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Elton John lyricsElton John - I feel like a bullet (in the gun of robert fo.. lyrics

a corn in a field I cut you down I threw the last punch too hard After years ... of going steady, well I thought that it was time To ... throw in my hand for a new set of cards And I can

Jimi Jamison - Bullet in the gun lyrics

hands of time they won't slow dawn Every minute, every second counts Break away and break new ground And get everything you dream about There's a bullet in the gun That bullet's just for

Planet Funk - Bullet in the gun lyrics

s a bullet in the gun There's a fire in your heart You ... will move all mountains that stand in your path Till' the end of all time I'll be by ... your side Always dream that I'm yours and I'll dream you're

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Bullet in a gun lyrics

Roman king, the Romulus The precipice, born to change The final days, the last appraise ... Agustus, Nero, takin' names I'm high then I'm low, ... low Stop, then I go, go Bipolar, oh, oh Yes, then I'm

Loverboy - Bullet in the chamber lyrics

light--black lace It's gonna blow up right in your face ... You take the heat, you pay the price Keep on fingering the ... merchandise Squeeze slow, steady all

Lordi - The children of the night lyrics

hid them under the floor; for they being here made me sore And ... on that day I felt kinda hazy Now they still gotta be there, ´cos there not going anywhere Whith severed limbs -

Him - In the nightside of eden lyrics

we're standing in light of a frozen sun Cursing the gods ... we have at home Will you steal the fire from the sacred heart And bleed the blood of ... holy We've fallen in love with the serpent's song And feel nothing In the nightside

Gvcci Hvcci - Bullet in the head lyrics

from the dead Smoke that shit till my eyes turn red, The ... only way to stop me is a bullet in the head, Like im back ... from the dead P**** put that pretty boy I just f***ed Right to sleep, Second that

Rage Against The Machine - Bullet in the head lyrics

time the bullet cold rocked ya A yellow ribbon instead of a ... swastika Nothin' proper about ya propaganda Fools ... follow rules when the set commands ya Said it was blue When

Sodom - Bullet in the head lyrics

of young Consumer groups Inspired to say yes Debasement by Your mad persuasion Destroyed while you ... progress Bullet in the head Kick the bucket Are you

The Black Keys - Bullet in the brain lyrics

in the brain I prefer than to remain the same Bullet in the brain I prefer than to ... remain the same Looking back on where we used to be ... Everything was clear, still I refuse to see Hearts began

Asking Alexandria - The irony of your perfection lyrics

chance, One shot One bullet in the back of my head And it came from the bottom of your ... heart You couldn't find the words to tell me So you ... went and found some bullets and shot me What better than the kiss of a 9mm To promote the heartbreak? Goodbye to the param

Division - In the name of honour lyrics

soldier sent to die, given no reason why Woke up to ... foreign land, with a gun in my hand Hope I live to see ... nineteen, so many sights left unseen But the war rages on and all my friends

Forever Wednesday - Gun shots in the face of hollywood lyrics

we say, can ever leave this room, With what we say, we ... ll never speak again, We will not back down, We will stand up and fight, Words have ... failed, I try and I try, 100 for 150, still

Lääz Rockit - In the name of the father and the gun lyrics

them rule these streets at night Selling souls and dealing ... highs Running with their smoking guns Talking tough of damage done Revolution in their minds Only way they know is crime Killing children with their fix While they wear a crucifix They are the voice There is no c

Connie Francis - In the summer of his years lyrics

young man rode with his head held high Under the Texas ... sun And no one guessed that a man so blessed Would perished by the gun Lord, would ... perished by the gun A shot rang out like a sudden

Butthole Surfers - The shame of life lyrics

love the girls and the money and the shame of life My shallow mind is just a sign of ... your game of life There were girls in the front There were girls in the back And

Bob Catley - In the name of the cause lyrics

thunder echoes then a shaft of light Breaks the spell ... of darkness, is this the sign the end's in sight? Came with it all worked out, we know what ... s best for you Lead you to the Promised Land, we are the way

Crush (크러쉬) - In the air lyrics

me in the air Feel like I’m in the air eoseo ppalli neodo ... joinhae joinhae mwol geuli gominhae Join me in the air ... I’m a troubled man nae sosimhan seonggyeog deoge juwi salamdeului singyeongi neomu

