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Seven Gates - Download lyrics

t know what to do - the night seems so long Just wake ... turn on my grey box Everything is so easy - can get what ... you want Interacting by a little pet - my body is fixed on

Accept lyricsAccept - Analog man lyrics

was born in a cave, when stereo was all ... the rage Gatefold vinyl and eight tracks ruled the world ... Now there's flat screens in 3D My cell phone's smarter

Ginger Snap5 - Synthema song lyrics

S-Y-N-T-H-E-M-A New shit is uploaded and everybody ... loves it. Each one is lover, each one is hater. ... Click on, lick on, the download link for, Single, album, ep,

Jin - I download lyrics

Intro] This goes out to all my DSL users ... s, ya'll heard? [Chorus] I download music I don't buy ... music No way jose, unless it's my music I ain't been in

Dubioza Kolektiv lyricsDubioza Kolektiv - Free.mp3 (the pirate bay song) lyrics

music is for free you can download .mp3 keep it playing on ... repeat if you hate it - press delete Click it, ... save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, we don’t pay

Dubioza Kolektiv lyricsDubioza Kolektiv - Free.mp3 (the pirate bay song) lyrics

music is for free you can download .mp3 keep it playing on ... repeat if you hate it - press delete Click it, ... save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, we don’t pay

Paul Brandt - Virtual life lyrics

m bored I need a new topic search the world for ... another subject and by the time I find it I've forgotten ... where I was iPod and a plasma TV on the ... latest reality series surf the web and I M a bit

Icon Of Coil - The soul is in the b-side lyrics

your night burn Hunt me down It will defend you Turn to years ... Meet the pain Breathing concrete At the sky ... Neglecting the sun Remember feelings

Approaching Nirvana - From the foreshadows lyrics

Cinematic Soundscapes Vol. 1 As per ... requests here is where you can download: iTunes: http://bit.ly/2Zyx5p ... Amazon: http://bit.ly/hC73J Enjoy! © 2009

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We are rockstars lyrics

You're all rock stars now in a network town theres no ... to go, to be on your own making friends and foes watch the ... network grow, Will you find a time when you're not online standing all alone,

Luke Sital-singh - Bottled up tight lyrics

may be loose, I’m not a cannon But I can be ... quiet saying my name There are the weights where is the balance ... to blame. My heart and my mind have been with me always

Chelsea Kane - It's all about me lyrics

know it's all about me (4x) Don't ... hate me 'cause I got it goin' on It's just me , I'm hot ... never cold I can rock it anyway that I choose I'm ... so good (Oh yeah) I make up all the rules I

Jet - Thats all lies lyrics

my, at it again Put your finger in the handgun I fall ... down and I try to get up But you smack ... me like a pinball Soul...where did it ... go? C-C-C climb to the top of the mountain

Pitbull - Come 'n' go (feat. enrique iglesias) lyrics

make the girls come! I make the girls go! I've ... world, and there Seen a little bit of everything Heard ... learned a lot, on how to hit the spot, ding, ding, ding

King Dylan - I still fly (feat moka only) lyrics

download of I Still Fly (feat. Moka Only) in ... your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about ... other format you could possibly desire

Hollywoods Stars - Besst friend lyrics

know it´s all about me(4x) ... don´t hate me ´cause i got it goin´ on it´s just me, ... i´m hot never cold i can rock it anyway that i

Mc Lars - Download this song lyrics

La la la la la la la la It's 2006, the consumer's still ... pissed Won't take it anymore so I'm writing a list Don't try to resist this ... paradigm shift The music revolution cannot be dismissed $18.98 Iggy pop CD What

Big Sean - Uknowbigsean lyrics

that has been on hold for a minute now is the latest project ... from G.O.O.D. Music's youngest member, Big Sean. ... Last night he finally dropped UKNowBigSean, his follow up to Finally Famous.

