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Eagle-eye Cherry - Lonely days (miles away) lyrics

I can't abide By the rules you laid down ... in this game 'Cause now I've gone and lost myself in ... you One time you catch a ride And it takes you miles ... There's a chance of never feeling blue And those lonely days will be long time forgotten If we could find another way

Patty Loveless - Lonely days, lonely nights lyrics

days, lonely nights Missing you, with all my might ... Wanting you To hold me tight Lonely days, lonely nights When you're gone This ... old house, it gets lonely And talkin' to myself Ain't

Mest - Lonely days lyrics

will you phone and will you tell me And will you ... try because I'm lonely I wanna know what's happening ... And can you tell me so I wont be I wont be Lonely

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Lonely days lyrics

morning mister sunshine, you brighten up my day. ... Come sit beside me in your way. I´ll see you ... every morning, outside the restaurants, The music ... plays so nonchalant. Lonely days, lonely nights. Where

Dakota Moon - Lonely days lyrics

by When you're not near me I miss ya And nothing could ... ever replace The high when I kiss ya Out of sight but ... on the mind strong In the waiting place singing my same old

Kara - In those days lyrics

gongheohan sigan sogeseo haruharuleul ... bonaego isseo wae geuttaen geunyang ... neol bonaesseossneunji yeah yeah tteonaseodo wae ... nal himdeulge hae ajigkkaji neon nal apeuge hae salajyeo

Gentleman lyricsGentleman - Lonely days lyrics

the way you make me feel this love feel so real so real, ... so real you know that i will always be around just keep ... your feet on solid ground never will i make

William Fitzsimmons lyricsWilliam Fitzsimmons - Find it in me lyrics

house is full of secrets that I Have kept from her for far ... too long I hope I make it through the day My ... should be suspect and my Intentions should be checked

Anvil - Hope in hell lyrics

damnation has begun And there’s ... nowhere to run In yourself do believe What ... you put out will be about what you receive ... You think that you’re the only one

Brian Mcknight - Find myself in you lyrics

was so lonely though there was so many ... symbols waiting I'm so glad that this ain't ... that You're the only reason I can make it through the long ... day, and that's a fact Baby, I can't wait to get next to you

Outline In Color - Hope in the wrong hands (mothership) lyrics

believe we'll let it all fall apart. What have I ... done? (What have I done?) To know how the end will come I won't let go (I won ... t let go) To the trust built in our convictions It came

Poco - Find out in time lyrics

it funny how a good day flies - when you’re high Makes ... - you don’t know why It’s such a difference from days gone by And you wish it ... could go on forever All I really wanna see is you - in

Laura Marling - Hope in the air lyrics

is a man that I know, seventeen years, he ... spoke. Guessed he had nothing to say, he opened his ... mouth on Judgement Day. I listened with all of my might,

Van Morrison - In the days before rock 'n' roll lyrics

gentler than a man I am down on my knees At the wireless knobs I am down on my ... knees At those wireless knobs Telefunken, ... Telefunken And I'm searching for Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Beverly Craven - In those days lyrics

a blanket of mist on the dew coverded fields ... Far in the distance church bells peal And ... a hazy white sunlight breaks through the dawn ... Catching the cobwebs spun on the

Folkearth - In blessed days lyrics

round and listen close I'll now sing you a song Of ... blessed days gone by As sung once upon a ... time... Close your eyes and ... fly away To blessed days 'Ere the Elves fled this

As Blood Runs Black - In dying days lyrics

to come by, followers are omnipresent Satisfied with a mediocre lifestyle Satisfied ... No one is setting a path for us to follow No ... one's striving to be on top No one is

Crash Test Dummies - In the days of the caveman lyrics

you go on camping trips you're stuck right out in ... nature foraging the forests like a primate ... using sharpened tools instead of hotplates your ... thumb and forefinger supposed to show you're

6 Cycle Mind - In between days lyrics

I got so old I felt like I could die yesterday I got so ... old it made me want to cry go on ... away go on go on your choice is made go on go on and disappear go on go on away

