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I Give You My Heart Over And Over Again lyrics

Browse for I Give You My Heart Over And Over Again song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Give You My Heart Over And Over Again lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Give You My Heart Over And Over Again.

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Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Give u my heart ( feat. babyface) lyrics

love's so exciting Boy I can't deny it Since you ... found a place in my heart Givin' me a feeling Ooh it's ... such a feeling I pray that we never will part

Michael W. Smith - Lord i give you my heart lyrics

is my desire To honor You Lord with all my heart I ... worship You All I have within me I give You praise All ... that I adore is in You Lord, I give You my heart

Mr. President - I give you my heart lyrics

give you my hope. I give you my dreams. I'm giving you anything you need. I give you my ... joy. I give you my pain. I wish we could fall in love again

Mr. President - I give you my heart (video version) lyrics

give you my hope. I give you my dreams. I'm giving you anything you need. I give you my ... joy. I give you my pain. I wish we could fall in love again

John Newman - Give you my love lyrics

keep, I keep Calling and calling Then regret it in the morning I see, I see The pressure ... gets boring But my worries keep on haunting I've ... changed, changed I won't put my trust in you to stay, stay

Wilson Phillips - Over and over lyrics

..oh baby. Hey, we're falling like the rain From the sky ... (Don't know why) I thought that things would ... change. But, in the real world, you make it ... so hard I've lost my faith in the stars And my heart keeps

Deepside Deejays - Over and over again ( & dj project) lyrics

I see the morning sun I feel life is all around So I ... open up the door And I see my one way road ... A moment ... of love You come and You give You’ve always all you want

Goo Goo Dolls - Over and over lyrics

up the pieces out they left you in again Love is all you ... want but you’re never gonna feel the same ... It’s hard to be yourself when everyone around is

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - Over and over again ft. nathan sykes lyrics

Nathan Sykes:] From the way you smile To the way you look You capture me Unlike no other ... From the first hello Yeah, that’s all it ... took And certainly We had each other And I won’t leave you Always be

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Over and over lyrics

up I just can't wait I gotta do it now I can't be ... late I know I'm not afraid I gotta get out the door If I ... don't do it now I won't get anymore You try

Nathan Sykes - Over and over again lyrics

the way you smile To the way you look You capture me Unlike ... no other From the first hello Yeah, that's all it ... took And suddenly We had each other

Nathan Sykes - Over and over again (feat. ariana grande) lyrics

the way you smile To the way you look You capture me Unlike ... no other From the first hello Yeah, that's all it ... took And suddenly We had each other

Cryonic Temple - Over and over lyrics

more I look to the hourglass Realizing there is an ocean between u ... s An ocean filled with promises Of subtle words with no ... substance Well sometimes promises are hard to keep

Morcheeba - Over and over lyrics

to these sounds again I wonder how I´ll sleep Passing out is taking off Into ... the stubborn deep I´d like to meet a human Who makes ... work out all these cycles And why I´m standing here I´m

Chicago - Over and over lyrics

Fireflys, On the roof watching summer night skies. All ... the boys, All the girls, All the time making love ... with our eyes. Life just went on for us Day

Georgia Satellites - Over and over lyrics

what is the pain when the pain don't show Poor Richard ... shoutin' out go man go Hi ho silver-o take me away On ... the arms of a dream I'll never find my way Well over and over the tear that never

Morgana Lefay - Over and over again lyrics

waking up again Holding onto dreams that fade away ... Painted windows hide the light I can't tell if it's day ... or night Tired body - restless head Getting up or stay in bed - I guess

Neck Deep - Over and over lyrics

you noticed me lately? I know I’ve been vaguely twisting my words, To protect myself from failure, It’s just ... part of my nature to hide in my shell. I’m so sick of rain in July, And the fact that I’ll never get there on time.

