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George Strait - The seashores of old mexico lyrics

left, out of Tucson, with no destination in mind. I was runnin' from trouble and the jail-term the Judge had in mind. And the border meant freedom, a new life, romance, And that's why I thought I should go, And start my life over on the seashores of old Mexico. My fi

Mechina - Ashes of old earth lyrics

Arise, feeble relics of old earth Those reborn upon the shoulders of gods We are the children of Hyperion Ashes of old earth A century draped in black ...

Journey - Line of fire lyrics

was a hot and steamy night, Then Frankie pulled his gun in sight. He said, "Now Suzi, don't you lie. Did Stevie, did he catch you with another guy?" Standing in the line of fire it's gonna shoot ya. Standing in the line of fire

Ministry Of Magic - Old enough to die lyrics

Tonight, tonight we’ve got to get this right. Don’t break formation as we’re flying through the night. Tonight, tonight we make the final flight. Cold wind surround...

Danger Zone - Line of fire lyrics

re talking 'bout the passion And how your aim is true Combat ready for action The warrior is you C'mon present your arms Get that blindfold on And let the battle lines be drawn In every situation, in love and war There's only one solution for us all Standing in the line of

Lee Aaron - Line of fire lyrics

ve been watching you from out of sight I've been stalking your heart through the night.. With every second feel my hunger grow Where or when it strikes you'll never know... I take careful aim, I see you in the distance You are the target, I can't mi

Mcrae Tom - Line of fire lyrics

confess I confess I was wrong Tasted blood tasted blood and was gone Suddenly suddenly you were warned Shooting stars in flight from the dawn I'm the breath on your face You think you are safe I am watching you I'm the voice that you hear When no one i

Antimatter - Line of fire lyrics

the panic of today Breaking barriers of yesterday I fell into the line of fire I broke down in the line of fire Shattered past, and future fears Take a moment far away from here Cut the strings and fly away Cut the strings and fly away Taste the

Junip - Line of fire lyrics

would you do If it all came back to you? Each crest of each wave Bright as lightning What would you say If you had to leave today? Leave everything behind Even though for once, you're shining Standing on higher ground When you hear the sounds You realize its

Metal Church - Line of death lyrics

the other day I heard the newsman say Enemy missiles fired And coming out our way Will we all be told Just who the hell we are Where we take our ships Of trade to port calls very far CHORUS Beyond the line of death He says he'll ge

Death Cab For Cutie - Line of best fit lyrics

things take my time and energy Don't stand too close without apologies Cutthroatcut out candid glimpses and Wind me upI'm ready Can't escape this line of best fit I remember being inside something more than

Reflexion - Line of trust lyrics

did you lie? Why did you hide? Why did you turn your back to me? I just cried and denied, how could you be that weak? All these years that you have stand by me, Days of joy and misery. You were my shelter like sister to me, But now its gone, gone. I really believed the

Bella Morte - Line of sight lyrics

path that leads away Another step toeard another yesterday Eyes are wide, yet none is blinder to the light Switch it on again, off again On again, til we find a line of sight Another starless night begins Another constellation lost wihin the sky And yet I

Opus Atlantica - Line of fire lyrics

wasteland of your life There is no end There is no beginning I'm lost in time All your life you were born to shine Come on it's gonna hurt you Rise up there's no more tears No crying now Winged with steel we're dressed to kill tonight Line of fire Oh, the wasteland of yo

Pantommind - To the days of old lyrics

the field a shadow lures slow. Someone died, someone I don't know. The rocks point their finger to the rose red sky, while the sun is waving goodbye to the days of old. Sheltering your sacred soul and watering your hope. Now I turn my face to cry whil

Adam Barnes - Old shoes lyrics

a tale of old shoes And soles of your feet I've got blisters from running On beaches and streets I've been knocked down and out I've got eyes black and blue I'm hit in the face when I'm talking to you Oh, don't lie down As soon as I sleep, you'll be leaving this town

Nargaroth - An indifferent cold in the womb of eve lyrics

was no Life in your Tears as you wept your Grief There was a Beauty in your Death as you lay broken in the Soil There was an indifferent Cold in my Soul as I dreamed eternally in the Womb of

Jim Reeves - An old christmas card lyrics

It's a memory of an old Christmas card) There's an old Christmas card in an old dusty trunk And it brings back sweet mem'ries dear to me 'Tho it's faded and worn, it's as precious as the morn When I found it 'neath our first Christmas tree. [Cho

Nargaroth - A whisper underneath the bark of old trees lyrics

Reflection I found no solution in the truth that my madness can be cured I found no wisdom in the songs the elders sung to me I stared through diamonds oh so cold saw young beauty grow old Bleeding promises renewed with old lies in the glare of

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Song for frisco lyrics

long can this go on, are you still actin' the same old crazy way? I think there's something wrong, I think somebody took your heart away, I believe someone took your love away, I want to bring love back to stay, But if somehow I don't get to you, you'll still be okay. H

