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I Dont Know Where Im Heading But I Am Heading For The Light lyrics

Browse for I Dont Know Where Im Heading But I Am Heading For The Light song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Dont Know Where Im Heading But I Am Heading For The Light lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Dont Know Where Im Heading But I Am Heading For The Light.

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Roy Orbison - Heading for the light lyrics

ve wandered around with nothing more than time on my hands ... I was lost in the night with no sight of you And at times it was so blue and lonely ... Heading for the light Been close to the edge,

Black Soul Horde - The light lyrics

am the warrior that's fighting for his land You'd better ... stay away, when I'm with sword in hand The last few ... centuries, honorably, I'm searching for the light If

Necromantia - For the light of my darkness lyrics

and heal my restless soul Brighten the blackness of my ... heart You light the fire in my cold blood Our spirits ... unite as one My dark seductive mistress Enchantress of

Nightstalker - The light lyrics

you say you hang on the cross And you say you feel fine You wanna live, you wanna forget But you don’t have the time So you thought you will ... beat the dead And you thought you’ll

Mat Kearney lyricsMat Kearney - Chasing the light lyrics

bridge that keeps on burning Every leaf that you keep ... on turning Every road that you find ... uncertain Pray for you now Baby that you'll figure it out As you keep Chasing the light Remember back

Another Tale - The light lyrics

ago I've heard that tale About a ... land beyond the pale Where the happiness has no price You ... maybe call it paradise But if you want to reach that place ... You've got to stand the dark embrace Of the tunnel in

Bob Catley - The light lyrics

in the streets, where the rumours flew The Second ... Coming of "you know who" But still they ... doubt as they stare at the face to believe Deep in the woods, long after dark

Kid Rock - Im wrong but you aint right lyrics

the silence is the hardest thing in life Knowing that your ... wrong Feelin' like you cant go on I've been a ... victim so many times<a href="http://www

Avantasia - Reach out for the light lyrics

- why don't you tell me why I'm here in agony? I've been ... serving, I've been praying, now I'm caught in misery ... I've been praised by friar Jakob, I misused his confidence. Cheated by this work

Kristen Bell - For the first time in forever lyrics

The window is open, so's that door I didn ... t know they did that anymore Who knew we ... owned eight thousand salad plates? For years I've roamed these empty

Idina Menzel - For the first time in forever (with kristen b.. lyrics

Anna:] The window is open, so's that door I didn ... t know they did that anymore Who knew we ... owned eight thousand salad plates? For years I've roamed these empty

Tobias Sammet - Reach out for the light lyrics

- why don´t you tell me why I´m here in agony? I´ve been ... serving, i´ve been praying, now I´m caught in misery. ... I´ve been praised by friar Jakob, I missued his confidence. Cheated by this work

Matt & Kim - Where you're coming from lyrics

hear that shoe strings tend to break But they tie together great I feel I know I know where you're coming ... from Notebooks filled with lines And a clock's filled

Keldian - Requiem for the light lyrics

million tons of steel hurled across ... the sky Our final sleeper ship, none left to say goodbye For all our wisdom couldn’t save ... her from the night Now hear our children sing their requiem for the light

Anguish Force - Searching for the light lyrics

the "Dark Rio", on his left side, there's a black ... cave Covered by the trees In the wood, hidden so good, ... was a safe place From the enemy I can't find a way

Elena Paparizou - The light in our soul lyrics

promise me our love will last forever You stand by me to make ... our dreams come true And now you say ... we can go on together The chemistry is gone for me and

Helena Paparizou - The light in our soul lyrics

promise me our love will last forever You stand by me to make ... our dreams come true And now you say ... we can go on together The chemistry is gone for me and

Helena Paparizzou - The light in our soul lyrics

promise me our love will last forever You stand by me to make ... our dreams come true And now you say ... we can go on together The chemistry is gone for me and

Oratory - Fight for the light lyrics

m sited on a star, full of light and magic From here I ... can see the earth I'm sited on a star, it looks so ... small and feeble Like a little child at his birth

Acuff Roy - Wait for the light to shine lyrics

the road is rocky And you're carrying ... a load Wait for the light to shine If you find ... your friendless On that weary ... lonesome road Wait for the light to shine Wait for the light to shine, shine, shine Wait

Artlantica - Fight for the light lyrics

evil is ruling the masses Killing people's lives and ... spreading lies... spreading lies... spreading lies Ruining ... all dreams and spreading fear Taking the power of the free... power of the free...