3x Krazy - In the name of rame lyrics

(Mike Marshall)* Oooooooh! (In the name of Rame) In the name of Raymond, (yeah) he was a ... smooth talker. Street balla. (In the name of Rame) Oooh ... ghetto soldier. I can't get over, losin, Rame, Rame, Rame. Verse 1 *(Prince Of

Budgie - In the grip of a tyrefitter's hand lyrics

got your feelings Your old fashioned feelings About the ... world and its ways No retribution No simple solution I ... think we're caught in a maze And all the plunder That feeling down under It tends

Pay Money To My Pain - In the blink of an eyes lyrics

find myself inside of you It's very sweet to me I never ... knew this kinda feeling I cried unconsciously If we stay ... together I will make you smile and when you're feeling

Chris Norman - In the heat of the night lyrics

the heat of the night when you know it ain’t right But you do what you want ... to do. You do what you feel but no one can feel like you ... In the summertime city ain’t it a pity There’s so much

Smokie - In the heat of the night lyrics

the heat of the night when you know it ain’t right But you do what you want ... to do. You do what you feel but no one can feel like you. ... In the summertime city ain’t it a pity There’s so much

Dream Theater - In the name of god lyrics

can this be? Why is he the chosen one? Saint gone astray With a scepter and a gun Learn to believe In the might and the strong Come ... bleed the beast Follow me it won’t be long Listen when

Ice Nine Kills - In the throws of a moral quandary lyrics

I'm taking time to realize I'm making myself sick With ... every pill that fills me inside It makes it hard for me to ... quit It's not like I want to be a slave to something

Lisa Germano - In the land of fairies lyrics

little fairy Why do I feel dead? Who was that stupid ogre ... Messing with my head? Somebody saw a monster It was real mean Every little ... soul has sides you’ve never seen All around my bubble Fairies

Miia - In the light of love lyrics

to ride The one journey I'm already there I'm magnetized It's pullin' me Like God to a ... prayer My fire burns across the endless sky I raise ... my hands and feel the world is mine Take me down to

Sally Oldfield - In the presence of the spring lyrics

Light is on the land, no star is awake The dew is on my hand ... and the moon on the lake. Silent is the still night, no bird I can hear, But in the ... scent of the southern breeze, I know the spring is here. There's a mist on the hill, there

Pat Benatar - In the heat of the night lyrics

the heat of the night, when you know it ain't right But you do what you wanna ... do You do what you feel, no one can feel like you ... Out in the summertime city, ain't it a pity There's so much

Chumbawamba - In the thick of it lyrics

aged twenty-three Some pieces of my mind I can be so happy just lying down Back to the brown, looking up at the stars On a clear summer's night i can think wow! Well, i don't

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - In the arms of sleep lyrics

will not come to this tired body now Peace will not ... come to this lonely heart There are some things I'll live without But I want you to know ... that I need you right now I need you tonite I steal a kiss from her sleeping shadow

Elton John lyricsElton John - In the hands of angels lyrics

I could have been sick I could have died I could have ... given up And not tried To make it to tomorrow Like a ... brokenhearted lover But there was a brand new start And

Q-tip - The fear in the heart of a man lyrics

Q-Tip] One two.. Dedicated, dedicated.. Yo I remember ... it musta been about, ninety-one, ninety-two Somethin like that.. We had did a show, in ... San Fran', and 'Pac ran up on stage with us We was

Noctem - In the path of heleim lyrics

you feel it It's approaching now Your body without ... response can only embrace the silence The monoliths are illuminated under the thin ... moonlight The prayers were flooding the temple

Roy Fields - In the presence of angels lyrics

is a realm of Your glory This is a realm of Your grace I ... can feel Your mighty power It is moving in this place ... We're in the presence of angels With God's glory on their wings Like the voice of many waters I can hear the angels sing Holy, holy, holy

Adamantra - In the shadow of the cross lyrics

smiles When she puts the pencil down From her hand For the ... last time She closes her diary And says a prayer by the ... bed Raising her head to the wind She lets the rain wash

Chamillionaire - The sound of revenge (intro) lyrics

Verse 1] Yeah, a lightning bolt strikes in the air, yeah, finally it's here Cause y'all are the judge, the day of ... judgement finally is near In your eye I see a tear, and it's remindin me of fear Rap's

Fleshcrawl - In the dead of night lyrics

over bodies - One by one They got sliced - By this bastard ... son Helpless victim of an unreal horror mind In one ... second takes you to the other side Is it just a dream -

