics

jam is pumpin' on your radio. I know you see my brand ... new video. Our face is always in the magazines. ... Now here's a side of us you've never seen ... repeat) Feels good comin' from your stereo Tonight

2pac lyrics2pac - Got my mind made up lyrics

find an MC like me who's strong Leavin motherf***er's ... aborted, with no verbal support And when ... I command the microphone I gets deadly as Kahn though With a bear and a snake and a

Rofo - You've got to move it on lyrics

got to move it on, baby Come on and make it ... alright You’ve got to move it on, baby Let's have a ... party tonight Every time I see your smile I'm sure you

Sevendust - Got a feeling lyrics

got a feeling coming on Life is taking way too long I’ll ... see you when I’m home See a madman on the ... wall A burning church and human flaw, But ... you leave them alone I got a feeling that comes around

Paul Gilbert - Keep on keepin' on lyrics

had my reasons to quit my band And I got no woman ... to hold my hand I'm feelin' lonely But I've been through this before I've got to keep on ... keepin' on I've got this guitar with a broken string I've

Jet - Come on come on lyrics

my hands in your pockets, I'll take what I need Heavy ... feet I've been walking, 'cos nothing is free It's ... the end of the day, I don't hear what you say at all

Mike Jones - Got it sewed up lyrics

JONES!! (Yessuh, DJ Paul and Juicy 'J' productions) GEAH, MIKE JONES!! (Swishahouse, Mike Jones, yeah! Hypnotize Minds) [Chorus: Mike Jones]

Q Da Kid - On a mission lyrics

Q Da Kid:] First Kane did it Then Big hit it He left J with it Tag now I'm izzit This is history bein made all over ... Just when they thought that it was all over They hatin

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