Love - Old man lyrics

once knew a man Been everywhere in the world Gave me a tiny ivory ball Said it would bring me good Never believed it would until I have been loving you Dear old man He'd seen most everything Gave me a piece of good advice Said it would do me well I couldn't really tell until

Kitt Eartha - An englishman needs time lyrics

you've guessed I'm continental Romantic and sentimental And I look on love as something of an art But I've found that nationalities Have different formalities When dealing with affairs of the heart Now the Spaniard needs a soft guitar And a balcony to climb While t

John Denver - Old folks lyrics

old folks don't talk much They talk so slowly when they do They are rich they are poor Their illusions are gone They share one heart for two Their homes all smell of time Of old photographs and an old fashioned song Though you may live i

Lyrycyst - Song plays on lyrics

musics about Letting out what You want to get out Just let it flow Speaking grip rip rock Deeper than hip hop The music is within Like the way that they grimlock Compassion is a lost road No one's traveling down All we care about is gathering crowd

Silbermond - An dich lyrics

An dich ging jede Zeile die ich jemals schrieb Und um dich dreht sich mein Gesicht Schweißüberströmt lieg ich im Bett Und kann nicht mehr Dich nicht mehr sehn verstehn Wie es so weit kam Doch nun bin ich bereit für ne neue Zeit Vergiss mich dreh dich nicht u

Ian Hunter - Old records never die lyrics

you realize that there is an end to life. Yesterday I heard them say a hero's blown away. And it's so hard to lose someone who's close to you. Oh me, I did not see the danger every day. But music's something in the air, so he can play it anywhere. Old records never die. G

Kataklysm - Cross the line of redemption lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

10cc - Old mister time lyrics

looked funny The children called him the scarecrow An old raincoat And baggy trousers and sneakers he found at the dump Oh, but if you bothered to look There was something behind the rags Oh there was a look in his eyes It was something you'd never forg

Boxcar Willie - Old kentucky home lyrics

the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home. The summer is fading away. The corn cobs are ripe and the meadow's in the bloom. While the birds sing music all the day. The young folks roll on the old cabin floor, All merry, all happy and bright. By

Sandra Nasic - Old shack lyrics

m on the old shack You got to take a ride We keep the bones off the city and live from day to night I don't give a damn shit about a peak generation What I want is just a tree to climb I'm getting up And if you call me I think I'm getting up Over to another si

Rednex lyricsRednex - Old pop in an oak lyrics

pop in an oak, pop in an oak Once you could hear the sucker linger show Thought I ever gonna see my old pop in an oak Ever gonna see his old pipe in a smoke Old pop in an oak, pop in an oak Once you could hear the sucker linger show Thought I ever gonna see m

Amos Lee - Long line of pain lyrics

come from a long line of pain My family suffered greatly for my gain And I think a lot about How my daddy died So I would not live without And his heart lives in my song Where the melody comes And just as quickly the melody is gone I'm back a

Darkthrone - The banners of old lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Angel Haze - Song cry lyrics

painting a picture full of poetry And hope that you would notice the crack Showed you a clearer me and hope that you would mirror me back And hopes that I could travel the road full of pros And take that shit as far as it goes That I could feel the hand of time

Brad Paisley - Old alabama lyrics

rather wear a pair of cut-off jeans than a fancy evening dress, And with her windows rolled down and her hair all blown around, she’s a hot southern mess... She’ll take a beer over white wine and a campfire over candle light, And when it comes to love, oh her id

George Jones - One hell of a song lyrics

say if you look long enough you can find Some good where there's bad, well, believe me I've tried 'Cause after you left me I had lots of time But the only good thing I could find. Is it sure makes one hell of a song About hurting and going crazy and treating me wrong There

The Byrds - Old blue lyrics

I had an old dog and his name was Blue Yes, I had an old dog and his name was Blue Well I had an old dog and his name was Blue Bet ya five dollars he's a good dog too Old Blue chased a possum up a holler (hollow) limb Blue chased a possum up a holler limb Blue chased a pos

Montgomery Gentry - Long line of losers lyrics

was Irish Cherokee Ran moonshine from here to Tennessee Spent half his life in the Montgomery county jail Grandma she got drunk and left All her kids on her mamas front steps Nobody's heard from her since she hightailed I come from a long line of losers Half outl

Hole lyricsHole - Old age lyrics

I will await your highness I'm so high I cannot walk And I will await You cripple You take away my pride My peace, my empathy No babies sleep on atrophy Your unborn love and fetal stress Hard bitter candy, legless caress What was she for Halloween? The ugl

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - Old school holywood lyrics

Old school Hollywood baseball, Old school Hollywood baseball) Tony Danza cuts in line (Old school Hollywood, washed up Hollywood) Standing in the I'm wasting my time (Old school Hollywood, washed up Hollywood) Old school Hollywood baseball Jack Gilardi's ten feet tal

Celldweller - End of an empire lyrics

the edge of the hellfire It's the end of an empire In the line of the gunfire It's the end of an empire Again, again, again It's the end of an empire A start, an end, a rise and fall No system eternal and no one immortal Creation; all must ends in destruction W

David Crosby - Old soldier lyrics

old soldier wherever you are The hills or the valleys come near or come far They say youth's a treasure we waste when we're young So come down from the place where your medals are hung You're forever returning and learning to fight And you feel just like an old soldier tonig

Dr. Dog - Old news lyrics

We've got old news Wrapped up in old blues We can't afford to call No we don't know where we are Come on, we're dead on our feet but we're walking Well let me hear ...