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - In between days lyrics

I got so old I felt like I could die yesterday I got so ... old it made me want to cry go on ... away go on go on your choice is made go on go on and disappear go on go on away

Barbie - Find yourself in the song lyrics

wanna turn it up So don't you turn me ... get together We got a rockin' sound Don't need to ... follow in Somebody else's steps We ... make our own rules I think you know the rest Just

Arashi - Hope in the darkness lyrics

mo koko ni kuru no kai? Ikite ikou ka Subete uketome ... Daichi ni sotto saita hana no you ni utsukushiku ... Ima Yoru ga akete yuku Kikoeru ka? Michibikareteku

Delirious? - Find me in the rivee lyrics

me in the River Find me on my knees I've walked ... against the water Now I'm waiting if you please We've ... pretty crowns But never paid the price Find me in the

Fightstar - In between days lyrics

I got so old I felt like I could die yesterday I got so ... old it made me want to cry go on ... away go on go on your choice is made go on go on and disappear go on go on away

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - In between days lyrics

I got so old I felt like I could die Yesterday I got so ... old It made me want to cry Go on ... on Just walk away Your choice is made Go on go on And disappear Go on go on Away

Everlife - Find yourself in you lyrics

Get her second chance Running so far from all she's ever ... known Convinced she's lost all meaning ... Where did her dreams go Still she knew that there was

Kristina Debarge - Find it in my heart lyrics

walked the [?] tonight, you asked if I was alright? I told you that I needed ... water And when you looked in my eyes you knew that it was ... a lie The emptiness is taking over. Wish that I couldn

Dgm - Lonely nights lyrics

and days waitin' something happened empty eyes and ... empty soul grey sky, dark nights all my energy goes .. ... all my energy goes I'm alone in this lonely night

Human Nature - Seven lonely days lyrics

be just where you wanna be I wanna be just where you wanna ... be Seven lonely nights Seven lonely days I ... been thinking 'bout you girl In just as many ways Running

Patsy Cline - Seven lonely days lyrics

lonely days make one lonely week Seven lonely nights ... make one lonely me Ever since the time you told me we ... were thru Seven lonely days I cried and I cried for you

Danny Gokey - Danny gokey - hope in front of me lyrics

ve been running through rain That I thought would never ... end Trying to make it on faith In a struggle against the ... wind I've seen the dark and the ... broken places But I know in my soul No matter how bad it gets I'll be alright

Haim - Days are gone lyrics

I got back up When I lost control over it all, ... over it all And then I knew that I couldn't take no ... more Because I want it all, I want it all All the times said it All the times said it

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Lonely world lyrics

s the man (the man in the middle) Who's the man (the man in the middle) Who's the man ... (the man in the middle) Who's the man (the man in the middle) Who's the man

Lil' Flip - Find my way lyrics

me why I cant see where I'm goin No When everybody else sees ... Where I'm comin from And I don't know why I travel down ... these dead end roads I gotta turn this car around

Brandon Flowers - Lonely town lyrics

ve been working overtime And I can't get you off my mind I ... sleep in the pouring rain When will you come home again? Spinnin' like a Gravitron When I was just a kid I

Rachel Platten - Lonely planet lyrics

Bonus Track] Strangers passing on the subway Ghost's inhabiting the same cold ... hallway Dragging round the broken hearts ... Searching each other for the missing

Revive - Find it here lyrics

you take the time to look around? Are you ... searching for answers you think can't be found? Do you ... and freedom from the world? Is it time you found hope...hope for your soul? Yeah, if this is what you're looking for,

Poco - Days gone by lyrics

seen a picture from the days gone by Lookin’ worn and withered, I heard a lonely cry ... have been And what wasn’t quite Now I’m swearin’ to the wind We were doin’ it right

A Close Second - In regret, you won't find me lyrics

could have known? Life could be so full of truth ... Like the feeling you got In the days of your youth ... Were getting lost in the moments Of stories

Skindred - Days like these lyrics

s going on with earth? Don't you know what ... a life is worth It's all getting wilder everyday No worldwide security No love there, it ... s plain to see And that's not the

Onward - In due time lyrics

just past today A year ago I felt the same Trapped in a ... lost situation And solutions are too complicated One ... more year will pass again The hourglass just starts

Senses Fail - Hope is gone lyrics

this cup empties, I slowly fade from me. As day ... s torn by night, We drift from sight. And as hope ... drifts away, We're left with broken dreams and memories.