Dougie Maclean - Ready for the storm lyrics

waves crash in and the tide tide pulls out It's an angry ... sea but there is no doubt That the lighthouse will keep shining out ... to warn the lonely sailor And the lightning strikes and the wind cuts cold

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - The man who stole a leopard lyrics

you know where we are? I'm longing for the dark of our ... nocturnal life It begins and ends with you Don't spill my secret You were once ... running wild, hiding in the morning mist Game demands I

Nightwish - For the heart i once had lyrics

today is but a way To a place I once ... called home Heart of a child, one final sigh As another love goes cold Once my ... heart beat to the rhythm of the falling snow Blackened

Chris Norman - For the good years lyrics

the spinning of the wheel Reflections of lives ... so unreal Look at the people running round Searching for something that can't be ... found Chasing the shadows on the wall Well

Kristen Bell - For the first time in forever reprise (with i.. lyrics

Please don’t shut me out again. Please don’t slam the ... You don’t have to keep your distance anymore. Cause for the first time in forever. I finally understand. For the first time in forever. We can

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - For the heart lyrics

a dream about you baby, had a dream ... about me and you Had a dream and woke up crying Well I ... can roll but I just can't rock And the time's going by, tick-tock For

Eden - Gone lyrics

arguments at crossroads no i dont drive slow but its better ... than not moving at all and you could let the top blow or just see it how it is cos it aint long until theres nothing at all and i saw

Shifty - Take away the pain lyrics

away the pain An let me fly away Take ... away the pain An let me fly away This is a last dance My last chance ... . to get it right At first glance You might think my

Every Time I Die - For the record lyrics

knows id love to feel something but nows not the time ... caught up in the heartless disorder of a friday night ... focus dont stay distracted to lose sight of the

Kano - Dont know why lyrics

is Kano you should know my name Yeah I make beats but flows ... my game And I ain't got no G-Unit, piece or my ... home crew ain't got no fros and chain It ... s Kano like I said before I can spit rock grime hip hop

Ben Howard - Am i in your light? (i forget where we were v.. lyrics

I in your light, babe? Am I in your light? Am I forced beside you? Am I in your heart? ... Am I in your light, babe? Am I in your dark? Am I forced

123minut - Heading for the sea lyrics

love is like a river And my stream has its ... flow You can't step into it twice I know you had to ... fear me All the rumours behind About how I hurt them all

Alexisonfire - Heading for the sun lyrics

are the nameless victims of a generation lost ... Searching for somewhere to exist Held captive by our mistakes Weak and unable to resist Resentful minds have

Nightingale - The journey's end lyrics

heart never wanted to leave The silence was gold for my soul ... But I am heading back home, I return To the world that I ... decide to leave My life is a waste of time I wish I

Saves The Day - Dont know why lyrics

must be something wrong with me. I get so tired, I can ... t sleep. The voices in my head are haunting my dreams. No matter how I try, To kill the thoughts inside. I

Remedy Drive - Light makes a way lyrics

the world is a wieght on your heart if your ... starving your walting to start when the colors ... are bleeding out wheneveryting is falling apart When the darkness falls like rain and

Boa (보아) - Dont know what to say lyrics

sungani uriegeneun majimagiljido molla teong bin nae ... maeummankeum saenggin georil neon neukkil su isseonni ... urin wae seoroege jogeum deo ... soljik halsuga eopdeon geolkka

Kiss - Im a legend tonight lyrics

ve been working at my job, slaving like a ... dog all day I've been thinking about you, girl watching the minutes slip away Yeah, and I know there's someone inside

Bsp - I dont know lyrics

destroys the sunshine Not so good for me Oh, ... secret deep in yellow Hidden just from me I don´t know where to find your sunshine I don´t know if you are on the

Bullet - Heading for the top lyrics

ve been running out of gas Running out of ... fuel We're stuck in this hole But we're bound to ... continue Life on the road Always on the run To ... seek new thrills I was born to be the bad one