Angel (us) - Over and over lyrics

it's plain, to see, what you're doing to me. You can ... have, anything, if you think that that's the way it ... should be. When you move up close to me, and call

Jamie Lynn Noon - (over and over) and over again lyrics

of you ingrained in my mind Distance has grown faster than I ... Intoxicated, laced with love I couldn’t help coming undone So you do what you do And you run If nothing

Rage - Over and over lyrics

our eyes stare hollow in to nothing our fingers ... clutching helpless in the void Then our skulls won't tell ... about our past lifes rich or poor, we're gonna be

Mindy Mccready - Over and over lyrics

is a shadow Life is a dream The only thing that ... seems real baby Is you and me I'd think someday I'd ... feel this way Now it's hard to believe You touch

Nelly lyricsNelly - Over and over lyrics

its all in my head I think about it over and over again And I can´t keep picturing you with him And it hurts so bad ... yeah Cause it?s on in my head I think about it over and over again I replay it over and over again And I can´t take it yeah I can´t shake it Nooo

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Over and over again (lost and found) lyrics

heard it from a friend The Revolution never ... happened Sigh A little die No more a child Goodbye ... where's the woolen sweater You mentioned in the letter? Imply The other guy And scandalize the lion A clean

Tim Mcgraw - Over and over feat nelly lyrics

it's all in my head I think about it Over and over again And I can't keep Picturing ... you with him And it hurts so bad Yeah, cause it ... s all in my head I think about it Over and over again I replay it Over and over again And I can't take it I can't

Asia - Over and over lyrics

our only chance was in today Let it lift us up ... above someway As the evening shadows fall I’ll confide ... in you once more Over, over and over again We will

Hot Chip - Over and over lyrics

back Laid back Laid back, we'll give you laid ... back Laid back Laid back Laid back, I'll give you laid ... back Over and over and over and over and over Like a

Midnight Sun - Over and over lyrics

is only broken pieces on the ground Don't want ... it to be like this Can't we turn back time You're sailing on the river I'm ... lying on the ocean shore Were we

Oar - Over and over lyrics

here waiting on a new situation On my way back to an old ... destination I tried all night but I couldn’t find the ... answers, no I gotta make it work cause I’m running out

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Give me your heart (bonus track) lyrics

do-do-opp Shoo-do-do-do-di-do Shoo-do-do-opp Shoo-do ... do-dop-di-do Shoo-do-do-opp Shoo-do ... do-do-di-do Shoo-do-do-opp Shoo-do ... do-dop-di-do Can I ever talk with you And me

Lyle Lovett - Give back my heart lyrics

m a traveling man don't tie me down There's just too ... much living going all around A man he's got ... to see what he can see I love the road and I love the

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - Over and over lyrics

know something I don't It's not like you to be cold ... Every night replayed over and over You say things that I ... don't You make me feel alone Every night replayed over and over You say it's no concern And

Moloko - Over and over lyrics

I won’t interfere I’m the only sound you’ll ever ... need to hear Listen to my breath so near Allow me to ... be every noise in your ear Since that day I wake

Take That lyricsTake That - Give you my love lyrics

the walls are closing in And you’re standing in the dark ... Don’t know where you can begin All the pressure on your heart Heavy load inside your head

Miike Snow - Over and over lyrics

are the days when the hills have eyes And the parking ... meter can tell you something deep In your sleep They ... said that it’s all coming and everything will get cleaner and brighter And take my breath

Joe Walsh - Over and over lyrics

and over just as plain as can be Taken for granted ... out in the open, easy to see Taking my chances, I'm counting my ... shoes I'm playing a game, making it easy, counting in two's

Mario - Over and over lyrics

and over i see your face Over and over along for your ... embrace can't stop thinkin' about you thinkin' about you over and over lookin' at you,lookin' at me the way i feel

Eyes Set To Kill - Give you my all lyrics

hailed from the sky that night I couldn't hide to save my life Standing drenched in ... open wounds You took my hand and pulled me through I want ... to give you everything I'll give you my all Because you

Mazzy Star - Give you my lovin lyrics

you my lovin', Seven days a week I'll ... be a honey, If you'll be sweet I know I'm the ... only one for you I know that you think this is not true Man ... says it's rainin', Rainin' outside I'll be out there in a little while, Cause you

Relient K. - You'll always be my best friend lyrics

wish I knew you Way back when Before you ... were part of my plans I think that we would have been friends There's only time to live our lives And you'll be