Francesca Battistelli - Find rest lyrics

every hour No tear catches Him by surprise He's never lost ... He never runs out He never lives in the shadows of doubt ... No fear catches Him by surprise [Chorus:] Find rest my

Holiday In Cambodia - In hope lyrics

hope this little angel will be free from all of their ... poisons And in hope I grind my knees into the floor ... Praying that he'll never have to ... feel the pain I have felt Walking through

More Than Life - In hindsight lyrics

shadows last through dark? I'll say it now you haven't ... looked happy in a while those hollow eyes are staring back at me Those times of ... hate and disappointment made my life feel less

Hunter Hayes - In a song lyrics

heart that I gave the dreams that I made ... with someone who don’t care the ... times that I wasted feelings I chased that led me to ... nowhere the sleepless nights, the drag-on fights the

Amy Grant - In a little while lyrics

a ticket coming home, Wish the officer had known What ... a day today has been. Then I stumbled through the door, ... Dropping junk mail on the floor. When will this day end? But then your

Klaatu - Around the universe in eighty days lyrics

aboard my ship, I've something to show you Some new equipment to take us where we're ... going A subspace machine, a hole in the fabric Of ... the very being of the universe Ignition Atomic

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Lonely (town) lyrics

on a screen of your own choosing your mind is busy with distractions of it's own my imminent departure is the flavour ... of the evening you lent me a welcome; i paid interest on the loan your

Heart Of A Coward - Around a girl (in 80 days) lyrics

can't believe you would treat me this ... way. I found you out! I hate the ground that you walk ... on. Don't f***ing look away. You think I'm ... not going to cut you out? Don't feel

Kari Jobe - Find you on my knees lyrics

chasing me again, Breaking down my best defence, I'm ... looking, God, I'm looking for you Weary just won't ... let me rest and fear is filling up my head. I'm longing,

Jochen Miller - In the dark (ft. cuebrick) lyrics

s a shame behind your eyes Shadows of your ... heart taking you to the dark You're a ... stranger in your life I see the holes that time ... never filled with light So What are we A memory

Authority Zero - Find your way lyrics

did you want? What were you waiting to see? Just take a look ... ll see the same old story I'm unconscious again finding a ... means to an end I'm trying to forget all about

Mutemath - In no time lyrics

where’s your soul? Where did all of your faith go? And ... where’s that old spark, a failure stole? Well I bet we’ll find it in no time at all We’ll find it in no time We’ll find it in no time We’ll find it in

Hanker - In our world lyrics

back at dreams I once had Looking at 'em now ... they seem so far away During all these years being a witness Of these freedom ideals ... gone so far away So many times I've been crying All

City And Colour - Hello im in delaware lyrics

there goes my life Passing by with every exit sign It ... s been so long Sometimes I wonder how I will stay strong ... No sleep tonight I'll keep on driving these dark

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Days of 49 lyrics

Moore from the bummer's shore in that good old golden days ... They call me a bummer and a ginsot too, but what cares I for ... praise ? I wander around from town to

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - In you lyrics

put my hope in You I lay my life in palm of your hand I'm ... constantly drawn to You Lord In ways I cannot comprehend It ... s the Creator calling the created The Maker

Enya - Hope has a place lyrics

look at love and you may see It weaves a web over mystery, ... threads can rend apart For hope has a place in the lover's ... heart. Hope has a place in a lover's heart. Whispering world, a sigh of sighs,

Evenoire - Days of the blackbird lyrics

covered the river with an icy dress made of silver Wedding times have gone they have ... to return home to the other side (River why?) Standing ... by Po river in the coldest winter days you will hear the

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