Horrorpops - Heading for the disco? lyrics

and four She fluffs her hair, she hits the floor Spandex ... pants, wide pink belt She's got the 80s ... metal down I don't get why anyone would ... wanna repeat this more than once She goes aye

Ludacris - The potion lyrics

3x] What up! Hey shawty what it is? [Chorus] 2x Lil ... Buddy whatcha want, Some violent shit, 2 steppin, Laid ... back, Still whilin shit, What up! Hey baby I got the potion, Take a sip of this

Melanie Martinez - The show (original by lenka) lyrics

m just a little bit caught in the middle Life is a maze and ... love is a riddle I don't know where to go I can't do it ... alone I've tried And I don't know why Slow it

Rufio - The loneliest lyrics

change the plans to your whole life And ... you'll know where you are You feel like all the time you've wasted Is as distant as the stars Is it a ... chance that you'll try taking? Or a break from all the

Deine Lakaien - Dont wake me up lyrics

at the door in the garden of delight Next day is almost gone, memories glance ... inside Listen to a voice that we know so well The ... voice of faith The voice that came one day That day

Sbtrkt - The light (feat. denai moore) lyrics

burn, my eyes hurt And I always leave my curtains wide ... open But the light never stays here, no, the light never stays Light never ... stays here, stays here And I'm drinking cold coffee And the CD in my car still plays in

Kid Rock - Where u at rock lyrics

I grew a hurding cattle I got more rhymes than heroin in Seattle You wanna battle with the Rock quite frontin' I ... ll spit on your ass and then tell you that you ain't nothin' Grab your honey and your

Samantha Mumba - Im right here lyrics

in the day I did not know What to look for in my new ... beau So, I would just settle for guys I should never Even ... have dated but now I know better Because I’m experienced all types of relationships I know what I need, so I

Firewind - Heading for the dawn lyrics

at the stars We're flying over million restless souls ... A dream that keeps me alive We're always reaching higher for the skies Oooh we ... re million miles away We're far away from

Jackson 5 - Dont know why i love you lyrics

baby, baby... ooh, ooh I don't know why I love you I ... don't know why I love you I don't know why I love you but ... I love you Always treat me like a fool Kick me when I'm

Rebecca Lavelle - Dont judge lyrics

t judge Don't believe what you see Don't judge ... There's so much more to me Inside It's hard to be clear Inside Yeah I feel the fear ... I'm finding my way, I'm finding my way I can do it alone I'm finding my way, I'm finding

Current 93 - The teeth of the winds of the sea lyrics

I looked into her young eyes from eighty years she looks back into my young eyes and she is ... gone to where? where has her soul gone? body ... found yes but her very mark her sign lost it seems to me now though I

Betraying The Martyrs - The hurt the divine the light lyrics

Here I am Take your son Isaac to the mountain Abraham ... Here I am Bring the sacrifice asked in Moriah He had ... cut enough wood for the sacrifice On the third day Abraham

Adam Lambert - The light lyrics

m the rush of a bleeding heart I'm the bruise of a ... rough start I'm the dust that ignites the spark ... Oh, man, I was dark They say that I'm blue like a night sky That I'm too weird to

Paper Tongues - For the people lyrics

will not let you push me back ... away From where the sound attacks the planet's flame This is not a guessing game ... (Oh no) I will not let you change my name

Alexander Klaws - Light of day lyrics

do u have to be so angry isn't it always something new ... Why don't u see that it just might be u Why don't I ... try when it's all over What ever I do it's not enough I don't believe I ever asked 4 much Haven

Bill Withers - I dont know lyrics

get a warm summer feeling walking through the snow Even chilly darkness has the brightest ... glow And I just love you so, sometimes I ... just don't know Time just seems to help this

Breakbot - The mayfly and the light (feat. irfane) lyrics

heart a moment To feel what I'm about Give your heart a ... moment You will feel that I'm feeling left out You say ... good night and walk away And I pray you will turn around I

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Know what im doin lyrics

feat. Rick Ross, T-Pain) [Chorus - T-Pain - 2X] ... Yeah (I got the shoes wit' the matchin' fit check) Yeah (I ... got them jewels lookin' phat around my neck) Yeah

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