Kongos - Autocorrect lyrics

the future Will I need my mind? Or will Google Take over ... this grind? I’m so tired Of using my head Just ... wanna be wired Directly into this grid I wanna get

Bones lyricsBones - Justliketheoldman lyrics

pro "GoodForNothing" datum: 13.10 2016 ... pro okolí "free to download&quot

Bones lyricsBones - Linksysbroadbandrouter lyrics

Mac full charged Young DSL, it's the Wi-Fi lord Network ... browsing, PayPal piling Bones get violent and ... leave when your silent 3D textures, HD flexing,

Madeon - Imperium lyrics

quot;Imperium" is a single produced by the French ... electronic musician Madeon. It was released as a free download in October 2014 on Madeon's ... website, and was later available for purchase. The song

Ezitsuj - Ezitsuj - showtek tribute (bootleg mix) lyrics

- Showtek Tribute (Bootleg Mix) I made a tribute tune ... Party Lover, FTS and Own the night. You can download the ... full thing

Dj S3rl - Mtc2 - s3rl feat sonika [vocaloid] lyrics

m stuck here in Cyberspace and I can't get ... out to be with you What can I do To be with you I see ... you click On all my links So you can see me ... everyday I'll have to wait While you masterbate While I wait I sing Oooohhh

Mike Posner - Tock ft. don cannon lyrics

- Mike Posner & the Brain Trust - A Matter of Time ... Track 12 on Mike Posner's debut mixtape, A ... Matter of Time. The CD is available for FREE download on

Leetstreet Boys - In another time lyrics

to put this on the shelf back where I ... was all of a sudden time to log off be myself like ... someone hit the reset button until we ... load another scene we'll still have episode 16 we're in

Skyclad - When god logs off lyrics

taunts me, I turned on my t.v.; Rapt in ... the arms of a galaxy spiral. Heard a sea-shell hid it ... s secret as well. This nexus is key to our planets survival.

Nightmare (fra) - Strange connection lyrics

was time to create and riding to fame and the time is my ... fate so I download a game it's called " the child's ... rebellion "... end of the line

M.i.a. - Xxxo lyrics

after time You been coppin’ mine, but Can I have a ... good time at yours tonight? ‘Cause every time We ... try to get close There is always something big I’m thinking about (You want me)

Lil' B - Reflections lyrics

Eyes mixtape I got some in my soul Blue Eyes, collect ... this mixtape, Lil B, very rare Make sure you download my new Gold House Download ... my new Gold House mixtape, coming right after this As my

Dvbbs - Telephone ft. mike hawkins [official free dow.. lyrics


Anvil - Computer drone lyrics

fixation in a cyber dream Daily addiction to the computer ... screen Log in, sign in, tune your world out Boot ... up, download, surfing about Visual stimuli in your eyes to

Covenant - We want revolution lyrics

your television steal the satellites download all the codes catch the public eye shout your manifesto ... bring your megaphone stay below ... the radar join the underground I want to

Delora - Always prod. dvbbs lyrics

free download on Souncloud: http://bit.ly ... 1I49ReJ [#1] I just (I just) I just want you close ... always I just (I just) I just want you close, always

Badgirl´s - Reshaping lyrics

I was just an ordinary girl I had a normal life but something happened I do not know, ... nor when and how I got involved in something ... transform me and edited I had drugs in his stomach I

Dvbbs - Always [official free download] lyrics

free download on Souncloud: http://bit.ly ... 1I49ReJ [#1] I just (I just) I just want you close ... always I just (I just) I just want you close, always

Elysium ( Pol ) - 4,48 for sarah lyrics

little girl hope you guess my name ... let me now eliminate myself serial victim - a ... black sheep jaded & chronic castaway well she is all ... alone absent, alien, frozen heart still believes in nothing in her solid

Misery Index - Bottom feeders lyrics

of the animals the indication of a time where the passion ... of man is lived through fiction feed off of the bottom line let entertainment be the ... last refuge for mass opinion spouting the antidotes-

Chamillionaire - Get ya burners out lyrics

Female voice:] Chamillitary mayne [Intro - Chamillionaire (Male voice)] Get ya ... ya burners Here he come again Get ya burners, get ya ... burners Here he come again Get ya burners, get ya

Miyavi - Chase it lyrics

it Chase it Chase it Chase it Just run run run run till ... the guns bang bang bang out in yo' head It's a race You ... gotta chase, wealth and fame, in the maze The more you get

Alan Jackson - I still like bologna lyrics

Still Like Bologna There's ... Satellite communications Long distance Internet ... relations The world's A little faster every day I know ... s all Well and good And I don't embrace it Like I