Loona - In the sound of silence lyrics

took ur freedom Wanted to be alone Didn't wanna feel any ... more You took your silence Switched off any sound ... Didn't wanna hear no more Couldn't any of

Mob Rules - (in the land of) wind and rain lyrics

searching for the truth of time But does not find answers ... Watch out: high on the wire The world seems like bugs on the ... ground He´s blinded by the light of fire Goes deaf and

Nomans Land - In the skin of a bear lyrics

rye waits in the fields For the harvest coming up Man is waiting for sunise Bears crown ... to try on Wind bends rye spikes to the ground This time

Desaster - In the ban of satans sorcery lyrics

the last hours of a dying day When the shades hand deep ... deeper Damnation comes upon my soul l know ... my time has come again l feel the growling need Darkness

Delta Goodrem - In the name of love lyrics

on the outside, worked my way in Tracing the road to where it all begins Watching myself ... back, now I've finally got it I've just felt so lost when ... I wasn't honest But now I'm standing on my feet, I'm saying how I feel Fighting here

Destiny - In the shadow of the rainbow lyrics

nothing will be the same What can stop the cry-outs of pain The end has come for the warhorse crusade No one can hide in this masquerade ... Someone says the end is near But we've got nothing left

Earth, Wind & Fire - In the name of love lyrics

Woke up feeling good today Gonna make good with the things I say Never forgettin' ... where I came from Or my people, that I ... love Gonna sing for the people In the name of love

Horse The Band - In the wake of the bunt lyrics

dirt disease, we've been brought to our ... knees, anything and everything is torn away. our world ... turned upside down and torn to the ground, shaking ... thanking god for surviving this day. IN THE WAKE OF THE BUNT

Marauder - In the middle of time lyrics

time we live, A point of eternity The only breath we have, A drop into the ... ocean We say we fight, against the evil We're fooling ... ourselves, believe in a lie. Lok in a mirror, What

Rahowa - In the fires of 1945 lyrics

along the autumn grass, beneath a crimson sky, Why have all the legends passed us by? I'm almost afraid to ask the answer to the problem That spawned the simple question in my

Corona - In the name of love lyrics

feel lost and found, everytime you come around Everytime ... somebody calls your name I love your voice and whenever there's that sound I go crazy ... yes I go insane A friend of mine, told me that you

Gaias Pendulum - In the deep of gaia lyrics

last day over your body And now is time of my journey Into the heart of the earth In ... the deep of gaia. I feel the last wind of the day The last ray of the sun I feel the

Imagination - In the heat of the night lyrics

a cold hard world when you're out on ... your own Oh there's a cruel harsh word you'll get to know. ... No one understands what it's like in misery All the great demands your love has made on me In the heat in the heat of the

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - In the arms of love lyrics

see your face and feel your heartache I see the trace of the ... tears you have cried The silent sound of the hurt left ... You were strong enough to hide All your life, no one´s

Agalloch - In the shadow of our pale companion lyrics

vast valleys I wonder To the highest peaks On pathways ... through a wild forgotten landscape In search of God, in ... spite of man 'til the lost forsaken endless. . .

Anachronaeon - The darkness in the corner of my eyes lyrics

is something in my head I see glimpses of it everywhere ... I turn Recently it has grown stronger forbidding ... me to feel at ease It appears as twisted faces on every

Black Messiah - In the name of ancient gods lyrics

and keep an eye, my ravens, On mankind and on my ... precious world Times have changed, belief is broken Human ... race forgot their roots Prophets came from

Boy Hits Car - In the lateness of a day lyrics

I can Feel so Detached From anything Or nothing Becomes Everything Ahhh (x 4) Everything... Ahhh ... (x 3) When I Looked in The mirror I say I dont Want

Hangar - Like a wind in the sky lyrics

god Give me the power To fight with doubt That rounds my ... mind Tell me what should I do To understand The suffering of the spirit In this imperfect body Show me the way I must follow To reach the

Him - In the arms of rain lyrics

again we found ourselves to be ... lost Holding hands while straying From the path in a ... forest dark Aren't you happy to see me crawl serpentine ... Towards the sun to you Lift the lid of your heart's casket in the arms of rain We

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - In the shadow of the valley of death lyrics

have no future Heaven wasn't made for me We burn ... ourselves to hell As fast as it can be And I wish that I Could be the king Then I ... d know that I am not alone Maggots pull on shirts(?) We sell each other shit Sometimes I feel so

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