Planetshakers - My heart is alive lyrics

heart comes alive again In all of Your love, in all of Your love My praise, it belongs ... to You In every part, in every part I won’t pass ... this moment by No I just want to praise You

Heather Nova - Heart and shoulder lyrics

cry for you Would it do any good? If I rained ... for you It would just be water And ... the night's with you And the storm's in your hand And ... you're down, and you're down And I can't lift you I'm

Jodeci - My heart belongs to u lyrics

is DeVante Whatever you want, whatever you need You ... know I got it And I'mma give it to you Jodeci (Whenever you want it, want it) Anything ... from me {Yeah...yeah...} (I've got it) Any time you want

Follow My Lead - My heart the ocean lyrics

takes away this sting, It's living on me, digging in, As this sting becomes a wound, I ... fall in the centre, of this room, This room in theory is my mind, But where oh where,

Smile Back - My heart beats again lyrics

it's hard to admit something went wrong, my tongue is ... tangled, 'cause it has been so long, since I ... ve walked solo. It can't be true you let me go ... just like that, i remember the moment, when we

Noah And The Whale - My broken heart lyrics

can give up anything when you're following your heart I ... never had the time to show I could depart with my whole ... being, go back to the start Oh I ... promised more in vows then I ever give with my heart but I'll be lonely Oh I'll be

Harmony - You stole my heart lyrics

stole my heart Yeah you packed it up And you took it ... away from me You stole my heart Yeah it followed you up on ... the train When you left me You stole my heart And I want it

She And Him - Over it over again lyrics

do I always want to sock it to you hard? Let you know ... what love is like when I'm keeping all my cards up on ... the shelf Where you can't see them Why do I

Fiha - Over 'n' over lyrics

mind stop And stared on his face Your heart speeding up ... – it’s race Though he has a girl You want him bad Just ... turn around I will be there It’s chance

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - My heart stays with you (bonus track) lyrics

know Sometimes being on the road is rough Especially loneliness Girl I miss ... you And it's only been one day Since I ... went away And already I say I long to kiss you And hold you in my arms The nights are

Embody - Give me your love (ft. a.m.e) lyrics

fell the heat rise in me see the light falling ... softly I feel the love your all can ... I can feel cripy ... Everytime you ... it ... drives me in say I see may this phrases ... what you say in

Air Supply - Heart & soul lyrics

loving you has left the world behind I ... wish I knew how love could be so blind Now all these thing I ... can let go Can't let go I'd give you my heart and soul(

Louis Armstrong lyricsLouis Armstrong - Give me your kisses lyrics

me your kisses, I'll give you my heart Give me your promise ... that we'll never part I'll give you love and devotion High ... than the deepest ocean Give me the right to call you

B. B. King - My heart belongs to you lyrics

heart belongs to only you I've never loved as I love you ... You set a flame within me burning A flame to stay ... within me years It's just for you I want to live It's just to you my heart

Badfinger - My heart goes out lyrics

wanna tell you how much I need you now I wanna show you what love can do Can you ... take me like I am? Loving you now can be sad I can ... remember times we have had And for you now, my heart goes

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu - Keep my heart lyrics

of your lips One more kiss, one more kiss One more kiss to the morning light You, you light up the fire And kiss ... can be higher I know this is love Real love.. oooo..

Hot Chocolate - I gave you my heart lyrics

what do you take me for Some kind of ... fool who believes Begging on my knees is gonna bring you back ... I know that’s not a fact ... Darling, something inside of me Tells me that you

Melanie Fiona - You stop my heart lyrics

m so exited I can't get past to one, two, ... three I'm so impatient, it's everything you do to me A ... little fire fixed in good with desire Makes my heart sing

Indigo Girls - I'll give you my skin lyrics

you you can sit in your highchairs highchairs are for ... children you can sit in your highchairs and laugh i'll give you my best face i'll give ... you my freedom i'll give you my feet and my hands i'm keeping my eyes open open open to

Jake Coco - Id give you the moon lyrics

were always changing clothes, your torn sundress, your panty ... hose Crumpled up upon my floor And you'd abandoned ... all your dreams gave them up or so it ... seemed, for the chance to be my girl. And the world wont

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