Astrovamps - Horror porn star lyrics

scary fantasy Cyber flesh delight A masturbation Pin-up girl In a ghoul fright night ... Double penetration With a zombie flare Black lip ... stick with A nasty witch stare A pig tail

Manic Street Preachers - Sex, power, love and money lyrics

reads like a novel within a sigh Its cold, it’s truthful it ... really never lies No black no white no left ... no right Just four small words ... that will not be denied Self created for self

Rob Rock - Metal breed lyrics

could hear the metal rising From the land across the ... sea A wave of thunder in the darkness Grinding ... rhythm, scorching steel FM radio was rockin’ ... Building armies on the air Revolution that is still

Bones lyricsBones - Rain lyrics

I smoke til I feel like dying I smoke til I feel like ... flying I'm trying hard not to lie But these ... And these drugs only get me higher I'm with a girl that

Grip Inc. - Foresight lyrics

fraud information download Current techno scams ... electronic theft Hardware software available to all No federal guidelines for counterfeit ID's ... bank cheques Fifty different states no unified design No one to turn to no

Screw (japanese Band) - Zansatsu fiction lyrics

Fiction Tainai ni mushibamu kiseichuu zenshin mawaru ... Kutsuu de yugamu boku wo miru kimi no kao Undermine... ... Attack a brain... Kansen hirogaru hare tadareta kimi

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - Cyber love lyrics

back I am digital MIMS I'm the king of the web I ain ... t no R&B singer but still I put you to bed Show you how ... that super charge ride Call that a hard drive

Ritual Steel - No one can bring us down lyrics

on the left liars on the right Metal out of control ... Masters of corruption hate and grudge Are losing ... their souls Traitors all around exploiting the

Never Say Die - Automatic lyrics

s running through my veins  Feels so electric  Like ... there's no remedy  And I'm infected  Your love is digital ... Waiting to download And when you click send  I

Monster Magnet - Monolithic lyrics

know you're quite a hot topic You gotta nothin' in your ... head You got your ass in the back seat We all agree ... You're from the suck generation Like a doggie with a bone

Chamillionaire - Intro lyrics

On The Track! Chamillitary Mayne (Download my style ... they down-download my style) [Chamillionaire ... talking backwards] (Download my style they down-download

Floetry - Blessed 2 have lyrics

Intro:] How you feeling? Give thanks and breathe it in Give thanks and breathe it in. ... another moment, Some more time spent, Some more minds to ... get into. Blessed to have another

Hurt - Flowers lyrics

children will sing A song in the streets Sounds like the ... 23rd psalm To music of 21 notes The flowers are ... dead In a vase by the bed On the ... place where the old woman died It's the same place she

Newsboys - Born again lyrics

found myself looking into the mirror Knew I wasn't ... who I wanted to be I was living life the way that I wanted ... But my eyes reminded me I'm not free Believed a lie

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Abc lyrics

Ghostface Killah:] Chunky, ?, Brolic, ... Please be careful with my chains Stop palyin games, It ... too much The jewelry man said it might attract feds The

Sia lyricsSia - My arena lyrics

no, you broke a heart again Now I can't help but feel ... foolish and ashamed I am a broken record, a glitch in your iPod But could it be ... Baby just burn we'll see I don't need you to believe in

Mac Miller - Play ya cards right lyrics

yeah, little old school shit so she came up to me and ... asked my name i said it's funky mac i don't play no ... games if you wanna come home with me ... tonight you better play ya cards

Pitbull - Okay lyrics

like them mess with ladies That can get down Now ... baby if you with it Go ahead and break it down ... What’s up, shut up All my, right up Guys, get up Get

Mindless Self Indulgence - Bullshit lyrics

this the rest is all bullshit (ooo) After this the rest is all bullshit (ooo) After this the rest is all bullshit ... (ooo) After this the rest is all bullshit (ooo) I'm so

M.i.a. - Freedun ft. zayn lyrics

m a swagger man Rolling in my swagger van From the ... People's Republic Of Swagistan Free-de-de-dum, free-dom ... Free-de-de-dum, free-dom I'm M.I.A., ay I don't need