Die Ärzte lyricsDie Ärzte - Punk ist… (bäst of) lyrics

sagst, Punk ist jeden Tag ultra-besoffen zu sein. Du sagst, Punk ist dreckig, feige und gemein. Du sagst, Punk ist Selbstverstümmelung, Gewalt und Hass. Das klingt nach 'ner ganzen Menge Spaß. Du sagst, Punk ist politisch unbequem. Du sag

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - Song to a seagull lyrics

silly seabird No dreams can possess you No voices can blame you For sun on your wings My gentle relations Have names they must call me For loving the freedom Of all flying things My dreams with the seagulls fly Out of reach out of cry I came to the city And lived like old

Doro Pesch - Song for me lyrics

remember every place and everytime That I have sung for family and friends And the words have their reason and their rhyme When all the voices there are joining in And I stood there in the cold and in the rain And thought of how the water turned to wine And somehow it

Carpenters - An old-fashioned christmas lyrics

I miss that Old Fashioned Christmas! Carols being sung by the tree, Window's candlelight shining bright For the whole world to see Children's eyes of sweet expectations Wondering what each present will hold Lying in their beds and impatient On long Christmas Eve

Dilated Peoples - The last line of defense lyrics

Evidence] Feel the pressure... Yo you better plan ahead, gather your thoughts I'm not gonna be the one wit no chair when the music stops The Orange Agent, has just moved to your block And gone headhunting, blame Herbie Hancock Hard to get at, yo vocally serious Never stress

Kate Rusby - Old man time lyrics

man time is a rare old man For a young man he'll ever remain, With his long grey beard and his clothes are plain Oh Old Man Time is his name. As one flower dies The old mand he cries The young man he plants the seeds again With a careful hand, h

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Living in the line of fire lyrics

Surgeon doctor driving in his AUDI in the holy land A soldier stops him for his papers open up the trunk he demands He built a bunker with his partner up in...

Blessed Death - Knights of old bridge lyrics

the realms of mortal men The knights of Old Bridge stand We'd give our lives And stand for these Raw metal rules their land Kings, Queens, blessed be For you are why we live Death to all who cross their path By death you all shall learn To band amongst those living gods Our

Cake - Long line of cars lyrics

s a long line of cars And they're trying to get through There's no single explanation There's no central destination But this long line of cars Is trying to get through And this long line of cars Is all because of you You don't wonder where we

Chiddy Bang - Old ways lyrics

Verse 1:] Uh, yeah And how the saying go, things change Skinny dude, but the flow is the size of Ving Rhames Pennies from my thoughts add up, I hope you bring change I know these haters ain't want me to see my wings raise Flowin' shoes pol

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - An american prayer lyrics

you know the warm progress under the stars? Do you know we exist? Have you forgotten the keys to the kingdom Have you been borne yet & are you alive? Let's reinvent the gods, all the myths of the ages Celebrate symbols from deep elder forests [

Ffs - King of the song lyrics

would lean into my cradle Rest an revolver on an infant cheek Speeding' and singing Singing and speeding Speeding, singing My infancy to sleep Well I can hear his voice And I can hear his song The singing is gone Nobody sings like my daddy sang He was the King of the Song

Joe Nichols - Old things new lyrics

m dustin' off Hank and I'm puttin' him on And I'm gonna drink one and listen to a country song The way it sounded in nineteen-fifty-two I'm takin' some old things, and makin' 'em new I'm pickin' up the phone and I'm startin' to dial A number of friends I ha

Patty Loveless - Old soul lyrics

s a little more than a child herself Than the children of her own All her living's done for someone else The only life she's ever known All the dreams and desires that she had She had to put 'em all on hold While another young heart became an o

Omega - An accountant´s dream lyrics

forty years old bald accountant had a terrifying dream In his nightmare played a rocker rasing all his steam His eyes were sparkling, his frame was writhing His cheeks were burning, his soul was flying Was more delighted and more rejoiced than before A

Jim Reeves - Padre of old san antone lyrics

strolled to an old mission garden and as I was kneeling alone An arm gently fell on my shoulder it was the padre of old San Antone We went for a walk in the garden and as we were talking alone He told why he came to the mission to the mission in old San A

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