O.c.a.d. - Hello hello goodbey lyrics

Hello Goodbye cover art Digital Track Includes unlimited streaming via the free ... Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and ... Buy Now $1 USD Send as Gift Buy the Full Digital

Public Enemy - Revolverlution lyrics

I am Superman again Cause you know damn well ill never be a manniquin Here I go On upload Stand up and ... watch this game unfold 3 minutes to download Revolverlution Make your brains explode

Hadouken - Crank it up lyrics

it up! If you´re by the stereo yo I´m ... telling you to Whack that up! And ... even if you´re not can you please ... you Get the f*** up! No joking around I´m telling you

Sheavy - Automaton lyrics

the future Keeps me under it's spell Lying awake scan ... the things that surround me Sleeping ... city awaits Electric mind, silver circuits, Electrodes ... Never know who I am Father of children, the

Le Tigre - Don't drink the poison lyrics

learned this lesson five times fine: fake left, go right, ... back-stabs read minds! Taillights shine beautiful, they ... halos on the road. Don't give our keys to the city to

Mims - Like this lyrics

You know what it is what it is When we do what we do Uh, ... Yea Look If good girls get down on the floor ... Tell me how low will a bad girl go She probably pick it

Dvsr - Shutdown lyrics

the f*** out of my face I wish they would try the shit ... they've been talking, stopped in a heartbeat with a warning, no stalling ... when I come young, free, dumb bet I

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Switch lyrics

mic check, mic check, yeah here you go Nah ... hit me over here Yeah, I heard he got that hot new thing It´s called "Switch" (switch) Let´s

Incubite - Incubite - glowstix, neon & blood lyrics

..be pation. download compleated, machine is very ... Please press any key this is mother f***ing touch her ... Glowstix, Neon and blood ... checkerboard in as it break it up Glowstix, Neon and blood

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Like a real freak lyrics

mon Rock Land baby, C'mon This is how we do it Money, cash ... clothes (C'mon) Boys and girls, this is how we play Boys ... and girls, this is how we play I'm lovin'

Skepta - Text me back lyrics

G, my GG Wah gwan, G? If you ever knew Time, time, time Sometimes I don't text ... you back But I never mean to disrespect you ... I'm on the road tryna do this ting I know you see where

Jimmy Buffett - Everybody's on the phone lyrics

rhythm of a drum Smoke signals and telegraphs make the ... airwaves hum But that's all ancient history like bongs and Lincoln Logs Now we livin' like ... the Jetsons in a wacky wireless fog Talkin' squawkin'

Lil' B - Whoopie lyrics

came with this, niggas came with that Dog I got that crack, ... dog I got that food What you need ... nigga slangin off the cheaper prices, ... Your prices wack my prices priceless I would drive 7 seas

Nevermore - The learning lyrics

think therefore I am, I live and so I wonder, ... Programmed this empath me And I see no religion The circle never ends, ... never changes face The circle never lies, but still it

Far East Mention Mannequins - The real thing lyrics

quot;Password required" "FEMM" ... we been SOS for way too long I’m ‘bout to quit the download ... (What you stopping me for, you’re holding the

French Montana lyricsFrench Montana - New york minute lyrics

a New York minute (Whoo-oooo) Everything ... can change In a New York minute (Whoo-oooo) Things could ... get pretty strange In a New York minute (Whoo-oooo ... Everything can change In a New York minute (Whoo-oooo

Minecraft - I just found diamonds lyrics

Something beautiful happens in Minecraftia You don't know ... yourself so You just gotta sing! I just found diamonds! ... And it felt so good! (felt so good

Juelz Santana - Freaky lyrics

Dipset B*tch) (Fella! Santana ... Chorus:] Rock the boat dont sink the ship. Do you like to ... freaky? Do you to get kinky kinky? (Yea, I like to get ... freaky, freaky) (Yea, I like to get kinky, kinky) Do ya

Public Enemy - Say it like it really is lyrics

up Back atcha Gettin it on Still wide awake 6 in ... the mornin Still comin atcha Till the breaka dawn ... This revolution goes on and on Stop that

Gp Basic - Game lyrics

the talk negen dueolguleul gajinnan crow aju yamjeonhan ... nanneoui fox! Action imisijagdwan my show lets go ... jakku nalul bulleo neomu hansimhae [Leah] eolinaecheoleom

Prince - Undisputed with chuck d. lyrics

get rowdy now! Once again I don't follow trends, they ... just follow me Just like the Israelites thru the red sea It ... might take U some time but U will want 2 see The undisputed

Akon - Girls (feat. beenie man) lyrics

zom dom dom dom dom girls, zom dom dom dom dom girls ... (Konvict Music) Zom dom dom dom dom (Hey! ... ) Girls fi tek note when mi mark up dem blackboard Mi highway express a wid yuh

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Switch r b remix lyrics

Will Smith:] Ladies and gentlemen Thank you ... very much for comin out this evening Yeah, thank you ... take the dancefloor, uh I would like to welcome you, to

Manafest - Free lyrics

to live free to love, free to get ... out and get up and move on, I'm Free to live free to love ... and move on From all the pain, all the times, I ever cried

Sleipnir - Crash boom bang lyrics

reden wir mal klar und bringen es auf den Punkt, weil du ... es ja sonst nicht verstehst. Was alles so um ... dich herum passiert, weil du blind durchs Leben gehst.

Beenie Man - Girls lyrics

feat. Akon) [Intro: Beenie Man (Akon)] Girls, zom dom ... dom dom dom girls, zom dom dom dom dom girls ... (Konvict Music) Zom dom dom dom dom (Hey! ... ) Girls fi tek note when mi mark up dem blackboard Mi highway express a wid yuh

Packy (the Specktators Collective) - El capitan lyrics

line me up, swear I'm getting faded This career of mine is going out to all the chicks I dated First I couldn't get ... 'em Then I got 'em and they dumped me

Brother Ali - Won more hit lyrics

oh please oh please Just give me just one more hit ... oh please oh please Just give me just one more hit It ... s an exorcism bitches A horror story

Scar Symmetry - Neohuman lyrics

saw the world. Mesmerized, immortalized to inherit planet ... Earth to dominate. A strange equation ... planted deep within its mind. Cybernaut signals shiver

P. Diddy - The future lyrics

can't hear you! I like it when you say my name (&quot ... ) Y'all gon' love me Feelin it's about to get ugly Inject this dose of the future ... Tap them veins, grab hold, let me shoot ya

Public Enemy - Watch the door lyrics

the door, Chuck D, Public Enemy Paris, Guerilla Funk, ... Rebirth of a Nation 2006 Everybody needs ... somebody to watch the door as it's goin on Securin you - who

504 Boyz - Whodi lyrics

Master P:] our mission is to get money, power, and bitches, ya heard me? ha ha ... (hootie hoo) [Chorus (2x):] where ... you at whodi? (im ova here whodi) Im in dat 5,

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Fire lyrics

Mad Child] M starin in a mirror but mostly I laugh I'm ... lookin at the picture of a sociopath Hope to get first, now ... hopefully last Dope rap, I'm known for doin dope in the

Chamillionaire - The real thang lyrics

Verse 1] I gotta be honest Bragging was ... really not the mission Only way that they'll listen excuse me if you hear a ... contradiction Yea I had a chick and She had gave me a

Chamillionaire - Internet nerds revenge lyrics

on to AllHipHop right now and uh.. What is this ... Chamillionaire? Not him again.. I can't stand him! He ... s probably name-droppin artists 'cause he knows his

Shane Dawson - Good feeling *spoof* flo rida (live like ur d.. lyrics

Mom - Mrs. Dawson] Did you get your d-ck stuck in ... the blue-ray player again? [Dr. Johnson] No – no ... Mrs. Dawson it’s Doctor Johnson. [Mom -

Jason Mraz - Gypsy mc lyrics

d like to give a shout out to all the g-y ... ps And individualize because I am an MC. I can because I ... care, cause my family's there Cause I (cause I ... what?), cause I (cause I what?) 'cause I appreciate

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Switch reggae remix lyrics

Scoobay!!!!) Yo mic check mic check (Mic check) Yeah here ... go, nah, he, he over there (I'm over here) Y'all heard he ... got that hot new thing (So you heard huh?) It's

Eminem lyricsEminem - The real slim shady lyrics

quot;May I have your attention please May I have your ... attention please Will the real Slim Shady please ... stand up I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please

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